FarmaTrust Blockchain and AI Explainer Infographic for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Counterfeit drugs are a modern-day
problem. It’s estimated that every year between 120,000 to a million people die
because of them. And inefficient supply chains mean more expensive drugs.
Regulatory requirements mean there are significant reporting burdens on
pharmaceuticals. At FarmaTrust we’ve come up with a solution to these
problems using the most innovative new technologies. We use blockchain,
artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics to eliminate fake
medicines from the supply chain and bring about greater efficiencies. We
integrate to the manufacturers, warehouse, shipping and logistic companies, all the
way to the hospital or pharmacy. Anywhere in the world in fact, and we track each
packet on the blockchain. The customer at the end can check whether a medicine is
genuine or not by using the FarmaTrust app and this allows significant
advantages. Fake medicines don’t enter the pharmaceutical supply chain. AI and
data analytics make delivery systems more efficient. We prevent price
distortions through efficient distribution of medicines. We have the
ability to allow automated regulatory reporting and facilitate automatic
payments throughout the supply chain. And the future? Well we have that covered too.
We have already considered IOT devices, smart labeling and radio frequency
identity tags and that means a future-proof, future perfect solution.
Find out more about how we’re helping take the pharmaceutical industry into
the future

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