100 thoughts on “Fitton: House Dems’ inquiry is more coup than impeachment”

  1. See now we know why gram has turned his back on everyone that voted for gram mc connel and the rest of deep state vote em out Linsey I'm ashamed of you

  2. The dnc is a terrorist organization..msm is their propaganda machine..
    Bring home the TROOPS..
    The dnc caliphate must be destroyed…

  3. Finally somebody pointing out what to do nothing charlatan complicit piece of garbage Lindsey Graham is. Other than Kavanaugh can anyone point to one instance where he’s ever accomplished anything? And that was solely because he was personally pissed.

  4. Lou talks about "Traditions". The Constitution is pretty clear what those Traditions should be. Are People following the specific words of the Constitution?

  5. Lawlessness rules DC, I am sick to my stomach over this. Wtf is this, and why can't we do something drastic to stop this?

  6. Tell me, people are stupider then I ever thought!!!!!! Unbelievable stupid!! This is only a panic crusade due to the IG Report getting ready to fall on their heads with indictmemts!!! KEEP ALL THESE ACTORS ON YOUR LIST AS LIARS AND PUSHING FOR INSANE CHARGES, NO EVEN VALID. ITS WHAT THEY WANT IOR AT BEST TRY TO BRANIEASH ONES LEFT TO BELIEVE THEIR LIES. ITS AFULL BLOWN COVERUP OF CORRUPTION. BY THE CORRUPT

  7. Dems gone wild and insane and crazy. Only stupid hateful evil mean ploy to take down a hard working president the majority people elected. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN HATE TO DISAPPOINT YOU

  8. In Fact – Is NOT Impeachment at All – IS ACTUALLY A COUP and rename it Impeachment. Just like Globalism – is actually Communism, because Communism is too taboo to be used these days so they change the name. WAKE UP they just play with words… to brain wash people around the world..

  9. We patriotic Trump supporters will be ready to do whatever is needed. The corrupt politicians will not prevail and we will make them regret. There are hundreds of thousands of us ready to combat the enemy.

  10. Hyde Resolution … then investigate those parties involved under the Espionage Act … never forget CONGRESS IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW … the Espionage Act is long overdue

  11. Oh and by the way the People can handle Draining the Swamp as can the freethinkers of the world in their own swamps … question is can the media, dems, warmongers, and Never Trumpers

  12. How do we know there was an actual whistleblower? How do we know it's not Schiff? That creature should be arrested for treason!

  13. It would be great to see all the Pinocchio Dems in the House that are participants in this coup be put under "house arrest."

  14. Something has to be done…Really…So when is that going to happen..???..Before or after the Constitution is tore apart..

  15. Graham was the righteous voice at the Kavanaugh hearing, since then, he has been the voice of empty promises. Set up some hearings, throw out some subpoenas to the inspector general, Schiff, the whistleblower and others to explain themselves!

  16. Judical Watch is much more of a Social Engineering Outlet , and certainly no Government watchdog group. They have ZERO credibility.

  17. I think BILL BARR is part of the SLOW moving SWAMP, what is that man doing another LET DOWN for NORTH AMERICAN PEOPLE, This is a big problem for Canada as well if this happens to trump Canada will just be another 3rd world country in ten years

  18. The American public is sick of this!!! Arrest the unconstitutional lawless, idiocy of our Democratic Congress and governmental departments connected to this sham. The Commander and Chief needs to call in the military to back him up!! We have lost any faith in our FBI and CIA to enforce the Constitution of the United States. Here come the military tribunals!!!!

  19. who is paying for these left wing SOB'S flying to Jordan and Afghanistan? tax payers are, I can bet they are going to cut throat the President and try to find something he said or did how many military escort Jets will be used for Security? and how many Secret Service agents on the ground to protect these Maggots, millions more of our dollars wasted on these fricken worthless crooks

  20. The country knows the truth: Dems are so wrong. We all know it. Dems are creating an environment in which I will never ever vote for a Democrat again.

    THE COLLUSION AGAINST TRUMP IS A CRIME!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. So, when is Schiff's deep state whistleblower spy going to be charged?  The person left the box unchecked that concerned speaking with congress, in an attempt to mislead if he/she already had spoken .  But the form also had a box that said, "I affirm that my submission, including any attachments, does not include classified information."  A conversation between a president and a foreign leader is classified, if nothing else under executive order until the president declares otherwise.  If the conversation was not classified, then why did the president have to declassify it?  Lying on the form is obviously perjury.  Conveying classified information as a spy for Schiff and friends is espionage.  Schiff's team conspiring with their deep state spy is sedition.  Where is the investigation and where are the charges for these high crimes?

  23. The people who care about this country are getting restless. The Republicans in Congress had better get off the cable shows and get busy finding a way to stop this slow-rolling coup.

  24. Immediately place Schiff and Pelosi under arrest for sedition, treason and crimes against the state. Add those as appropriate, to the list as investigation continues.
    There is no other choice but to wait for civil war. Our laws and Constitution must be upheld for the American people.

  25. The Washington Esablishment Rinos are using the impeachment and coup attempt as bargaining chip against President Trump. They are grateful to the Democrats for providing them cover and saving the Swamp

  26. This is treason by the Democratic party. This is trial without a crime. The Democratic party is worse than North Korea.

  27. JW is our justice system!!! Why don't the militery take an f35 and land Pelosi's C O D E L in Syria keep her and the do nothings on the tarmac and let them live on
    that $100,000 worth of booze and food for 100 years!

  28. I hope that republicans will understand the lies being slung on Fox. Your commander in chief has committed unconstitutional acts. Lindsay Graham even says "impeachment is about cleansing the office". By logic the Presidential Office needs cleansing and its Congresses OBLIGATION to investigate and hold trial by Senate. As Patriots are you ok with his actions? Leaving allies whom guard ISIS prisoners. L Spending Tax dollars on his properties. Asking for forgien assistance with "corruption"(info on joe/dnc). I guess it's ok for any American to ask a Russian or Chinese citizen to Investigate the POTUS by that logic. You need to ask yourself, what does America stand for? What will the kids grow up and model as their leader? A 3 times married, cheating liar? If being the opposite of that is being a liberal or independent, the is that too much???

  29. Trump called the US Constitution "phony" today. How are you people going to say what is the correct procedure under the law?

  30. no disclosure, no transparency , no discovery, no procedure or protocols, no real information(except chosen leakage),etc…… is this the America the Democrats have planned for you??? watch what you wish for…..

  31. Isn't defending the president with the most convicted criminals as part of his campaign and administration's inner circle, in U.S. history getting old?

  32. we need someone in washington to start the hanging process and get the show on the road for these treasomous bastards and  "justice for all"


  34. All Graham does is make threatening statements but is afraid to bring the judicial committee into action. Trump needs to call McConnell, Graham, and others to the White House and read them the riot act. They are not only letting Trump down but they are letting the American people down.

  35. This is a coup !
    Because of this secrecy !
    Its all illegal !
    We have laws. They break / change everyday !! Illegal !

  36. Just one more of thousands of reasons on why we need to get the vote out in 2020 and vote out all Democrats.

    Democrats have made it clear they do not care for the voters.
    Democrats don't care about the Constitution.
    Democrats don't care about the rule of law.
    Democrats don't care about helping our country.

    This is called fascism. When political parties overthrow a duly elected president and usurp the will of the people. They hide their strategy in secret and use the media to lie and deceive the public.

    We the American people deserve better than these miscreants. We must vote out all Democrats in 2020.

  37. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it's Trump getting re-elected in 2020 No Doubt🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸KAG🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸ALL ABOARD!!🚂🚂🚂🚂

  38. This is a calculated COUP!! Lock em up!! Why aren’t they in hand cuffs??? Our Republic and ROL depends upon JUSTICE. The Dems change the rules so let the reps change the rules. Where is the senate???? So frigging mad. A revolt and civil war is next.

  39. Who is pulling McChonnels strings? He's worse of a rhino than Ryan ever was!. He's openly showing his never Trumpism. "We will have to have a trial". Really Mitch?.. You can't just bring yourself to say now that you will throw the whole thing out? You can't say that there won't be a trial based on their scandalous conduct that doesn't deserve to be lent the credibility of any articles of impeachment they could come up with via this sham?

  40. "The time to guard against corruption and tyranny is before they
    shall have gotten hold of us. It is better to keep the wolf out of

    the fold, than to trust to drawing his teeth and talons after he

    shall have entered." –Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia, 1782

  41. If this continues, and it will. Then ALL of them are corrupt. Things CAN be done . Nobody will. It's foolish to continue to believe that the Senate or The AG are helpless. They ALL must be pulling our chain.

  42. Yeah the intellectual laziness of our Senators in the face of this attempted communist takeover of our Constitutional Republic is truly appalling. Were I a Senator, I would drop every project I was working on in order to help shoulder at least some of the burden of this very important battle against what I consider to be a pack of lying communist subversives reenacting Stalinist Soviet life here in America. Where, I ask you, is the courage, where is the rightful deep concern….where's the beef?? Nothing could be more important at present, than standing up for our Constitution, our Republic, our flag and our traditional time tested way of life. All other commitments and concerns should be immediately relegated to the back burner. 'This is an "urgent" clarion call for ALL CONSERVATIVE HANDS to be present and ON DECK!

  43. America will forgive all of you. Just admit Trump was a mistake and come back to sanity and reality. We will forgive you!!!!

  44. This is what George Soros has turned our government into isn't it great that one man can ruin so much for everyone.

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