Federico Pecoraro, Founder & CEO of Chainblock discusses its new European cryptocurrency exchange

We are here in Malta Blockchain summit with Federico from Chainblock. Tell me about yourself and your initiative. Hi everyone, and thanks for this invitation. Today Chainblock presents as the second day, to tell the truth yesterday was the first day the Chainblock Buy. It’s the first Italian hybrid exchange where it allows to buy cryptocurrency in an easy and fast way. We start with our first core business in Italy with the ATMs. Today we have 10. Yesterday we also presented in Rome as the tenth unit of Bancomat throughout the country But we are concentrating on informing everyone of this new possibility. How does it work then? I can buy Cryptocurrency online, right? That’s right. You have to register, in a very easy way. You authenticate with 4 authentication factors, with your own document. You’re verified within 24 hours and you can buy, directly via wire transfer, cryptocurrency. Therefore the authentication takes place electronically. I don’t need to go to the notary or to stuff things to send you by mail Exactly. We no longer need third parties. This is thanks to the Blockchain technology. We recognize people remotely and their identity, and we allow them to authorize and authenticate to access the platform so that they are able to buy or sell the cryptocoins. Today we have 5 Criptocoins. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. So both in buying and selling you can use this platform that is super secure, especially because it is hybrid, because we do not hold private keys or sensitive data. We can say that this is the advantage. The feature you described makes your platform a Wallet more than an Exchange, or a system, like CoinBase, where users do not have complete control of what they are doing. That’s right. We wanted to use Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper as a base. And it is no coincidence that yesterday came out for the tenth anniversary of Satoshi’s Paper because everyone can become the bank of themselves when they get hold of the cryptocoins. But everyone can become the bank of all, thanks to the concept of our platform. Where we release a percentage share, not just to the user, but to the user who makes other people use the platform. So there is a viral incentive for its diffusion. This is certainly a very important marketing element. Are there any limitations to what can be done? Can I buy a million Euros of cryptocoins? Yes, absolutely. You can buy one million Euros or you can sell one million Euros in Criptomonete. The important thing is to access the Level 2. That is, through the documents provide the required documents that for European legislation we are obliged to request users of our platform. Is this a Italians’ exclusive platform? No, it’s for 28 European countries. So for any bank transfer. By bank transfer throughout Europe and all European customers. That sounds great! I hope the ease of use can open the world of Criptocoins to an increasing number of people. You and I have been in this world for several years. We know how important it is to learn first of all its bases, to then progress perhaps to the most advanced applications. We must stop demonizing the technological innovation. Italy has the opportunity to embrace it like you and many people are doing. Congratulations and thanks for this chat. Thank you very much!

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