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And here now is my proof of payout that i really won $200 free and with no investment. Alright, New Smart Limited and ofcourse, include paypal fee and i earned total payout of $190.90 and its philippine value is 9,628.31 pesos. I’m very glad coz i am enjoying playing with this site, very addictive too, the same time we can win FREE paypal money. Hello future millionaires and we’re back again with another video! This is Aiza Mercado again and good day! In this video, i will be teaching you how to earn $200 per week! Yes, you heard it right! $200 per week just by wheel spinning! I like most about this site we can win here free and without investment! Alright, before we start I will appreciate if you like this video now & please consider subscribing on my Youtube channel do not forget to click the notification bell to notify on my new updates and videos where we can earn extra money online. I will announce now the 4 winners of 200 pesos load. Congrats to: Gerard, Captain Adi, Darwyn and Marvin for winning 50 pesos load each and to all who participate thank you, thank you, thank you! I will start now my video tutorial and im here in! Im very much excited to show you my proof of payout because i really won free $200! Please check out my video description for the link and where to register. Upon registration, please put your first name last name mobile number (put 63 for philippines area code) then enter here the rest of your mobile number. Enter your password, min. of 8 characters Language, select english or chinese Enter here the ref code please use mine which is GR3GMU and good news you can comment down your referral codes! Once signed up and verify your mobile number just go to “deposit” and you can redeem your free $500 cash coin. Just click “redeem” to get the $500 cash coins. Good news, you can redeem another $500 every month! I will show you first how to win this game. Click the image here… And the game mechanics will appear. As i have mentioned, we can earn free $200 weekly or even $40 per week and $10 per week. That means that your username should be in the leader board or in top 3. Later on, i will be showing you how to earn and win! Today, i will be teaching you how to play here in You need to click this 88wheel and join the game. In my balance, i have $538 cash coins and with $200 real coins and can be cash out by the end of the week. Click this “Join this game”. All in all, you have free $600 cash coins because you have $500 redeem coins and another $100 coins for entering my referral code. Set here the amount you want to bet… For beginners, i recommend $20 cash coins to bet then click “join game” Alright! You are now in the game, goodluck! To start the game, we need atleast 2 players to join this game. Alright! 1 player already joined! He also bet same amount $20 cash coins. There is a timer of 1 minute and 30 seconds and still waiting for other players to join. When it turns to 0, it will start spinning and where this Win Wheel points out it will be the winner. Now, we wait… I hope other player joins too so we can earn more… 15 seconds to go, and it will start spinning… You can also bet more, if you like to make more chances for winning. and there it is now starting… my color is green… whooo! i won $60 cash coin! So thats how easy to use and earn from Here, you can check out the leaderboards too! It will display the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. As ive said, 1st place will earn $200 2nd place, $40 and for 3rd place, $10. The minimum payout is $10. For today, im on the number 1 spot with 1,376 winning points and last week, i ranked top 1 also… I did my cash out and today i received it. I will teach you how to claim your money… Go to “deposit” then click their facebook fanpage and message them together with your real coins earnings screenshot and once approved, maybe 3 to 5 days they will send your payment via Paypal. And here now is my proof of payout that i really won $200 free and with no investment. Alright, New Smart Limited i have received my $200 winning and ofcourse, include paypal fee and i earned total payout of $190.90 and its philippine value is 9,628.31 pesos I’m very glad coz i am enjoying playing with this site very addictive too, the same time we can win FREE paypal money. Okay, i will play more coz i got lots of cash coins. join this game… i will bet higher $50 dollars and now we wait for other player to join me. Someone joins and he bet also the same amount. And as i said, you can still bet more for more chances of winning. i bet 50, maybe i will add more 10 its up to you, you can set it MAX if you like more. Okay, lets try 508 then join game. And there! The more higher bets the more chances of winning. My opponent bet more also! And this blue color, its from your opponent then this green, belongs to you. Alright, i set my amount all in and lets see if i will win or not. Hope i win! Please… Whoooo yesss! I won $900 worth of cash coin! Happiness! This site is very addictive and can be use by everybody. Just take it slow and do not be so greedy! And be aware coz when many players joined, you may lose too! For now, i have tried it as i have seen it on a forum and there, i won! So lets take a look now on the leaderboards and im on the first place. Alright, after May 8 i can request again for another cash out! If you want to join me, lets go and play! I suggest to lower your bets coz its very important. We can earn here just by using that free cash coins! If ever you run out of cash coins you can top up also just message them via facebook messenger. You can directly send them a message and make a top up funds! They accept via paypal top up for now and what i have read on the forums this site will create automatic pay in and payout soon! This is the end of my video tutorial on how to earn extra money online which we can earn $200, $40 and $10 per week. If this video helped you how to earn money online hit the like button! Also, SUBSCRIBE now to my Youtube and Telegram Channel. This is Aiza Mercado again and see you on my next video!

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