Facebook Reverses Cryptocurrency Ad Ban

hey guys it is wakey-wakey tell you nobody done the job meet myself up and I'm doing it with a help with us coffee and I bet I told my messy catch and I want to talk about Facebook a few months ago Facebook banned capital concerts or things are in Germany I saw the bank kept talkin see ads and all you people were you know doing gloom sets and but the bastard affair reverse the decision so they're going to allow you have to conceal ads but with an Asterix firstly they're gonna ban i ce o–'s i ce o–'s unguent veloute advertise on Facebook and secondly any cryptocurrency company a coil in a project whatever anyone who applies to advertise on Facebook has to apply you know before they could just you know say up an ad and go but know it's going to be manually reviewed and now I can I had a similar policy to Facebook in the past you know I said that a fab reviewing new coins I just didn't want any you projects that were funded with i ce o–'s not because every single project funded by an ICU was a scam but a vast majority of them are and you know summer in my possession and that's and it's nearly impossible for me to distinguish between good projects and bad projects that are funded by i ce o–'s because from me they all look the same they're all gotta come down they're all telling you you need to buy it this place right now and so i think this a facebook's decision to ban any cryptocurrency company wants to advertise with them that's got an icy or i could understand that you know if the italian review cryptocurrency advertisements you know it's easier than they look and I see or they see the code though and they see how many scams have been in the news you know I've seen a few people seeing that this could be the same of a bill run but I think it nothing is too I'll let you see that I think it's too early to see that we do start to see some signals about maybe some more confidence and the news and things of that but it's important to remember as wales that facebook likes making money in fact if you look at all the decisions and the way that they've handled privacy and doctor and all that over the last few years all of these decisions have been based about making money the bottom line they'll make a dollar so it is it's easy for us to jump to conclusions and go away like facebook and you know the accepting cryptocurrency ads right now but it could be as simple as someone high up seen lesson kept or comes to companies pay all your money for advertisements why don't we accept the good ones so maybe we'll only see a select few cryptocurrency ads on facebook or maybe they are seen the tight on it's too early to tell guys but i'll link to the article there's a lot of articles going very well i'll link to one of them so you can check out for yourself as always guys let me know what you think

4 thoughts on “Facebook Reverses Cryptocurrency Ad Ban”

  1. More good info thanks man. This ICO stuff I would not touch because the Yanks are busy trying to control them ( along with trying to control the rest of the worlds activities) Its ok though for our own safety just like Hitler told people. I mean look how well they handled bitconnect and Mt Gox 😉 meantime I will stay with coins they already scratched off the SEC list.

  2. Off-subject sorry: I've been meaning to ask – did you ever mine PIRL (https://pirl.io/) that use to be very profitable when I was mining it. It was $3. now 25cents. I will buy a few today.
    Even though there are Masternodes (20k Pirl to get one) the mining rewards are higher percentage for miners which I also liked. There are now two other types of Masternodes which I just noticed on their site for 10K PIRL. Any way sorry to do this as it now feels like I'm shilling – I've stopped mining this when I moved to Raven. but was always interested in the project so just sharing.

  3. It's good for content makers like yourself – I need you to feed me the news as I just don't have the time to browse all the info sites . I spend an hour every morning with my fav youtubers and I feel well informed. I want you guys to be paid.

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