FREE BITCOIN upon signing up! (XS2.EXCHANGE)

The bitcoin is succesfully wired into my account the bitcoin that i withdraw from this website and you can get free bitcoin Hello are you one of those people who wanted to earn extra income online if yes click the subscribe button and click the bell too to keep you updated from my new video which you can earn Hello! and this is Aiza Mercado again and i’ll share to you a trending in facebook or trending in… forums that you can get free bitcoin I will share to you The XS2.EXCHANGE upon signing up You can get free token that you can sell or trade to bitcoin So guys No need of ID verification here Because all you need is #1 is EMAIL ADDRESS #2 is your CELLPHONE NUMBER By the way this my dashboard As you can see there is a countdown You can buy tokens but for me I prefer you to refer instead so you can get free tokens as you can see if you sign up here you can see your bitcoin wallet is empty so watch this full video for you to earn free bitcoin here at XS2.EXCHANGE But our main focus here is trading Ok Here in account In referral program Because.. umm you have 10 free tokens So in order for you to gain more, you have to refer Okay, once you refer already Click your dashboard and we will start trading Okay, in Dashboard you can see here bitcoin and XS2 token all you have to do is find or scroll down and find where is XS2 This is what i told you if you refer a lot or you buy token of XS2 now you can sell via bitcoin so here click sell then the amount to sell we have here 220.5 and here here you can see the lowest or the highest that you can sell so 0.0000471 if you get 0.000501 umm.. it takes time to sell your token so here put here it was already set 0.0000741 BTC it is your choice if you want to change example 0.00000501 this is the highest but it takes time to trade My advise if what is the market price set sell it instead 471 here Okay, if you set it already you can.. sell it! So lets try it! the estimate value of btc we can get 0.00103753 BTC Okay, its free and has a little bit of fee so lets try it! lets try it to sell Here sell order placed its automatically sell and its similar to if you buy and sell automatic transfered to peso wallet so here its automatic too its like it has a robot lets click our bitcoin so as you can see guys its different interface when it come to pc or computer not looks like on your cp but i doesn’t matter it has the same concept and always remind upon signing up verify your email verify your cellphone number then if done go to Dashboard then you can see the free 10 token so if you want to add click Account here in Account then click referral refer until you reach the minimum you can sell alright so here in my bitcoin my bitcoin already have a balance 0.00103 Okay i will.. i will send it to my send amount to send OK i set it all and click this alright then the address of just paste here Okay written here network fee 0.00003 BTC lets deduct the network fee to my actual bitcoin okay, then 0.00003 okay this is the exact amount we have to withdraw okay, ill copy this you can calculate on your mobile devices okay its now exact if this is the amount that i place plus this then i can withdraw all the balance i have in my XS2 EXCHANGE Okay, and then SEND Withdraw request succesfully Okay, if.. done already and you withdraw it to your click to your Account then click transfers you can see.. at the bottom part you can see the status if payed or.. if the XS2 exchange succesfully transfered your bitcoin you withdraw earlier waiting for batch so guys lets wait the bitcoin be transfer to our so we can see if it can transfer transaction into different bitcoin wallet so stay tune The bitcoin is succesfully wired into my account that we withdraw from XS2 exchange thank you guys for watching and this website is really paying and you can get free bitcoin and also subscribe into our youtube channel and HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

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  1. Hi question lng po aq every 50 withdraw agad bakit po yung friend q nsa 250 daw po skanya resticted daw po tpos contact support? Salamat kudos to you aiza

  2. mam aiza tntry ko po isell ung token, pero sbe kailangan ko dw mag create ng xskey pero kpag naman magccreate ako ang snsbe poor connection, ehh okay naman po ung internet connection ko 🙁

  3. Thanks for giving back to followers. It's good to see someone kind as you are . Congratulations on your 20,000 mark. I'm Trisha Guilliot from the United States 3QfynAbwd75eSDEQDzddmJcDGpEeWwtWpS

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