Fidelity Investments Enters Crypto Space? // BAKKT Is Back In The News?

what's up crypto nation what's up decentralized TV this is when Dale with let's adopt crypto your source for cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption so this week is getting off to a very active start we've got a little bit of doom and gloom from the doom master Doctor Doom we also have a little bit of pumping going on by Bitcoin and the fear of tether imploding but I want to ask does anyone know about the Bulls that are coming I'm not talking about a couple of investors that are jumping in I'm talking about big deep pocket investors to the tune of several trillion dollars that's what I want to go over in this video of let's adopt crypto let's go what's up crypto nation this article is brought to you by Bitcoin East and it is fidelity investment will open cryptocurrency trading to its 27 million customers this is gonna be massive on the heels of the massive 10% price jump in Bitcoin to six thousand five hundred ninety dollars and a rocky week for the stock market fidelity announced plans to store and trade digital currencies for their institutional clients currently fidelity manages seven point two trillion dollars in total assets and services more than 27 million customers fidelity is leading the United States in 401k retirement savings plans and is one of the largest 403b retirement plan providers for non or for not-for-profit institutions so these are definitely considered bulls and whales and everything in between just last week we saw yeah dr. doom Ronelle room Rumpelstiltskin testify against Bitcoin and crypto currencies calling them a big scam and a bubble it's interesting that an economics professor would testify against Bitcoin while one of the largest and most conservative investing companies in the world will be offering an institutional platform for its clients this makes you question the motives and intentions of an economic professor who has been tweeting against Bitcoin for nearly five years anyone who has listened back then would have missed out on thirty thousand percent opportunity cost can you imagine of thirty thousand percent opportunity cost if he caught it just right I'm sure someone did this is also following the news that Goldman Sachs and other large banking institutions are also moving into the space by deaf identities entrance into crypto is just another notch in the belt for Bitcoin and the crypto currency markets legitimacy starting out fidelity will only be open to professional traders and hedge funds that will first deal with Bitcoin and ether the number one and number two market cap coins in the space however if plans on adding more cryptocurrency assets down the road so everyone always seems to jump on board and get their feet wet with the number one and the number two crypto currencies Bitcoin and ether but couldn't that change would we want that to change is number one and number two set in stone I think Bitcoin is set in stone Shane was looking a little shaky down these past few days so we're gonna keep our eye on that so let's continue here it says this isn't the first experiment that fidelity has led into as lead into cryptocurrencies they've had a lot of experience with mining Bitcoin and implementing digital ledger technology into their trading platform as their CEO has been pushing for since it's since she joined fidelity no she dr. doom pay attention there's your women in crypto according to Tom Jessup with a founding head of fidelity digital assets family offices hedge funds and other sophisticated investors are starting to think seriously about the space getting that FOMO yo we started exploring blockchain and digital assets several years ago and those efforts have been successful in helping us understand and advance our thinking around cryptocurrencies the creating of fidelity digital assets is the first step in a long term vision to create a full-service enterprise-grade platform for digital assets cybersecurity will be one of the company's main focuses in order to prevent hacks and to create a vaulted cold storage custody solution for their clients so these guys are going in and they're going in big they're going in with cyber security and mine are going in with clothes stores starting off with institutional or professional investors first and then they're going to roll things out on the number one and number two coin so it says fidelity also spoke about exactly what else they will be focusing on in their press release institutional grade custody of digital assets fidelity digital assets will provide a secure compliant and institutional grade omnibus storage for Bitcoin ether and other digital assets this consists of vaulted cold storage multi-level physical and cyber controls security protocols that have been created leveraging fidelity's long tested security principles and best practices combined with internal and external digital asset experts learn more about it at custody in the age of digital assets so there they're going full board with this plan including internal and external cyber security experts and cold wallet storage getting it to the next thing they're talking about here is trading execution fidelity digital assets will leverage a proven internal Crossing engine and smart order router to trade execution of digital assets this smart order router will allow for execution of multiple market venues then they'll have a dedicated client service given the complexity of the digital assets the early stage of institutions involvement with these asset classes and fidelities long-standing tradition of putting its customers first fidelity digital assets will emphasize client support in its offering fidelity digital asset clients will have access to a dedicated team of client service specialists from onboarding through out to the entire relationship with the company with any new asset class and marketplace maturity comes when the infrastructure is built having one of the most well known investing companies like fidelity joining a crypto space is another sign that you should not sleep on Bitcoin as a potential long-term investment we already knew that so we're sitting good everybody else you got to catch up so in a quote with CNBC Joseph said no one said when some of the early-stage Internet companies in 2000 were going out of business gee the internet is toast he then added we don't focus too much on the price it's a foundational technology people are trying to get exposed to the trend and accept expect volatility in the asset themselves will Bitcoin be the risk of heads for institutional clients as volatility across the world remains high with trade tensions cryptocurrency or currency problems and rising debt only time will tell what do you think I think I'm on the right side of history of my friends invested in that biggity Bitcoin that seven point two trillion tho yo alright next article we want to go over is also from Bitcoin us it is fact back is back in the news starting with back CEO we're about to see a cryptocurrency revolution so the CEO of IntercontinentalExchange ice forthcoming crypto currency trading platform backed and said she wants to deliver a revolution in the sector in a similar way to energy trading 15 years ago crypto revolution matches early 2000s energy market speaking to a fortune following news but speaking to fortune following news backed had hired former coinbase vice president adam white as chief operating officer Kelly Lafleur forecasts a repeat performance of ice market making moves last decade back set for launch next month has generated considerable interest since its announcement in late July the digital market is fragmented like the energy market in the early 2000 ice was the pioneer attracting more and more institutions to trade energy which is what – which is what created today's liquid markets she told the publication we're about to see a revolution on the same scale in crypto currencies so it gets into a tweet from backed that was follow up on a medium post where the CEO says back CEO Kelly a Loffler and incoming CEO then it gets down here and it talks about back in tends to avoid unpopular leverage and non-custodial trading products where it's increasing broad institutional investor based alleviating some concerns for cryptocurrency industry figures figures at a lack of physical interaction with Bitcoin sitting at the six thousand five hundred and ninety two dollars on the day itself would ultimately damage its profile and success highlighting on a suite of features unveiled in a blog post on Monday Lafleur added provided additional reassurance so it goes on to say here it says white eyes technical fundamental let's go back before that it says these points should also eliminate misconceptions regarding commingling leveraging and rehypothecation which I guess that's just banker talk for bank loaning you money for your house and using your house as collateral and then going and getting a loan from another bank and using your house as a collateral for that loan the problem is if that bank or that institution goes down how does that other Bank collect on the collateral that's your house all right so continue with the art of it says white eyes technical fundamentals coinbase itself is also actively seeking ways to attract the institutional market mounting it's coinbase pro platform earlier this year and confirming it will build out its functions with new cryptocurrency assets going forward if you take a look at coin base right now you can see a list of cryptocurrencies that are actually listed in the wallet and I guess that's the mobile wallet and you can see all those but you can't necessarily buy them right now but they do have them listed so they also made that announcement that they will be rolling out new coins or on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis based on whatever rules and yeah local rules and regulations that take place in the different jurisdictions so white meanwhile repeated the commonly heard narrative about the space in its current form the institutional investor interest is real but many are bidding or but biding their time waiting for the suitable support but the level of infrastructure for these existing trading sites often don't meet their expectation that's why we're waiting on the sidelines II told fortune here's a quote here it says cryptocurrency markets go their own way we see bull and bear markets but what Matt deters is what the number of daily transactions for all crypto currencies is up year-over-year that was what I was kind of saying in one of my previous articles I read a lot of these institutional investors are just simply looking for movement that's all they need to make movement with the amount of funds they're dealing with they don't need the necessarily 3x gains from day to day so what do you think do you think the Bulls are coming do you think that time is right to get into the space you think they missed out join up in the Bitcoin pub leave a comment on this video sign up for yen IO join the social platform where we're doing a damn thing and buy more that baby Bitcoin on the exchange and sharing in repeat purchases as we follow our leader Colin on the boards racking it up so that's it for this newscast of let's adopt crypto stay tuned for more let's adopt crypto and decentralized TV have a great day bass you

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