Factors That Determines The Price Of Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin)

hello Michael to people I will come now for another edition of crypto mata until people to be close to my waist and learning yep let's eat trust and Amelia we're picking it all on me so now we'll talk about the factors with you always terrified of Bitcoin or that cryptocurrency step taken for years now so any price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies acetate exactly like the claim of the condo we just can't begin with you for the price you need on that sound waiting to buy or what you need to say your crypto currency and make you understand what he did determine the price so if you Peedee ceiba much don't choise for January 2007 she said you don't mind sixteen point eight million bitcoins Emma say not twenty percent of Bitcoin every me and if the corn reached up to 8 1 million Delaware Valley mine Bitcoin again so in this offline no fee meet the demand again it'll make the price of cryptocurrency increased it may say if people will want give us with the currencies of people we want circle to Christ not reach the people with the axe over ego maybe price of these cryptocurrencies go another factor D for you and of the people we get power will be government they speak well powered idea and they fit control as the value of the money for their country will take this out the figure are totally the value of their currency del loop and they need in prison if they increase on the occurrence agogo i and the same can i be forty two currencies to keep they increase value of their money crystal currency step to do it in ago climb ladder and if they talk to their money I said I want Medusa it goes affects the price of cryptocurrencies the last so I will talk about another way which is they take rope or crystal market and to put up of investors they are not different Nvidia mind some of them go back plenty cryptocurrency maybe price P group before they were condo family and at this method a decock compound of metal with the biome plenty the price will go up but in the dopa depress the Condor and this not one being ish widow which affects the price of cryptocurrencies there i'ma say I don't let some pizza day you figure out that we're never mention boil you know a bottom put up at the comment section like this video a mission a tiara subscribe our YouTube channel final position with Anna crypto TV flow it won't and not muna City v + dot ng gmail.com 74 – video is my crypto Matta adopting with undercut Pacifica a my name that autonomy

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