Free PayPal Money? Scam Revealed

There’s this huge scam going on about
free PayPal money and I’m just going to expose sort of what’s going on here and
show you exactly what’s happening so you don’t fall into this same trap like many
others have. Hey. So, I’m John Crestani. I’ve made millions on the internet. So, I know
something about making money online. And its really killing me. I’m seeing all of
these messages about free PayPal money all over my YouTube channels in the
comments. It’s absolutely spamming my comments. And I don’t know if you’ve seen
any text like this. I got $2,643
after searching a lot of sites and found this system. And it brings you to a site
sort of like this. Click the button below to get your free PayPal money, okay?
Or different variations of this site, okay? There’s just a lot of variations.
This is all a total scam. These messages are absolutely blowing up my YouTube
right now. Look, believe me. You will thank me later. Now, it’s $6,543. And now, it’s earned money daily. $500 per day. And it all goes to these links to get free PayPal money. Look,
here’s another site. Free PayPal money generator. Look at this. It’s saying I can
select $15,000 and I can just click get money and it will
send the money directly to my PayPal account, okay? This is a total scam. So
don’t fall for this people. PayPal is not sending anybody free money. Okay, I want
to make that clear. PayPal is not sending anybody free money. And if you just think
about this logically, in what world would you just select the amount of money you
want to make and just get paid at? Poverty would be solved. Everybody would
be rich. Everybody would have a private jets and be flying around the world and
going to Mars. This is a total scam. And if you fall for
this, you know, you you need to do your research on this stuff first. I’m putting
out this video because I’m hoping this ranks or shows up somewhere in the
interwebs for people looking up free PayPal money. Because this is not real.
Real money takes work to get, okay? Unless you steal it from people or unless you
do something unethical. It takes work. And even stealing from people takes effort.
Even hacking computers takes brainpower. You can’t just click a button and solve
your financial problems. It’s totally madness. Now, I’ve been
getting these messages all the time. I don’t know if it’s because when people
google me, I show up for the words make money online. But I get all this sort of
spam. Finally, I’ve been able to find… Look, send me more than $1,234. These are all scams people. Look, it’s another
site. PayPal money adder, okay? Latest payment proof. People, these are all
made-up screenshots. These are not PayPal’s actual site. What you can do to
verify and keep yourself safe from scams is, first off look to see if it’s a
secure site. That’s like one indicator. f it’s not a secure site, it means it
hasn’t liked the site hasn’t been registered. So you can’t trust it as much.
Second off, if you’re supposed to get money from PayPal, then what you would
expect to see is PayPal in the URL, okay? PayPal is not in the URL. It says best
work online club. Best work online club, are you kidding me? And what this is is
this is unfortunately an affiliate scheme that people are putting these
comments up because they are making money for everybody they sucker in it.
It’s a really bad affiliate scheme. You know, affiliate marketing, there’s good
affiliate marketing and there’s bad affiliate marketing. You can recommend
products that help people or you can recommend products that hurt people. In
this case, the only thing that’s going to happen here is you’re going to end up
losing money. Okay, plain and simple. Now, I’m going tO
enter my email address just to see what happens if anything happens here. So,
this is all fake, okay? Google does searches that are much
faster than this. What this is, is this is a marketing funnel. This is a way to get
people to give away their email address and slowly get suckered in by high hopes
and dreams of money and you won’t actually be able to do this. So this is
how this works. Copy below and paste 5 different comments of YouTube videos.
Don’t try to cheat. If you click verify. Click the button to get your PayPal
money below. And what you’ll see is they’re just entering you into a
marketing funnel. Get $100 Visa gift card. And see what this is going to do is it’s
just gonna take your time, it’s going to ask for more and more and more information.
You’ll have to eventually enter your credit card information and you’ll end
up being charged a lot of money. This is an affiliate scheme, okay?
Now, good affiliate marketing is when you’re recommending products that help
people. And in this case, this is all smoke and mirrors.
There is no $100 Walmart gift card. Nobody’s actually reading the results of
this survey. All this is designed to do is actually take your money from you.
There’s no training here. This is a scheme. If it seems too good to be true,
it usually is. So, watch out. There’s a lot of these schemes out here.
Don’t buy products from random comments that promise you weird stuff in on
YouTube. I see it every single day and expedite tools got me. Don’t believe this
stuff. Please people, if you’re watching this, don’t fall for this stuff. If
you want to learn a real way to make money, you can subscribe to my channel
and there’s a free video course on affiliate marketing which is what I do
to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and millions of dollars per
year. So, you can go to that. And also, if you could comment below and let me know
if this helped you and if you would like me to expose more scams, please comment
below with the words expose more scams. And I will take note of this. And I will
take a proactive approach to exposing more scams that I see happening on the
Internet. I’ve made millions of dollars online. I have a good read on what’s
working what’s real and what’s false at the end of the day now. And like this
video if you got helped out by this. Talk to you soon and looking forward to
seeing you in the next video.

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  1. Another useful video John. Its a shame that people are so hungry for money that they can't see the reality of these things. Be careful who you share your details with people!

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    I got a job ..

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    I like listening to you, and appreciate the good quality of your content!
    Thank You again.

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  8. Thank you John! I looked at one of these videos just out of curiosity, (I gave no info), and I knew a few seconds into that it was garbage. Expose More Scams, please!!! And by the way, I love YOUR videos!

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