FLIPSIDE 4 Wallet Review & Unboxing | Best RFID Wallet??

In this video I show you the Flipside 4 wallet with RFID card protection The Flipside 4 is packaged nicely which makes for a great gift The literature tells you how it’s best intended to be used, but you can figure this out yourself This wallet is manufactured in the United States with a modern-day approach to storing the contents you’d normally keep in your traditional wallet in a clever more secure way So the exterior is a hard clamshell type design It’s made from a tough textured polymer with a deep scratch resistance. The Flipside 4 has a push button and flip over organization for your cash and cards. In the center section you have RFID shielding plates protecting up to 6 cards. I’m using flat cards to demonstrate, but it does hold six real embossed bank cards Which of course would be thicker. This is where you would have your contactless payment cards so that your data can’t be scanned and stolen digitally It holds three cards in each of the two pockets, placing the ones you use the most at the top for quick access They’re held with just the right tension Flipping over and you access the cash compartment and another card pocket. The card pocket holds one additional card ideal for driver’s license or an ID card This pocket is not intended to be RFID secure The cash compartment will hold up to ten US notes folded once. You can also put business cards, receipts, coins or anything else that fits here. For non US notes like I have here you need to double fold them. This deeper compartment makes the Flipside 4 very practical. The case is crush resistant and I like that once I’ve closed the case everything I’ve put inside is safe, and can’t be lost or damaged. I feature a few wallets on my channel, but this is the one I use myself daily I’ve had it for nearly six months. it lives in my pocket usually with my keys and coins but it’s got no marks and still looks brand new There is a smarter way to fold bigger notes so that they fit just right as you can see here For those people that need even more storage there is also an external money band You can put cash or cards here if you want to The Flipside 4 wallet is very intuitive to use. Cards are easily thumbed forward to access them quickly at the checkout You can flip the spring-loaded case and access the cards with just one hand after a while The cards in the RFID secure pockets are held securely with the same resistance securing them whether there’s three or just one card in each pocket The outer attachment for external storage can be removed, which is how I prefer to use the wallet I think it looks better this way and is perfect even for a tight jeans front pocket The link in the description will take you to where you can purchase a wallet from Flipside I noticed they can frequently be out of stock for short times I remember that I had to wait a few days to purchase mine So if they have it and in the color that you want grab whilst you can. Especially if it’s for a birthday gift that needs to arrive on time Oh, and if it is a gift for someone else, don’t play with it. You’ll want to keep it The construction is sturdy and feels over-engineered. The hinges and middle panel are designed to last. The design and finished product gives an impression of quality that’s difficult to express, but you appreciate immediately when you start to use the wallet Next we’ll take a look at the Flipside Stow attachment This is sold separately and comes in black. This piggyback attachment is held securely, so you don’t need to worry about it coming off It gives you a universal storage pocket for a few extra items I wonder whether the friction of the sliding tray against the body of the wallet might scratch it over time? I don’t use the store attachment personally, so let me know in the comments if you can answer that one It’s designed for coins or keys primarily. It comes with a handy divider so that your keys sit correctly. It will hold up to four regular shaped keys in two stacks of two. Here I’ve got just two keys which therefore rattle. I should have stacked them into a single divider to avoid this. The Flipside Stow attachment it is also made from a strong polycarbonate plastic and textured to match the finish of the wallet. With the divider removed you can put coins in here It’s not for cash, it just won’t fit well. If your going to put coins in it you’re going to compromise your stealth capability quite a lot! Also available is the Flipside Kick attachment which fits in a similar way to this and is a really neat way to store a few extra cards with protection against damage. Remember the attachments are optional I find the wallet has plenty of space for all that I need with no attachments The dimensions of the Flipside 4 wallet are four and a quarter inch by two and three-quarter inch by three-quarter inch and it’s empty weight is three ounces. A quick comparison to a regular sized wallet which has been filled with the same amount of contents that we had in the Flipside 4 Show us that you have a much compacted replacement to your regular wallet It frees up some pocket space, it’s better organized and it gives you the benefit of the RFID card protection It’s compatible with previous and present clip attachments including Flipside Kick attachments, Flipside Stow Flipside 3x all-purpose grip and the Flipside 2 xt clip. If you liked the video Please hit the subscribe Icon, that helps me out and Thanks for watching

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  1. I've never thought about having a hard wallet. I would think it would hurt my butt, but then again I got a big butt so I got extra padding. lol If its anything like hard luggage… I would never go back to the soft stuff.

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  3. Great Review! Do you still use this wallet? How is it holding up? If not, what wallet do you currently use? Thanks

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