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and we are live good-evening crypto warriors and welcome back to the gym in a crypto episode 366 today is Tuesday March 19th and ok no bitcoins day and we are here to bridge the gap between crypto currency in the community Monday through Friday at 3:00 at the rich is time and today we have a very interesting show we will be covering AB networking two-asset Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash payment option major crypto exchange coin basis adding stellar lumens quadriga CX and more drama there by Nets light to allow Australians to purchase Bitcoin and news agents and largest Swiss online retailer digitech and now assets crypto currencies but first the free cryptic Orion winner of yesterday oh yeah so unfortunately we did not have a winner for yes did have a couple comments just shouting this out thank you for those but we'll have a question today to win that free cryptic coin I was gonna Madame crypto Tony nalli crypto Thai crypto and culture Brian Hanley Tommy brown hello hello oh no top story of the day folks fortune 500 company AB networks with bit bay to add Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash payment option that's correct I like this again a little crypto person here he's shaking the hand a little bit soup you got the army of suits looking all you know mad uptight hands in their pockets from skyscrapers in the background you see here in this background you got a distributed system a distributed network with a bunch of folks in the crypto community I mean again coin Telegraph in this artwork is amazing that's in business right but AB net incorporate one of the world's largest distributors of electronic components and technology solution providers has announced a collaboration with crypto payment processor bit bay bitpay excuse me to accept cryptocurrency for the company's services and products disclosed today march 19 big push for criminal oh yeah definitely today is actually a pretty good day for crypto news and this is the top story simply because this is the third largest tech company behind Microsoft and Dell to accept Bitcoin companies so shoutouts is giving back there we go shout out to adoption Wow I thought new egg would be up there but I guess not but yes it's a few tech companies that accept it but you know going along with bitpay partnership their chief commercial officer actually stated not only is paying with Bitcoin easier and faster than with credit cards and bank wires it is less expensive and acceptance of it is growing he's saying too much of the troubles and I say we we've been saying this for years however the technology had to catch up with the idea there was an idea that we knew at this point you know we know it's easier to use just trying to wait on the volatility to you know rein in as well as the fees to give really low which they are now so Bitcoin comm unfortunately is who they're working with as far as to develop and harvest with V cash the cash of course you know you gotta throw them in there you know that's that's the little brother of Bitcoin just like look it all Samwise they've copied us brother every time but yeah they're working with bit Bay which is great and you know good to see fortune 500 companies jumping in that's three right there right there press release states that by accepting Bitcoin as a payment option Abnett is continuing to break down the barriers customer space when getting their ideas to market by enabling easier access to some unique it's an ecosystem of design product marketing and supply chain expertise at every stage of the product life cycle I mean again it's one of those things where it just make sense yeah I don't understand why companies and businesses fight back crypto so hard when it's like you make more money in the end by using it come on ugh it makes no sense right a lot of new plant is out there right they don't want and like I said this is this photo really illustrates it I mean this to me illustrate the Gruber Dylan charts community and then some of these traditional institutions and businesses I mean again you got the photo where everyone's as soon as some people would like look at the by language one guy got his arms crossed here in the green you know get the lady back here our hands are on her tips and that power position you got a guy right next to her with chest puffed out you got these two Wall Street guys here one of them guys back turn to the technology right yeah there we go it's just one of those things where it's unfortunate that you just go to a spot on it it's what's going on the market but it's unfortunate is like this when the reality is like hey guys over here suits and ties this is for everybody it works for you too just to say I mean you know works for we know you can't control it you can't tell everybody how much they can and can't have but there's a positive thing so that's pretty cool to see I wonder how long it's gonna take for it the thought process to go for control to let's just get all we can just to make money off of it in the future cuz it started already you know companies start these distributed ledger technologies and you know stable point and derivatives but it's gonna speed up at some point it's gonna be the iron forget regulator we just try to make as much money it was like this company is doing it too so right so excited when the commoners on this article said earnest and young won the big four accounting corporation the world is also cepting of Bitcoin payments for all of their consulting services and we talked about a couple of the big four our rates starting slowly accepting so again this is happening on this is still exchange of value and people can cash it out or keep it or whatever it is happening but as you saw the end of this article it said an earlier today leading Swiss online retailer Digitek galaxy's now so they will also accept 10 different cryptocurrencies as payment for his product so let's go ahead and bring that story up yeah go ahead yeah there we go shout out shout out whistle is first online largest Swiss online retailer digitech galaxies now except cryptocurrencies what is going on over there with digitech oh yeah well they have two digital platforms that they use they will both accept crypto currencies of course Bitcoin will be one but also they have about a half dozen other ones including ethereal be cash and litecoin and they made the announcement via Twitter this has been in the works apparently for a while but they finally got it going this Denmark startup they want to convert crypto payments to Fiat and real time so they can protect the merchants and go for the volatility you know going forward in the future that's gonna have to be a feature people you know any service you use they're gonna want to take out the volatility shout out to them but they will not hold crypto they're just an enable you to spend them so they're on the side of okay as a payment system cool but we're gonna convert it back into dollars until one day they won't want to convert it into dollars that day is coming but it is big a step so got another base hit here shout out to them and it looks like a accepted Bitcoin SV oMG on these go haven't heard that name in about a year and a half all of a sudden right BMB of course but I'm sure a lot of these coins are accepting has to do with the partner they're using which probably is I hate these are the coins that we have available guys use it right but it looks like this new payment method was reportedly jointly developed as part of a pilot project with swiss payment processor debt data transfuse me data trans and in collaboration with a danish crypto payment startup pointed by the system opens 15-minute time windows where customers during which the crypto exchange rate doesn't change in order to make the payment with the feet of one point five percent ninety-nine point nine percent of time this is going to work but if anyone is on during that time where a flash crash happens or even worse or it's a crazy pump I mean that's where literally you can see someone come in so you had to but the whole store feel I have a vehicle in the way there's a pump I caught it within three seconds in order flipside so that's the only thing that kind of had to be careful with guaranteeing them that price for 15 minutes I mean I get it but I mean I think you know that's a fair window but you're gonna cut that window down but again they're shopping yourself cart so I get it but uh I mean it's good to see that the time is there and I'm sure in the future of continue Laura as the market volatility dissipates oh yeah yeah it's picking up people upstairs a good day for crypto is you know it's a little foot earlier this week and then now we got some companies except finish shout out to them right according to ecommerce data platform ecommerce DB digitech galaxy's net sales amounted to over 261 million in 2018 and the store first launched in 2010 is the gross 314 first biggest online retailer so this store is not even that oh and they're pulling down 261 million again let's get a small percentage that Krypto I mean watch the ecosystem take off from there so that's a amazing to see and I wish they would do discounts we're using crypto there we go that's a if you use it quick as lightning pizza that's what they did if you want to pay for pizza with lightning Network they give you a 10% discount so that's one of the things if you do that people would rather pay with crypto and that volatility we have taken out and say hey save 374 I'm speaking of which andre dirty was going on as he drained the house ever nighty a lower low crypto Thai said since bitpay walks like them and talks like them it could have been a little easier for companies and institutions to trust them exact I think that's probably why bitpay took that proach because they were more committee oriented initially but they definitely mean they sent the email out basic to all the mom-and-pop businesses it was like hey if you're making over a million dollars a year beat it daddy right you know welcome so again it might be a good thing you know they decide to take the traditional register institutional route and all that but I ask critical to I said you know you look like one of their own so they're all right whatever's going good pain see what happens but hey basic people as we say they fit milto said getting people to use something that saves the money should not be a hard card playing you would think so you wouldn't think until brainwashing his real family people they throw out everything volatility the electricity what about a Ibaraki on P cash is still with worry everybody use point-of-sale machines happy became and count to 30 meet your family we imagine given imagine them telling you the price was 1118 and you give them a 20 look we don't be at the counter free all all day but nobody got a calculator over here so that's pretty intuitive but major crypto exchange and wallet coinbase add support for stellar lumens I'm sure we saw a slight pumping around three or four you decided at this but the right united states-based crypto change and while service provider coinbase has added support for stellar lumens according to a post published yesterday March 18 can now buy store and send stellar cryptocurrency the lumen xlm own coin based website as well as a coin base iOS and Android apps and before we dig into the story here's an even more amazing fact you can do this on your own wallets as well and you don't even need a coin base use Exodus you can use jacks you need blockchain you can use air bits so many different while VRD you can do all of this on wallets without having coinbase monitor everything you do but hey if you are still on coinbase there you go you have another feature folks oh yeah there you go and you know one of the best things about this coming out is it's been rumored for a while it's you know it got listed and then they're finally bringing it to task but the actual you know use case exilim is pretty good i actually like how skeletons have a decentralized exchange so for projects that are pretty good good for them as far as getting that that free free free promotion right there from coinbase even though it's a bear market it's good to have it there a place because when we'll mark a dead star back you don't want to be scrambling to try buy it so shout out to them I know a lot of people are going to use it I like a lot of people who are still early long with ripple as well they use it so shout out to them I know they're happy today unless they were not a part of the inside group that got that little 7% pump right before they listed it which they've done it like the last you know they keep saying don't nothing to see here there's nothing no there's no insider trading Evaristo market manipulation going on we work with the feds as one of our Commodore just said we're good to go yeah they don't write on your head every time it's actually interesting that took so long for stellar to get added after riffle one can only assume it's because stellar they had the money to buy in you know quite nicely oh we were ready to flip the switch overnight but we tell them 12 million they looked at it was like hey we don't got it we thought well we can't list you yeah I would takes them so long to list stellar I don't you know they always say they have all the support so people it's digital once you list one of them there's usually like a sop a standard operating procedure you can go buy a list of sanguine so I'm not sure what took so long with good job the coinbase adding at another coin and it looks like the publication underlines that the newly added cryptocurrency will be available for the majority of the customers with the exception of coinbase users in the united kingdom more in the united states state of new york that is right you are new york they are continuing to bend you over in regards to crypto market and they don't want you to have any fun over there without them getting paid new york as a whole you know they're there like the SE c–'s Valerie skip panic we talked about all right New York is special special investigating we don't know what you do to other states we don't know how you got a list or what you what you pay for in New York or special and so it looks like you came joining that as will oh yeah I mean finally there you know coin basis at the standard at New York is feel like no we don't cares looks like Jerry Rice's bit pay ATM withdrawal still down I'm not sure I'm not sure I don't follow up it pay much anymore since they went kind of to be catcher out but I'm going on Allison Thompson Tommy brown said lol coinbase still defense I was going on crisper lat Harold George that I live in New York listen we can start going these town hall meeting it's like somebody guys sit in and got what is going on start first of all raise your hand if you're under 70 years old on the panel all right if you're not we need you to exit stage left because you are talking about the how we test still right yeah you was there when we got the ghost and we got time for that right now time catch up to quadriga CS co-founder Michael patron is actually convicted criminal Omar do Hani is being reported again more out of this quadriga CX story is getting even more convoluted bitcoin says he was going to detail but from a glance it looks like I guess one of the people who owns a lot of stock who used to work for quadriga CX which is a convicted criminal might actually be another person who still owns a lot of the stock and of course would probably want their money back mom what's going on the story I like how to get in a Sherlock Holmes oh yes in front of the laptop to buy local coin Telegraph who is your artist like we need to highlight we need to give this person a hand clap exact but I love this photo yeah well one of the biggest things about this story is that we went through it a plenty of stuff that's gone through it you know we have the lawyers who have their hands in it we have you know crack and CEO reaching out looking to actually actively find this person then it turns out that the one guy who may be dead they thought he was one person but he may have been two people that is why he was able to do different operations and that second person supposedly that they were using he was recently denied allegations that they were the same person but he was sickness 18 months in u.s. federal prison for being involved and identity theft related to both the bank and credit card fraud why can Oh 5 so as we've always sold out the person you want to see Bitcoin wasn't around a no file and they still do what they do so just because this you know this new technology comes out scammers are gonna show up and then they were build themselves like this and you know he actually stole over one and a half million credit card and bank card okay so this is pertinence it's quite tricky CSK yes at first I was like would he go to jail for me you people go to jail and different you know especially in LA you got Hollywood entertainment it's happy leaves and even especially technology I mean there's a lot of people who might have a record because these are all industries where no one cares for the most part but when you start talking about financial crimes why crime it's like I miss I'm gonna miss it it's like you just got a jump it's doing a bunch of stuff and then somebody comes home their mansion house is missing you've been living here for a year and a half before you moved out it's like alright oh I wonder you know I wonder who it is but it looks like the same person who whether his name is Patran or the Hani whoever this person was he was a co-founder crop quadriga CX he used to be the CEO looks like and how much money does he still have with him right now I'm not sure but it looks like he was flashing it now and that's how they found out about it he was sort of like what's the big Vinny on Goodfellas showed up with his wife in the pink Cadillac right with that super car over the fur coat all right well I told you don't spit on my way our birthday go Jack listen dinero exactly but this case gets weirder and weirder that I mean it's the stuff coming up in this we knew it wasn't just some openness shut case what $150,000,000 that's never have you have lawyers involved and I mean like suggesting Powell was reaching out why would he even care because like I said I think this ties up a lot of different exchanges of people so interesting to see here I wonder what's gonna happen with you know this case going from here on out but we'll keep you up yeah Patrick looks like he's still he remains as one of two of quadriga CS largest shareholders so I think was earnest and young that took this case first a young Ernest hey that's why you look that's why we find a bag of money it's best that you just leave it there because now I don't know this guy really is acrimony might be our nursing young friend Dan slay I heard y'all found some missing money like I need to talk to you about this are y'all confiscating almost million-dollar this is worth the Crippler I was left on the exchange so it's crazy but this definitely has another twist of the story I mean listen we're dealing with a guy who's already been in prison you got 150 million $1 missing and I'm sure he's I'm not going back okay so I don't know what's going on here but we will continue to keep you updated and speaking of that for the free cryptic coin a day after the video in the comment section make sure you leave your cryptic coin address and they're doing a wallet update so for some people just trying to get the cryptic coin while I understand there may be some issues but they should have those resolved quickly above for the free cryptic coin what has been a more drama filled story quadriga CX bit connect or everything going on with Alexander Finnick and btc-e how quickly we forget how much drama that was with Russia in the United States and France and Greece being stuck where our student Greece being stuck in middle and so which has more drama for the case of cryptocurrency quadriga CX exchange and there are 150 190 million dollar missing funds the big connect scam which of course I don't know how much money that is suffering people or last but not least the btc-e scam or whatever that was I was in infinite rushing nine states where I think accounted for about four billion dollar hey I've know my boat it was only one topic we talked about on here where I shall just cut off on every single platform oh so when when Joel if you caught Joel Braithwaite when you came that is a very true yeah just win out say four billion dollars is a lot of money like four billion dollars that Kay so I'm not you know again you give us your answer utilities in your sentence why of course funny usually helps it doesn't have to be our answer but yeah that btc-e I mean you talk about quadriga CX in one hundred and fifty one hundred ninety million dollars in missing versus four billion dollars Vladimir Putin and down truck fighting over one human being that's a big story so then Vick and that connect those people the ring I'm gonna missing another country I mean our story I think my wife wouldn't miss over this case like kids gonna miss it that's a lot of money too so it's a crazy stuff out there who should be a movie yeah all three of them be a movie right there or world villains that is true these are some real world Billy yeah and here's a Christ thing and this kind of goes as a teaching point when it comes to scams and watching out for all this stuff this of course is good be cautious I mean some people are way too cautious of we talked to something before they're like new technology like no what are you talking about who's making all that noise like yelling is how it's time video that's like overly cautious because it's like yes new technology don't come every piece of new technology comes out because you don't understand it will be a scale however with that being said we do have those people who have the pie in the sky feelings I think everybody's a good guy and all that you gotta remember yeah we have real world villains out here from some of these companies where it's just like there was some real criminals I heard putting their work and this what we always say is like you know they always talk about the thugs and the gangsters on this but these are the thugs in the games they're in suits and they're still not hundred ninety million dollars a pop oh you're still in for billion over here big dynamic right a fake diamond turning up in India people people families going missing so it was a bong goo this is madness four letters no out of those three bit connect quadriga CX and btc-e I was in infinite which one of those is the craziest story thus far and wide oh yeah all right and last but not least another big story coming out of by Nancy Z by Nance to allow Australians to purchase Bitcoin at news ages Wow we still have anything I was just well that's a few I'll lay here near some oh that is a most yes doesn't summer uh but yeah what's going on here with the news agents in finance in Australia oh yeah well finance light which we said it will be introduced in Australia they're sent to enable customers to buy digital currency with fiat money for more than 1300 news agents within the country it doesn't seem like a lot to some people but if you think about it there's only about 4,000 Bitcoin to you know so if they one child can do a third of that and we'll just say the market right here take that over but the good thing is you know they can receive their Bitcoin within minutes positive cash it will be a 5% fee for our customers they're gonna care about though it's not up to twenty twenty thousand it's a big over the counter deals well yeah it's like that's way too much so they uh you know finance earlier we discussed that they partner the simplex the credit card to allow people to do this and it's not allowed in the u.s. yet however Australia and European countries they're moving quick because they like hey we can do credit card purchases we can do it at news agents we could do it at mom and pop stores you can just show up it used to be an app called Liberty X I'm not sure if they're still around where if your business signed up people could come pay for Bitcoin at your business with cash and they will receive it you would get a percentage of so this seems like the same type thing they're just going to a news agency Australia so shout out the finance always move it sees he's always moving game goes down it looks like before using the service customers are requested this is requested even though it's probably like you're required thank you request it to pass account verification including know your customer and anti monitoring loitering procedures so we're not getting around down on that following that users will be able to place an order online deposit cash at a newsagent and receive their Bitcoin within minutes Australian customers of by next light will reportedly be required I just said pay the five percent you know this was one of those things where this is how you bring the adoption people yeah um and it's good to see that it's gonna be slow but it will catch people off-guard where as you said just in one swoop he did what 1,300 and how many bitcoins are there just over 4,000 and that's easy by himself actually wanting to do this imagine if you actually had a bank on board with crypto and say you know what we do want to make this easier to buy it there's banks on every corner I mean we were driving one time we were like what's gonna happen hotties been shut down like there's big bank buildings on every corners I think about that when they shut now it's gonna be some ghost towns out there so the ones who decide to say hey these are areas you can use are ATMs we've you know we modify them so you can convert your Bitcoin here you can draw it cash whatever once they convert those I mean you come on mass adoption it's gonna happen very fast you know that's where we're gonna see that bull run where that price continues to blink again you're like 10 to 12 oh is that 20 20 25 oh my god I can't buy it any more of it I should have bought crypto six years ago time to deal whatever yeah I mean when I dropped past banks they were like blockbusters bleep at this point they look so how they did why you don't need all that area of space to have four people come in well that's crazy I think we talked about this before on this show but one for sure on the banks here in LA is a pretty big branch of Bank of America bang oh it is clean I mean it's literally a ghost town in there yeah it's a huge branch right here it looks like a film set it off in there clear set is a huge branch empty offices everywhere and what happened was they basically transferred everything over to digital online like I think we told you about you know I was on there to do like a cash a check or draw whatever and I was talking to someone video chatting with the layer with a teller that was located in Arizona a totally different state and I did all my transaction but the rest of the building is just like shut down whose one on Sunset yeah it's on Brooke Oh peebo in the last Cienega oh yeah yeah so it's a huge Bank is shut down as jamala Jay said ghost cities so this has come so it's one of those things where bankers as much they don't want to do it now there will be a time in the near future especially you got cz no I mean overnight billionaire quote-unquote overnight billionaire a year and a half to your unicorn company who's like we're moving forward we're gonna do this and if you get circumvented to the point they circle you out of it again banks aren't won't one lose money if I say whatever like we don't like crypto coin they're not buying our JPM coin but whatever we got this thing 2% 3% P at the end of the day they are actually in the best position to do this they already have the ATMs they have the infrastructure literally is this software update it's definite I mean it's a software update that needs to happen for banks and they're off the road and they could literally be charging 2 to 3% on every criminal transaction across the planet and yeah they decided not to yet which is a crazy to me okay and if you have a small bank account or a credit union write them or hit them up or email us let them know and go hey why don't you have this option you could actually probably make more money than other banks because you have this as an option but but that can't happen I think most of them they get their funding from the same source who won't let crypto head ensure that a good towel on the shoulder yeah well not only that I mean it's also like most criminals though criminals are like normal people – they have their industry which they're really gonna be a criminal set bankers are like oh you know we don't know how to steal cars over here but we do know how to do you know Tim rah places so this we're doing we're under Roberts not gonna steal cars so I feel like it's one of those things bankers like we are got this fractional reserve they know like you guys are talking about doing it's like we don't know how to do that this is the correct this is the type of crime we do until we had to switch huh so it's like old-school mafia it's like the new mafia gangsters wanting to sell drugs and all old-school guys that's too much heat that's how the bankers are right now they see the opportunity okay like that's too much heat right now like we want to get in that we want to rob you of your crypto – it's just too early right now yeah it's pretty funny oh yeah top networks or networkers groups a very interesting observation on the banks haven't been inside one and the minute myself I'm telling you it's crazy and then you know last not least we talk about banks encrypting one thing as we tell a lot of people is that as much money as everybody thinks they have they haven't hit a number where they need to actually fear banking when you get said you know we have one we've went on one guy's podcast Muse like hey yeah like 60 million dollars and you try to pull out ten million or whatever you just can't go in there and do that it just close on the weekend you definitely can't do it and said like Monday maybe the guy was like we can get like a thousand different accounts pinups like are you gonna hack every week but it's just one of those things where you know it's another reason why people are on a switch it's not a good reason but it's just one the reasons why exactly mafia has always been about that business business history tells you that bankster banksters won't go out quietly oh no never said it would listen we know we're hoping it doesn't get to the point of violence but I mean I wouldn't be surprised if if the US dollar was on his way out tomorrow and Federal Reserve was tanking a Bitcoin or something was taken off Oh someone hit is literally about to roll by who let it get this far I want them in my office right now somebody fake wars trying to start just making war over here I mean come on oh yeah it is what did you think we over there oh yeah I knew what was America was at at one time in like 30 years isn't this buggy favor of people oh yeah we'll find a way to make one other than that you all have the free cryptic coin question of the day you got anything oh yeah nothing for me yeah have a good one cheers have a happy Tuesday we'll see you all tomorrow oh yeah well you could

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  1. I have to go with Bitconnect as it's just too funny when I think of the bitconnnnnnnnnnnneeeeect anthem at this point, lol! I was just getting into crypto then and looked into it but I said why do I have to give them Bitcoin???? I want Bitcoin not Bitconnect, lmao! Common sense to me. I hope they do come out with all 3 drama filled movies though as I would love to watch them! Awesome show as usual! c1j9x2CKTr2ptuAfxB9JCbHxFXcMGFY7t1D

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