Free BTC! Unli Spins, Unli Captcha and Unli Claim!

For proof of payment i’ll check now my Coinbase account then look for BTC as you can see, i already received my payouts here and this one is my latest withdrawal last night! Yes! This app really pays and we like most about, it is all 100% free! Good afternoon to all! This is Aiza Mercado once again and this day, i will be sharing you an application where we can earn extra money online and free bitcoins! With this app, it is easy to use and make free bitcoins and what we do here is to do unlimited spins and unlimited capcha! Before we start, please hit the LIKE button and if this is your 1st time on my channel consider subscribing coz im uploading videos to teach you how to earn money online. Alright! Lets start! 3 apps needed: Coinbase, Coins ph, and Red Cash. Sad to say, this is not yet available in any ios devices thats why im here now with Google Playstore. Here, search for Red Cash it’s icon is like a MOON. it contains small MB file and easy to download. Once you have downloaded the app, open it and now sign up. Alright, enter here your name ofcourse then your Coins ph or Coinbase email. Take note of that because your payout will directly sent to your email add. Then create your own password and the referral code much appreciated if you will use mine which is “01289” If you want to invite friends you know the drill feel free to comment down below your referral codes! Alright, this is my demo account then with this app, it has 3 ways of earnings. 1) Unlimited Spin 2) Unlimited Capcha 3) Unlimited Claim First, the unlimited spins click it and spin. now, we wait for the 7 seconds and if done, just close the ads. Okay, here you will notice it has 1/100 The developer use this method to avoid cheater and hackers. You will earn points/satoshi once you finish all 100 spins. Once 100 spins completed you will earn 500 satoshi. Meaning, for every spin you will earn 5 satoshi. Lets try again, spin. Ad will pop out and wait for 7 seconds. Done, close the ad. Just spin and spin… Another 7 seconds and there, thats how easy to use the unlimited spins. 2nd, unlimited capcha Here, you need to enter the number like on the screen. So lets try… Then submit. Ads will pop out again and close it. Then do this method over and over. For every capcha solve you will earn 3 satoshi. Its unlimited, just type and type. 3rd, unlimited claim Its says that “browse website minimum of 2 mins.” With this, you need first to finish all the 100 spins to earn 1 claim/spins here in “claim section”. If you have now 1 claim just wait for 2 minutes to watch the ads that will pop out. Everytime you invite your friends and enters your referral ID or referral code you will earn 100 points or 100 satoshi. About claiming your payments just click this 3 lines on the upper left corner then click wallet. Here, you will choose either Coinbase or Coins ph for claiming your payments Enter your points here The minimum withdrawal is 2000 points 1:1 ratio, meaning 2000 points is equivalent to 2000 satoshi. For proof of payment i’ll check now my Coinbase account then look for BTC as you can see, i already received my payouts here and this one is my latest withdrawal last night Yes! This app really pays and we like most about, it is all 100% free! Alright! Thats it guys this is how Red Cash works and how we can earn free bitcoins here. Just be patient, its unlimited! 🙂 Dont forget to like this video, leave a comment too subscribe also to my Youtube and Telegram Channel follow me on my FB Fanpage and Instagram as well. Thank you again for watching! This is Aiza Mercado and see you on my next video!

100 thoughts on “Free BTC! Unli Spins, Unli Captcha and Unli Claim!”

  1. Bakit po ganon yung claim..ilang minutes na po ko nag aantay di parin sya kusa bumabalik sa app
    Kahit ulan beses kopo ulitin wala parin po..

  2. Meron pa po pala ko tanong ate Aiza natapos kona po yung 100 spin .. pero wala po pumasok sa balance ko .. pano puba yun
    Salamat po uli sa sagot ..

  3. May itatanung pa po ako ate aiza okay lang kahit big letter yung email na nasa unahan sa pag redeem ko kahit na small letter yung nasa coins ph na email ko

  4. aiza can teach me how to do the claim? it say browse website minimum 2 min and wait for auto back. i don't know it meaning

  5. Ms. Aiza i have a question . i tried to do the claim after i completed the 100 spins. but i cant seem to figure out how the claim options work. pag click ko ng claim lalabas ung" browse website minimum of 2 mins "now what shud i do next? at what should i browse? naghihintay ako pero walang nangyayari then . kung click ko ung claim button 0 nmn ung sa gitna ng wheel. tapos nagloloading lng sya ng matagal

  6. Pano po ba dapat gawin sa claim section? Nagwait ako ng 2mins ng nakabukas lang yung ads, pangka exit ko, puroloading lang, tinry ko naman po iwait matapos yung ad and cinlick ko tas browse for 2mins, wala parin, sa captcha lang po tuloy ako nagkakapoints☹️ sana masagot mo maam aiza😊✨

  7. Kapag po ba nagwithdrawfor example sa coins..wala ng ibang na agad sa coins wallet address di na po kailangan? Kase nagwithdraw po ako Pero wala namang hiningi kahit number or address ng coins?

  8. Miss aiza nakakaproblema po ako to fill up sa coinbase kc US ang state nya walang philipinnes need b lahat i fill up yun?

  9. Nakapag claim na ko ng 500 satoshi tapos sa 2nd claim ko walang nadating. Kahit ilampas ko pa ng 2minutes pag hihintay wala.

  10. mam i used po your referral ID…

    Nadownload ko na po app and nkapagsignup, however when I click any of the 3 ways to earn nag eexit automatic ang app… what to do po?

  11. How long does it to get paid? I mean… i have mad a request almost 20-24 Hours n just waititing for the payment .. n was wondering.. when will it arrive?

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    Check out more of my videos:​

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