Found Sounds Pack #1 – Foley, Chest, Dice, Coin +520 SFX

Hi this is Mattias, and welcome to Found
Sounds Pack vol 1. This is a sound pack with creative sounds that I’ve
created for various films, games and movie projects. And you can use them
either in your Unity Games, Animations or your musical projects. The package
includes over 500 sounds and they cover everything from antique wood cash
register, to Backgammon Dice sounds and metal sounds, assembling sounds for wood
and metals. There’s a music box, some light bulb pings
and switches, button sounds for HUDs and… Yeah, for game interface sounds. There’s
of course a coffee machine and some coffee beans sampled. OK, so now we can take a listen to the piece that I put together which features the sounds. Yeah. So, Found Sounds vol 1 available from: Only 10 euros. Check it out
today! Bye!

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