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let’s get started with some news though there’s a lot of big things that went on
today I’m very excited about today’s episode but I do want to share a few
lesser-known news first first of all pallone e^x has added XRP XMR Manero
like coin and dogecoin trading pairs for USD coins so the USD c which is gaining
a lot of adoption because this news came on the same day that finance the world’s
most popular crypto currency exchange open trading for US DC / BTC and USD c /
b and being a lot of people speculated that maybe the Monaro price increase
that was happening was because of there was also news there was also one
of the Manoa developers I believe was speaking somewhere or received an award
for something I don’t know too much about the information on that but that
would be reasons for why Manero is performing well moving on stellar has a
past has passed a OS for the number-5 position so if we look at the overall
market cap which we’re gonna come back to in just a little bit
stellar currently up four point 15 percent is number five with a OS at
number six stellar looks like it has claimed a little bit of dominance
breaking you know creating a seven hundred million dollar lead again that’s
nothing crazy but at the same time seems to be establish elf in in the top five
while x RP has seen it seems like it is keeping the number two position but now
let’s get into the big news the stuff that’s really really interesting we have
three main pieces of news and that’s the next three things coming up
first of all lightning networks capacity has increased by a hundred and sixty
seven percent in one month alone the network’s collective capacity is now
worth now this says one point six four billion dollars not quite it’s one point
six four million dollars at is it a mistake that they had in the title now
the Lightning Network has gained widespread adoption as the number of
nodes on the network have reached four thousand and seventy three and the total
network capacity at the time of writing this article which is today has reached
one point six four million dollars roughly two hundred eighty one point
zero seven BTC man I wish I had that amount in my Bitcoin wallet I’ve know a
lot of you guys would agree with that unfortunately we do not now for those of
you who don’t know what the Lightning network is the Lightning network is a
process of transacting and settling payments off chain so as to reduce the
transaction times and drastically lower transaction fee the lightning that were
is a second layer payment protocol that operates most commonly on Bitcoin it
creates nodes between transacting parties to make the payments faster
lighting network was introduced to solve a Bitcoin scalability problems now when
it comes down to the actual adoption of it this is a good sign for Bitcoin and
overall Bitcoin adoption because this came out low over a year ago I believe
and what’s been going on is exponential growth so if you guys take a look
what has happened look at the way it’s been growing look at how the speed of
how it’s been growing and just how everything has been exponential if we
look at the last it is like I said it increased 167 percent in the last 30
days but even if you look at the past four months
considering the Lightning networkers introduced only a year and a half back
it’s been increasing exponentially and adoption has been going very very well
so although price does not directly reflect it at this moment of time or at
this moment in time it certainly is happening behind the
scenes and things are growing and we are seeing more and more adoption now the
first big coin ETF I’m sure you guys might have heard about this in the news
it came out in Switzerland so Switzerland approves the first Bitcoin
or cryptocurrency ETF and the ticker symbol is Hodel that’s right not H o LD
not hold but they went with Hodel this comes this is offered by a moon crypto
now keep it I’ve seen people say it’s an exchange-traded fund I’ve seen people
say it’s an exchange-traded product so if you see ETF and ETP knows that they
are talking about the same thing now it has come in Switzerland does this
necessarily mean it’s gonna come in the US now particularly obviously we have
the ETFs that we are waiting of that we believe will be approved personally I
think the best chances we have are in q1 of 2019 so definitely that’s something
I’m going to be watching out for now the amoun ETP will give
institutional investors that are restricted to investing only in
securities or do not want to set up custody for digital assets exposure to
cryptocurrencies it will also provide access for retail investors that
currently have no access to crypto exchanges due to local regulatory
impediments so overall again we are seeing the first ETF is it going to be
the only one no I believe we’re still gonna see many more to come again we are
still waiting for some of the main ones that we’ve been hearing in the news
recently mainly the Vanek solid x ETF is the one I believe is going to be
accepted it’s going to be is going to be approved in q1 of 2019 but Switzerland
showing some a lot of adoption again the cool thing it is the fourth
largest exchange in Europe the Swiss exchange is the fourth largest exchange
in Europe with a 1.6 trillion dollar market cap now an interesting note is
that 48% of the fund is BTC so it’s not a hundred percent big way it’s not
necessarily a Bitcoin ETF it’s a Bitcoin cryptocurrency ETF because although half
of it is Bitcoin we do see some other all coins take some of the positions and
then the main one the second largest one is around 25 to 30 percent is going to X
R P and then I believe etherium and a light coin are going to be the other two
as well so overall a lot of adoption for Bitcoin but again we’re seeing other
crypto currencies take take part of the action as well namely extra RP which we
talked about yesterday as of one of the alt coins that I am most bullish on for
the and for the bear market and again for the short term in the next you know
maybe a few years in the short term thinking one of the crypto currencies I
am more bullish on but again very good news excited to see that and now let’s
take a look at the overall market cap before we look at the coin base news a
185 billion dollar market cap with a fifty two point five percent Bitcoin
dominance looking like we have a little bit of a green day in the market today
again relatively trading sideways compared to the price action we had in
just a few days ago the huge job that we had we are trading relatively sideways
except for a few now if we look at the biggest gainers we see futures is up
here up 38.7% factum is up almost 15% BOS coin now looking like futures BOS
coin just broke into the top 100 given the given the price movement they’re
having who I’ll be token is up stratum Nano finally seeing Nano have some
positive price action it’s down to one dollar and forty three cents so looking
very very cheap and then XR P is in the top ten gainers as well up six point
five four percent and just like we talked about yesterday and how stellar
seems to be mimicking the price of the XR p rather than the price of Bitcoin at
the moment so it’s looking xrp is trying to break its tie to
Bitcoin and like I said stellar seems to be following XRP we are seeing stellar
up for just over 4% as well than some of the other cryptocurrency talked about
Manero is up as well finance coin is up as well and a majority of crypto
currencies are in the green before we hit the few that are in the red biggest
loser today is in sight chain so down 7.6 6% looking like it might leave the
top 100 here pretty soon red coin down 5.5 percent crypto next
down 3.0 87 but again overall looking like a more green than red day in the
market but a lot of sideways action for a majority of crypto currencies look at
etherium moving sideways Bitcoin moving sideways now XRP is continuing to build
its lead now up to 2.5 billion dollars is the lead for XRP over a theory of for
that number two position so it’s looking like XRP might maintain that number that
number two position at least for the time coming now I started seeing people
say XRP is about to beat Bitcoin and XRP is gonna be number one I don’t know
about that just yet I mean there’s still quite a big lead for Bitcoin at the
moment in the near future obviously we heard a lot of people talk
about a theory and passing Bitcoin and some people thought that that was a
possibility so I wanted to ask you guys right now before we talk about the coin
base news is do you believe that XRP is going to pass a big coin let me know
that in the comments down below right now let me know if you think XRP is
going to pass the Bitcoin or if you think bitcoin is going to remain on top
for the time being personally you guys know I think XRP is a fantastic
investment right now but I’m not a financial advisor this is not financial
advice just my opinion I personally invested in XMP right now and the
thought process behind that and something that I’ve actually talked to
people about about this as well is the you know long – short term thing is so
in the long term I am invested in several cryptocurrency because I believe
they do have the power to go as far as I think they can go right to do what I
believe they’re setting out to do and that’s why why I have invested in those
crypto currencies but to me XRP bridges the gap between the system we have right
now and and the cryptocurrency system where
cryptocurrency can replace banks I think XRP bridges that gap so in terms of the
investment for that period of time I think X RP is definitely going to
perform well and then moving down the future definitely there is the
possibility of crypto currencies replacing banks and therefore x RP not
being used as much but that’s gonna be a discussion for that time I am invested
like you guys know for both ways invested in x RP then I also have
stellar in Bitcoin and you know it’s tough tons of other all coins that I
think are very very good so I want to clear that up for you guys
hopefully that made a little bit of sense now moving on to coin based coin
based custody announces support for a ripples X R P and O me say go and this
comes shortly after they’ve added basic detention token as well and before that
ZRX and so on so they’ve been actually
moving relatively fast in terms of adding more and more crypto currencies
now this is mainly for this is aimed at institutional investors this is
something coinbase has talked about the fact that they are targeting
institutional investors right now that is what they wanted to focus on and
we’re seeing that come to life or seeing that happen so um in order to take part
of coin based custody you require a minimum cryptocurrency holding of 10
million dollars and a thorough due diligence process before an individual
or company is accepted as a client so just based off that 10 million dollar
cryptocurrency holding you need to have I am assuming none of you guys and
myself included I do not have 10 million holdings of cryptocurrency we are not
gonna take part in coin based custody so we cannot get there quite yet but if you
do look at the support and assets on coinbase custody we see Bitcoin Bitcoin
cash aetherium like coin aetherium classic 0 X or ZRX basically tangent
token and now only sago and ripple a lot of these all coins are ones that we have
seen added to coin base as well so maybe there is a tie there and we are going to
see x RP and OMG x RP and o me say co added to to the coin base that you and I
use maybe we’re gonna see that happen relatively soon again I believe it’s
going to happen eventually due to the fact that coin base has
that they want to add more and more all coins so it would only make sense that
they add two especially XRP which is the number two cryptocurrency right now and
oh and oh me sago is currently ranked number 24 so it’s also a bigger
cryptocurrency now a lot of people have asked about the price change because
obviously XR P is up 6.7% since we talked about it yesterday so all already
obviously very short-term thinking I’m not looking at selling at any moment now
but it already has produced some nice gains over here but a lot of people are
saying how come XR P is up and oMG is not well I don’t believe coinbase
custody is the reason for X R P being up and therefore I don’t believe coinbase
custody has the power to bring the price of oMG up like we’ve seen it do with
other all coins that have been listed to the coin base that you and I use we have
we don’t seem to see the same effect when something is added to coin based
custody but hopefully like I said in the future vertices and padded to the coin
base you and I use and we can all enjoy that under the gains the the coin base
effect shall we call it the coin base effect that it has now guys that’s gonna
be for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a
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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

  2. Btc will stay no1 for quiet a while just because the name is so well known. For new people jumping into a new market they will want some sort of familiarity.

  3. The almighty SEC who has no control over Bitcoin, are coming down on ICOS that most Americans are banned from buying, if they won’t approve an ETF who are they really protecting? They really are the joker in the pack.

  4. For the time being, I think BTC will stay at #1; but in the future, XRP might overtake it; but I don't think that will be anytime soon.   BTC:  1DKkytUaM1At3dYXzwXQthsnvNdVarsMde

  5. That’s the beginning with bitcoin etf being approved. Adding all the adoptions and great news we are bound to see a good bull run soon.

  6. Nice Swiss move, they aren’t going to miss a financial upwards trend are they? Much better idea to do a crypto ETF rather than BTC solely. Looking forward to it’s impact 🙂 Cheers Patrick

  7. Maybe too big a shift in media and investors seeing BTC as the gold standard before another crypto overtakes BTC. In a few years after the next helping maybe, if that doesn’t make the type of impact the last ones have made.

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