– We’re driving in a
tunnel Elon Musk built. – Oh my God. – This is the future. – Welcome to Hawthorne, California and this is a weird thing. I flew all the way to California to look at a hole in the ground. That’s right, The Boring Company, Elon Musk’s little pet
project to alleviate traffic congestion is
coming to form tonight. He’s gonna announce it, talk about it and possibly let us ride in it. I don’t know what the
surprises are gonna be. But we’re here. There’s Zak, he’s holding the camera. – What’s up? – I’m gonna take you along for the event. Show you what it’s all about and then hopefully it’s more exciting than just seeing a hole in the ground. But, we’ll find out. (soft organ music) – All right, so we’re at the event. I just had a yummy hotdog, they have fried chicken here. There’s not as many people as there were for the Model Three or the
semi-truck event which is cool. I got this little token that says, The Boring Company number 57. That means we’re gonna go on a ride. – I already went through the tunnel. – [Narrator] You already did? – Yeah, it was amazing. – [Narrator] Tell everybody
what’s inside of the tunnel. – It’s like a tunnel,
there’s a light in there. You go in a model X. (laughs) – [Narrator] Okay. – And you drive through the tunnel. It’s amazing. Like it’s amazing. It’s like a roller coaster. (smooth jazz music) – [Narrator] How’s the smore’s? – It’s good. Tastes like it was made
with a flame thrower. (smooth jazz music) So this right here is just a shrine of all Elon Musk’s tweets about
The Boring Company. As the machine, the boring machine, is boring through the ground,
it’s laying these concrete slabs around the tunnel as it’s finishing. So it’s pulling the dirt out,
putting the concrete slabs in place so it doesn’t collapse on itself. This machine right here is another one of the boring machines but
it’s not the actual one that they used for this particular hole. It’s one that they’re gonna
retro fit for the next hole. The machine over here is the
actual one that bore the hole that we’re gonna ride
in a little bit later and you can see like the giant corkscrew and like how it used
to crush up the rocks. – I’m glad we brought Zak, he’s smart. – So it’s one machine that
can accomplish the whole hole and it’s all autonomous
which is pretty cool. – We are officially going into the tunnel for the presentation. People are gonna be up
around it surrounding. I’m in the tunnel. This is so cool. I think it’s starting. – I’m ready. – It’s quiet all a sudden. Something’s gonna come out of the tunnel and I hope it’s a roadster
or a pickup truck. – Oh dude if it’s the
truck I’ll be so stoked. – I hope it’s pink just to Zak. – I would buy it right
now even if it’s pink. (hip hop music) – [Narrator] Elon Musk
that just rode by here. – That’s awesome. (hip hop music) – Thanks for coming to
this hole in the ground. We’re gonna make sure that
everybody has a chance to ride through the tunnel
by the end of the night. I do warn you it’s gonna
by a slightly bumpy ride. It’s a little rough around the edges. Traffic is soul destroying. It’s like acid on the soul. It’s horrible. It must go away. – Elon right there. (hip hop music) – And that concludes our presentation. (clapping) – Um that was Elon right
there in front of us. – That was good. – Pretty interesting. It’s a great solution. When he puts it that
way, it’s a no brainer. There’s our tunnel. Elon Musk boring tunnel. The guy I was pointing
to earlier was Franz. He’s the chief designer
that designed the roadster and all the different cars. He’s right there. I talked to him a minute
ago and I asked him I’m like hey how’s the
roadster coming and of course I’m not gonna tell you what he said. I can’t tell you what he said. I don’t want to put it on camera. I can tell you that he said
he’s more excited than anyone to get it so he’s anxious
for it to get out there but if you’ve seen that car
that went out to space the first gen roadster well this guy
right here, Eli is his name. He made this comic The
Adventures of Starman. What’s the story about? – It’s basically real life. It documents Starman,
Elon Musk loading Starman into this roadster, and
blasting him out into space. – No way. – It’s the beginning of this
series so we’re working on episode two called Big Oil Strikes Back. Big Oil is gonna be the
super villain who teams up with the auto makers to try
and take down Tesla and Elon. – This Starman is mine. Thank you Eli. Alright we’re down in the tunnel. It’s about maybe 45
minutes after Elon spoke. A few cars have gone and it looks like it’ll be our turn up next. There’s just some Boring
Company employees in here and then Zak and then a couple
other people and then up top there’s a huge line of
people waiting to go on it. Show you what it’s like
to go on the Boring Tunnel in a Tesla. Doesn’t sound all that boring to me. You ready for this? You ready? I’m ready. Oh man. Oh she’s green. – Alright you guys ready? – Let’s do this, oh yeah,
okay now we’re rolling. – Is this you driving? – Uh I’m just on the gas pedal. See the track that Elon
said was a little bit bumpy. – Yeah he said it’ll eventually
be like smooth as glass. – Yeah exactly. So that’s those alignment
wheels are riding on this track and that’s the vertical
surface you see here. – Wow that is so cool. – We are driving in a
tunnel Elon Musk built. This is the future. (hip hop music) – There’s our ride that we just went in. It’s a little dusty. Security gate. But before we go too far, a
little fun fact, there’s a model S in front of us that’s
actually Elon Musk’s model S. – No way. – We kind of snuck in to that thing. We just stayed down in
the tunnel the whole time. We didn’t have to use our token. They thought that we were with Franz. And we went first out of everybody. That’s a huge line of people just waiting. I’m so grateful that
we just made it through before everybody, holy moly. You know I thought that it was
gonna be one of those tracks that you saw in the animation
where you would stop on a track it would go down. Your car wouldn’t even, the
wheels wouldn’t even spin and you would just go along this track. But for now what they’re doing
is basically putting these wheel rigs that can be rigged
up on any car that is electric and it has autonomous driving. Because then what he’s thinking
is they can go up to say 150 miles an hour and have
one car a second going, which typically on the
road it’s like one car every two seconds is the max. Because the cars can stop and
they see each other so much better with their radar and
their reaction time is better, they can just follow each other going 150 miles an hour down the tunnel. I thought that was cool. Zak’s the engineering expert,
he loves building things. What did you think about the
actual ride in the tunnel? – The ride was bumpier than
I anticipated but Elon did preface that by saying it
wasn’t smoothed out yet. Eventually it will be smooth as glass. Right now it’s just
like a rough prototype. – It’s funny because it’s not even like it was just smooth turns. They would have parts that
would go like this on the side and you’d be riding and
be like whoa and everybody kind of went whoa in the car. Alright good news, found my buddy Ben. – Tesla knows how to throw a party. The Boring Company no exception. The real story is these
chicken sandwiches from Howlin, Howlin Hot, I forgot. – I haven’t had one yet but
Casey, you saw him earlier, and he was like you gotta
get a chicken sandwich. I’m like okay I’ll get one. – I like the idea of
the concept behind it. The more you can do anything innovative and interesting in that
space is worthwhile doing. – So tonight one of the
things Elon talked about was the speed of a snail
that it’s actually slower than a snail but they want
to try to get the speed of a snail which sounds like
it’s really slow but it’s actually when they build
tunnels it’s incredibly fast. So he has this snail from
Spongebob, Gary the Speed Snail. That’s him, he’s in a pineapple. So tonight we’ve seen
a snail in a pineapple. We’ve seen medieval guys
fighting, like seriously fighting. We rode in a tunnel in a model X. Super crazy. We met Elon Musk. We were standing like
five feet in front of him. It’s one of those things where it’s like do you wanna go see a semi truck? And I’m like I don’t wanna
see a semi truck but I went and it ended up being an
incredible night with the roadster. Tonight I’m like do I wanna
see a hole in the ground and fly all the way to L.A. just
to see a hole in the ground. And at first I was like
that sounds really stupid but this turned out to be
a really really cool night. Elon Musk puts on a great
show at any of these events. So if you ever have the
chance to go to an event I definitely recommend it even if it is a boring hole in the ground. – (mumble) – What’s up? – What’s inside? – These guys are lighting,
they’re just going harder and I love it. They just all of the
collaboration right here. – Zak’s got his light over here. – All the lights inside
of there are orange. It’s really annoying for the camera. – The lights outside aren’t even on. – They’re not on so we’ve
got Ben Testenomics subscribe to Testenomics just for
the holding of the light. – Forget Pewty Pie. – Forget Pewty Pie, it’s
all about Testenomics.

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