45 thoughts on “Fantom Has BIG NEWS💥🚀 Dubai Smart City Partnership!”

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    ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

    00:08 Fantom $FTM Top Performing Altcoin Thus Far In 2019

    00:27 What Is Fantom? Nervous System For Smart Cities

    01:47 Fantom Has Gained Exchange Listings & Liquidity

    02:15 BItMax, Binance & Binance Dex

    02:25 Fantom BEP2 Token & 2 Way Swap Bridge

    02:56 The Fantom & Binance Chain Partnership

    03:12 More Exchange Listings: Coinall, OKEX & Bittrex

    03:32 Fantom Added To The Bitberry Wallet

    03:52 Fantom Staking With xFutures

    04:29 Why Fantom Focuses On Smart Cities

    05:04 Fantom Expands Into Dubai To Create Their Blockchain Smart City!

    05:52 What This Partnership Means In Dubai Means

    06:56 Fantom Mainnet, Staking, & Fantom Pay Coming This Year

    07:20 Conclusion

  2. alts are crntralized and unregulated, totally and inevitable corrupt with no advantage over bitcoin implemented which will be the only safe way.

  3. Respect for saying this was sponsored. And also it is a requirement to state when a video is sponsored. You look well man

  4. Yaas! I loaded FTM when it was under $0.01…. Hoping to see it hit $1.00 within the next 3.5 years.

  5. Partnership with a company. Went to glass-door to read about that seed group. Only 1 review and the person said its a small startup(seed group)😂😂. Apparently they paid all the you-tubers at the same time

  6. noob question here.
    How can we buy if we live in the USA?
    The only exchange fantom is listed on will not let me in due to living in the USA

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  8. Hey Chico… any chance you could have a look at Vsystems? Sunny Kings new project that just keeps creeping up the list, now #29 and nobody’s talking about it🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. I enjoy your other videos but have no interest in shitcoin shilling. Can I suggest you make a second youtube channel for this dirty work? Otherwise i will likely unsuscribe…

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  20. Fantom looks like a boys club when you check out the team, obvs not too progressive in their thinking.

  21. Dubai has been talking about a Smart City now for about 3years…. The Dubai Government will not pay for anything. But always looking for new ways to increase its coffers as oil prices have forced them to look for other revenues, such as the introduction of the GST. This is just a PR campaign for both parties. If you want to work with a city that is really smart, try Singapore.

  22. Another SHITcoin that nobody needs or wants 👎
    Don’t turn this into a garbage channel for the sake of a little sponsorship!

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