Fake Silver & Gold – How To Avoid Them – Mike Maloney & James Anderson

what you’ve just heard is the biggest threat to gold and silver investing ever that was a US silver eagle legal tender coin that is counterfeit made in China and I’ve got with me James Anderson to tell us more about them he’s been monitoring this the rise of all of these counterfeit gold and silver products for quite some time thanks Mike yeah so so that was a counterfeit silver eagle they are coming out of China and there’s a good threat of counterfeits coming from there this year alone there’s been multiple reports of counterfeit product in March of this year there was a counterfeit gold bar that was found in the UK that had tungsten rods in it and as well recently in September there was a fake Credit Suisse gold bar that was found with tungsten in it and so there was multiple other bars that were found after that report broke in September in New York so it’s not just gold bars though I think the investing public doesn’t realize that there are very good silver counterfeits out there as well yeah one thing I’d like to say right up front here is that we’ve been monitoring this for quite a while and we’ve taken steps to ensure that our customers are getting authentic gold and silver coins we either buy directly from the US Mint or directly from refineries so when you’re buying product from us it’s it’s most likely new product any product that we take back from customers gets assayed now before it goes into our inventory so we absolutely guarantee that your gold and silver is authentic it’s what it is represented to be so can you repeat this test and show them the difference between a real silver eagle and the counterfeit so let’s take a real silver eagle Network so here’s a ping test of a real one okay and now the counterfeit much higher pitch and much less sustained it doesn’t ring for as long a time we’re going to be putting the frequencies that the notes of these rings on our website that is the simplest test that you can do but we have been making investments in making sure that none of the counterfeit product gets into our system and so what kind of measures have we taken so far so there’s basically two types of counterfeit product out there there’s really a plated type which is what this fake silver eagle is is a plating really the the actual content of this is about eighty-five percent copper fourteen percent nickel a little bit of silver on the outside but it’s mostly base metal but so it’s actually worth just probably less than a dime correct all right or well it’s larger than Pennington some are fifteen cents whatever exactly so it’s not worth much as far as the melt of it and so plating is one way that’s being used and as well for gold hollowing out of bars is being used as well and I’m sure silver is getting done as well but usually that’s the larger bar so there’s kind of a few methodologies that were using proprietary methodologies that deal with x-ray and then as well as sound so those are the two methodologies depending on which products we’re dealing with with other measures as well we’re making sure the product that comes to our customer is authentic and our guarantee is bonafide okay there are those threats in every in every size product so the argument that you should buy only small size product and that there’s no counterfeits of small size products is is not really going to hold water not only more not right well that was my argument for many years I have to backpedal now and you know one of the things for investing develop a plan stick with it but always be willing to change the plan if the situation changes the fundamentals and what there’s a big situation change your fundamental change up until just this past year or so you didn’t have to worry about buying a US silver eagle now you do yeah so let’s run down the list here and and tell them what’s been going on you’ve been monitoring this very closely for some time and you’ve alerted the Secret Service because these are coming out of China this is a legal tender coin as long as China allows these manufacturers to produce these legal tender coins it is an act of war when one country counterfeits another country’s legal tender currency and so this is very very serious James has been reporting this to the Secret Service and he has been successful at getting a couple of retail sources in the United States shut down not shut down but get them to drop count carrying these once they realized how serious this is yeah actually eBay did that recently a lot of help from the I CTA the industry Council for tangible assets they’ve been doing a great job of getting ahead of this as well they realized it’s a huge threat to the bullion industry the numismatic injure industry etc so they made this release in June I CTA did this is basically talking about how Chinese counterfeits is their highest priority right now in the industry so this is the industry Council for tangible assets correct yeah and they’ve been you know very key in getting this this bill you know supported HR 5 9 7 7 this is the series basically adding teeth to the it’s called the collectible coin Protection Act and it adds teeth to anyone who gets caught counterfeiting anyone involved with counterfeiting the the penalties are going to be much more substantial once once this passes but it requires a lot of people to get out there and tell their congressmen to get this passed to support this bill yeah so there’s one thing that you can do at home and that’s write your Congressman write your representatives and let them know that you support HR five nine seven seven there’s another thing that they can do at home too and that’s the ring test that you just did that’s four Silver Eagles we don’t have any counterfeit gold eagles here they I have a whole stack of counterfeits in my office and and the right now the counterfeits that are really good are the silver products the gold product coin wise aren’t as good when you see them the size aren’t that you know they’re a little too big or their weight is off but they’re going to get better and so you know one ping test that you can do with a with gold 22 karat coin you can simply do it with an eagle or Krugerrand it’s the same thing you hold it on the end of your finger and hit it with another Gold Eagle do that one more time it rings for a very long time and it’s very pure sounding so it’s got a lot of sustain now a 24 karat coin doesn’t do that Gold is very soft and it goes thud a little bit right basically leave a dent on the coin it’s so soft yeah and so uh so yeah the different methodology is depending on which it is like for plating you know we’re using one methodology to prove it for bars there’s other methodologies that are si for yeah there are non-invasive methods so it’s not as if we’re cutting things in half to make sure that they’re they’re whole yeah so and again nothing enters our system without getting assayed and less is coming from unless it’s brand-new product from a mint or a refiner so I guess to touch on the mystic form you know there’s a lot of misinformed advice out there some people when they hear about this threat say I’ll just get the coinage just get small bars etc that that’s really doesn’t that doesn’t really apply anymore these counterfeits are only going to get better so whoever you work with has that protective measures that’s what I used to say in my book it says bye you know that’s one of the reasons I like to buy silver eagles is because they’re less likely to be counterfeited the penalties for counterfeiting something that’s not legal tender you’re basically committing fraud when you counterfeit something that is legal tender its counterfeiting and and the penalties are much greater I am really surprised that people are taking this risk I guess there’s not a whole lot of risk for the pill the mints in China that are producing this stuff but anybody selling it in the United States is taking a lot of risk there’s some major jail time that goes with this it falls under the previa of the Secret Service and they’re everywhere in the United States they will you know anyone who really gets in this business the warning to anyone who’s thinking about you know getting involved with counterfeit the Secret Service is out there and you’ll end up in federal prison very very quickly they take this threat very seriously okay so next I guess it’s just kind of how pervasive is this problem you know and in China in general they are counterfeiting pretty much everything from everything the US Mint makes the Canadian Mint part mint Mexican mint Chinese mint South African mint private bullion bars are being minted Wow they’re mint the Chinese mint they’re counterfeiting Chinese products in China yeah exactly right I would imagine that they could suffer the death penalty for something like this it’s amazing yeah okay there’s old fake collectible coins too this is a huge threat in the in the numismatic world as well they’re they’re they’re they’re basically faking old Morgan’s they’re faking old walking liberties they’re faking old British coin old Spanish coinage you know basically any type of thing that has value they’re trying to fake okay and and that it also includes all the bars that are being produced by different refiners and so on that’s correct yeah whether it’s silver they’ll use the plating to have gold plating bars as well and then some of them are more advanced like the ones that were caught in September in New York where they’re actually hollowing out and leaving a thicker layer of gold so x-ray machine will be able to detect it whereas a sound machine would be able to detect that tungsten that was in there so you know some of them are much more complex and they are actually exploiting a lot of these you know Street shop dealers with these advanced techniques one thing about this fake silver eagle that I want to point out too is that the magnet test does not work on these they’re not magnetic at all digital on a digital scale it weighs one and troy ounce so it’s very hard to detect there are a few telltale signs that you can see on the coin itself yeah the coins are going to get better and better until eventually you can’t tell right now what you said the font on the date right yeah the dates font is off the Rays of Sun are not tapered that well they’re kind of boxy and square the flag itself has a little bit too much webbing and just in general the strike is not it doesn’t have a smooth of a strike as the as the true Silver Eagle does okay you know I just want to jump in and say most people sort of know how I feel about numismatics I don’t think they’re a good investment at all I think it opens the door for people getting ripped off a lot of people that I know have been ripped off by buying way overpriced coins the price of gold goes up two three four times and the and this is something that has happened to people that are friends of mine they went out and they they bought some bullion from me but then they went out and they bought a bunch of numismatics elsewhere because somebody used the con of that these coins are non confiscate able which is a bunch of crap basically don’t believe it and they made huge investments and a lot of these coins where you’re paying many many many times over the gold count you’re paying a content you’re paying for the rarity you’re paying for the collectability of it and those coins actually went down gold went up three four five times and those coins fell in value but I don’t own any numismatic coins but somebody gave me a ms70 Silver Eagle one time and when I speak around the world I usually travel with a bunch of gold and silver coins in my pockets that I can pull him out and hold him up on stage and on this one trip I had forgotten to take any gold or silver with me and I realized that in my briefcase I had a numismatic coin in a slab I gave this slab it’s called the plastic container for a numismatic coin to the hotel maintenance man and asked him if he could get it if he could get it open for me and get the coin out I was expecting this thing to be destroyed came apart perfectly and somebody can take a fake Silver Eagle which I think you can buy for like a buck or something for you and there’s a silicone gasket that goes around the Silver Eagle that I’m not going to bother trying to put on right now because it takes a minute and then you put it in here and now you can’t do the ring test it’s harder to prove that this is counterfeit once it’s in the slab and it’s very easy for somebody to do and James just informed me that they are making counterfeit numismatics it all slabbed in everything look perfect with Holograms and all the rest of this stuff coming out of China so what it comes down to is that if you’re going to buy any gold or silver buy bullion profit that’s what I buy is bullion and but you’ve got to be careful who you’re dealing with because it’s very important that you deal with the dealer that has a guarantee and that tries their best to protect everybody from this yeah that’s how you avoid faces by knowing your dealer making sure they have counter counter counter proof measures in there but basically verifying all the products that they sell you whether it’s first hand product right from the mints or secondary product they definitely have to have measurements in place to prove whether or not these are real or you know these products are counterfeit okay and as well you know the guarantee is important too if they’re not willing to guarantee the product they’re selling and that that’s a flag as well and I guess the other thing is just to be aware of you know if you’re buying from eBay or Craigslist or from a local coin shop around the corner high chances that there’s no guarantee there you know or they don’t have these kind of you know counter proof measurements in place so be very wary of that okay anything left to cover I thinks it we’re just definitely going to stay on top of this as other counterfeits come available or things that we know notice are realized we’ll definitely keep our customers apprised of it and and and stay ahead of this one last thing I want to mention is that for people with storage accounts there isn’t anything to worry about when you have a storage account your product is coming from a mint or a refiner directly to the vault and it stays in the vaulting system it’s only when something gets out into the public that it becomes suspect when it’s coming back into the vault so there’s nothing that and I’ve got storage accounts and and I love it that way so yeah anything staying within the chain of integrity that’s totally fine you know it came right from the mint or the refiner that’s exactly that’s like Mike said it’s in the chain of integrity it’s verified when it comes from the public to us we do our proprietary assay measurements to make sure that it’s valid and it’s authentic so everything is a place to make sure that we’re all secure so we’ve either got brand new product or a product that has been assayed that that came in and joined the brand new product so for inventory I think our industry needs to understand that this is legitimate thread and put in place secure measures yeah and we’re actually giving a gold silver guarantee of authenticity that everything that we sell is what its represented to be or your money back okay so we’re going to keep everybody up to date on this and let you know if there’s any further developments I want to thank you and thank you James Sam thanks Mike okay you

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  1. fuck the chinese!! i was gonna spend some serious money( i mean currency) on bullion( money ), now i dont know whom to trust..

  2. James Anderson, your information is important. Would you work on diminishing your "you know" speech impediment? I heard rapid fire, back to back "you know" expressions here. It wastes my time and makes you sound like an idiot.

  3. Just listening to the sound is very subjective. So I tried something more numerical, record the sound with a microphone and do spectrum analysis in Audacity (record the sound, select the interesting part, analyze->plot spectrum).

    The confusing part is, that I don't get a clear peak at the supposed 6145 Hz. In fact, there is no significant response at that frequency at all in the spectrum.
    The sound in the video at 1:52 has peaks at 3800 Hz, 8750 Hz, 15250 Hz (about 4x 3800) and a very small response at 6370 Hz.
    A silver eagle that I got has the same 3 peaks in frequency (within 1%) recorded with a very cheap microphone. So it basically sounds the same as their authentic example. But where does the 6145 Hz come from?

  4. I usually check the coin with a magnet. Always thought that Gold and Silver were not magnetic. Fakes should be magnetic.

  5. We guarantee, this and that or your money back. Which money was that? Or are you taking currency for money?

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  8. If I were to make a counterfeit silver eagle, I would not be stupid enough to have Lady Liberty's breasts exposed. That's insane. Another test is the smell test, different metals smell different so rub a silver coin for a few seconds then smell it. Of course silver plating would smell the same so you still need the other tests.

  9. As far as I can tell, this video is tantamount to a public service warning for precious metal investors. Maloney and his guest ought to be thanked for their time and effort. So, considering the benefits of this video, why would anyone in their right mind give it a thumbs down? Were these individuals seriously dyslexic and just hit the wrong button, or are they trolls that derive some twisted sense of power by being contrarian, or are they just stupid? Though, now that I think about it, I suspect the last two categories are one and the same. Maybe, they're the Chinese counterfeiters are the ones giving the thumbs down.

  10. I'm new to this concept of precious metal vs. currency. So I need someone to enlighten me. If our currency dollar is in fact worthless then why do these gold and silver refiners need my currency for the precious metal? That is what has me scratching my head.

  11. But purchasing smaller coins/bars is still safer because if you have a 1 oz. coin and it is counterfeit, you're losing less currency than if it was a kilogram bar

  12. can you eat gold ? can you eat silver ? gold is just a metal that has a nice colour, if you had 1 kilo of gold and 1 kilo of rice ? what is worth more ? FOOD IS MONEY , if you grow your own food then you dont need no fucking money or paper curency whatever, live of the grid, be independent

  13. The gold coin has an amazing ping. It gives me new appreciation for it. The Secret Service should arrest the Federal Reserve for counterfeiting. When the bill applies to them I will fully support it! No one has a right to destroy the integrity of money! Anyone or any institution that does belongs in jail.

  14. So Mike is this why your product is so high Jesus Christ I know you are protecting us but man some of your prices are ridiculous.

  15. Are rich people really sweet to educate other people on business secrets? I have been watching videos and reading books on, everyone claims he is saying right, cherry picking!!!

  16. Great video Mike! I bought a couple silver liberty dollars on the cheap and they turned out to be cheap. I guess you get what you pay for.

  17. 9:01 the Chinese authorities don't give a damn about ANYTHING being faked, just as long as those fakes go to OTHER countries to rip them off and bringing THEIR money back to China!! They actually probably support the fakers by accepting cash bribes from them!!

  18. There are apps that you can download to your smart phone with ping/ring tests, and you can buy a mini digital scale to weigh your various p.m. to confirm authenticity. I have an app called : BULLION TEST

  19. Bullion DNA and Continuity of Evidence (COE) are used to isolate the Bait and Switch. 3D Isotope Markers can be tested like fingerprints and can be placed at specific points in the Bullion via 3D Printers, matching a serial number Crypto-Hash Code (CHC).

  20. I'll call bullshit on those coins "ringing" like that sitting on his fingertip. Those metals are very, very dense and non-ferrous and aren't going to "ring" like "crystall" any more than LEAD will.

  21. Recently bought 2 5oz rounds and ran them over the metal detector, One rang, the other not so much

  22. First of all, this is a commercial. It isn't a public service video, it's a commercial. They're selling a product. Keep that in mind. Someone said they're performing a public service (note the term). No, they're only trying to push their version of a product. "Pinging" a coin is no definitive test. Large bars of precious metals invite fakery. Stick to small silver rounds from reputable dealers. Do NOT trust sellers on Ebay. Go to a coin dealer. If your silver is fake, you know where to go to get your refund.

  23. They do it was US stamps too. Saturating the market from China. Unless you look under a magnifier, you'd never know. Their all over ebay and amazon. While the US post master general may be looking into it in silence, the local post offices are in the dark. One seller selling 40 dollars a pop and selling thousands a month are making bank.

  24. What good is it to own gold or silver if you can't trust it to be real? I would like to buy some of these high end fake coins so that I have something to compare to real coins. You could make some money doing that mike.

  25. The Chinese counterfeiters are creating fake Chinese money. Wtf? What the yuan is going on? If they start counterfeiting televangelists, Copeland, duplantis, Murdock, that’s a real deal breaker for me, cuz I know those bastards are fake . If there is more than Copeland,Copeland , Copeland, etc. I will just scream.🤯🤯🤯

  26. They had me up until "numismatic coins are a bad invest". Yikes. When bullion drops, it doesn't touch the sides on the way down. Bullion is NOT an investment, it's a cash saving hedge.

  27. I've bought a number of coins from different suppliers, including the Royal Mint (UK), BullionByPost and Silver-to-go. Does anyone have any experience in buying from these companies? I obviously want to avoid buying counterfeit silver. Seems this could be a big problem, especially when people are understandably wanting to buy silver as cheaply as possible above the spot price. Especially in the UK when we are subject to VAT.

  28. Beware of Storage Accounts!!!! many "storage places" are selling 4-1 so they dont have enough to cover everyone with metal in the vault. if you cant see in or have control (in your possession) you trust someone else has it, how do you know?

  29. There is a magnetic test you can do with silver. I just get Canadian maples the radial rays and the laser security mark make them really hard to fake, plus they are 99.99 silver 5$ face value and eagles are only 999 1$ face value. Say the silver market collapses mine will still will have more face value. Eagles are boring too, Canadian maples just look nicer, we should change them if you ask me.

  30. well wheres the update ?????? Its still going on today a thousand times over on ebay,,,,, yeah your goverment are really taking it seriously !!! NOT lol. fake morgans 1893 p , i think, i bought six 2 years ago. I dont know alot about coins but a fair bit about silver and the second i saw and felt them i could tell they were fake, surely you all need to go back to school if you were fooled by them, come on for FFS lol… Oh what was i saying ?? oh yeah , wheres the update?????

  31. You know what's really serious? The Federal Reserve faking our money supply on a grand basis and the Senate not supporting a full audit of The Federal Reserve to find out what they're doing with all the counterfeited money they issued into existence. The people running the Federal Reserve scam are the ones who need to be in jail and the politicians who allow them to get away with this need to be tried for high treason. You need to be speaking out against the biggest criminals first, not focusing so much on the lower hanging fruit on the tree. The politicians are as guilty as the Federal Reserve in some ways as they are counterfeiters too and rapers of government and justice. They (politicians, rich donors, corporations and government contractors) want things and programs that The People do not want and are nearly always unconstitutional, discriminatory, destructive, crimes against nature or illegal. We get stuck with these things and programs, have to pay for them, our money supply is expanded to be worth less (robbing us of our savings) and then we pay compounded interest on the loaned currency that isn't paid down. This is why we never reduce our debt and it only grows bigger and snowballs endlessly. The Federal Reserve is like a case of terminal cancer, it needed to be reversed a long time ago.

  32. buy from a bullion dealer not ebay ive been caught out by scottsdale bars until i did a specific gravity test i found out

  33. good trick..test..a thank u good info than u very much..well done thank u thank u imp info God bless all u do..i expect rapppture sep 2019 on new moon..ask boss up stairs..for a ticket.. so not get left behind ..in histories worst 7 yrs caos.. 60% dddie..take care.. be safe thank u for sharing..

  34. on a magnetic,, ramp slide the silver gold go down slowly..due to some reaction from a strong magnet magnetic flux..other non magnet metal go down fast..but not cupper..about tungstent i not know..

  35. There are 3 (relatively good, easy and cheap) tests:
    1) magnetic wheighing
    2) ultrasound
    3) electric
    Acid tests dont go deep enough (just surface)
    and radiologic tests are complex/expensive.

  36. @10:00 you need a strong magnetic WHEIGHING machine. But he's right the difference IS VERY SMALL of dia- and paramagnetic differences, so you need a very sensitive machine and a strong magnet (besides a comprehensive comparing table). I have a magnet wheighing machine and am thinking to buy an ultrasound tester.

  37. "Counter proof measurements" lol. I love when people just say thing because they got like half way through a word and realize they didn't have the whole sentence planned out. I do this too but it's much more funny to see it happen in a semi professional setting/video.

  38. One, don't buy anything from China unless you're ready to piss your money away. Two, by silver eagles from a reputable source. That way if they're fake, they are guilty of counterfeiting. And why would you counterfeit US currency when you can simply make a fake silver round from a no name assayer?

  39. There's an app on android called Bullion test. It has some 20 coins and their frequencies and will show you if the sound is spot on or off.

  40. The Chinese have also been stealing water from the U. S. for years and nothing is being done about that. Water, coins, ect…WHAT NEXT?

  41. I’m sorry but I’ve done the test with know ages coins held I. Possession for years and I’ve never heard them ring that long. I suggest you prove this another way.

  42. Okay now I’m convinced these guys are scalpers. Be afraid your old coins are counterfeits and worthless. Then these guys will buy your coins on the cheap. Yep the more they talk the more they expose themselves.

  43. The chinese cheated the Red Seal Electrician exam in Canada. The Canadian government wouldn't own up to issuing thousands of journeyman certificates to people that were not electricians. Now every dam china man out there has a red seal journeyman certificate and get on a wire pull job were they don't need to know anything. The chinese are terrable for cheating lying and faking. I'm happy to see you guys are actually doing something about it.

  44. I appreciate the info about fakes, but these 2 guys really sounded like salesmen in a commercial. "Watch out for all those fakes out there, to be safe, BUY FROM US! Dont buy from that local dealer who doesnt know if he has fakes."

    Its a little insulting to the people who have been doing it their whole lives.

  45. China is communist and we all know who is behind communism. So it doesn't surprise me to hear that alteration of currency is something they're up to

  46. Quickest way to tell if your metal is fake clean it fakes turn green these companies don't want you to touch it so you will never know

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