FOREX STRATEGY ✅ Most Profitable & Simple FOREX SCALPING Strategy 4K

I before we start the video you watching visit first I believe that channel before watching the video of hotel there is all right thanks brightening it subscribe in French huh moaning click up in next to is that they notification activated for always anything you can’t you leave a mark on a test line or whatever dependent will prime real a nice comment if you like the the video share it with your friends learn from from the information to reach their every move finish it the video tell that hand because there’s review they are going to change you enjoyed friends in British Pound yes well here here’s the last week respond to therapy and yes I do not care the price equals like I know they’re going to give most i yeah but he talked about here let me try to come up on go sit down then 250 so I sit spoke like that then give close that condom come on fill the inter-basin though it’s almost night goes on so prices get pasta wrongly reaching down to French with always the confirmation those bombers with conclusion that need a confirmation which came long or violence they are the power first record they put him down so this can show the same uh-huh and pop the price will go down this time so close tilt or even do it in the confirmation come click on down here Tamar that’s the power for the buyers we are Interphone here from the closet in the first half of the stock goes here budget on so far as we know the manipulation to please market then through the prices goes in here 27 minutes will not come in to close another price would be also a surprise not capable so W what thing w everybody love to measure always come here what was the thoughts give you that in the country rock here that were telling us here we they used to have it here because support let’s say the prices won’t you came here CUC pull the color finish it on price tag or not check out contributes 100 130 what we are going to the right going I think everything is my AZ bigger yeah I’m talking about teach you how to three where capital even bother to see you seen friend combinations blocks here on the price which chart level here also behalf then we move the stop of here collect it or maybe even jumped in here so it’s weight has been talk too long it’s wait and see and it’s close together to say has been trapped in here you think that people actual interior crisis came to life line adds to the person still going up here we forgot at Red Cross with either 161 8 is here it I’ll be I will hear traded big election entrustment the picture to be clear I think the party’s still going up as we said here resolve the hawk that place was all in the house moving this applause here on the target I love the teeth he don’t look made fun of on here Champa as 500 subject Apes anything I plan you positive we don’t be too long see you soon friends as you’ve seen friend the question original of level we said first and the miracle cuz no it kept some user with p.m. I’m gonna say that that boy it’s gonna pay my believes here well cross the house now I was told you would close the half here costly Enterprise elk on the other one closing the half here then we move this up close here and I’m addicted to go no matter where it will go cause we targeted their pockets here in that place you got to tell me wait a moment here because over here that 161 I’ll show you how to beat it in the first place I’m gonna put it here because support here see see it over support and over here we got a saccade crisis can even and go back came here and come back so once we put it there good price and up shown is going to cross all that one so probably they don’t be too long and I think up another polity see yourself as you see my friend came back he can you other kata to know the prices do you know stuff candle Braxley it’s given constant color but it still say now before I come to finish London and close so it’s almost up in that drop most with products our targets here but here and while he resolved aha I know cause we still rages going on Hector is if the prices got to come to knit and drink and break nuts on or each bite is going to go back from here to here then they’ll never know what’s going on cause that marketing’s net off the enter from sixty is to my the fresco but till here like the stop-loss didn’t go back off seasonal because no matter what’s happening oh those where we do our on Isis turned we lift it to the hop likewise to Allah – here you go to that side of the car to the yellow suit the place of 61 that’s your thing so total 161 so let’s wait and see we’ll be dropping so tall they have returned or don’t need to be waiting to about Condor it’s finishing when that come down if it’s finished like that that’s when the price contracts on it go back home oh that our business we do need a license you’re doing everything we’re going to because that their british pound this is because the rama is culturally you will not support it the americans american will support on the pair of me so that weights might you see that box which way to see what’s going to happen I have something government I would bother to you or me don’t be too long so see you soon what is my friends akimbo so totally before you know HR another cell so help us we are winning from both sides don’t think so think of it close both of them now because rally is it 8 o’clock it’s probably don’t be too long or an attempt so if you have visited first time you know each other please comment subscribe share with you do not forget the notification what only thing new to get to waste like that so close winner from what’s outside up on them I’ll see you so my friends

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