Facebook Seeking $1 BILLION in Venture Capital – Facebook Coin Is Coming to Binance?

Facebook is now seeking $1,000,000,000 and VC funds for their new crypto project the Facebook coin and this is kind of strange because Facebook is one of the largest tech companies in world with billions of revenue per year with billions of cash just sitting there so this is kind of strange why would they be seeking 1 billion dollars for this and even need that much so I'm totally speculating here but I feel like this is because Facebook is looking for more they're actually looking for a partner that can help them grow into space obviously Facebook they have their own team there they're hiring a ton of people for the blockchain team but still this is the first time they'll be entering the cryptocurrency space so my theory and I'm speculating here is that they're actually looking for VC money either from a firm that has connections with other crypto projects or from possibly a crypto exchange and I'm referring to by Nancy finance obviously has been growing by leaps and bounds recently right and they are a fully fledged operational exchange actually not just one exchange many exchanges around the world right and seesee continues to develop finance and they are getting bigger and bigger and bigger and Finance is also looking for ways to invest right that is part of the reason why they came out Launchpad because not only is IU a platform but it's also an incubator program for them to invest in early projects so can we actually see a collaboration between Facebook and possibly by Nance in the future it's not out of the realm of possibility and I wouldn't leave it past finance I actually think that this is credible that finance actually has the money Facebook is looking for and the experience will be massive this will be on a massive scale if this goes through right so what do you guys think do you think I'm on to something do you not think I'm on to something or do you simply not care because it's Facebook but just imagine if by Nance announced is that they are too part and they actually put in money for Facebook right they are actually the Z the the BC for this man think about how explosive that would be for an entire crypto market and Plus think about how big that would be for B&B because you know you know the trading pair for the Facebook coin is go be B&B it's not gonna be B disease that'll be LD see it's gonna be B and B so think about that I'm excited just thinking about what could come from this the possibilities right all right guys that is it hopefully you guys enjoy this video make sure you smash up the likes and make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out on any future videos like this take care bye bye you

19 thoughts on “Facebook Seeking $1 BILLION in Venture Capital – Facebook Coin Is Coming to Binance?”

  1. Zucks is a smart dude. If he's gonna do something, he'll shake things up. Facebook could be the key to wider/mainstream adoption. Facebook ain't doing something for a niche product. If they're gonna do something, they are gonna go big.

  2. This would be big if it where to happen hypothetically speaking but I believe most people in crypto believe in dispersing the growth of such large monopolies like Facebook.

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