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Hey guys, thanks for joining us on I’m Adam from Esku – I’m Stephen from Fracture
Labs. We’re here today talking with Stephen about
his upcoming project, DECIMATED. How are you doing brother? Doing very well thanks! We’re here at the beautiful Movida Beach Club
here in Sliema Malta, it’s a little windy so we’ve got the handheld out today going
back and forth, but Stephen – can’t wait to learn more about DECIMATED and what you’re
trying to do man! Thanks very much – check out these amazing
views! How long have you been here in Malta man? I’ve been here for about 3 months – maybe
4 months actually by now. And how are you finding it? Yeah it’s cool – I’ve found it to be quite
a welcoming country, it’s very easy to do business here, there’s a really vibrant community
of people that are involved in blockchain that are all helping each other, lots of events
and obviously great weather and views of Valletta! Yeah you cant beat this gorgeous view here
in Malta, it’s amazing. Tell us a little about DECIMATED. So DECIMATED is an online survival game for
PC where players can play with their friends and earn cryptocurrency while they are doing
so. Awesome man that sounds cool. So it’s kind of like two factions of players
– human survivors and cyborg cops, you start as a human survivor you have to try and survive
in the world, either through competing or cooperating with other players, and after
playing for a certain amount of time, so long as you don’t kill other players for no reason
you can be whitelisted to play as a cop, and then you’ll be policing the entire area, including
other cops as well, so, we want to have two types of players – those that play by the
rules and really take the game seriously, and those that are just basically trying to
run amok and cause havok. You’ll have to scavenge, you’ll have to repair
things, you’ll have to build bases with your friends, fortify those bases in case other
players come to attack you, but there will also be cyborg cops that are played by other
gamers that will be trying to police the entire environment, they’ll be keeping everybody
in check making sure that you have the correct licenses, if you have a gun that you don’t
have a license for then they’ll confiscate it, and they might throw you in jail or maybe
some kind of death match area! So we’re going to have science fiction environments
set in a futuristic Earth, hundreds of years in the future after climate change has already
destroyed or decimated the world. We’re going to have scientific experiments
gone wrong that are roaming the environment, malfunctioning robots that are hostile as
well. Missions to do including shipping cargo, money
shipments, convoys and things like that, so lots of different thing to do in this environment,
and obviously you’ll have to compete with other players or cooperate with them as well. And where does blockchain come into this? So the blockchain aspect is to manage the
flow of digital tokens and virtual items, ownership of virtual items. With the blockchain we can assign digital
scarcity to items that exist in the game world, so we can mitigate hacking and prevent people
from just giving themselves extra tokens or items that they don’t possess. So we believe that by doing that, the items
in the game world are going to have a certain value that other players will be willing to
pay for. So we’re going to run auctions for virtual
items in our ICO so players could outright own certain vehicles in the game. We’ll run an auction for a few weeks and the
highest bidder will win the item, and then those players can use those ships, for example,
in game. We’ll have customizable weapons, customizable
characters and lots of other things. So much the same way as Cryptokitties, they
are cryptographically scarce – there’s only one or maybe a small number of those in existence, so people will have to take care of those items. They are going to have to spend tokens to
repair their vehicles (if they are damaged) and weapons, because if they eventually stop
working or break then obviously they could cease to exist on the blockchain. So everything is non-fungible then? Exactly. So speaking of Cryptokitties, it sounds like
this is dystopian Cryptokitties – tell us a little bit about your history with Cryptokitties,
and then maybe go on to a little bit about your past and background. So I’ve been working with Decentraland, we
helped with art and animation for projects like Cryptokitties and also Etheremon, so
that’s very low poly, stylized assets for those environments. Decentraland is a virtual world where players
can own virtual land, so we’re helping them create assets for people to put into that
game world. My history – I’ve been working in the games
industry for about 10 years, working mainly in AAA, I’ve worked on projects such as The
Division, God of War, Injustice 2, Evolve. So I have quite a strong network in the videogames
industry. So I came to Malta to start up this company
and I’m going to build a team of the most talented people in the games industry to build
this project. And what blockchain are you building this
on? The ICO is going to be based on the Ethereum
blockchain, so we are going to do an ERC20 token and we will issue non-fungible virtual
items on the Ethereum blockchain first, but we will be developing our own unique blockchain
because we really have to do that, because of the nature of what we want to use it for. There’s a lot of companies out there that
are positioning themselves as a middleware company who are providing a blockchain solution
to the videogames industry, but they are not game developers – they are just saying “we
have a blockchain here that can manage the flow of tokens and items” but I don’t see
a lot of games companies that are going to want to use a third party to manage their
microtransactions and things like that. So what we want to do is to build a dedicated
blockchain, we’re using the ex lead developers from Skycoin, who I think their market cap
is around 64 million right now. They are going to help us develop a dedicated
blockchain for multiplayer online games. We’re going to build a game around it so we
actually have a use case for our blockchain and then obviously in the future we’ll be
using Unreal Engine 4 which is a very commonly used game engine in the games industry and
amonsgt indie developers as well, so we are hoping that if we develop that infrastructure
that that other game developers and indie developers will be able to use what we have
developed in the future. We’ll release our SDK after we’ve created
our game. So you’re an infrastructure project that’s
building essentially the first use case for the network, right? Absolutely yeah, we don’t just want to create
a blockchain and say “yeah we have a blockchain that for the management of virtual items and
tokens, we actually want to have a game where we can show that you can actually earn money
in the game, you can spend money, you can trade with other players, you can repair your
vehicles, you can upgrade your base, and fortify things, and if you want to spend real money
in the game to to give yourself equipment to build your base, then we welcome that. Great, great. So tell us a little bit about how you think
blockchain will be integrated into games in the future, and do you think it’s important? I think that blockchain will be an integral
part of the games industry in the future, it’s going to mitigate a lot of piracy issues,
like I said before with duplication, or hacking. Because you need to blockchain to verify all
the data that’s there, if a player decides to say I’m going to hack the game and suddenly
I’ve got extra abilities or I’m level 20 or I have this super awesome weapon, the blockchain
will have to verify that, and if it’s not correct then we can potentially say “that
player is sending illegal packets (of data) to the blockchain” so we could punish them
for doing that and say “you’re going to get blacklisted for playing the game for a certain
amount of time” or potentially banned from playing the game altogether. What are some of your inspirations for this
game? I’m really inspired by a lot of sci fi from
the 80’s and 90’s like Robocop, Terminator, The Running Man, Aliens also videogames such
as Flashback, Another World, Deus Ex and obviously Cyberpunk 2077 which isn’t released yet but
we really love that kind of thing. Tell us a little bit about your ICO, the roadmap
and how much you’re raising. Ok so the ICO launches in August 2018, we’re
going to do it in 3 stages – the first tier of 3 months we’re going to sell the DIO tokens
for €0.03 per tokens (to private investors), then the second quarter we’re going to sell
them for €0.04 per token, and then in February 2019 we’re going to go public, for €0.05
per token, and by then we expect to be launched on cryptocurrency exchanges. We’ll need to limit the amount that people
can trade straight away because we don’t want the people who have acquired the tokens early
to just instantly sell them and deflate the market, we want to be able to gradually increase
our market cap. Obviously we’re going to spend a very large
amount on marketing and most of it is going to be on development as well as art and animation. So we plan to work with a AAA development
studio, a partner that is already established in the games industry, I won’t reveal who
that’s going to be because obviously we’re still trying to launch the ICO right now,
but once the ICO has been launched we’re going to working with an established team and try
and deliver the best game that we can possibly create. You’re here in Malta running your ICO, for
all the other founders out there, what some of the kind of hurdles and challenges that
you’ve been facing? Well obviously Malta has a regulatory framework
which all companies have to adhere to, they need to register and say that they’re going
to do an ICO, I think that the biggest hurdle right now for everybody is trying to find
a bank that’s willing to accept ICO’s. So everybody is running around all over the
world trying to find a bank that’s willing to accept fiat in exchange for cryptocurrency. I can understand that the concern is that
they don’t want to be associated with criminal activity or money laundering, so obviously
we’re going to launch our own KYC platform to make sure that we know the identity of
everyone that’s buying our tokens, so we really recommend that companies that are launching
ICO’s have those kind of checks in place. This could range from just having a form on
your website where you collect information about their passport, their date of birth
or address, maybe a photograph as well. But there are tools in place that you can
use such as YOTI ( – where you have your users take a photo of themselves
then they record a 3 second video saying words that pop up on the screen, they run that through
face recognition technology, then they scan their passport and they can have their identity
verified by their server and I think also by a human as well. Is that expensive? I think it costs around €0.60 or 60p per
verification. Ok, not bad. So obviously other challenges are fiat to
crypto transactions. Obviously in an ICO, your token isn’t listed
on the exchanges, it’s just a private token sale. You need to have a VISA/Mastercard payment
system in place which could cost you about 5% of your sale, so obviously everyone’s running
around trying to find a solution that works. I speak with companies in Malta or companies
elsewhere, and I think that as I find solutions and other people find solutions here in Malta,
we want to offer assistance to other people that want to set up here in Malta or that
want advice on how to do this kind of businesses. So we’re here to help, you know. What we do, it’s a learning experience for
us and we help other people with their challenges. So in the spirit of helping other people what
advice would you offer to other founders out there? I would say make sure that you have legal
advisors that know what they are talking about, I’d say stay away from the US, maybe stay
away from China as well because the regulations over there are that you’re not really allowed
to do ICO’s or token sales – they consider them securities, so it’s probably wise to
stay away from the US for the time being. Focus on Europe and the rest of the world. I would suggest having a solid whitepaper
that’s reviewed by professionals with lots of information there – technical information
as well as information about what you’re planning to do. And I think one of the most important things
is that you’re actually solving a problem. If you’re just saying I have an idea or I
have a business and I want to do blockchain related – that kind of saturates the industry
with lots of companies that actually have no value, they provide no value to the world. But if you actually have something – a problem
that you’re trying to solve, then definitely that could work. I agree I think a lot of the scams and also
cash grabs out there right of people running ICO’s that don’t really need the blockchain,
they just saw it as a money making opportunity, it’s really given ICO’s a bad name, so I think
it’s important to have good projects and good people running them, to really legitimize
the business again, right? Absolutely, because obviously there’s a lot
of people out there that are jumping on the bandwagon, whether they are founders of companies
or advisors, or lawyers or anybody who wants to get involved, they put their rates up extremely
high and charging extortionate percentages and upfront fees. I kind of think it’s important to make sure
that you work with people that are dedicated and passionate about the project rather than people that just want a percentage. Why should people go into your token sale? Because we’re going to make the best online
videogame in a science fiction environment where people can actually play and earn money
while they are playing, and trade with other players. Awesome, sounds good! Is there’s anything you want everybody at
home to know before we go? Well if you want to check out the project
it’s, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, we have a Discord channel
where people are talking about the project, talking about the challenges that are going
to be faced with this kind of project, and we really welcome people to get involved and
send us their ideas as well, about what they’d like to see in the game. We want it to be a community effort, you know. so and the token sale starts
in August 2018. Awesome man, well dude we really appreciate
you coming down talking to us! As always thanks for joining us here on
– don’t forget to check out my project in the link below and we’d love to hear more
from you guys if you have any comments of questions concerning the different projects
or the format. Thanks guys, we’ll talk to you soon!

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