14 thoughts on “Failed Breakout over $9000, Bearish Reversal In Bitcoin”

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  3. BTC has never retraced only to the 382 following a parabola.Its important to be realistic than delusional.Everytime BTC has had such price action it ALWAYS goes back to at minimum the 618.prove me wrong!

  4. Node, ya forgot about the Gap fill on XBT Futures…..also CME close tmrw….almost always pivots in reverse direction….?

  5. Hey node investor, if I buy one of the courses, not the bundle, will I also get access to the slack channel? Thanks

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  8. Those fking altcoins are giving me AIDS since 2 months, untradable shit i'm tired of that.. I will just HODL for few weeks, but this horrible red candle already stresses me out..

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