Friday Afternoon Crypto Chat

think we're live think R alive right are alive few people waiting I'm sure those people will see hello very soon and and yeah so Friday afternoon I thought I would do a live stream and okay so I seems okay so over the last the last few live streams of dead have that something specific I've that mining video we've looked at new coins reflector news we've talked about a particular subject this one is a free flow I will just see what it goes guys how you may say or miss T so is be fun trying to pronounce people's names as an M so yeah I just want to you know sure the please talk about some things I've been happening last week catch up well what you guys and just we'll see where it goes so the success of this live stream will depend on who pops up who sees who you know who drops by and starts chatting with me MF not you need to listen to myself ramble for an hour and I rolled a roll ramble you guys know I'm very good at just rambling on and talking nonsense absolute nonsense as always guys this a live stream is sponsored by evolve ik the official sponsor of my channel and and I will be using Bhavik as a fantastic product well the plastic bottle as I refill it with my a water from my top and did I forget about klepto Pepe's ah no because it was a Mint coin was that's not the coin like we talked about that last time yeah we talked about that last time than me the one with a little frog and I mean I don't want to I don't want to go over over all grabbing me things of that hi Paul Roth hi I don't know what I'm home I how's anyone supposed to pronounce that I give I try but yeah so what's been happening uh sweet you guys and what's been happening that's with you guys what's been happening a few remaining a different coin have you changed your setup have you bought some coins if you sold some coins I've so let me know see what happens hi Daniel good to see you um so yeah my dealers order a live stream for a few hours and then tonight I may actually relax for once because all week at any just serve my laptop open attenti set with discord open and you know after four or five days of working non-stop you start to feel a little bad aim Bondi porn to get away from the old PC as you see which is getting harder and harder because you get notifications all day long and as as far as what I've been doing this week nothing much has changed as far as why I've maining I mean back to main safe coin I'm starting to look out for different coins I talked about this the start of the week though that white that do was drop the the pearl rating of all my graphics card so I've lost about maybe twelve percent of my hash power worth equals one four four five but I have probably saved myself about probable 1100 1200 Watts I think so I've reduced my electricity costs by a large amount which is always good Paul Roth is debating on whether to continue and so what what what clean the reg of you got pulled up what kind of rag have you got another thing I do want to talk about in this video is high voice I'll talk about that later on briefly I have got one red one hi there OS no I want to do a daddy Keith video where I talk about how evil ways and I gave you my initial operations and all that kind of thing but I'll maybe give you a preview in the live stream at one point when a few more people drop by I'll maybe show you guys what it's all about just a brief a brief preview 1670s right so by continue to aim the bacon right so what's your thoughts right now are you thinking sell your graphics cards and you know get out of cryptocurrency mining go cryptocurrency altogether or what were you thinking and those is asking if the base GPU to buy right now is an EU is the Vega 56 what's that selling for right now when I bought my cards the reason no this is a thing you know I've been saying I'm an avid Yamina but it really hasn't through a choice when I bought my cards when I bought say up augment all my rags and all that you couldn't buy any AMD cards for love nor money you couldn't buy any cards so that's why I didn't build any AMD maining regs I just simply wasn't possible to do so at the time without peeing over $1,000 for a card that should really be selling for 500 and Paul Roth is stopping because of electricity cost electricity yeah as a peon I mean there's not so much that well the electricity is always a concern but aim it's more about the low returns from mining right now there are tons from GP remaining right now are abysmal and the ratio washed a lot of it was a few months ago but yeah things haven't picked up too much alrights they're just playing out ready are they raided cryptocurrency a subreddit I think it's one of the biggest I think as the the biggest cryptocurrency Sabri that's got nearly seven 700 thousand readers that sees their name thousand two hundred six the Rangers now I check their seventy no name for my phone and I kind of a love-hate relationship with her because I do find out some good stories from it sometimes but there's a like you know kind of stuff that's completely irrelevant being posted to it as well so yeah I guess you get on a fleece table that and tether hires Bank of Montreal is their executive Improvement transparency and complains warning to ledger users well I have a ledger somebody see what's happening there and I want you to make a single state to to urinate several similar issues of people coding some people using a ledger to interact with a wallet lose the public address that is that is always the one day I withdraw from extends to your ledger and we plug you later the next day you may not find your public Jason your funds here anymore as a user interface bug as related to online world CPI or later app API okay now that's consuming but I would say you know as far as I'm nobody dealt too deep into that I would see in general from what I've seen online with falling ledger on Twitter and they do seem to respond to things that are very very quickly and you know make sure everything's okay and Paul Roth like I just let it run and see where it goes that's kind of where I'm selling just now you know the one thing the main thing that pissed me off from selling all my graphics cards as the hassle of actually selling those graphics cards it's not too much hassle to you know unplug everything and in package up it so that you know if at least sale all my graphics cards I'm probably talking a D or two of my life packaging you're up selling it you know pin 0.0 the packaging together right in the person's name and all that and yet you're always running the rescue someone well you know stole complain and see the graphics card doesn't ray or whatever if I was selling it I'd want to just do like a batch lot ideally just do a batch law sell it all to one person cash in hand or something or just walk into a second-hand store and sell them all there I wouldn't want any inconvenience and selling right now as you know an inconvenience and James has seen seven months undo redo somebody salespeople the bear market is nothing to previous laws researcher coin Manor and hurdle and I I do agree with what you're seeing James as far as am as far as previous laws even going back to I think it was me Manning returns were for my setup like sub twenty dollars and no though like twenty-five twenty-six dollars always wash about two months ago and but I don't think it's always as black and white as that as just saving your coins in Hodel because there are tons are so Lord my GPU I really should be looking at the money I could bring on by selling them and then just buying coins and then when the market picks up I could always sell some of those coins and buy some cards back if I wanted to but um you know I said that my friend corn is ten sixties and it was something like twelve pins but they want when he took off is the electricity returns are played pathetic right now but yes another option is just to just a buy coins and hodo but you have to look at all T enough sometimes I'm just trying to play devil's advocate because there's worse ways to look at this and I do think that f you know they'll turn off if you switch off your legs me sell all your cards you get money in your hand right away which you can buy more you know one AC mains you know you can buy coins or you can invest in masternodes but also you have a laminated your electricity cause your electricity costs are a major problem with GPU mining your electricity a bio every month is an absolute disgrace hi I'm good to see you my opinion is why is that we buy the coin and these laws that rather than to invest the main equipment by the coin and hoard overseas the regs on a six and yeah generally speaking it's probably me too especially with major coins and and of course you can look at the fact that when the market returns you know GPU cards graphics cards maintain equipment and well go up and place again because demand will be higher but if places even double the suspect that a lot of coins that you bought when the market is low they're gonna more than double so and yeah I think you're right um I think I think your radio misses a meaning area what Ella yeah I mean it's one of those things if I sold my I mean I think I always long-term I think of it I would try and move away from having huge rags because I'd like to travel I'd like to have more freedom I don't want to be tied to maintaining things all the time but even if I was doing some traveling I think back home I'd always have some GPUs and all that laying around at least do it as a hobby and the stands people take will depend on how much reliance they have on the capital investment yes I mean if you are struggling to pay the bills if you don't if you can't just settle let your cars running in financially you need the money then sale it makes sense to sell that you change your core voltage Anya Nvidia cards a add and change voltage I just changed the power percentage and so I can well actually I was going to show you an example but right now I don't have to in fact I might yeah do actually and right so I'll bring this up and I'll show you I'm talking about right so this is my MSI Afterburner for this computer just one 1080i that's all as and I actually should have checked our pros should have there's always the concern nice okay a obviously because that's PC is used for video editing and all these other things then I have to some things crank up a lot higher than what I could have but you can see I've not touched the voltage I'm not under voting but I'm dropping the power limit down to 55% and awesome Manor is showing that card or not that card in fact other cards are around I think I was at a hundred and fifty watts before it's not showing here but I was out a hundred fifty watts before and yeah so I don't undergo I just tend to under power I've looked at under voting and I have I did do one taste with it but I think with on the voting there's more chance easy things going wrong I say only win wouldn't do with the graphics cards and that's computer because I use it for other things but I find it just as easy to just under Perla let's go to Vegas cave and well me my friend I've talked about that's what my freshly I've got a few friends of my friends gonna Vegas at the end of July start of August and he asked me there I'm but I don't I don't think I'm gonna go as maybe a lot but soon I don't have things set up but there's a there's a cup to conference I think and November and I think it would be good if I could be good to over for that so I've discussed that with my friend we are wicked maybe go over take a hold ego the conference just chill out and enjoy yourselves so I think that's why me do that's that's my next target I think I mean I could afford to go and all that but I'd rather we and cannot say it things up plus the fact that makes more sense to me go a to warm country when it's cold here maintenance is overrated I'm barely doing maintenance well I've actually you know I've set up highways and it does seem one my nice room place I'm gonna do have dedicated video about highways but I would say that my initial impression of highways as there's many things that are limited as far as what you can do and what you can't do compared to you also may now which I'm used to but you're not dealing with windows which means I don't have to deal with Windows updates Windows Defender all these things going wrong it just works and I think from a maintenance point of view I don't think I would have any problems with us and so that is something for me it can start move for what high-yellow From Russia With Love what do you see about waving corn coin and bytom I don't know much of a bytom a think of me check towards someone asked about a living coin a I mind it for a few months em but then I sold because the block reward is like every two years enemy and it's gonna be a few months before the I say it's time come man hi ads see yeah I was just talking about high voice dear I'm all say up I'm always help because of you and someone left a comment in the see if coin discord diddle-dee and I hadn't really thought about it last week but they said that aim it was what's the name of the girl again and it was rocky MTN mater a MTN Manor who saved us and he said and he said the waving coin as a as a commercial coin masquerading as a community coin and you know what I think that's a fair statement because they come out and they say the absorber community and all that Wales being backed by billionaires a so yeah I think that's a fair comment about reven coin no I've no ads of not showing anyone a hive aware she ate a I'm a as I said I'm going to do a dedicated video when I talk about what I like and what I don't like that we'll probably a 30 40 maybe even 50 minute video so I won't be able to do that and toll on the World Cup weekend maybe it might be Monday if I'm honest okay I'll be honest so I'll probably Monday but what I like to do is maybe even a how many people are watching do I make sure you hide OS I will just give you a very very quick a very very quick overview of why think about em right so let me see you let me see you I see with a meteor right Martha right okay right so I'll show you hyper where skies and as I say this doesn't that's this is an aim a complete review this is a preview and anything that's off so what I do is I'll just I want to show you this monitor Nessie's the trollidays the quickest and easiest way for me to do that and does this have any bad battery I hope it does um right okay right why would it quickly show you I've not enabled to Fe actually I haven't so I'm going to do that very very soon I'll do that super soon actually after the stream will do that I don't I'll actually just send up to yes they aim right so I'm going to show you the other screen so there's my there's my monitor and this is what's meaning and you know obviously this is the mean which I'm pretty sure that's not a second but that's one here it's just you know it's just a wbf and you can see that I'm getting point 3 to point three five Souls per walk and I've dropped the efficiency down of dropped the power down sorry to about 60 watts on that reg and that I've got that the earth set near and you kinda need to log into that if you get any problems with it no walking you'd really do have to log on and check that everything's okay and that's why I had to do that's why I had to do with with my setup yesterday I was seeing to see ya see ya there adds as his cold he was helping me with a some issues that I had and the issue was the and the wallet I had added the parameter because he add parameters for one four four five and was the thing for that realize that no it's they decide trying to do this with a camera and a makeup reveal it's not good I really should just set this down but I'm determined they right no that's not work and I'll do that later and so I will show you you see like I'll show you my monitor great okay so if I bring this around a lot Bert can you guys see that now Sosa's why I'm seeing just know you're gonna get a lot of inception with you know the windows and all over overlapping and there we go right right guys so that's as high voice and first thing you know as I said I'm gonna do a proper value way to my first impressions of as that very very a very very simple setup isn't isn't that complicated really and you see a lot of things here this is just a list of definite things have happened but she can clear so you can clear that's just a list of like wallet change rebooting EMD settings apply all these different things and and you can you can stop that FA I'll show you here what you've got is all the different GPUs and you can see 65 degrees 46 percent for the fans 18 so so that's quite large because those should be like 2021 so right now for the Akash I'm getting a hundred fifty four souls and from 467 watts I'm normally get about a hundred sixty or so from that so a compared to also Manor I'm getting less I'm getting less it it seems to be a couple a souls less I don't know if that's because then you have to plug in a drag to the east EMI port and one of the graphics cards rather than the motherboard I think that could be an usher I don't know um but yeah it's it's a very simple thing usually if it starts as far as um you know your hash tree and all that you can see I switch the awesome main up during the night which is why it's like that a rags I've only got one reg on there just know and then those wallets and give you a lot of example wallets and yeah but I mean I set up I say oh this is real I had the problem I had like I had like – – like that for peers and which was causing a problem I couldn't mane and actually aim but as far as changing things around and all that it's very easy you just you know you pack your manor you pack your wallet and the big difference I think from Earth from awesome main and all that is that the wallet also handles the pill so it's not just your address or also handle handles the pills that stick me a little baby get used to in a way because I think that I'm used to and also many but I can just quickly change the pill but what I'd have to do is set up duplicate Wallace so what different pills I don't like how that works I think I find that quite limited and another thing I find quite la mitad as they're the control over the graphic a the graphics cards fans and temperatures and things like that you can say they're the overclocking and it works really really well but all I can do with the fans is say defined a fan speed or I can set a zero for auto so either goes automatically what I see run at 50 percent or run at 60 percent or something like that um and for me that's a little bit frustrating because I'm coming from windows and using MSI Afterburner wood I've set up a custom GPU curve when I can control exactly when the fans can it see up temperatures alright I like to run my my fans a little bit more aggressively when when they're being pushed hard and you know when it's warm just to try and keep them cool it'd be better if there was an option perhaps even to just change the fan speed according to the temperature and just Lum at the temperature I'm not sure if that's an option aim so yeah the some things are a real like a beta as far as house sample as I like the fact that I'm not going going to experience a lot it don't aim and I don't think I am but I'm getting used to whole a meaty that as because also Manor is just flooded with options and different a different options that you can see I've different pills that from tablets and also Manor has all these different rules I don't know I don't know if you can setup in small a and small and high voice but an awesome Manor you can see up all these backup pills if that doesn't work then back up to the spill back up to this coin change the template change this there's all these backups you know if plan a doesn't work and something's not working great plan be great plan see you got your plan D and that's reduces the time that a reg will go down button see now if you do have high voice if you are using a Linux based system you generally you know I'd say that the rescue of him I'd say that the risk of your current go your drugs going down less than having meaning on a Windows reg where you're tackling windows up these I've talked about this in a few video and a few videos recently about Windows and it's quite frustrating because you see even those don't do updates disable an update so you go either register you disable updates and it just updates enemy it just does a enemy same with Windows Defender protect these folders protect these files don't scan these ones these ones are good these guys are ok don't scan them and I'll come up a message a will say we have blocked a fail you asked us not to block effectively so the the mouth the anti-malware is being too aggressive and the updates has been too aggressive and windows are just taking over your computer and doing exactly what it wants to do and I realize they do things like this because there's you know like my mom and dad has got a Windows computer and you know there's people like that and you need to simplify things but when you're specifically saying don't do this don't do that you'll get into the registry and you're you you're manually disabling it something a beginner when yours this is more for advanced users and yet they are just overriding it well that as a very serious problem and it's why I'm moving towards maining online Express terms the good news for me is that if I find that the high voice as a two-sample for me and it doesn't have everything that I need the good news as that awesome Manor is apparently trying to develop an option of rational of or some manor that works on a linux based system and that would be perfect I think and Allah I think a lot will you say it is going to be covered in height where's 2.0 which is a minute do you know roughly when outcome to me this is the thing for me a hi Russell just sorry there sorry aim to me going from awesome may not as as quite a a lot annoying going from something it's just action-packed you know it's you also may not get so many options it's insane and I mean don't get me wrong there's some things in high voice of noise that you don't get an you don't get an awesome Manor even just look at the earth em you can see that my echo has Shrek there's 161 souls I like the fact it tells me the total power Joe of the whole Reich 462 and when I add more rags though you know show me the information as well and it also raises the question do I need all those advanced options do I need them so maybe I should just stay at my fans – aw – or maybe that's what I should do and I don't know I'm still getting used to and I think I'm going I'm wait I'm gonna just let that rag run for a few days and I'm going to compare it to awesome Manor and then we'll see how it compares and why we see about it we also main others for bringing up there you can see the service offline for reg 1 because it's a high Wes my main pc is stocked because I'm recording so only get three drags there but you can see here these ones that write 150 1962 as we also I'm gained about the same has free more or less my first reg always seem to get a couple of extra souls for some reason I just a silicon lorry and but yeah this things I like about these things I don't like about it um but what I'm gonna do is give it a try I'm going to try the one drag for a few days and then what I'm going to do is decide whether I buy a couple of more you know buy three more USB stacks and I run the whole system or not but and I'm also keen ameba gaps moss a try see what that's all about and yeah and look at my okay now so really should as where I was as I used to but I should be investigating these things James interested then your performance painting on wonderful four five I'll go I taste it I taste it he doesn't taste anything I taste main back coin gold on BTT pill for 40 hours 130 souls they receive point one name Bitcoin gold first 24 hours saying 24 hours received point name after I doubled the hash wow that's pretty good and oh you're saying that you're not happy is that no good like what's your heart rate that seems quite good to me because his bet coin gold not $30 that seems good to me make yourself say that they don't like they don't like – yeah they're taking an aggressive stance and awesome manner as a dodgy Sofia though what do you mean – can you can you clarify that what can you explain why you think it's dodgy I think I think it's a fantastic script Patrick updates every single week worth new you know new mining scraps he adds new features all the time I'm not saying it's perfect it's certainly not perfect especially running on Windows but it's definitely not dodgy don't know that he released it right well I mean I could always point out in my video a CEO that I can always just see what's in the C's version one point whatever that as a new version coming out there may be bear do you even care about having a clean background when you make videos why is that relevant Charles why wouldn't you tidy up Jesus everybody you have is just talking about this at least you do is consider cleaning up I completely disagree Charles to me it's irrelevant only time I command it that's room as when I record or when I'm configuring my main a running configuring my maining rig whether I've got boxes behind me or whatever it doesn't matter why I've got behind me and all those drawers as a lot of recording equipment a lot of accessories a lot of things that I've got you may look at my days can see it's messy but I've got like my I've got my audio converted here I've got my camera the air I've got cables there I'm all about practicality I couldn't care less why is behind me I really couldn't care less and why is it relevant because you're presenting go make audio only if it's irrelevant so what i'm charles i disagree i completely disagree if you don't like it you know i'm sorry i'm I disagree with that wholeheartedly I don't see that's that's whole room for me as practical if someone out there is a clean freak and they have to have the room super clean fine but that's not me like when I come into this room I'll do a tidy up every nonane but eventually I set things that own my room that are practical from speed up the process quite frankly as far as me recording as far as me producing videos as far as me meaning I try and automate everything as best as possible Jeremy so doesn't make any sense doesn't make any sense to me I don't care about being tidy or what your viewers think I'm sure the subtype will respond to that oh go away sorry no sorry I don't give you that you just truly me know if you want if you've got OCD and you need to you know wipe your hose 50 times a day fine I don't I don't have that problem I'll rather spend as much time away from the computer as possible as I possibly can seriously I mean I want more subscribers I don't want to piss off anyone but if you're getting upset all the things wrong you'll get upset cuz I've got some boxes behind me come on relax take a Teahupoo em now I'm gonna block him I don't see a point in blocking I'm back end of the day seriously what is the point that's to me this is a workshop that doesn't I clean I'm not I'm not hosting BBC news this is a workshop to me that's his weird I've got recording equipment all these drawers are filled with recording equipment normally drawers that don't have anything don't here's my I've got magic through stuff don't know but apart from that now I completely disagree I'm sorry and at the end of the day though those youtubers out there that we are suits that you know show coins every day that you know it always about the presentation I'm not that guy I'm sorry I do I do appreciate feedback from people by saying that I should just remove the video and just do like radio or a podcast because I've got some boxes behind me as absolutely insane I'm sorry I disagree with that that's just borderline trolling exactly it's about the content the thing is the room isn't that bad I've got I've got box he's down there those those boxes there Mike pci-express Rises you know I could put them up there but I kept them down here because I kept pulling them out I was testing things like that and everything here everything has a purpose granny there's a few things I could tidy up I know that him yeah I know he's trolling me they were asking me for a shirt and tie listen I used to be a shirt and tie to work so um I don't see remove the video I said why make video why make video so you saying everyone has to sell a disc and okay sorry I'm not that guy and this is the thing guys I've had people see things at us before no see why don't you do this this guy does that why don't you do this this guy does that why don't you do a flashy one minute and true I hear and choose why don't you make your videos two minutes long I don't watch two-minute videos i watch longer videos when I look at reviews of phones and tablets I look at the values of 30 minutes long the ones that are in depth at the end they do I make content you know for the people you know and the way that I like enjoying content it's not for everyone then they do you can't enjoy you can't a please everyone but yeah but those youtubers have actual content oh I was going to swear that I'll try not to but yeah I just get lost here to have actual content you're just trolling no you are the true Charles you are a true you've got little horns seriously mind that you're just being abusive now those youtubers have actual content so why you saying watching my stream that's YouTube has got a thousand ten thousand capital youtubers if you don't like me just watch another channel it's not I'm not going to lose any sleep over keys are great keys are great for snorkeling after that is before you know people all you should do this or you should do that so you should do that beautiful sense of yeah sorry Charles if you come on and you start just trolling me up would you how do you expect me to respond how'd you explain me respond God see which I talked a bit crept oh he unless guys worried because I've got a box in the background I think that I think that he's a deference that's it thank know you know I think him there's obviously there's different youtubers that do different things you know aim when the thing is this way all the cab I've got I've got decent cameras where I can do it flashy videos and I can make them look fantastic I can film them I can edit them well and I've thought I've done a few videos like that in the background but a the thing is what that means as I spent two minutes recording a video seven I was editing a video I would just rather do a live stream it and you know cut videos cracker and pay more content it's always funny I always think it's funny though because you see this in forums and discord grips is well worth someone will criticize someone criticize someone and be abusive and you know keep saying things like that and and then when you see anything back they go whoa whoa whoa whoa why are you taking this personally you like right okay I I realize my videos are quite wrong I'm just using a webcam I record us um it's one of those things oh like what like the videos i watch the live streams i watch so much just a nowadays talking and it's more about the content it's more about where the person is actually seeing rather than flashy values and all that and flashing animations hey thanks ghost I forget someone who actually likes the boxes Charles you've got a junkie background it's curious to me that someone making videos wouldn't bother to clean up the trash your toe teeth and seeing it's irrelevant loud and clear good luck yeah someone else is don't let the door hit you in the v8 a junkie background why are you still here Charles I can be lazy and not either but look at your views flashy videos get views I don't realize you focus on actually getting viewers my bad I'm ray okay Charles I would really see a doctor about this kind of thing really if this upsets you so much I would I would go and see a therapist why I don't understand why that with a noise someone so much why would i annoy someone with a rather don't meet on my desk where I can show you my mining wreck in the background is that bear it's our bear would that be bear should I put a green screen and I can show you all that when Hawaii yeah let's get back to him let's get back to a talking cryptocurrency not feed the trolls thanks me appreciate Charles you're just being abusive now if you're going to keep doing that you're going to get remove from the channel leaving for real thanks for the lulz and thanks for the ban yeah I've just banned them even just it was just getting it was just getting abusive at the end but that's it this is the funny thing no you do the sea doesn't discord as well when you sees people popping up and what they'll do is they'll keep dropping drip feeding later when so it's like when cells like when soaps and that's where successful trolls do and then then when you reply they go whoa whoa whoa whoa you know is that they've not done anything wrong and it's okay Gavin feedback but don't be a duck ever yeah Rocky like it's kept outside that's knob yeah hi David III feel to always find the weird that people in life place so much energy and time and to things that are completely irrelevant you know I mean like why care about stuff that doesn't matter yeah back to klepto back to cryptocurrency high class so um as I was saying before how can i summarize what I was saying before and I thank him it's hard not to hate yeah and what I was saying before hi the way it looks okey I think it looks okay I've got one leg running on it I'm going to let it run for a few days and when I mess around with that but the bonus there isn't much to it as far as what you can do and what you can't do is play simple the way that's all set up and maybe in some regard that's the the best thing about it is the fact that as simple and it just works after you're doing a lot tweaking and you're jumping around pills and you're doing all that you know profit meaning and doing different things or you're using custom scripts maybe that isn't the best solution but and what it tasted for a few more days guys and then I'll see you know how it goes what's the ETA or an awesome Manor for Lennox and Patrick I was speaking to Patrick from awesome Manor about a week ago hi Julio hi s Foreman and M I was being too Patrick a week ago and he mentioned that I don't bring up in a video because I don't know if this was something that was public they said I think he mentioned August and his video I think he mentioned ah mm excuse me thank you maintain that August was meant to be trained I think you see it would actually run on highways you could actually run it through that hiking yeah Gary oh do have a do and iOS in a few days I'm running it right now I've got one drag on it before so get one reg running em and it's running okey so wait a few days eh righto crops on it that we came to mean realistic I want a probably one of time thanks Kang um hi Scott I've got some OCD friends I posted a picture when I replace to the light bulbs which are drastically different and it's like those it's like those people that you meet who don't shake hands because you know it's disgusting it's disgusting your life Naoki I'm not sure I'm not sure if he is working with a high voice about that but to be honest you would just need a very bit you could probably just run it from a bin to I don't I don't think oh so many runs on Ubuntu Ubuntu however you pronounce that a Russell with the rising cost and usage of power is many even going to be legal in the coming years I heard that PTC keep going up that we could use the entire world's power supply by 2021 I thank him I think we well I see some changes as far as how things I mean as things go forward machines using many machines could be more efficient and all that and I don't know I think it won't be a hot topic but I don't know we'll see we'll see I mean things are gonna over the next three or four years things are going to change so much because of you know adoption and regulation and one Samsung get sent to the market the kleptomania market could be flipped on its head and got a galaxy it is disgusting to shake hands I always carry Hangzhou ad well that's the thing I find I disagree with our bombing people people some people were really paranoid about things like that and I found the more I found it was more common in America when I was there but I don't it doesn't seem even a big thing in a Yuki hi class it tells more about buying hospira meaning is not profitable I've done a few videos I did one on nice hash and I did one on meaning regret tools and what is there anything that you've got the any questions you've got a better as far as you know anything you want mcauliffe i kang is building as far strike RX 5 ee that's good that's kind of the way that i look at a lot us as well as the meaning is the best way to liam alloy the technical stuff in the background both kleptocracy and but i don't know at one point I'm going to maybe have to take a break and get more involved in the trading say the things and I don't know you hear definitely you hear different and mmm definitely opinions on that as we all all people seen at day trading is for suckers your bear just buying coins and hurdling hard on them for long term and then selling Leah I want to understand the positioning my beds bear and I mean that's one of that I know it's quite hard to do though the way that nice house is designed that you can go up as much as you want but you can only bring your bed down by what does it points you to 1 increments um so yeah I don't know because it's one of those things it depends how object as if you want in main a coin and you definitely need to main over the next 24 hours say for example it's a new coin before it gets launched afresh that I don't know some sort of situation like that I would say that you'll be better just to P weather weather as you have to pay to get the harsh pure but if your mania coin long-term like a feeling or something like that maybe you just put in your bed as low as possible and then just let it speak whenever you get the low bed zone yeah I fear their previous take thief take Cindy see a future for your kids and grandkids then main otherwise don't and talking about a messy room a talking about a messy room just that very quick a for for a Dave tagless watching see that see that microphone I recommended you me this is it here that's it there the cue to you aim the benefit that one if you can see as it's got a USB port at the back so you can use us a USB port or you can them you can use as an XLR connection and this is the shure sm58 though this one is probably twice the place of that but it's quite an XLR connections but why we see about this one as because it's the most popular microphone in the world you can pick pick them up pay secondhand pretty good and these things are built to last you know this one in mallow brother gave me you bought it in the early 90s and it works great still works great see I could have done that my room wasn't may see em hi Michael Kevin do you know anyone who can change the energy meter so you can get free electricity a direction someone that door from it and yeah I'm not gonna say more than that but someone that door for me I mean I know a few electricians and yeah I never wanted to go down that route though I always wanted to do it legally and I wouldn't want it and would do anything like that King says I've heard that Alex five is sapphire special – in nature and are much more stable no issues with her when it comes to steep a stability and and ice on that guy's any advice on that guys and I really don't know much about AMD cars other than while and when I was you know trying to buy some last year and I don't know much about them I know that you can change things in the BIOS and really get more like them something that you don't really do in Windows a four day Nvidia cards pass it through has to be an app for that coming teleport or version right yeah what you need is a Dave you need a dynamic microphone need a dynamic microphone because a dynamic maker phone well are you after you had that condense and make everything picking up all the news and all the noise in the room which is some things what you want and you know if you get two or three people in the room that's what you'd want but for your sales there videos where you're doing tutorials and you're showing people things you really want a dynamic make we are you can bring up to you when you'd only talk you push it over you bring it back you know so yeah I would go for a dynamic microphone and that's a very good starter make I'm not saying it's the best make on market certainly doesn't and but it's a good starter make and it's a good backup make so I don't agree that I've you know if anyone ever come and they wanted to do like an interview at me in the Mersenne here you know what they could do is one of those makes curses have you found a way to support algorithms that are spiking in harsh power I know that's it this is an area as is an area we are asked only to learn more because I've been in and the squad groups where people are talking about these things and you know they're talking about look at the hospital analyzing things but not I mean I can see spikes if I'm following up ooh and I'm following the network heart rate and I'm really tracking things I can see spikes but unless some you know really just looking for it that day then I wouldn't know anything being wrong so I mean you really examine the pills and you look at the blocks and all that you see anything's wrong a very team I've got some AMD cards yeah could I mean I wouldn't really ever building an AMD reg others pray cool I don't know you can make CMD in the video cars in the same leg based a lot where Dave thank you gay a USB cable and an XLR cable Anna so it's pretty good Michael calls in a night Patel's book is amazing he she as a strategy specifically catching big waves I'm off to read in the Sun shortly yeah as Tony got into buying a tablet so I can certain read books hey I'm on I'm on discord escapes to channel you see me and the safe coin discord does if you were to see if coin discord you see me enough you should do marketing for him and have you looked into the new econ m2 adapters to increase meaning how streets yeah I did a video about it today eh I still don't know f is what way although I still don't know and I think him I don't know when it cuz like for example it sees it can double the the harsh tree of a 1060 but is it some people were saying it only worked for one or two cards ever doubled the hysteria of C 1860s three hundred dollars if you double the harsh tree or something I think that'd be a good buy but F only doubles one card then you're obviously bear just buying an extra card so I don't know I'm gonna have to reserve judgment just now until we see what the tastes are like I emailed them and said hey you know I'd be happy to taste and do taste much I know but and I don't know if they would allow someone with such a messy room to do that I'll see what they say though I'll see what they see I mean I think if they think of the legette the one people like myself to taste it and get people reports and what it's like and but there wasn't even an option to buy yeah I don't have a no problem buying it but ideally I'd like to get it before you know a week before everyone I also can do some tests on it and let everyone know and god is so much AMD card would you go for I mean I don't know much about it Gary I've not really been looking until I think a the the Vega 64 and 56 and I mean one so I would probably look at those again it comes down to places it comes down to what places you can pick up these cards there was a point last year when I think it was our 64 or something it was dropped and placed into a 500 pounds and Yuki and I was building a Nevada wreck so I don't see any sense of buying one but a few weeks later a jumped up to like a thousand pounds yeah MD cars are fantastic and you know Nvidia was always like I was an equal harsh kinda cut and my MD basically except when I eat in aetherium and all these other algorithms a Kingston guys anyone know about the Monaro about them in it or GUI wallah is it safer than a people while the hardware wallet what should have a song keeping the larger mates ideally what you want to do as by a hardware wallet by something like that I'm waking story your hardware you want you want to Fe ideally you want to Fe so that you can protect it and then put the Hanasi for put it in a safe place where no one can say that as its in 100% so than the econ person I think due to the limitation of working with one to two cards well I don't know if that's actually true or not I don't know if that's true hey I was just going by what people were seeing in discord and after as true I don't think it's water but if it does the whole rag then it could be it could be roster even if it was a 30 40 percent boost for like eight GPUs I could what go play email but again it comes back to you know if you buy two of those for two drags you could have the money to buy us eight nine money which again could be a doorstop soon but you have to look it'll turn house if you want to game through a door nobody as much beer it's kind of funny how AMD is just kind of giving up the ghost and just been really care about demos Mako's saying regardless of the co of monaro it may be worth considering that the coin is the same promise fear endless inflation not good for speculative investments perhaps was the tool supply for metal what's the total supply for and yeah oh the thing is you can just install your wallets in a USB flash drive even encrypted with that local or something like that but you have to remember it's real though that when you actually plug in your USB Drive into and a computer a laptop or anything that's connected to them tonight there is always a risk that this malware or spyware or AB or something near nots we have to Effie comes and if you get two-factor authentication you can you know you can eliminate any kind of risk of ports or malware or any kind of hackers getting your funds and I think that's the main point of a to Fe hardware device it's not you know because excuse me you can just install yourself you can't just install your wallets on a USB Drive but what happens what happens after you install it and a computer that's connected to them today and you know it's called M Square any problems here you know any malware or or anything like that I think I think that the risk of that is low if you've got a really old laptop you don't use foreign matter don't ever use it and then just install your wallet or not you know once you once you know take it from your USB Drive and transfer it over the dot files that could be a see if we're doing it you're the stove risk and that's we are hardware world's commended but yeah hey someone see that yes the class as far as a hospital for rendering absorptions are trying to do this as well without trying to you know integrate her to conceive what a rendering but I don't know I've not tried it myself I'm a be interesting interesting for me to check that to see what does Evan know whether what they are to payment rates a light for rendering because I think this is something is gonna be becoming more popular like movie studios can use it for everyone to help render you know videos and movies and all that yeah that's what I was asking King was it what's it tools to play Menino I can I can have a look for that you want my NATO total supply right those person says manator was about different than back coin about money supply once the total number of manator will reach eighteen point three million their money supply will stop decreasing and stare constantly of point three but three point three million per minute less is meant to prevent and say enough to secure a blockchain even after the eighteen point three million coins will be distributed know that it's a constant amount so be about 1 percent of our scene or just every year in every Co so yeah that you know so that's eighteen point three million bar every year there's going to be more coins added so inflation would be occurring but I guess that's kind of controlled inflation you know is is going to be playing limited what would that be every year I'd have to work out but you know as each talking a couple percent every year gives a go an exodus wallet and his laptop statistically say up no gateway unless I manually neighbor enabler and or statically already that let that statistically statically sit up so no gateway unless I manually enable it yeah I mean know what I put things in USB drives and I'm going to start using hardware wallets as well I've had this for a month or two unbox then I still haven't interviewed it so that sees something I need to tackle next we can't issue you guys how this works because I don't know myself and I'll bring this website up again for people in it so right Ricky is saying the thing the econ per issue where cost-effective in the long run they simply pop the power usage by fifty percent I feel like the their graph they are saying the power use is here goes up fifteen percent eight percent so it's like ten to fifteen percent less ones twenty percent but you are getting three point three five times that's play significant I don't know I mean again this comes down to tasting because you know yourself whenever you buy anything or online you know you buy a phone and they will see that I guess I said I'm an I bought a life you get home you're not getting that bottle eyghon but these things you have to take it with a pinch of salt and obviously you've got companies like Batman that kind of always underestimate what you're going to get so I don't know maybe they are been proving with prudent method figures Gary Geller that was told by an insider trader that it will fold you to his bad performances I just sounds like hey should I even answer that that's just silly that's just silly bad performances there's an N say that tree I don't know what's happening in the background did they expand on that Gary oh gávea Oh kevie I'll let you expand on I expand or not let me know exactly what he's talking about but because bad performances what do you expect for a coin is three months old Mego say it depends on you're looking at two if you want a coin as an investment having continuously valuing as bad when most coins are not like that my NATO Emily screams bat me in the mean the dead gets my support besides I've been a pain besides I've been our processor mining all my red-hot servers over a year come online that's why they are their own enemies and electric I don't think I've looked LA Chava ah no get Gateway equals no one today right so that thought you meant just like disabling or something because you can like remove files remove core fails then just add it back with USB and yes he has very good contacts with safe coin management you've been very vague Gary who you talking about safe coin management I'm part of the safe coin team and I completely disagree with that so um I know what's coming I'm I mean I've got an idea of what's coming in the future and I know that some things are going to prompt the place of the coin no I'm not the kind of channel that tells you when to buy a coin or when it's going to pump and all that and I never want to be a show but just seeing that coin is terrible's get bad management as ridiculous I would see in defense Jay if he's actually one of the only phone does that slowly they're doing interviews and he's you know not only you know I know there's some like you know certain coins where the phone there's a taking part on interviews but there's so many new projects to be and they're all funded by anonymous people you don't know who they are they could just leave and you don't know what's happening and but maybe you'll see a Michele I don't know in comparison to XM are back coin private only has 3% maximum inflation but back coin play that only you know has like 20 million coins aren't even know what's ago it's like I think there's only actual three or four million coins I just have been used in the race that you know just gonna be you know Bund up eventually but they're not burning up high-step oh the topic today as random random hi wretched and he says it has a bad marketing department it will not gain enough social media attention for the driver value though I'm involved in the marketing so he's in so on me know and the promise Jeff doesn't have to be a good promoter it doesn't have to be a good promoter this is the thing all you have to do if you're the founder of a coin what you should be doing as delegating people who heard who are bad at what at things that you can't do be a development you know social media be a website design I think you know attended a doe at any day though Gary if that's what you believe fine don't buy the coin you know don't invest in the coin don't mind the coin and everyone's got different opinions of the same coins I've said that I don't like and a lot you guys have made that or you've bought the coins and maybe you've made some money from Israel so anything leveraging Zedd casters promise I'll bring up Queen market cap more sewers I have a feeling that Gary guy is Charles from earlier where the only the same team really do we actually here's the thing no I get that's a lot with any youtuber will get this people see it that sucks or that's pure that's what and you go why you go because it's bad you go no explain why and then you go and you know they can't explain why I lower the time people just regurgitating what someone else has said saying that you know this guy seen safe coin doesn't have a good a good marketing department the coin is three months old but yeah I do think he's bordering on trolling no some way I'm going to stop biting as fishing season yeah look at the looking I got it well why are you taking a right no you just know you're just here truly you're seeing he says who has your friend's name bring him on but on fire if you want I'll set my way come just now bring on your friend scapin of you I will talk to him right now I will talk to him right now right now get your friend phone your friend up I'll give you in my escape username I'll see on my webcam right now and you can call up and you can explain what you're seeing because right now what you're doing is Vig what you're seeing is just Vig stand up man guy stand up for your beliefs sure it's fired what is it thing no other people a lot of people will just start posting a you know things and you'll say oh it's that sort it's that the other thing is any foundation of what Gary's seen you know what and I do respect the fact that some people have different opinions but I don't if there's no foundation you know it's just posting crap basically you know it's just truly but everything you see dealers very big he's using the same business strategy the same business strategy yeah you're right Dave is just trolling and avoid people a lot of people are quite happy with the chrome I know it's really gaining popularity it's really a actually going up in popularity sorry what's your opinion of BT and X bet Nexus never heard of it what's up I it doesn't do interviews what's his name then so am you know if he's so passionate about that's why doesn't it come on you talk to my waiter let's be honest guy is the most exciting thing about Safeco he nice I'm part of the team and I'm also modest our bonus guys is alloyed smart people when they safe coin team I work people are a lot smarter than me and I'm bullish about it because of that but hey if someone doesn't have someone a doesn't think that we feigned by aim if you're worried level class Azamat coins guys please at least have some sort of a police detective facts I really like what I realized itseif coin is it for everyone any small coins coins the amazing perhaps that may have a great future I'm not really that there's a few coins on well on my reader I mean the couple of coins I had a look at motion project last week how they look at motion project our main date for like a day and but the problem as the product the premiere motion project when I went into the projects a masternodes coin I don't like the fact that the vast from money from Aston was that's one thing I don't like you know the vast form Aston was on the very start of the project but this is what happens with every milestone was coin the the places say they see I was point to Bitcoin for whatever you know how many ten thousand coins whoever and then all the UH Nashua doctors start dumping the coins and when I went into the discord everyone was panicking about the place and it's only like week one a week to the project and they're all panicking about the place and and I think I think people are aim yeah so I was a lot about the sand buy that because it just seems like another pump-and-dump type of coin I may not be but I don't like these people that are selling a huge of any coins at the very start of a project and especially when they also do a pre main or they've got a developer fee it's like you know double dipping his information may be unreliable because he gets a lot by anonymous tips last leave an anonymous tipster seeing that he is badly managed Jota you know if is badly managed you don't know what the management team has you don't know what's going on in the background scene it's a bad marketing you don't know what's happening in the background or the partnerships are been made so basically Gary you are truly at this point I realize you're trolling but obey anyway but what you're seeing basically as this guy that's an anonymous guy who doesn't want to speak to anyone whose anonymous correlation from other people who also want to remain anonymous so your anonymous friend who wants to remain anonymous has got information from another anonymous parties and the part of the US government because a problem of the US government knows about the end sides of a cryptocurrency project so now we're getting trapped two taps from the US government some part of the NAC can you can you advise me why here's here's a question here's a question Gary serious question why is the American government and the NEC worried about a coin and a project that is registered in Canada I think we've caught yo man I think we've caught yo man if you got it everybody told me to do better than that that's it let's see the thing or guys you know it you got it come on I thank him I'll always respect people having different opinions for me and because there's a lot you guys are watch these streams star aim that are smarter than me I know that that you know a lot more a bit crap tool you know a lot more of a development things like that nice Michael great to see you again and there's a lot you guys in all a lot more than me am and it's good we have a lawyer discussions we are we have completely opposite points of view ads for example has been convincing me use a high voice for a long time and I can see why you like so those things I like about it things are doing um but I think what I'm seeing and it's not just in YouTube videos are not just a youtuber comments here I'm seen a lot in discord rips and we have people claim a truth of the claim fear or Fudd and all that kind of stuff baozi be with discord grips right and I've been here at the squirrel group and I've asked about coin and I've asked legitimate Pro a questions at a project and people will start claiming you know fear fudge you just tried either in the place of the coin I'm like these are the general questions but I've also been into the score group we are people who start crapping on another coin just any random coin and there's absolutely zero facts there they're just saying oh that coin sucks why does it suck oh it's just pure why would the place went down after I looked quite intimate down does that mean those coins suck as well and yeah so I think him if you've got if you're going to label any criticism positive or negative cause on my death I like that a coin I think you need back up by facts and I think what you're doing Gary and you know anyone like that is that you start shouting crap and you start posting crap and you start and throwing mother a coin or a project or someone else and you've got absolutely zero facts to back anything up you're just going by hear see and hear see and the corrupt world will lose your money nobody's nobody's Gary thanks for watching aim after one in Maine safe coin or any other 145 a 1 4 4 5 coin class you should use a WPF may now use a wbf and in fact I'll friend you the name of a in fact what we'll do is actually I'll get a link to the page for you and so you can so this is for him he was asking here was it class yeah that's what class and so that's this is the main of the e1 e wbf could equals main averse 10.3 this is the one you want there is one for AMD cards called lol Manor and but yeah Patil is not a good the NSC have successfully taken down Bitcoin no need to be read you know what Gary I think there's every right to be read you're just posting nonsense though so please if you're gonna set up with a grown-ups table please you know stop posting you know just trash yeah I answers helped me with a few things as well ads actually helped me solve my problem with a high us today thanks for that by the way thanks for that CEO to appreciate that as I said earlier although the only thing that had was I had – -1 for 45 is the algo and then I had like the – – – – for pals safe coin and when I use it and you know I was just copying and pasting from awesome Manor but obviously with a hive a waste you don't need that you don't need that – – you just rate payors see if coin and as that that was all it was causing the problem so the kind of weird thing know was that I was still getting in safety shares but I just wasn't you know getting credit for carry your senior link information you held you haven't really any information you've seen this anonymous guy who is anonymous wants to remain anonymous has gone anonymous tips who wants to remain anonymous and those people are and the American government you're just talking nonsense listen if anyone was to criticize safe coin in this video you are 100 percent more than a free to do so any you know but spective facts there's a lawyer things that coin and other coins that don't have and then the day guys I can't defend something that can't be defended if there's a problem a safe coin if there was a hack or if there was any other problem I'd be the first tip you know warned you guys or of the first to say be careful guys and I just shows you though see there's so much in cryptocurrency though is just based on rumors and hearsay and people talking and people talking crap but throw any without any anything a really backup so hive does a benchmark but makes you pack one coin or I'll go and what do you mean Dave it doesn't I don't believe it does any benchmarking a class what a street you're getting with ten sixties receive coin right I'll show you that just now and right so if I pull this up so a class if you can see yeah this is my 10 sexy drag you can see I'm getting 20 19 21 and all that right but it's worth pointing out I've got these at about 55% 60% power and I've really draw I've really taken down the the power draw I've really taken down in the pillow job so I've got it down a bit 60 watts really reduced the power and fi to run him I think before I was running them at 80% power and I had like the overclock and all that and I was getting 24 25 Souls but I removed that I dropped the power down over just my watts and I'm gained about 20 21 so I have reduced my my heart rate but I'm saving myself a lot of power after you had to just run it stalk you probably talking 25 maybe even 20 SEC's depends on how you overclock it yeah high voice doesn't really good for profits virgin hi Rocky Ashlee reference reference you earlier actually we were talking about there we were talking about the econ things we talked about the econ things am so reference yourself because you are seeing that the limited to like the can only apply to one or two cards as far as as far as benchmarking goes in in highways and its defense I would say that the benchmarking also Manor III don't I don't find it that useful if I'm honest because the way the way they're also Manor works like you can set up an awesome Manor and you can benchmark definite things through the tools area but the problem is it doesn't remember your GPU sentence so you can say a say a benchmark for aetherium or equal hush or x16 ro whatever you say okay that's the the benchmark but it doesn't tell you what your GPU says well at the time so if you do alloy tweaking with your GPUs and all that it's kind of irrelevant it it's you know the easiest thing is just to savor a document in your computer or just write it on a piece of paper your GPU sentence your your person's your memory clock a clock your core clock right during the algorithm right during the power usage and then write down the hash tree that is the best way to do it and so it's not something I'm s and a hive away so from honest yeah if you've got any questions cause us myself or SIA em rocky empty and Manor he's on CF coinies well he's quite he's I was grace Clayton Haas was very nodule rocky was helping me with the left my aim tweaking of MSI Afterburner and I was bringing down my power the other night so there's a loyal knowledgeable people and safe going to score the likely will smile to me and you'll get you'll definitely get help there if you don't shoot up against a up yeah at the same step oh I've just aim I've dropped the power in all my cards because electricity as taking such a huge percentage of my earnings it's good thing about high versus windows I can say my hive reg mining and come back in a year and I was Toby meaning no one can see the same about a window solution and told he can I'm still worth it I can't even argue with you there I really can't I wanna say I can't the foursome Manor and I'm really looking forward to being available online ex and but from a windows point of view I've always liked windows they've I'll be honest the first three or four months of me meaning for first four or five months when dos was fine I don't run into any major problems but over the last two or three months Windows has been an absolute nightmare and updates and Windows Defender and all that is Billy it's making a borderline unusable the fact rags will go down so often it doesn't matter if you do what you're supposed to do as far as exclusions and all that go does it make you pack a now go does it suggest on your overclocking bow and aim and you until MSI Afterburner aim hold on and I'll show you and as I said I'm worried do a dedicated video about hive away so I can show you how it all works if you go here you can set up overclocking profiles this is the one that I've set up for m4 safe coin in fact I went to the run one last year Charlie or David was going to ship that with people oh she learnt a second and this is my overclocking Satan's on highways so I've got plus 145 minus 502 for the memory I've not said anything for the fans so it's just kind of say a Auto but I've got parallel Emma its XT now as you can see I could've just called out nobody attend sixties but I like to always write down what it's the S well if I've got a lawyer definitely GPU settings I can quickly change the one that I want without having to go into each one and see what it is but when you're in your legs you go to your regs and if I go there so that's also my regs and I can just go in NVIDIA OC and I can you know apply overclocking sentence to them so there's different things you can do there but weird I've set it up and the regs what I in fact on the wall it's actually why I've done it and my wallet I mean down I've got the and I've just said the overclocking pool feel so that whenever the wallet has applied a place oil it's actually changed the world that's a lot knowing some things when you've not actually changed the other thing I was gonna clear that and then start up again yeah so it does a rock sake it's really good to rocks and I think see yeah is pretty a see you spinner I really a really interesting I can talk a really interesting point you know the main point being that when doors doesn't just run and I think he's right what you see now I'd be happy to leave my regs for a couple of weeks running on high Lewis weird eyes with randos there's bound to be an update there's going to be a Windows Defender I sure there's going to be some problem that comes up and as I said I'm just the kind of good back to what was seen near I cannot show you before Dave take who is answering who's asking questions here does his Dave takes YouTube I can't talk to thee I really can't talk aim that's his Dave takes YouTube channel check out guys it does a lot evideos he's been doing a lot of awesome Manor tutorials recently and as we were discussing la is going to buy a new make as well so aim is upgrading his help give him some support so I'm gonna I need to do a Power comment round because I'm Way behind right we'll are we am I still mating breathing crane no I'm not I stopped I stopped painting Raven quite a few months ago and then actually sold my coins about a month or so ago and sorry I just I disagree yes it does remember and precise as important Devi talking about the over coin of it I'm going back there like five minutes ago because I'm catching up with comments you can have emn to face with afterburner billet choirs yeah I've got the paid version I've got the paid version and I've got the one that's $170 and I pay $10 a month for the clothes service and so in fact I'd have to show you so snap oh you are talking here and if I jump over to this so if you look down here you can see I go to GPU settings and I can adjust my GPU settings there so as these are my 1080i is about 60% don't know if I've got that I may have to restart remote service know that I myself as well 55% I've got my 10 SEC design so I can control those oh there why would see about that though as sometimes MSI remote service is a little bit funny and if you restart your rag sometimes defaults to war MSI that you know if your default MSI setup and you restart your rag when it comes back on it should be going to the settings that awesome manual applies but sometimes it will maybe change to a different MSI Afterburner profile so it seems to have MSI priority when you restart your computer so generally speaking I just went to MSI Afterburner and I just change it manually have I go any master nodes not yet no hey I'm gonna keep an eye on snow Jim I think they've got master nodes and although if you have been talking about a chroma as a good coin for master nodes and you were just talking about a chroma and butter so I think master nodes is a good investment if you packed the right project that's to be at our view yeah rocky I have a have him MSI Afterburner remote service and I've put it into my default applications for Windows to start up when you start up but for whatever reason em it doesn't launch every time and when I googled this problem when I was trying to figure out what was going on I saw some other people who had the same issue so maybe it's been effects and I knew the ocean I don't know does the profits matching an awesome Manor work reliably am feeling reliably I think it does yeah I used to have the way I used to have it set up I used to have an equi hash pill and add an echo hash pool with seven several different coins and what I was doing was just switching between the most profit of one every five minutes but what I found was rather that you know after weaker to have doing that rather than having one bag bag of coins I had several coins and all of a sudden I no need to I need to trade several coins and it became a pain in the ass it really does become a pain in the ass because you're like oh I've only got ten dollars they are incentive to die exchange I've only get there it already said that I exchange it from an administration clean the point of you know trading point of view became a pain so I try and focus more on one coin and just main it for a while rocky says to get fifteen when those ten rags that have been running sold over a year I think my longest I had was two or three months we when those in hand been down does Amazon provide any warranty for GPUs you should get two years for warranties for a graphics card most most companies or for two years no from Dave anytime masternodes our pyramid scheme I think it depends how they're implemented because all the new coins have got a masternodes I would I'm I think by and large 99% of them are pediment schemes the pump and dump schemes the way if you get in it and there you get it near Delhi but if you look at coins like Zane Carson things at that although people aren't considering masterless for that because there are tons of law but if you look at that your purpose of them as far as securing things and giving a return to be able to invest in them I always I always kind of look at Zen Casas the example of why I would like to see implemented in coins I have invested on you have to destroy the fender ah defender can show you that recommend that to me don't you Rocky um do you think it's safe just to run a Windows rag without any kind of malware anti my wheels a application running you think nice ok that's great cool let me know how you got on cord love to hear you how you got on me there's any monies so Rocky's seen if it's just a meaning reg you shouldn't have any problems as far as bots and all that kind of thing thing as you would when you think about it on my on my rags I don't have any sense of information whatsoever all this doing is just meaning for me and if I if I you know if the actual meaning set up is controlled from another computer that wasn't a massive rescue you'd actually see the heart rate going down enemy wouldn't you yeah I mean I could clear my many regs I wouldn't lose anything nothing on them bet NYX this is to level masternodes aim well I don't know I mean Zen cache has got a tiered master hood system as well so I don't know um so this is a coin a captain happy is talking about back back coin nodes so let's see the website open source x16 ace multi-level master nodes 100% basic reason and community joven stand the masternode 10,000 BT and X get 50% block rewards super master how can you get 200% of a block robot what does that even mean how did that work and documents is that our white paper so there's no way people absolutely nor white people and roadmap so there's no white paper there's no white paper there's no road map and are they selling masternodes know what do you think guys you think they're selling them to think they are coins apply 4.1 million coins per year 21 million in five years in book ten hundred fifty seconds it don't seem to be selling anything here which compared to all the other coins idea and as good how can you two hundred percent how can you have two hundred percent of a block award one of the videos at that recently I talked about the fact all these coins are being launched and there is all a bit masternodes it's all about making money it's all about giving you return and there's actually no version does there's no explanation as to what their actual purpose of the coin as there's no like there's no roadmap and there's no white paper they say this was designed for gamers to you know trade currency you know T by tokens for the games this was designed for the car industry this was designed for the engineering industry this was designed for the oil industry no this one's designed to make you money thus is the problem of the coins I'm reading just now that there's absolutely no version there's actually no endgame and long term you know there's no reward with implementation here these coins then as just a pyramid scheme really if there's no if there's no end result of how the Queen is actually be used and no problem class sorry sorry I messed you there thanks for watching yeah so I'm I don't know I I'm maybe I'm asking too much guys I'm asking too much for a coin to actually have a purpose right todd bodine me the core mate some males behind right um does that mean them – master was a permit scheme – is like a good coin do I have a video that masternodes I've dead alloy but I've not gained any videos as a tutorial showing how to install master was it's not something I've done yet but I've done a lot of videos about master wasn't given my thought so now I did one a few days ago that looks cam is here multi-level master was a key multi-level marketing scam and that website would take 30 minutes to create UCB TN exede scam I don't know about you need a member that but it's not terrible website it's therefore not as flashy as other ones out there but the problem I've got is that there's no actual likewise or no road map wise no white paper you know why these things no actually prepared there's no all that doing is just you know hunting coins so like like look at that's right I'm not saying this is a scam I'm not seen as a scam I don't know enough about the coin I've not been in this court or spoke to anyone but why the hell was that so on exchanges when they don't have a road map or the white people tell me that they need to get the wait people they out the need to get a road map they need to tell people what the coin is about and yet this is on an exchange yeah I don't agree with that hi black via and as this of Chinese origin aim well I don't watch the whole thing that you just and it looks like Germany by as a I think well that's just a host am yeah low say that was just a host that Nexus next-generation Bitcoin Nord and IP allocation that's just a silver that's Japanese sorry and I don't know you know you can't see the here so information so how about a coin is you stood behind sale consumer goods and services I know it's asking a bit much isn't it yeah it could be legit I mean that's the thing you know I'm criticizing them for that but for me I don't like to see projects you know trying to sell the coin before they've done anything that they should have a white paper the shoot of a road map they should be explaining to people where there's s coin going to be in six months we also going to be in a year was the purpose of the coin as it just another cryptocurrency what's it doing definitely as it got lorries is it better privacy the only focus here if you look at it as well it's same fast transactions person take 16 years but if that doesn't seem to be anything here that the stressing that not doing definitely it's just more of the same I don't know um I'm looking for coins I've got a purpose there's a no cost thousands or F not Marines just to get lasted on exchange there are some of the new it exchanges out the other aren't charging a lot some some of the ones that are crap like utopia charge a lotta money like a few Bitcoin I think and however according to P taxis yeah they'll be good a vivo master would good buying pero tax coin actually up-to-date with the comments kind of I probably must a lot your comments or do apologize okay comments comments captain happy exile my thoughts be tnx is some things working but he just doesn't have used keys and all talk about master all profits just alerting me after he talked about it master of scams M there was a what step project is it stem am a few people was a call yellow fever Martin is his username he kept saying you should give it a try you should give it a try and when I looked at the website I was like the white people and you know everything else it doesn't actually and it doesn't actually have any purpose they don't actually tell you what the coin is for all the white people don't know that does is talk about your master would returns and that to me smells like a pyramid scheme it smells like a pump and dump scheme so I don't know I mean there's always there's always that insane or that attraction we you want to get involved and I coin d1 and try and make some money but yeah becoming part of the problem just you know you want to get your coins on a new any dumper just dislike pump and dump coins other confer had to go back and review one of these live streams in six months times six months times six months time I reckon I've had to go back to my life Chi Minh look too old if the coins and all the way people's I looked at I reckon at least half of those projects would be dead at least half and I solo but that does a lot better so pointing that is the case but there's money to me this way although this is a thing there's money to be made by mainly nice share coins that has money to be made so aim no I mean I don't know but if yeah I would love to do a livestream with you do you have a youtube channel see if you do so I'll just bring your channel up and this is black vias channel and you can see aetherium Alliance so it's a crypto channel by the looks of it nuit 689 m yeah I've been more than happy to do a bit more than halfway do it I've a deal with you hey keV f if you wanted to just jump on skype just there would be happy feet or you know a tough to sell my webcam but um you can join me on a livestream or I can you know drop by your channel we can char with some things as that's something I like to do more I'm a youtuber see me the obvious choice as far as bringing people on to talk and my live streams or from e pizzas participate in someone else's life team I'd like to get some of you guys on I'd love for some of you guys to just come and phone and you know I know aren't that once he phoned up and I'd love for you guys to you know take part and give me your side of and give me your opinion on things so we can definitely work something out breath today doesn't show em we can definitely talk about maybe set up a different stream another live stream fact I'll post a link to your channel the C's aim Rocky's in coins are huge risk I thank him that out people making money as far as just pumping and dumping every day you know gaining two coins at d1 and all that I've I've been like you guys don't know if I going discord you you'll get approached by these spam links and you know a lot of people doing invitations bounties and I get outlaw Israel because of a YouTube channel and I saw yeah I got a couple this week well people would say hey join this one it's d1 and then you joint you you don't buy you look at the website look at the weight paper garbage it's just a pump and dump scam and government's talked about yeah yeah you know we're going to make so much money with us and but yeah I do agree with that I do I give you that rookie if you are can say can see I'm the boater then you should place a long-term no I'm trying to get behind projects I believe in I have been behind the safe coin project but obviously you know it would be good for me diversify I do want to look at other projects if I wasn't trying to reduce my the temperature in the stream and and my overall parallel Croix try in Maine summer chroma I'm hearing good things about that no problem captain happy a yeah GPU Union seems okay because some things are done like a little bit it seems ok XD any aim FEC external sales for a brat VR if you want to Twitter you see me just tag me on Twitter we can you know exchange Skype or jesse's or something and we can we can work something out and don't think working out of the guys so this as a hydraulic and thus as X DNA let's see I see if we see any you see any good things any bad things prefer work I'm proof of stake right supply during prefer work 130 marine dearly reward dependency one reward for one master node three rewards for three master nodes and where is the website give me the website or encrypt oblige already so it's crazy when I see coins or blind you in their own exchanges right let's check the website next website I like I like the the website so check the roadmap so they're actually created the website court quarter for websites they already okay so they did the white paper and the road map creation oh that's great that seems like they're doing it in order the parts that gotta wait paper effects the problems of existing altcoins stopped in the asics an invasion to the sphere of mining become a stable and profitable cup to consider all manners and 0.7% pre main 1% developer fee that's fear um so far looks good i would see so far a thing it looks okay paragraphs give me give me proper paragraph Sonny's spacing as I started off so well with a nice immediate front but it's really hard to read that right X DNA foundation I say it's office from the creative special J's right 70% to my nose 15% a few nodes 9% in medium nodes 3% early light nodes and I see the sky not healed node system to be said to the foundation 1% to the developers team base number of block reward distribution during prefer walk fees will be as shown in figure 5 Modi thank guys actually think that looks okay I mean I'd have to do a lot more investigation but um first impressions are a lot better than the other coins of looked up looks like it's trading already we sent out 12000 Satoshi's looks okay I mean I'd have to do more research as far as going into discord on all that but I'll leave a like to the wave safe you guys ready take a hi Alice here hi bb lad V and the real red flight for these coins is there's no value proposition Capital Bridge seems to be the home of all these can I shake Wednesday where is the team from a good question actually something I probably should have checked oops oh I'm doing it wrong Rosa right where's their bow area as an about page contacts should I not be contact ah well that's one warning sign we're as the team as that's another anonymous project that's a warning sign for me as enemy does give you any information about the team about right I like heard about transparency and there isn't any information about who's behind us that's a fair point that's a fair point by the way that um that's a fair point that they haven't stated who they are or whether from so that's one kurse ism oh thanks PBL ABB Latvia appreciator many thanks and you don't have to do that though guys I'm really not looking for things you know I think I've an plenty there cannot tap system in the future what I do is do it for people who want to advertise or want to meet you take the coins or something much appreciated oh nice gesture thanks and check where the website is registered M right the promise because a everyone's got the main guards now is hard to see and we al domain is actually resolute because everyone's got a protecting their information so it's registered with the main company Gandhi and Paris France Paris France it looks to be soos French now goes care cake which has already been compromised by FPGA it's funny I've seen I've seen a lawyer websites do that like brand-new coins and they've said something like and they say something like our coin as nice harsh resistant and you're like it's x16 art that's on nice hush well that's I mean I've spoke about that before Israel in the sentence I like the fact that them the founders are transparent over some involved in the save coin teams or maybe biased here but like xancash a a fee liam I like to see who is behind the project I like to know that these people aren't anonymous after the few people when I've asked well I bet they've asked me to put you know the city can you talk about this coin I'm like well come on and we'll talk about it and then of you we can we can char bit the coin are like no no the phone that wants to remain anonymous I'm like well can I at least come on he doesn't have to have his face we can just talk on the phone no no it was to remain 100% anonymous I'm like well you're asking people with the near a lotta money and a lot of in the maining and investment paranoid faith in you and we don't know who you are and I know people always use Bitcoin as the example that it should all be anonymous but I like to know who the people are behind the coin I like to know that um if they do anything wrong we can get enter porn at us and the best take this was they brought us as fast transaction I've never been in space with so many men that emotional batteries don't spread fraud yeah many queens won't start working with her dough and Rajic sin sorry I messed up common Ella the only been 89% of these coins will make money is my naive prospect oh stop and think about pyramid and pointy schemes out what the polka crap – what the ball of crap – are and how the money is generated and III would agree with most of that logic I think though F dollar jet projects and there's no toilet jet projects out the other I've reviewed and I see that looks Cammy and I'm not and tasty dinner and but the same things though they cannot put me off a coin for example launching on an exchange before you've got a white people or a roadmap and all you're doing is talking about money starting with a heavy ICU or a huge pre main selling coins for your master node before you've got a working water all these things point towards a scam a pump and dump and so you need to be careful high near crevasse good to see you again so what's the demand is em in there Rocky is that something you want me she roar yeah place keeps getting down and down don't exchange tons of offering and network just starts lagging and not working that's when the Queen starts dying yeah I like Queens are just based on heip and heip can only last so long you know anyone can Rea and that's the thing I say that I like to see I wait people and I like to see some sort of vision but anyone can just write anything you can see yeah we're gonna do this we're gonna do that and then never implement anything so um you all may share all of them do I share all of them rocky and that's the same link right sorry it kind of posted a few times so rocky just sent me and he just sent me this a that is over 200 FPGAs meaning that Queen right now Wow so would you say it was Keokuk so I saw the talk their sex point five Clara hash per second yeah I don't wanna get involved in that I don't want to get involved in that it's like bling in a butter knife to a gunfight and yeah it looks like it looks like there's some people had not heavy scroll down so there's a heart rate there so the making what oh my God look how much money I'm making every minute they're making sex XD any which is selling at 12,000 satoshis they're making an app select pocket show them the regs so here's the rags here if you can see down here the left hand side cg main are 4.90 each one is go like 25 gigahertz and look at the number of rags that is I assume that's just a farm like massive mining firm doesn't seen 5.3 tera hash per second the guys are like eight percent of the heart rate there or something does cg manor 4.90 as an FPGA Manor well that makes me feel crop of it my setup there's some guys oh they're killing it absolutely killing up let me those may actually be 1/6 so do you think you think came you know someone like Batman or something could be making that right now yeah captain op is right remember adding a six endlessly won't profit you much more if you already have high percentage the total network country yeah makes you wonder why they don't just put more of that to different coins because if they've got a old person or saw the Troy beer unless they're just one and accumulate as much as they can regardless yeah there's always say nobody coins peerblock what what could be a secret fpg fpga farmers will aim no I don't mean any peasant coin never I was there like one of the first days when he was talking about it but other team they didn't have a website so I wasn't and I was main engraving coin at the time which was you know stole quite a good coin to Maine at the time so I didn't see the point is switching over to a coin it doesn't even have a way of sight so um yeah I know I know they've got the light together known have improved by the time I don't see enough for meeting a risk what do you think about minority never hell did that Phillippi and okay so this is minority I don't think I've seen us um scam scam scam scam scam scam scam any clothes meaning service like best as a scam they're asking you EP for one year in advance it as a scam stay clear do not go near this do not give them your money do not pass go do not click $200 this is a scam do not go near this company or any company like this they asked you to commit two years to Maine anything like this the club to Waddle changes on a daily weekly monthly basis and they're asking you come out three years you could end up paying for an algorithm that no longer is used by any coins a steer clear stay clear guys don't get me a things that I want to say I don't want any of you guys to pay for things like that and lose money M ESO scam it really as a scam they may ray no fees no bill shot you owner we Shepherd at the end of your hosting packages well why don't you just give us the package where we know it's a scam don't any of that really don't gonna get anything like that I mean you can play through the calculations yourself all the fact that website hasn't even it's not even launched yet I can't even push any buttons nothing works because there's no place and ya don't gonna get up if you won in Maine you as nice like rent hash pure use a nice hash nice houses are race to the bottom in stores main immigrant also there's like competition you're going to get good places because the market will drive the place well these things you're gonna be locked in a long-term contract being a very high price for something and I can assure you F for any reason they thought they were losing money Nick and make more money by canceling your contract we just gave you a refund and you be screwed so yeah avoid that's the same people as a the same people that created a feeling pal ray okay why the tiny never had to a one or two year contract oh why would he tie anyone into a long-term contract every every service I've seen the Astra Italian for one or two or three years as a scam every single one no aha I think I have seen her on a buddy one of you but I'm sorry I stole her agree with that I still don't agree with her maybe I mean I've not seen the prices here obviously have not seen the places yet but why would he tie anyone into a three-year contract I don't know I don't know maybe a solid jet operation maybe they're trying to do it with low electricity and all that but why tie anyone into this is my main sticking point with her after he had like weekly contracts or monthly contra even monthly contract fine three months fine one years two years three years time you enter a contract three years look look how things have changed over the last month alone I don't know I think I mean if it's not FS Dora a scam I'd love to talk to them on a video and find out more about it but I don't why would they have to go down this the contract type of thing and maybe maybe I should reserve judgment I don't know maybe I'll reserve judgment until the places are there but I've seen the Lord's to these web sites that tie into one two three year contracts and there's a lot of stories out there people getting scammed you're not obligated to use their hosting service you're not renting has power ray okay explain explain to me what's going on then place includes your card the electricity and maintenance ray okay I mean I'll happily backtrack if that is a case of that says legette I will happily backtrack I'm happy put my hands up when I'm wrong with something like this but I don't understand because like unless they can get electricity super super super cheap and I'm going to be based in Iceland or something like that I don't see why is it for people who uh I need to learn more but my initial maybe maybe okay I'll backtrack a little but maybe it hasn't a scam maybe isn't a scam warm seeing as this isn't for me and I will reserve judgment until they have proven me otherwise but I don't that's tying and to I think in the cryptocurrency tying yourself into a two three-year contract I really don't think that's a good idea if you're tying yourself into a long-term contract what I do want to see as the the place going down over time our deaf okay our deaf I asked her for an interview zerrin North twelve handle and right I am our Father and 1203 you baby see it from my Twitter account and oh whoa-oh-oh governor em oh definitely every tweet I've asked it a frickin chart I'd love to charter about us but I mean as you saw with my initial impression yeah I really don't I really don't like companies at ty and the capital console what are the enemy the Thai people went two to three-year contracts if you look at all the other websites that are designed in this way and they're telling you one two or three years most of those websites are scams I'll get for the benefit I am and as I said I'm happy to be wrong but I'm gonna offend on 12 just though and I'll send a tweet oh god was that I gotta walk oh god I get all right five years right mr. scold minority we have celerity our center three guys aim if I'm wrong I were the first I'll tell Adam wrong I'm telling everyone wrong aim there's time my friend you put your foot in your mouth I'm lesson guys I've put my phone in my mouth Fane and I thought this is the thing guys you know when things that I brought up when I'm doing a live stream I'm being asked to check out dozens of coins dozens of eight peoples dozens of different things and people asking me for my opinion I'm making a snap judgment some I would see my spidey-sense is normally on point but of course I'm gonna get it wrong sometimes I'm definitely get it wrong some things no I'm not gonna do our 100% u-turn or do a backtrack yet I've never been I've never been a fan of these websites that do these one two and three year contracts that tie you into these longer term contracts and but it looks like that's one you're just renting the card you're renting the electricity that's a different story from the other ones where you're paying for a specified amount of Harper but I'll be honest I guess it makes it a flick if they can host our datacenter and our country where they'll church is very cheap then I would make more sense me do that then have that have them over there because they'll just there's one of my biggest expenses but I fire you whole cars myself I can sail them when I want I can buy ones I can buy used cars I can tweak things that can apply thing you know apply tweaks eight weeks and more the vacations to it and all that I've seen her three enemy I've seen her three enemy as I said I'm not a big fan of these three-year deals and things that are an Rx 4:17 three years time what you thought I was gonna give you what do you think I was going to give you again it depends on place depends on place someone made a good point in the other oh that you know it depends on how you want to do it and I realize that our services for people at us and some people don't want to maintain a GPUs and things of that I just think that and not clean the situation you're probably better just buying massage power and I also think that things are changing in cryptocurrency so quickly you don't even know what these coins can mean in the future you don't know what coins will be able to mine may not be able to mean any coins in a year or so and maybe maybe I will be eating my foot and I and a week's time though hey beau good to see you so I'll reserve judgment guys or reserve judgment but my initial impression was I don't like these long-term contracts that always worries me yeah how's things Bo host things we're just looking at a kid I'm a cloud maining service like I guess I could call it yeah I guess you could call her I I've seen her talking about atheneum before I don't realize that was hard but I've seen her talk about the etherium enlargement PO and I know she's a very intelligent women I'm gonna look like a complete idea if I certain trying to beer about him you know the technical you know the ins and outs of the enlargement Pellinore that kind of thing but I know from a Mainer as far as what I buy and what I don't buy I think I know enough to know I don't know and I realized that something that's made that stable service may suit some people some people don't want maining regs at home some people have Anita when electricity is high so n theory does could work okay in theory but personally after the you know if the cryptocurrency market changes very quickly of next year you find that GPUs are mining nothing and you know everyone's making with Essex and fpg is I'd rather be in a position to just turn around and sell my cards than being tied into a three-year contract Rocky's say there's some more factors that haven't actually shaped anything to you so you can obviously unev anything all you have is us represented or from the company being extremely boastful yeah and theory that could just be renting has performed nice hush and what's it what's the place bowel right no of Bitcoin flavor well I see my check it was under $10 Wow 43% as as rating to buy a plug it's just if you're gonna spend money would you buy on Bitcoin private video buy coins from back back coin private coins or would you invest them a different coin I think a some of the decisions a Bitcoin private made over the last few months I think that I think we're all about swore to be always far as the the ecig thing but hopefully they'll come good $8 10 as the piercing I realized the placing Wow look at that guys Bitcoin provar $8 10 the thing is I wanna say thing is going to go even law because they don't have a sig resistance that's going to go law in my eyes I'm not here dancing or hover I think the place that I was going to go down and down because the Asics from – or Die fold it's 7.65 Wow yeah well we thank guys you think if I managed to interviewer do you think I'm gonna be getting a lot of i-told-you-so so what other it's one of those things I think I think and the worldA kept talkin see when there's so many scams when there's so many people not honoring the sa did the bargain you say did the deal I will if I was buying a graphics card I would prefer to hold it myself and if I if I couldn't afford the electricity remaining if I could endure things I probably leaning more towards nays has power or just buying coins and hurdling and things like that I realize some people disagree with that also I take her on board Roger I do it I do appreciate you guys suggest and that and maybe I'll be buying a hat and eating it in a week's time but um we'll see how it goes then there's no place is there so it's hard for me you know see whether it's a bargain or not as back coin player a genuine project I would see as yes very very bumpy road from day one it's been bumpy um and I think that me there were mistakes along the way but the store now I would wife Krusty to Moe's TMZ yeah the mark is bizarre right now while it's down the market is down and there's so many new coins right now compared to a few months ago so weird even start really even start build us and right guys for me it is close to dinnertime I'm getting hungry that's why I'm slowing down my way my talk my talk I can't even speak today I'm out honestly speaking like a and absolute someone with mental problems today I'll put it that we am I thought from just tired today but it's been great chatting guys it's been great China as always that's that stream doesn't really have any purpose I doesn't really have anything in Maine today as far as what was going to talk about I know I showed you high voice that's something that I'm going to talk about a few days time I want to do a video tutorial about it and show you what I like and what I don't like and I do like that it's not good Windows but this is kind of limited in some ways as well but I want to do a video tutorial for you guys and a few days time and thanks for watching guys I really do appreciate and North Master few comments in at the end here and what do you think of a Bitcoin and chest aim I think that change and algorithms I don't know too much of a tur and thanks Richards I'm going to leave you I'll leave you all from my messy office that some people hit apparently people hit my office it's very messy I'm a rocky empty and Manor I I don't know what you're singing there I'm not sure what you're saying and can someone translate up for me and thanks for watching guys it's been a lot of fun aim hopefully I'll get in touch with out lady and we can chat about that my initial impression was I don't like being tied into three-year contracts some people might think definitely and but hey I'm happy to eat my hat I find wrong so thanks for watching guys I'll do some more videos soon so we ski caching over here I'll do another live stream in a few days time but for the reason I probably will be doing a live stream in the weekend is because the World Cup is on third fourth place tomorrow and the World Cup final on Sunday it's going to be very very good and rocky says that he only speaks English so ok so that you should really be speaking American and in doing that I always find it funny when people a you know people bring up the issue that people from the UK or from Australia or from New Zealand have a different accent from someone in North America and the the point no that they speak English and everyone else doesn't that's not nice Rocky that's not nice and so do another life she employee Monday Tuesday or something about do a live stream I'm speaking English nor English I'm speaking Scottish Scottish and I'll do a live stream next week guys will do I'll do some more videos over the weekend it's been great and thanks for all the tips on the new coins are all that bellow it fine guys but I think it's time for me if on my belly so until next time guys take care

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