FBI and Partners Target Darknet Opioid Traffickers

On Darknet marketplaces, they offer illicit
goods such as drugs, guns, hacked bank accounts, and credit card information. A Darknet drug vendor is a little bit different
than an actual street-corner dealer because of the reach that they have. They have access to hundreds of thousands
of buyers at a time from across the country, as well as internationally. So just by taking down one Darknet drug vendor,
you could have the same effect as taking down a traditional mid-level size drug trafficking
organization. J-CODE led the effort of Operation SaboTor
by collectively working together to create leads for the field. And those leads were sent out to all of our
domestic partners, in which they work together to go out and interview Darknet drug users
as well as effect arrests on Darknet drug traffickers. J-CODE brings together experts from the DEA,
the Postal Inspection Service, Homeland Security Investigations, as well as the Department
of Defense and the Customs and Border Protection, along with the FBI. People don’t always get what they think they’re
ordering when they’re ordering on the Darknet. Drug traffickers are always looking for ways
to cut costs, and sometimes a way to cut cost is lacing their product with a deadly synthetic
opioid called fentanyl. It’s obviously a narcotics case going through the mail. So we’re looking for, first and foremost,
any narcotics. Secondly, as far as any kind of packaging
materials—anything with Postal, USPS on it, UPS, FedEx, anything like that. Money orders, checks, anything that resembles
any type of financial trade. We’re also looking for anything with bit Bitcoin. FBI search warrant. During Operation SaboTor, our law enforcement
partners spoke with over 100 Darknet drug buyers. Approximately 61 Darknet drug traffickers
were arrested, 51 firearms were seized, almost 300 kilograms of drugs, and over $7 million
in cash and cryptocurrency were seized. Operation SaboTor had federal agents from
across all of our federal partners fan out across the country. This is a new and evolving threat. And we found that no one federal agency
can do it alone. It’s a new way for the government to work
together to combat the threat.

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