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all right hopefully this title of this video caught your attention and the purpose of this video is not to call out any company or educator or anything like that the purpose of this video is purely to bring to your awareness what's going on out there and the the misconception is getting a lot of people into a lot of trouble and the reason I wanted to do this video is because I felt that I should I was at a networking event last week just last week and as I left the event I went into McDonald's it was uptown I just wanted to grab a coffee and I just wanted to grab a coffee so I could go and get the train and I'd get a coffee for the train as I was queueing up I noticed a guy who's staring at his phone he's got a Ferrari next to him untouched he's not even looking at the map Florrie ice cream and he's just fixated on his phone okay with his headphones in so naturally I looked down at his phone as I couldn't believe like he had his head on yet yeah his hands on his head looking at his phone I looked down at his phone and noticed that he's on a trading platform he's watching a currency pair he's watching a trade that he's in on on a trading platform on his mobile phone so I was so fixated with how emotionally attached he seemed to be to the Train I couldn't help but ask myself what he was looking at and this video is gonna be about a ten minute interview where I'm asking the guy questions just to get an insight into what people really think about the forex market or in fact about any speculative market because I know there's lots of false misconceptions and know there's people out there selling dreams and hopes right selling it on the basis that you could get away on you y'all have a helicopter living mansions and Lambos and Ferraris it's just not the reality right it's not the reality when it's delivered in a certain format so as my in my own personal ethics and my my approach to teaching we've absolutely no motivation other than to steer people away from those types of companies I felt that I should deliver this video purely because after the 10 minutes of talking to the guy it takes a lot for me to get gobsmacked and I was speechless I was like paralyzed I couldn't even I couldn't even bring myself to to help the guy I felt like it was too far gone but it has the weekend went by I couldn't help I couldn't stop thinking about him and I felt a bit guilty so I thought how can I use that and turn it into the good so I thought I'd deliver this video obviously the identity of the guy is protected but just listen to what goes on so I enjoy this video please listen all the way through I will be commenting all the way for it as well so just enjoy alright notice how his hands are he's literally look at his McLaurys untouched he's not even looking at his McFlurry he's just fixated on his phone keeps touching her we want your name right and been good yeah I'm just trying to I'm trying to break even or try and make a bit of cash out of this he's trying to break even or make a bit of cash after one trip to Krypton yeah how's it going boy almost a lot yes mate yeah I was stupid it's another game so I wouldn't blunt but if I knew the game like I knew now so he's fixated with the hundred and fifty thousand that he could have had all right already I'm thinking to myself this guy is away with the fairies like he's not grounded at all he thinks that he now knows the game since February he doesn't know the game now lost everything and I've got quite loans and debts and all these things it's crazy it's crazy he's lost thousands and thousands of pounds he's desperate he's actually relying on trade a crypto trade just to break even or grass back some of that money that he's lost missing about till until I get a second loan and then he's investing part of his order in cash every week into an account until and he's messing around with it until he can afford a second loan the guy had told me that he was on his second credit card he's he was looking to get a second credit card to max that out on cryptocurrency I'm really going to stop marketing and stopped as Forex sorry non-stop right whatever opportunities coming for a jeweler trader when opportunities come up for a junior trader in the forex market so I'm sick and tired of there I understand one of the most popular tech companies in London was that and yeah it's tough the loss hard is very tough tonight oh he it was tough that I was growing has game places Aries for ten years and then for the last five years I just took a back seat so first of all this guy has lost his business he's he's gone into the cake industry in the catering industry in London he's lost his business do you think that makes him emotionally stable do you think he's in a good position to then go in and start speculating in the currency market without having some cash buffers behind him without having some savings without having some other investments he's literally plowing everything he's got into a unicorn well the opportunities come up quite easy if we just said it was called very simple for it's very simple it's very just two things you need to try oh you just have to look for highs and lows so it's very easy just now he said it was hard now this is very easy you just look for highs and lows really yeah that's how you've been the forex game down to forex is very easy because you only do key points you're comparing two purposes each other when you dip your house and noisy you've got to understand that but you know the game once you know the game and standing something it's important because you connect the learner and distinct crypto notice how he keeps touching his phone every time it goes dark screen is touching him he's touching it when I place trades I go out to go to the gym I don't I'm not emotionally triggered because the hard work once I put the trade on all the hard works done well my analysis is done my testing my number crunching all of the analysis – for my judgement on the market the technical analysis all of the entry techniques all that stuff's done once you know you're getting any getting in and where you can get out you've set those orders you're not emotionally triggered you don't care anymore it says that's it go out forget it this guy's just constantly taught he's finally caught he can't even he can't bear himself to look away for more than a few minutes I wish I knew well a new bed thing would have been two thousand dollars and incense favorite what you could have had anyone that thinking about what you could have had again away with the fairies you're not grounded because I entered the market at the perfect time I came into the market with the right kind of money at the perfect time to make those kind of gains because I was working at tens of thousands I can show you my clapping I'm just trying to crack this one I mean I'm playing games play games have you guys got $200 a week to play games with do you think he has the guy's lost the business he's maxed out alone and he's looking for a second loan he's wearing a jacket that's got that's ripped he's in the desperate state but he's playing games if I was serious Evan be my computer fighting me out their way from distraction yeah the key to successful pretty easy just know the game know the game the key to successful trading is know the game know the game take fun dude do what I tell you sleep do demos do demos learn don't YouTube go onto YouTube do all this stuff you know listen and listen to the successful guys who don't know you steppin actually got the experience they don't know the stuff but they've got the experience I just joined communities different guys that are doing like I ended up there subscribe to a hundred YouTube channels you'll definitely pinpoint some expertise there and I'll pick up the ones I really like learning from and then I'll learn from the guys you just know the game you know like an platforms and companies that church the game they teach you they go he's very commonly recommend yeah good one is what's his name look it's good one what's his name we started from nothing yet nothing he's very good he's got companies all around the world there's a lot of thing but if you want to make money going to the kryptek community in this thing listen very carefully now if you want to make money go onto the crypto community and invest there if you want to lunch trade lunch trade but learn to trade properly deserted guys there's a lot of experts on that a really good that'd make millions right they they put hundreds of millions of millions we were hundreds of millions of millions just win the game to yourself you know but don't just get into it like I did don't just entry you will bring you things you will question them you think you know what you did but in fear Sistine glass greed that's sorry greed and overconfidence it's like he's just heard some buzz words and he sees he's just spitting out as much fluff as you possibly can and if you had those things yeah kiss you when I came to the trade I didn't even know how to navigate our system so that was their dump I didn't even know how to drive I didn't even know if they're afflicted on and just the morale of the club okay so a warning to anyone who's buying some overlay platform or some buy and sell automated signal just tells you where to buy and click this guy's basically talking about that you didn't even know how to use a trading platform and yet he's still trading they're probably gonna have with that is you don't know what the strategy is behind the system so you won't have the mental stability to sit through losing trades and they're all gonna be losing trades I was dumped Wow and I went in I lost I put in for it doesn't sound like something you can just go into you know ways take take honestly I get taught everybody to take two months 125 training of them three months two months of two to five hours a day with two months of training if either I'd love to get my wife in here and tell her that it only takes two months to trade for it I think she would have happily agreed to that instead of the two and a half years that I was went through struggling and in the two years that it took me to then go on to back test and demo trade and really really ride the ups and downs of the market until I was finally profitable learning the game learning the game you will be nameless and it's your money it's your money then it's it's not a game if you don't take two knots to learn you'll burn take two mops to learn go around YouTube subscribe to 100 YouTube channels and it'll take you two months and then 4 X is easy you know you this team it's like gonna take people out for dinner lunch breakfast tea time whatever and you invest money man you want to know that that money you invested you're gonna make some it's not something better at us you're wasting you basically burning your money pretty much that's what I did I'll show you my account as soon as I make a whinny I'll show you my kind of 8,000 that I just burned by plants he just bought eight thousand this week he just burned eight thousand dollars this week but what I did was what I knew you needed to do there's no other understand the game and I hate science I hate I knew this was gonna happen cuz I had really two big experience oh you had two weeks experience you already knew two weeks he had two weeks experience he knew everything that was going wrong and I just say this is not the game but I didn't hit my mom or knees I played it very high again trade so winning cetera we won our sword and then I got a tip from a guy from my foot tech community right he got a tip from a guy in a crypto community do you know that that is any kind of signal service or you know taking advice on any asset class taking tips is a recipe for disaster and I'll tell you why because you cannot maintain consistency if you don't know what you're doing and why you're doing it consistent in there in it then you're not gonna earn money in the long run it's like the casinos people who don't have a strategy they don't know what they're doing the casino want you to play as long as possible because they know over time you haven't got any consistency therefore they have the edge whereas you look at the poker table and it's the same players always at the winning table and that's because they've got a strategy and that's because they consist them it's everything stopped raining the certain level at us we're gonna burn I didn't listen to you I mean if that was in my face just like you come near a buddy do you want to make some money I'm going man stay the way and meanwhile you see he said do not bother b-daman three and I was only living five oh he said you know Barney living five and I was only living seven and I will you go and borrow more I said of so around that's when it could just crash like this and in three days I could have made about six grand it's crazy who is crazy nice to meet you Jason Jay would worry about Jason Jason for a stone okay but honestly you can make a lot of money did the big head at the moment with small money to go to a bit of capital which is crypto so conversely the core type points going to clip the community anybody's protecting on YouTube I kept taking clip being capture my scripture John's potatoes whatever just join those guys I listen to the information we do trainings listen to training stuff they're given a lot of tips but you need to understand it it's no good knowing that you can make money see a lot of guys don't understand the whole self this was a nice car today that understand the horse racing that understand the football industry so that do not know the game know your game more see you game it takes twenty thousand hours to Moscow monster anything he just said two weeks I'm not very good at math but I'm pretty sure twenty thousand hours is more than two weeks becomes a part of it so my advice to you is do demos learn everything get part of communities doesn't know what they do Gaza when they give you info these guys and they can prove it with a they've got money to show you knowingly these guys not just you know just a they've got cars and Lambos so therefore they must know the game and these are just going and just become from them no need to listen if I'm going to put 20 pounds on this trade I'm gonna make 40 you know or at least a hundred you know at least 40 but there's something about what losing trades is do you do you have in the beginning you have more losses but small losses remember cut your losses quickly cut your losses quick okay good bit of advice although there aren't more losses in the beginning you don't want to be trading until you have back-tested a plan a trading plan and you know your expected performance based on historical data so there's no unless you're just going into a drawdown and a true drawdown not a forced drawdown then there's no reason why you should have more losses at the beginning don't hold on to second you will cut your losses if you going in trade you see this is no good cut it straight away cut it with its face proper depth say you think the trade took a huge minutes he's been monitoring that trade the entire day every hour by checking my account I thought about you guys but I got into trading for a bit more freedom going to look at your phone every 10 minutes is not freedom that's enslaving yourself to your phone will do I'll try my best open up the Americans why this is the best bit of the video is about to give you his three top tips for you to go into speculative markets as well these safe ways and three safe places interest but you gotta have a bit of capital then this in the top point there making people millionaires overnight so again that that quick here that you know that unicorn you can make them 10 minutes ago was a 10 gram or million just now hang on 10 to 15 percent of your account on any one trade now that is insane let me just let me just put that into perspective if you're trading 15% risk on every trade and you take three losing trades in a row you're wiping out 45% of your account which means that you have to in order to get just back to where you were you have to make a hundred percent of your account growth almost so if you lose almost 50 percent of your account you've got to make a hundred percent back just to get back to break even how often have you doubled your account recently now let me just tell you that my money management strategy is far more complex and it's a smooth ratio strategy and the maximum over my entire portfolio at risk at any one time is probably less than three percent no more no more than one percent on any one trade so this is absolutely insane if he's taken three losing trades in a row which he probably has because he only spent two weeks learning and he knows the game and he's learned that from hundreds of YouTube channels well he probably has taken three losing trades in a row the problem is with that he's now Harv Dee's account which means he needs to make a hundred percent back again just to get to where he started ten to fifteen percent of you never use more than that and when you start investment going with the program or with an agent but somebody that you really connect with don't just go with some media so he's actually talking to a broker these connecting with and the broker is happy for him to trade fifteen percent risk 15th century of his capital on any one trade thank you alright and just as we just as we finished off there he see he made a comment he said just as I switch the phone off he said I hope in six months time from now you got yourself a Lambo or Ferrari and he looked at him and I just felt sad now I want to make this clear I didn't do this video to make a mockery of anyone and I didn't doing this video to call anyone out what I did this video for was to raise awareness of this crazy perception that is out there and people are being sold this somewhere see people have got this idea of trading being this unicorn that's gonna answer all of their problems instead of concentrating on the process tradings of business like any other business it can make you very wealthy because it provides you with lots and lots of free time if you can concentrate and nail it and get through the process and and actually become consistently profitable it can promote you very very wealthy but just clinging on to that lottery ticket or the you know clinging on to every word that some guru has told you online is not the way tread very carefully our entire business is built on ethical approach we want to steer people away from this type of rubbish and we want to help people like this guy so that then they can stop bleeding stop losing their money whether they like trading are they coming to the coming to the platform thing actually this isn't for me this isn't this isn't why I thought it would be like fine you haven't risked a lot of money you haven't given up thousands of pounds just to learn that and you can walk away happy in the knowledge that you know up Jason the guys over at tijuana cure they gave me the truth and I haven't had to blow my money just to learn that and on the other hand you can come in get the real expectations right appreciate the journey and what its gonna take to get there then you can learn okay then you can trade and then you can have all the wealth that you could possibly imagine but you got to go for it in the right process so what I wanted to do guys is share this around with everyone because there's lots of false hope there's lots of false dreams being sold there's lots of misconceptions about what trading is I want you to share this around as much as you can so it can help people like this guy we are good at what we do we believe in our product it's the best product out there and it's the best program out there we've got the greatest community out there leave a comment below give this a thumbs up just for that guide please just for the guy and and share it around until next time guys take care and I'll see you then or I'm always getting asked how I do what I do how do you trade Forex successfully you know how what do I need their books I need to start with is it easy do I need to a certain amount of time per day a certain amount of money and I've decided to just put together a little video series that's gonna teach you everything that I have implemented into my own life how I trade how I've managed to be successful at it and everything you need to know in order to go from zero to successful trader as efficiently as possible and then you have the information to go and do what you like with it so I've put together a little video series and is actually gonna take you through everything so we're gonna start with the figures the money because lots of people think oh yeah I know but I need loads of money to start or it's going to take me ages to just sort of be fun actually free through trading and it's not true so I'm going to give you the numbers so that you can actually work out how long it's going to take you to transition and give you the figures that you can actually go and calculate your own situation and you're really gonna see an insight into how you go through that transition period and then I'm going to talk you through all of the mindsets the personality traits that you have to adopt there's little tweaks that I had to adjust here and there and then I'm going to show you all of the tools that I use in my own trading so I'm going to take you through the whole process everything I've learned all of the key ingredients into successful trading and then you'll have everything you need to know so all you need to do to access video 1 is just put your name and email address in below and we'll start off by giving you the numbers see you there

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