29 thoughts on “Forget Mining BITCOIN, Start MINING LITECOIN with Home Built LITECOIN MINING RIG”

  1. Hi sorry to bother you but I really need the advice of a person who understands this. I want to start work on bitcoin and ethereum.
    And on the website (http://www.ropesta.com) I found two powerful machines for this. This is http://www.ropesta.com/minerslab/smart-miner-30-ultimate-rack-mount-50ths-bitcoin-miner
    AND http://www.ropesta.com/minerslab/litecoin-scrypter-pro-900mhs-rack-mount-miner.html
    Tell me please whether they are worth it or not, and what kind of mashines in today is the best for home/ Thank you very much

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  5. xrp and eth will now stabilize for a few days, I'm moving my ripples to streamr datacoin, it's replacing iota and eth, also iot!

  6. FORGET BITCOIN it's way to volatile and risky enter the NAGA ICO backed by some of te most influential people in the crypto shpere and even the German government!
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  7. As someone who used to work with cooling systems at an engineering firm, I am amazed at every one of these mining videos I have seen, the computer geeks seem to not understand that computers are going to only run efficiently when cooled properly. These need to be liquid cooled or have an AC cooling system. The little fans that come standard are not enough if you are going to stack several graphics card together. This should be obvious. I'm not a computer geek, but I understand the concept of overheating in computers and electronics. Everyone stacks several cards close together, then have problems with overheating…..well duh!

  8. Genesis Mining offer ways to mine Bitcoins and make good profits without technical knowledge https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/962506 I used to mine bitcoin but this is a much better way because you do not have to pay for power or maintanance for the mining equipment.

  9. acaully as me as a teen , its really hard to find money or have money but i done in simple i ask my brainiac friend to come over to help me create a simple server room which includes power of corse racks ,JUST A NORMAL AND SIMPLE SERVER ROOM and i started mine the grapics card was really cheap and made me few litecoins which cost 4 dollars a day so i just save the money to buy another one so i made another one inlcuding the start one i earn over 9 dollars a day and its long ok but after a few weeks i earn about 150 for 2 days or 75 dollars per day

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