Federal Reserve TERRIFIED by Libra Coin | SHELL GAS goes Blockchain

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the glad to be on a Nist on
Monda , heard, Maxine waters , the reserve Federal reserve
chairman of Jerome Powell is well as a congresswoman,
Presley but before we do that on as always as some work in the
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from a tie and from the of
Federal reserve and Maxine
waters as well as from
congresswoman nine teacher were were streaming OK
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excerpt he the standard first
one in the room tonight , followed by excerpt the
Carolina we’ve got to a repro
talk of an sculling on tiptoe
seafood Robert Clark, it’s got a
nice oh, , deftly looking for to some
really on in depth of
conversation, deciding will see
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get anno some good conversation so
you have that Perot for sure,
shell gas is getting an as is
many the others really
appreciated to and eating¢ early Monday morning
it has been like nonstop and its
contents hard and really stand
top of exactly what’s going on as much as you is you want to
sell aid and trade and trade and
what’s up and really good to see
here offer those of you that don , ands got a really nice shelves
so, doing a great job out there , let me see what I wanna go
through sieve I open this up and
less to weaken nine week and
bounced are here to oh or sings and a delay so before
before we get into before we dig
into, some of these great
comments that we that was all
with up , I think it’s also important
that we toque as on some of the things
that are happening here you know
all along the lines of on
mainstream adoption and we’re
starting , and so a couple things happen
recently that Italy lend us to
the to believe and and really
lend us to see all of the
developme , this happen to be in, so we
get this open this was a
newscast action for news and an
easy as a drama craze of the pop
tops and , and they have announced that
the action pudding it 0.18 am since six of the
sheets locations now this wasn’t
on the typical CC an or coin
telegraph this was on
pittsburgh’s act on that that’s really really
important you know some things
are really trending in the right
direction now with all of that
we a big: the fact is that they’re
talking about digital assets and
that’s what we wanna get into
onto a day so before we do that
onl tell bouncing on hear us when
you good to see one, and so the
gaming crypto as always, let me
see what we’ve gotten a sea of
sai and even know they are but
that’s awesome unite read that
article assume it’s something up
there in the north the Tsai in
that a in a day of a they popped up all
over the place whitefly double O what’s up a DC one to oh before before we dig into
topic all what I do want to as
always were to dig through to
the top first one on the stream,
ge tell me see if I’ve got john
here excerpt he the standard is
number one on the stream and
we’re going to shoot over using
the ex arrival and source of how we
actually send over , excerpt heat anybody out there
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find an excerpt he a standard
now if I can find you you might have
to shoot over which are which
are twitter is up in here just I
can find you, to make sure I sen to go seafood man appreciate
that really appreciate that though his army and does the air
encrypt a scheme to be filling
with static electricity and Anna a static electricity or
lightning man something’s
happening, tell you why it’s
deftly it’s deftly happening so
an AL on them excerpt the one I see I
just want one double checked the
debts of them got the right
twitter to why I inadvertently
gave up 10 they’re probably not even on
non excerpt the tip of it so that I am the right now as
mainstream adoption again we
wanna go back and one of focus
in on and on this excitement and
his ener a broad and shell that Perot to
owe that Perot talking about
shell now this is a this is
really important right to oh gel
gas as an ideal and were to enter and
one out some yeti: , so so shell gas is the fifth
on largest oil company in the
world , based on all of this article
on Ford’s are stating that its
value to 21622 billion dollars
Ka some major you know now if
shell if you think about you know
smaller of smaller production
houses , but smaller all refineries,
and in here it says so that’s a
buy and sell locally produced
energy using their existing network of
power cables to an out there to
be able to generate alike
Tri-City I think in Texas is
relativel and have one option for energy
and that’s it now you think
about from a digital asset
perspective and for shell gas to
understan on to empower a smaller
companies onto now be able to
all buy and sell you, and this
is really geared up making
easier for indiv and it Blackmun, glad you came
on, shot UA of response some
can’t we have in travel in the
past few days but that’s deftly
try t , so to as of this trend rights
and now we’re seeing all real
world adoption were seen shell
gas get into the game , even if it’s on the block
chain side now they’re using it.
Now in order to buy and sell its
not just about your tracking
digit that is significant matches from
a black chain technology
perspective , we see significant from a
payment perspective and they’re so much focus and
attention right now on payments
and the reason why wise payments
so significant is because
payment and we know how that goes you
know with the amounts of money
that need to be tide of the
third parties, really the
manipulation on in yellin between a different
banks in between all large a
financial institutions by swift,
so now you pull that way you
pull a more competition in the space
which is healthy for everybody
all but it’s also you’re doing
and oh so many great things for
yo it’s been happening right now in
governments worldwide and in
particular on in questioning within the the the U.S. gov’t
right now of a lot of
conversation it’s on the floor
that has to do with digital
asset and has to , II can remember exactly what
day it was our watch stream it
was on however, I was time about
some bob Wynn Zimbabwe to rein
to independence of their currency as cited a move away up from the U.S. dollar, ands
and try to reignite the Zimbabwe
dollar the Zimbabwe currencies
and now what we’re seeing is that as
they move away from the U.S.
dollar guess what happens now
all the sudden you know there’s
this mad in a country like some bob way
because they understand that
they can trust the indigenous
bay to central bank the gov’t
they can it safer and big: that it is in
their local currency at this
point to all of these are things that
are happening right now today on
the on the global stage and this
is really significant so on big black brings up by the
first SEC regulated ICL launches
tomorrow morning all which is
blocked stack of the St Exe toke tens of millions in block stack
and that that’s true us and that
is amazing and I’d just it’s just amazing
how this the spaces is moving
all like crypto Siebel said
there’s electricity in the air
right no in this space and when the snow
ball hits, it’s just you just
gonna go so fast you know that we’re knocking be
able to stand in its way young
that’s really a good thing you
know if the end of the day you
kno and a set saw some , baldish Ickes you how about
the yeti: a Getty: is this freak
an amazing all will be amazing to a and we all love that yeti:
ongoing all in the yeti one and a one and the cloying as got
it to and to write so let’s let’s go back
to college go back to the topic at
hand because I think this is a
no so poignant right now and we
talk about the payment space to
c and oh so many people you know
like that of Getty baby to so
many people like to one reading
between the lines now when you
hear we’ve all heard multiple times
in discussion when it comes to
rebel net the rebel net solution
or maybe it’s the or three
soluti that we hear all of this we’ve
talked about all of this and
then all the sudden you know
’cause I’m now we’re hearing it
on cent , its head is a 40 yet, ANSI
already there’s already a fork
of yeti and it just takes one
and like the yeti: just one Caza
doing and as can be a lot of of
discrepancy and and
determination of which ones the
real yeti yellows and getting:
was a Getty baby you know but all kind of began
you write Curtis even all
started with a Sasquatch and the
Sasquatch Point it’s were all
started to tie its get back to its you
back to the the serious stuff
here on that black the fed is in
real trouble of the can raise rates there to
have a yen after that decrease
up rates and you know the
deafening have to do that,
they’ll make , is a into shadow inflation is
only option it’s it’s a little
scary considering all what they
what they might do also
especiall all really saying the negative
interest bonds, which basically
means that and it was negative , 0.25 negative whenever see are
basically pain to French
government, in the issuance of
these bonds, to toll that of a
to put y a nice moneygram stock and
assume a right , also expecting lever: goes in
and you know face book your face
book of guys are already split
off from the yeti point us are a tie its proxy yet epoch one car
it and tight so so first for the
first on top again and with a in
terms of Cannes this takes center stage
Maxine waters , questioning the Federal
reserve chairman of Jerome
Powell specifically focused in
on lever: I thought this is
really interesti , and actually met with
representatives of baseball
before all of the release apps
statement, of lever: so there he
knew was com and yet you know they still
seemed a little bit shocked on
you after all of that tell what I thought was
interesting though as that Maxine smog are
specifically wanted to know what concern pal of what what concerns bell had in
regards to the baseball point on
and also one of the statements that
she made which really resonated
to Meese of you don’t watch this
will really resonated why she said with with with
consideration that lever: could very quickly
become the largest global
payment solution and 90 focusing
on that what is their real concern is
there concern you know all about
privacy or is there concern that
face book with the lever: could a largest meaning that it’s
going to a overshadow all of the central
bank’s it’s going to overshadow the Federal reserve it’s going
to overshadow on anything that
could be right the retail
banking spaces nick black said
you’ll pa you know and so it’s crazy you also take they
don’t seem to want a slowdown
they actually seem to consider
that they wanna keep moving
forward , and then knocked the and you
know what what’s what’s the
determination on a hand in
really when it comes down to it
once the a and so there was a really a
clear-cut yes no, but it but he did acknowledge that
the the fed to Eli Kass said met
with representatives of face
book on he said something about
a s and on second year ago and for
white papers trash , but IDC in the future casebook
open up an Amazon like
marketplace and Olson of that’ll be
interesting doll, so you so then
she goes on and and actually
tell the day for folks in an
aunt of lever on money laundering consumer
protection financial saber the
stability but at the end of the
day you know what do they really
car than they care about consumer
protection order they can stay
in care about what they’re losing in terms of
their control up over the
payment space and I think that’s
the bottom line it’s all about
the pa onto where Wes we got to see
some really more of the truths
unfolding, now what done now when he got down
to your so the fed tanks that they in this comes
from Powell so Powell you know
specifically stating of that the
fed thinks that they need to be
a and then this is a long
coordination so what palace
talking about is a concerted
coordination between the U.S. government,
central banks and and
governments around the world coordinating over their concerns
over what face book lever
cloying can mean on an
international stage so that that’s the significance
that’s the focus there’s so much
focus right now not just on the
lever up and the drama are you it’s really bring attention to
digital assets as a whole and we
really haven’t seen this kind of
concern a coming out of term AL all we have we have yelled the
likes of the Sherman eder that
bad now script oh on a regular
basis all within the Financial
Serv it’s kinda crazy you know test everything that’s going on
right now netspace in the
primary concern it seems as protecting these larger on entities that
have been lovingly lobbying them
into we get into now go down and
talk about congressman, Presley as to why the Sherman eder is so
anti digital asset, salami
outages bounce back up your you
guys are thrown in some good
comment and I think that is going to be
tapped Leon an interesting
conversation, that we see so on
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releasing the Estelle Getty: 10 just go with the yeti: how to
what the big promise you. A
listener rain with his eye yet
in baby: it just doesn’t make
any se as deftly a deftly looks that
way and we get into what the
Congressman Presley was saying
to me to the terminology with a
look a a familiar tone it blackface
book is taking aim at the retail
banking space, we saw that, a K
a naked bag and most of all went
d , crypto Siebel said I was
actually very impressed with the
discussion not often a
politician gets my respect and honor really hard you know
because just knowing you know
from a political perspective and really thought that she she
came across united very clear a
coherent manner of talking about this space we came the payments
without allowing any political
ideology to bleed into a witch
IE ice on just a very little at
a , top of you want that to pokemon
of the pokemon ball and others
the magic a ball here to tidings and the Sherman eder
and at the Sherman eder united
the CD is a mass and a little
behind on the on the Chad here
are the guys deftly eject S anno allergy what’s up our them
even a scroll back down again got stuck up here and nine
and to go back further so, tse
publish I’ve says your face book
is nothing more than a stable: that face book with the Lieber
point has brought digital asset
not to center stage but is
bringing it to an active user
base of and out that’s a huge huge
volume of people that are going
to have exposure and I thought
about using but exposure to
digital as to now become more comfortable
so you know many videos I talk
about competition and howl of
how how one, you important , competition is to any space
how helpful of competition is
Tenney space because with
competition it really it proves
of the poi that others also want to compete
for that space to that’s competition and that’s
exactly what if we looking from
a payment space to payment
spaces blown up right now so
who’s t a node that grew worried about
GE PM more worried about, or
three are they competing with
this new face but.are these that
he is status quo that has something to
lose is it swift that has
everything to lose is it the
credit card industry that
currently has an old today establish that put
Purdue they have something to
lose that this is that’s the
competition and we have are are
you a that what’s happening on the
crypto side with tapping on the
block inside is significant and
important overall you know so
that , to oh neglect what’s funny the
fed isn’t Federal it’s a it’s
not that it’s not government and
notes it’s a nongovernment entit and can’t do anything and that’s
in that soar to get out of of
presley’s a discussion with him
because he can be as he is no
pow , when they launder money do
they have to get a dry cleaned,
preferably pressed of Corel to for the plot Preston and I
believe that dove and they wash
it and I don’t think that they
can run it through, the dryer
think , tse exurbia Gandhi the middle
class is going to the towing to be left in the dust
worn your friends and family chances of all think you’re
crazy that they do you know
things are things are rapidly
changing selling on seafood,
we’re here co , after after appoint a right to know of all the shots of my
girls subpoena it to cancer
robotics will teach the world
all about black chain that’s
probably a it’s a little scary point and see the fed a kit we at the
bottom of the channel now
there’s still more and I got
stuck appear in im at the bottom
awesome , if you look it up in HR 2558 , talking about, attaching a
goal to the dollar so was really
interesting go through and and
look at that would sort of been
on so are a let’s go here are let’s
get into on a wrestling ’cause
this is this is where, it’s
really important now to first question out of the
gate, really had to do , would be faster payments task
force report, from a couple
years ago from three years was
read on about 2016 there’s a
report n in this conversation what
chairman upheld says is that it
was a five year plan so since it
was a five year plan were three
years that’s a bureaucratic mentality have no way of five years but
we’re not even worried about it
this point because we don’t have
anything to offer a now they wanted to have
something efficient on the table , a 2020 so as is interesting tow the
first thing that that for the
Congresswoman Presley as is
regarded a pertaining to its
report now t as she said will this happen is response was tastefully now
it’s knocking happen at all by
the year we have five years to
oh were going to be a four years
an and they will develop anything
and that’s that’s really the key is that the fed and all will be
able to do it and not going to
do and how she goes on to say that the task force included and
I think this is really
significant here and they
concluded that broad access the
settlement ser , because I may above miss that
you either go back and RE watch
it, dishy for specifically made
that statement and on how interesting is that
the actually said that having a broad access to
settlement services is going to
help level the playing fields
now how many times if we heard
level and her perspective on the
downside level the playing
fields typically means taking
from those who affirmed and
redistributing w and those at the bottom are
brought up marginally a now in this scenario though
you can understand the
terminology that she’s using is
very similar to the terminology
that romp a and so this is I think if this
is where a really the the of
significant turn you know within
this conversation this is what
we n and oh so she’s using the
terminology and so then the
terminology is being used up
correctly in this scenario on
and then she go enhance competition amongst the
fate pastor payment services and
that’s what’s gonna happen so
she’s she’s moving missing in
kin we’re also might have
competition among the faster
payment services to provide that are a service to the people
and aw it’s also sounds very familiar
on because you know competition
like our three like rebel net
like lever cloying, and so she
then believes that all American
should have access to faster and
more secure payments, and this
she’s asking of Jerome Powell up
to t and a few are really concerned
about you wanted to make
something happen you would think
OK private sector we won a
solution we but his response though was yes
and oh so I thought that that
was you know really really
uninteresting you Brenda respond
back a yes you does believe a bit
American Shad access the faster
and more secure payments and
also that’s deftly interesting
that you tell by yet another yet overall
you know we see that you know
the fed a central banks of the
government the way Maxine waters
ta to terrified of the fact that
they can control it are
terrified of the fact that they
really don’t have full authority
over what and Tom Akers brings up a
rainout they don’t really
control the payment systems are
eight so that’s interesting and they don’t have full control
over, publish Ickes on at the
crack my cell PDT see is owned
by seeding co not the fed took a ties correction thank you
for that, and now with all of these
entities and do seem to be doing their
best to hunt either undermine or
delay the regulatory clarity of
the digital assets pace of the
black chain space ill of crypto
curre tear delaying regulatory clarity all which praise about
mainstream adoption however is
the more the delay at them or
other government or the man the
U.S. and are and oh so we have to keep that
really you’ll understand that
they’re trying to do their part
although they have identified
they on to stop them that they spoke
realize that it is looks like a you know what
when I create you know where
we’re to keep doing what we’re
doing or moving forward on and
it l anno that that’s what’s
interesting and others leverage
in the face book once a
continued base book does but
they’re moving cool and I brought up as to why is it so difficult in the U.S.
for them to to last a reliever:
goal after face book try to shut
them down to the create some for but there are bound up by, and
by the constitutional rights are
bound by yells freedom a speech
there bound by you know certain in trying to shut them down they
can attend to do little things, antitrust violation they went
after Microsoft, numbered years
ago which was the pinprick of
talk about this before it’s the
been by installing the Internet
explorer on on every up and
every computer went out with
their software in the 47001 on
their knees a it’s gonna be helpful battle if
they want that battle which is
gonna be interesting if the
government does take up their
rallyin its KB terry very of destructive
to the economy , the economy is deftly going to
real from any kind of antitrust all
lawsuit against those big
entities on it and work that
were to feel you know the
reverberating even th and I also feel that they
Michael after pace book but you
seen a changing of the tides
where they see the writing on
the wall in and on so what what I think is
in his it’s it’s important I
think they really ought to know
and it’s important to see I
guess yo these books or below his company
to me and I’m not unite can’t
disagree with some of the things
that base book is taught on the as watching on I know I can
remember name of a house
watching our video that you
saying you know she’s knocking
beyond blaze TV you know she fell to choose
being you know silenced as a a a
black female conservative voice
on and they were silent singer
beca it is all but there’s a lot of a
lot of dynamics to what’s
happening in on so we really
have to look at that ill from
all aspect you outside of the lawless major
what face book is an all of that
you would also been looking at
you what does lever: really mea significant about whether the
whether we think it’s a good
idea that idea negative whether you like face
book as an organization to lie
face book as an organization
it’s bringing so much delight
right n in regards to what the
government can or cannot do what
kind of powers and authorities
to Federal reserve and as word doesn’t have and so
one of the things that dumb and a pop bottle my dad is on
and listening, and he is about
45 minutes late to are listening so glad you
there everybody all welcome my
of my dad on pop bottle so , so now three dig into this and
I think this is interesting here
which is where, tell me make surely go back up
okay which is really where on
anno pal then says when you when
questioned on this, and in his response was they
don’t have a planetary OI not mention from
pronouncing this right to an
array and they don’t have
plenary authority to over the
payment sys a node so if they don’t have
plenary authority over the
payment system you know what is that mean
exactly them tell that means
that the Federal reserve really
has no authority and so let’s
define wha on a it and if you know in
shorty and brave the take this
off of of an online search to
make sure we get the right
definition of power that is wide ranging are all the construed and often
limit list for all practical
purposes so then the answer is
no the Federal reserve does not
have any form a plenary authority
over the payment system so they
don’t have any authority over
which face books doing with
labor poi and Owen and that’s a that’s off
the can do you know, now Maxine
waters now so there’s what’s
interesting to know we have
congre right on then we identify the
pal makes that same in the
Federal reserve does not have
authority on and that that’s the
key to o anno so they don’t sell although
the OS, sidestepped and ignored
on the do not have any form of
the 40 over lever: an out that that’s amazing right
so now things are coming to
light now we really get it and
so tell she goes a step further and
in yet the commander for this
it’s amazing a right so I was really shocked watching
this you know she she kept very
levelheaded our focus again
utilizing the terminology that
we woul on to the people and Ojai
Spanish fly what’s up glad to
see one and of excerpt he and a angel
Connie glad to see one as well
and get a chance to want to say
anything before, so it is is this is amazing right
here because we know where the
Sherman eder stands on as we
know why the Sherman eder is so
anti COD, but ID on a congresswoman,
you’ll congresswoman a Presley
comes at specifically Annas
Howell, if the fed has had any touchback two faster payments
and particular from the credit
card industry and then she goes on also in
talks about the others like got
from lever: but it that a kilo she singles out
the credit card industry has
there been any push back to the
fed off from the credit card
industr , we know that the Sherman and a
push back because we know what
it is big as lobbyists on comes
from the credit card industry so in a high tech state and the
guys completely oblivious to
technology, so that that’s the
pretty interesting, and then we have , COL might she that’s awesome and the right she also as if the
president buyers you , and and you know and basically
ask you to leave what you’ll
even he says no as is how this
is a Federal chair the fed
reserve home so you know you can know
where this guy’s mindset is he
looked a bit nervous on the
interview was well and all but but but but Congress
one pressing really you drilled
in a notes amazing so to when she asked if the bed is
any push back to faster payment and say no to us is interesting and insane
know the Federal reserve has not
had a knee push back is response
was that he tours only 10 have have a right , so I think that’s that’s
interesting so again you read
into the terminology of it and
he’s had a skipping over the
point now to have a guy really dry
although some to a beaded bullish eyes may be
needed so the data are so only respond or
personally I can push back but what he said was that they want
business to fight for their own
will be tallied and get the push back
but in his mind he thinks that
the businesses need a fight for
themselves so basically a credit
ca have to have to give super dry, so and it’s
amazing the question that she
asked him were so spot on and so
perfect amazing it was really amazing so
she goes on and says, this is
great and this is a rally and
all this awesome young
regardless w who did a phenomenal job this
shows you the nature and
importance of the space Ty Cobb
said so many times is bipartisan
in natur and so important and oh so so
then , so then make a egos of a text stay away from the eight
ball I know now got this panel
we’re blowing me and think
that’s what it is , so and I were to go all I get so
then she says the you believe
that the lack of real time
payment system allows credit card companies to
take advantage to now she’s you know and we had
all these questioning, Nissan on
all the faster payment as for
skaters five years were knocking and ambrit whether without them a lever: Wannstedt you know make
it happen and we agree with are
not the one egg avenue and and
all of these entities are to pus so and a GK announce it to you
believe that the lack of real
time payments meaning you
doesn’t drag your feet and
haven’t had an and then she’d then adds other
companies like face book also and to take advantage of the
industry and live a solutions like the
lever: it also is kind of uphill an
attack on on face book and
Lieber:, and you know so here’s
a new organization again whether
we agre to really trying to yell makeup
make a solution happen yeah
whatever might be all but which
in this wet, lost are a little
bit us she said that she believes
that you can use the preexisting
infrastructure , sos following everything that
you said guide and really grew
the PRI that preexisting
infrastructure, didn’t really
make any s all of you that using the
terminology and the focal point
and the argument points, to
promote the implementation of
digital asse and you know again she said do
believe that the lack of real
time payments allows credit card
comes to take advantage and
Powell have the home but again deal
where is his allegiance to know
what is is no thought process
what is what what’s the concern
about you know that that’s the
question you know I’ll be trying
to better the people are they
trying to maintain their control
you can actually got it at a lever is
only going to be used on the
face book platform though I
believe so II don’t know if a neighbor: is going to go off
of days book it’s gonna be
utilized by the glebe a rap, and
I think it’s just can be a
payment so it will will say I think that
that is up and that’s can be
interesting and and enough time
to tell I think from Ter
perspective or the Calabro the lever a
solution it makes more sense for
them to keep it within their
clean rap has our goal is just
bill pay and they want control it and see
that that solution happens you
know through that have you know
so we’ll see how you I know, I k to all farm bill Tokyu and there
you go crypto seafood to farm
bill token AKA Leroy like that and what are the other a games
of day they put up there so,
that’s a unite think you’ll
leave this is really really a
kind of im and my camera would it was not an enlightened yesterday morning
actually, he threw up something and the knights templar, that
they were the first of a day were the first to actually
up not, encrypts all use crypto
one and cryptography or
converting all the money , I thought that was interesting
and there’s a little bit of
discussion on that I thought
that be cool to discuss a
further on a you up things are getting crazy you know things are fire and
operate now you know and and so
you know it’s really really a
really important you know so saw
I’m to I’m glad to see development in
the space you know I’m glad to
see that you know there’s
there’s some of you, you know
resilience and up for this of missing I
find it here , Colin Howlett this one tether
loaned us DT to investors and
illegally traded in New York
City investigators on all died
and to , but I’m looking for and bob away as the one who’s
something else I all year ago to
this one is on CNN and is said
to do with fluctuation a big one
p know coming from CNN and in
others they: is more volatile
than ever to 14,096 hundred and
back to 12 odyssey there’s a bit
of vo up and you know emphasis and
that’s what they’re talking
about you not so it’s kinda
crazy that to the one talk about this and
the whipsaw big point price of
been whipsawed during the past
few weeks surging to nearly
14,000 and no one wants driving this
practical all Attila the its only get into the article
and I think actually you know
then they get interface book
validating crypto currency to
talk abou interesting article overall I
just think it is funny how to
come out in other just so narrowly
focused on imports what they’re
talking about it in on China look at you know
what it means you know overall
and other so much more to it and
oh so , R.I. let’s see here , tetherball back serve the Gandhi
everyone’s entire array of another the first able: , that’s a rain nights of
template go deep always an
awesome topic I think so too
crypto CE pas township the
Beason one to talk ended in a little bit further on
that on base and what they’re doing
for banking and everything else
is really really cool , and let’s eat light toll in a tight so any help and
an hour here prescient everybody
being on, I hear, and we will be
back of the hull report Saturd to open mike night come back and
check out open mike night on Sunday at 830 will be doing
at 8:30 PM open mike night on
come on and all of multiple
people on all will get them might go and
we’ll get people logged in a call in with the phone us so
you can a login, they’ll be
fantastic deftly looking forward
to that, and then let’s see
we’ve go a rain are you gonna be
streaming again on Friday night so on Friday night, 10:00 PM
with rain you know before Ezell
solid Siebel see rain on Friday
night if not again, check you
guys PM Eastern standard time Sunday
off or open mike night with that , not a year is grayed avenue
guys on thank you for that all
some comments and that’s it and a sign out

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