Feitian Jubiter Blade Cryptocurrency Wallet – Unboxing

hey everyone why have here as the Jupiter played Jupiter with a be kind of like the back coin sample comes from a company called fighty on now you may remember that I spoke to these guys at work Repticon they showed me this in person and was very very impressive really really doesn't like the wallet and they were kind enough to send me one of them to test oh so this doesn't a full review this is an unboxing I just want to show you what's in the box and then I can quite like compare it to some other cryptocurrency hardware wallets so let's get it open so n side thus eco-friendly box we have the wallet itself a getting started gate recovery card times 2 and you've got the USB cable underneath and here as the reason why I loved this wallet so much look at this this thing is absolutely gorgeous so small so portable so god damn sexy so yeah looking around you can see there's a kind of cancel power button here that was any charge on it there is so there's a display but you know I'm not actually going to use it and that's one but you can see that that's where the displayers is an up and down button then there's an Okie bun and already switch this off just now I don't need to create a new wallet no they've got the charging port their maker will be charging port there and yeah you've got like a little key ring holder space they up as well and doesn't see me back here I'm included I can't see any keyring included but you can put this into your keys so the USB cable looks quite good and at this point what I'd like to do is compare this to some other wallets and that's will really a give you an idea to how small this as so we've got the tracer and lucio Lanie's up so I've got to keep key here on the left hand side then I've got the ledger then I've got the tracer which they know called the Tresor one and then I've got the Jupiter bleed now size wise is probably closest to the treasure but the thing about that says this thing is so small and thin and lay I'm not sure if that's coming through in the carbonyl but this thing is so small and light and you know I can compare this to a regular business card for example and it's smaller certainly it's smaller than aim you know what you get I create a card that so this is definitely small enough that you can put into your wallet without a doubt and with regards to the cable standard or fear the keep key gave you a look at a long braided cable the trades I went for a kind of long cable like that's just a regular cable like that the trader gave you quite a small one but this is what they give you here for the Jupiter so there you have it guys this is the Jupiter blade of the Jupiter plea I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that right very small very portable very sexy and you mean recall that one of the coolest features about this is that you can actually just display your back coin QR code here so for someone near and you wanted to send you some money you can actually just show your Bitcoin address here you don't actually have to go into the wallet so play cool feature and it's not something you'll find on other Wallace now I do over say after taste test I need to test it up and I need to see how this works in practice but from a design point of view I would say that this is pretty impressive so again from an in boxing point of view you get to recovery cards are getting started gate USB cable but the main thing we're looking at here as the wallet itself so please do stay tuned I need to do a full review of the keep key and I need to do a full review of the Jupiter and I'm you know the great thing about this is that I because I've got a few wallets I can draw comparisons between them and I and see what lake and what I don't like and so far I would see that the treasure as my favorite but I don't need to test to keep key and I do need to test us thanks for watching guys please stay tuned for a father of you and the future

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