Free $32 Paypal from Playing Solitaire and More!

How to earn by free paypal earnings by just playing solitaire, spider solitaire bacarrats, spin wheel and many more. Hello Millionaires! My name is Aiza Mercado and welcome here in my second channel in this video we will be needing two applications you must have a paypal account and then the FanX application. In your google playstore, just search FanX and this frog icon will appear FunX play more and earn more. This application has a lot of ways of earnings. Number 1, we can do daily spin and we will get free coins, for playing. Take not that this application is all 100% free and we don’t need to deposit money to play. Next is, we can earn coins from scratching here, we will earn coins. We can also join in their lotto game you just have to choose 5 balls that you want, like L O T T O then just click next my lucky number, 1. They will inform the user, if who won the game when the time is 00:00:00. We can also do slot we just have to click this to spin, take note that your coins will be deducted from your bet. And here, we won Yey! Times 2, so I won 2000 coins. Next is Roulette you can pay in red or black, wherever you want the ball to hit for example and the spin. Okay so we failed So next daily free games we can play 3 times daily in spider solitaire. next if the football game it’s almost the same with Match365 you just have to predict on the team you want. Then next is baccarat, I don’t know how to play this but let us try. Let’s try to bet and yey! We won! Next is this solitaire we all know how to play this one and we can also play this game, 3 times a day. Lastly, is the blackjack I also don’t know to how play this one so let’s click deal Okay, we won! You can also click task here you can daily login, or daily check in game task, where you’ll play games and if you unlock it you’ll get coins. General task where you can take surveys, or report bugs in their application, promo code and watch videos. Upon watching every videos you watch, you will get 300 coins. And of course the referral code in you invite a friend you will get 2.9 US dollars. This is my referral code QLP3MS4. Our comment section is open, for those who want to put their referral codes. And if you enter 1 referral code you will earn 50,000 coins immediately. On how to cash out, click rewards you can redeem cash via banks or via paypal. The minimum amount required to cash out is 3 US dollars. I’m currently here at my gmail and paypal has emailed me. And it is put here that “FanX technology has sent you 32 USD”. “Thanks for playing FanX!” I received payment of 32 USD. Proven that this application is a paying app and all 100% free. Right, so it’s how easy to use FanX and how to earn free paypal money. I hope this video could help you on how to earn extra money online. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to our Youtube and telegram channel and follow me on my social media accounts. Thank you for wacthing! My name is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

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  2. Hi ma'am aiza. Lagi poh ako subaybay sa nyo pra kumita ng libre.. thanks poh ha.. try poh sakali pra mgkaroon ng refferal AY3G496

  3. How can I ever stop thanking you Galina, it’s rare to get an Hacker that will generate $56,000 +1(773) 538-3571 did it, she’s an awesome hacker

  4. Hi ms. Aiza. .ask lang po na reach ko na kc ung 157 pay out sa paypal dyan sa funX pero bakit po di k0 naman ma widraw? Sa referal lang po ba kikita dyan? Pls paki replyan to. Tnx

  5. Hi guys sna po magamit nyo code ko pangdagdag po sa gatas ng baby cu ???? makakatulong po nangsubra subra salamat po.

  6. bakit po ung saken euro ung nakalagay hindi po php okie lang po ba un pag nag redeem ? sana po masagot nyo salamat

  7. Good afternoon guys, baka may makaisip na magdownload nitong apps okay din sya pang libang while earning tyaga Lang.. thanks again Ms. Aiza.. ?
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