21 thoughts on “Famous $ 334 per XRP BG May. Coinbase PayPay Canada. Bearabull Bearableguy. 1,000 of XRP in 2017”

  1. These large price predictions are only based on if the current financial system continues. Ie low interest, every central bank creating money out of nothing and every bank and institution using it. I'm thinking if Deutch bank goes down you can kiss XRP good bye. Yeah it will be great for fast peer to peer payments and donations but if governments and large financial institutions and superannuation companies don't get imvved because everything has gone down the shit shute it won't reach great highs. Either will other coins if banks stop people from moving money around or a bank bail in occurs. Gold and silver and land will be very valuable. I guess guns ammo food and water will be too. Whats everyones thoughts on this?

  2. Some pyschic people on YouTube said it will reach $8-$12 in the very near run up but will stay there for a long time and won't move much higher. Maybe large banks and institutions fail in the next year or two and won't be able to do cross boarder payments.

  3. You've never heard of Suzie? Wow, too obsessed with bearguy who said $589 last year, totally totally wrong. He is getting money from Ripple to spread such shite.

  4. New guy to your channel. You are a relatable character. Thank you. I think I found my cryptocurrency home. Keep up the good work. Much love from Vegas.

  5. shame is hype is using Fake news not cool in anyone's books if that is allowed we are all the blind following the blind. I know XRP is going to the moon but don't talk shite

  6. Don't listen from this Ripple paid XRP clown. Last 4 months XRP moved only 18 cents and all these XRP Utubers are creating hype & jumping like a monkey. There is/will no XRP bull run at this moment coz it is centralised & manipulated by Ripple ( they r holding 59% XRP). Look at BCHSV, 48% up within 24 hours without utubers,this is called real bull run. XRP investors don t be excited coz no bull run, diversify ur investment.

  7. So if SWIFT would stop fighting and just integrate XRP in ALL of their banks we could have a $10,000 coin.

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