FACEBOOK LIBRA Kills Token Taxonomy Act

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title of today stream , we’re going to talk about , Rena talk more about , face book and how face book
leaper up is jeopardizing of the token taxonomy act to the
point where it could be to
potentially be a killing off,
the token taxonomy of chances
so, we’r , flea everything is on coming
through want a loud and clear,
so deem Mac, stay tuned to a two and a deftly got some
info want it were to discuss on
this, and it’s deftly causing us
some commotion so, we wanted dig , a UC sees as deftly some of us
some delay here, I don’t know
what’s going on but it looks
like a little kid of the lights,
fun to go and EO on so it were to
dig into that that of propaganda
and one talk about global
domination, we wanna talk about
and rea and ace book libra is actually
impacting of the token taxonomy
act chances of moving forward at
this point and our if there’s ti a one to dig in and take a look
at the new crown source to
business a model a revolving
credit account it’s all based on
the blo or you guys prefer hearing the
bad news first to all leave that is an open
question and bad news awesome that’s
where I wanted to start it’s going to bat is first to oh
and out of a I think starting
with the up what’s up excerpt
the minute glad to have you won,
an and that would weaken and out on
a high know what some positive , some positive news so tear here’s the thing you know
as as we’re looking right now in
response again to bop baseball
cleaver of the commotion on
Capit is the U.S. Congress turning
into a crypto or they ever pro
crypto and the anti face book , were they ever pro face book
comment is Maxine waters and the FS see the Financial
Services committee turning
against a token taxonomy act and
outlets first look and see what
we’re u some as some of the up so the
headlines that popped up of this
morning, one in particular
there’s an article on CC end,
and I th a locking experts land base book
sleeper crypto currency and just thought they really
highlights everything, to start
out were to discuss so these books as as you all know
you know you guys know what base
book is the guys know what face
book does , what about Congress as
Congress understand and ace book and do they know or do they not
know because I’m the last
hearing that we saw over pace
book it was quite evident that many
in Congress and no idea what
face book is and many of them
would probably struggle trying
to unde , and this is really whirl the
embarrassment started when are
the biggest fallouts up from the
hearings is that we all got to
kn and also served a highlighting
really_and naiveté or the lack
of general knowledge of the
Internet in any really Internet
relat that as we try to approach
anything that is going to be a
little bit high tech related
crime to bring it to these in
Congress an so the all can obviously a knee
much agree on the fact that base
book has breach of the privacy
of most people , I think that we can agree that
if you sign up for pace book you
have to make an assumption that
your privacy is already breach it will your friends are an you
share all your your stories and
right down to what you ate for
breakfast so obvious a pace book is
bombarding us with ads,
obviously we know that they
spoke a sonar information out to
the highest bidde type what happen recently on
Capitol Hill an award and a
Capitol Hill on and what angered
the speaker the house Nancy
Pelosi the a now I’m starting with this
because this is really gonna
lead into car are bad news,
because after this video of the
cane a pur of it as really started a series
of calls from government and
nongovernment , entities for face book on to pull all propaganda the
deals and a few guys are
thinking about this the way I’m
thinking about this that it is
really a m a two to oh here’s here’s the
question that I’m one of bombing
oppose tank about this in your
mind and can you post up some
comm , if I wanted call plumber and
so, and oh so so so in fifth Tabor made and Nancy Pelosi is
now calling on another denon
government entities are calling
up baseball of the star pulling
a pr and was gonna be in charge of
what is it term into the propaganda what
surreal was propaganda, is there
a test that you’re able to apply
to a specific video to make t on can that be a subjective onto what is propaganda if it’s
especially if it’s political in
nature, is one side over the
other going to make a
determination that that its propaganda and
it’s not the actual one and then
back to could be factual on is a
base books role to make a
determi , you know is if a spot again a
social place to Jochen and
Munich eight with people that
you know a share some discourse
and aga at which are heeding which are
drinking excel run you know so
top again to tell could be you
really at den to fight as many
diff than if you drill down a little
bit further its vision to go back to the
previous administration , is a government then
requesting that there be a
propaganda as are, to oversee
all videos and information
that’s posted to face book and if that’s the
case if we wanna start making a
determination as to whether not
something this has 100% to do a
t you know what we’re trying to
identify here is the new
endurance up on capitol hill of
anything to do with things , technical or Internet related
casa viewed as one of bear with
me a minute, I think you’ll get
you’ll get the jest, so to oh ag so obviously obviously you know
we deftly have some issue, we
know 100% the answer with all of
this stuff that’s happening
withi or if it’s you know face books
attempt that global domination
through this a lever up a
consortium, so we know the
answer that N , and it’s also governments of
it’s going to attempt on two
push a face book on into of an orangutan to push
base book into acting or react
in the way the government thinks
that they if they should now it because yesterday we saw the
announcement of the white paper,
bass book regarding the Lieber
consortium and government and
sit s and begin to see an actual
meltdown all within Congress and
knelt down within the Financial
Services committee so now face
0.0 t , so that we we have a face book
that you government at issue
with due to a privacy violation of them we have they spoke the
government has issue with again
up for leaving videos up that
government think should be taken
do , to really a to take taken a large chopper
attempt on to compete on in this
a global payment space and
obviously government on is a
rainout a com so when they beat go into
this reactive response of mode
of all this on your going to see
ridiculous comments of coming
out one thing is for certain you
know we are Tino that taste book
as a relatively bad reputation
capital we just went through all
th of the fact that they’re
launching lee Perot was just one
more jab into the side of
Congress and how tears years what’s happening now
we odyssey saw a direct
response, Maxine waters, as soon
as the announcement came out and
Maxin or libra and and really then
called in a face book now at
this point man, the Maxine
waters wants to have a hearing,
on capitol all parties so it’s not just a democrat some IPX at with face
book it’s really republicans and
democrats that are upset with
baseball and now they’re all tri onto all fully not embarrass
themselves again with ridiculous
questions , but but here but here’s the
key is that they wants a pervert
back in Washington so where does is go at this point
you know what’s gonna happen at
this point, where we have , where you we have and angered
a Congress, angered a face book
with a face book that’s intent
on at the intent on a tempting,
t , and we already have a Congress
that is relatively, say
antagonistic 20, that’s caught
92 or eight parents of, what’s
happening , including creating delay where
delay the zip along so obviously
we all know that we need
regulatory clarity we need a
clear di we need a mechanism, by which a
companies that are developing
blocking technology all stay in
the United States and not fully
on , politics ox Kala takes is
deftly difficult to oh to nine years of thing the
debate is heating up a now there
is some good news that they will
come out of this, odyssey guys
when what’s happening regarding the
token taxonomy at idle mean old
you guys off on this I’m just
trying to set the stage and ’cause I think it’s really
critical that we set the stage
and really understand the
dynamics and the mindset of
those in Con it going to create a sum that
the cult you were difficult the
doesn’t need to be placed on
mainly because maybe they’re not
taki comments that are on ex marks a
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go over this I want it, I want
again this was on Aunt Witter, sure my
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the screen, we can all share it
out of ideas realize I’m on the , and this is my as my recording
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set up a deal like that to O
anyhow it’s a vicious make a
quick t and we go so to this as a bride
funding and I thought those
interesting tweak that came out
of earlier, the was yesterday to oh new top lawmakers on the
house Financial Services
committee are targeting these
books new crypto currency lira
tone is exa and out there a jazz emphasizing
a bogus time what’s happening
with face book and be one thing
the fact that they’ve kind of up , because you’re there are so
focused on this hatred in this
fashion that about unchecked and
expansion of what base books
doing , and as a statement here all
their ago tears the Sherman
eight are so here’s what we
wanted to share a little bit I
just wanted t can’t a Canadian any day so, etsi here so let us not bit now
he starts out again the big
about of the Sherman eder sits
on the financial Serb by Nan
shall se taxing waters and output target
on face book, see is the chair
of the Financial Services
committee and here’s a guide while they’re
trying to develop, and roll out
the token taxonomy at the
Sherman eder is on the other
side trying to do everything possible
to oppose a token taxonomy at these
tiny do everything possible to
undermine the development of
regulatory clarity and the
polish o digital assets of crypto
currency the Sherman eder is
diametrically opposed to what
it’s gonna take on to allow the
black chain up in the United States and out
what I say that and why is this
still that is because this guy is now
even more outspoken this guy now
has another platform to which he
can stand up and tell he’s uti by face book is utilizing you
know privacy concern with face
book to attempt and actually
tarnish all of digital asset all
of cr it’s easy to one I say let’s of
ledges reading between the lines
and its but it’s pretty
straightforward toys time about
soccer test and he sells your privacy
to make money now I proposes to
provide privacy to criminals so we can
make more money OK you wanna try
to make that statement but why
is the Sherman eight are talking to be in serious risk of being
exploited or illicit finance
among other potential impacts to
this is the guy who sits on the
Fin and I have an ad account down to
bounce is probably a nice term
but that saves a counterbalance
the all the positives they can b and out to goes on and says
although existing crypto
currencies have been used for
elicit activity so all they need
all existing at using oversight a crypto
currencies exchanges as a
checkpoint to block payments to
criminals and aw yes, it
couldn’t currenci , by the way of now these
exchanges are a valuable entry
point are a lot corps band,
because crypto currency users
generate gene their digital points for real
money are now many gets into more
about baseball up and all of
this on these deeply concerned
that they spoke a company which
is repea a kid I could be, legit if you
really wanna go on there on the
gets egos and again in a talks
about 9:00 AM Al of everything
as human trafficking and illegal
gun sales it would bring a stop
to this project right now so
what he’s his claim is is that
by dev to find terrorism the fund human
trafficking and illegal gun
sales to oh regardless of what we
think about the lever: a fact
that the lever: and the lever
consortium is backed by large
names like to leave are: is actually a
digital asset weather not it’s a
crypto currency and say it’s
just paypal 2.0 and marks a
career sin it’ll simplify the transaction of current seat
between people globally, and
we’re gonna use fee of reviews
credit card whenever it is that’s all that matters is that
are radically then empowering it
dumps of terrorism Shuman
trafficking and illegal gun
sales is that fiat currency has been use
is being used and will continue
to be used because it’s
untraceable or as a neat thing
that is, that face book is breached
everybody’s privacy because he’s
collecting everybody stayed up
so now all the sudden are not
the neg or they’re not preaching
infringing on your privacy which
one is a charming eight are
because you can’t have it both
ways and if duplicitous logic and thinking
up from the minds of some within
Congress of that you know that
it makes it extremely difficult
o and 21 and to tolerate of years that was the of the
other quote that I had popped up
earlier so , so any up so so this again
this and this is the mindset
these are the issues as is just
another example of among many,
and if or I’d so crypto see through a
ledge and made on let’s get started to other real
topic for today and onwards talk
about big point so I know a courtesy visit grade
of it: Mac smallest so I think
that’s gonna be are our starting
point so , any help done sorry I just got
a job in a jumping into a
arrange direction there, GM
Chisholm gem tell of siege and
you’re win calm and see here car eight so it’s going down the list, and
some of the comments here and me
and ignore everybody it into a
little of independent this caution a seed
was jammed and seafood gem a wrecked so are its own outlets so let’s
dig a little bit into into the
bad news in a rounding out the
up that the half hour here of us
a a trained in a dragon for up for
a while I took a a a six month
hiatus, after I tore a shoulder
a little bit the Mac Brad Sherman will be
defeated there’s big money
tacking these pro crypto laws is
district would gain a ton of
jobs when , you know that the Mac and Brad
Sherman will be defeated they know what that’s all out
the auburn rain to own of auburn
rail get his act together, then
we can actually done to feed a
Sh processing lobbyists and others,
he’s got a lot of big money
behind and so, hopefully all
you’ll flee of Guyana, and no
possibil and one ranking tragedy other
guy get the Sherman and around
their to oh and now let’s dig in a little
bit here now here’s years that
the next issue that we’re facing
so, so again, Maxine waters
wants water all of the water I get it
now took me a second that I’m surrounded by
everywhere and upon buried in this water
I’m drowning over here of a its if so so so we know Maxine
waters want to bring marks a
career in front of the Financial
Services committee for hearing,
wan , promoting propaganda because
we know what a huge propaganda
machine the pace book is,
special all those up take videos
of show , but tight here here’s here’s
the rub here’s where you know
things, get a little a little a
Zine on an as is where we’re
standi token taxonomy at, or davidson’s
office and the others that are
backing and the media got a
timer on board audience all well
on on board with a token taxonomy
at Tustin the token taxonomy act
through, it did that first major
initiative to get it through th one was to get a major democrat
the second was to remove the tax
implication there working on removing tax
implication in the language
allowing it to pass forward up
to the Financial Services
committee and and mark sucker for launches
face book lever up and the
government goes insane taxing
waters calls for a hearing to
bring talkin of a body’s worried about what
these books gonna do with this
payment on a platform this of
this paypal 2.0 are so worried
about and it’s it’s kind of insane
that everybody so worried about
it you know let let the guy that
people wanted people wanted put
th and know that the government is
so concerned that he’s he’s
planning on having a a stable
point that’s an act by a basket
of fia that is not Keith EI and do it who cares and now it’s
just it’s further developing
this space if further proving
the space that that you know
even if , quoting quo, tiptoe currency
aquatic club digital asset and do it you know so now has
space book kill that eta and
hasn’t killed that eta yet it’s
killing that eta at this moment
and t and then got into this other
rent of trying to build the
stage what’s going on in in
Congress and the insanity that
goes on in C that token taxonomy at won’t
move any further until after the hearing on the par turn out to do to wait until a
hearing that could happen next week and could happen next
month and that the next year for
all we know of a siesta happen
before 2020 and other trying to get into
shut it down so that marks
October doesn’t launch the
leader: they’re trying to get on
to stop the that Maxine waters is going to
bring a halt onto the token taxonomy act and
won’t allow the token taxonomy
act of through on until there is
a hearing and now there’s a hear that Congress that the Financial
Services committee is gonna push
it through to owe it to adjust
your rational thinking Collet s , hold a hearing on July 16 to
guarding pace books new crypto
currency lira great tour to see
that the senate level taxing water is one step at the
Financial Services a committee
level so let’s see what happens you
know and and so hopefully and
that that’s the case and 13
Ahold of a hearing in the
banking housin and saw some mental piggyback on
it maybe it’s not to be is up as
crazy as on as as it should be a
blitzing what this is all a c a space book on implementation
of the lever on an as a Kelly
brother have in all of this stop
on is this an attempt , now you know, I’d I do believe
the reason why they’re trying to
put a freeze on face book
launching libra at this moment
is be it is impossible to do an end Michael Mentzer crypto is
so far beyond the reach of
government this point its international and he has
learned that china’s learned in
U.S. still you know and yet you
know believing that they
actually a that they can regulate that they
can control it begin a rate the
clarity and and regulation and on board with Switzerland
and on board with Thailand get
on board with Japan and but bill
hold back of the digital asset
spa and Alex that that’s interesting
same thing happen over the UK
other seen a pullback on in the
housing market over the UK and as of we’re seeing a a
pullback over in Australia,
because and a recession on the
back of the housing crisis over
Australian to have home so , I you know I forget which one
I poured, up to think about that
percent, as bows on the phone
talking a chip and I was senate
m so so so that’s that’s the bad
news now it’s it’s not a horrible
horrible news, were to see a
delay in the in the token
taxonomy act on you know but
it’s it’s not the e tell if we see a delay in the
token taxonomy act to what is
that mean overall for the
development in this space
because were already a slightly the high
the eight ball and turns up world development
you know the world is kind of
moving away from us very very
quickly and out, the positive side, in
terms of what we see that all
bump and the Rodino act meal of
umana I’d like II really like
your it yet you know that put up put up a little bit
too much excitement on the fact
that that lever is killing the token
taxonomy act my only concern is
I believe it is as window of
opportunity when you start
working to six months they see the token
taxonomy act passed in 2019 and it doesn’t pass and 2019 it has to be rewritten
reintroduced into the 117th up a
Congress because you know it may
not making into 2020 , you know as we go into the
2020 cycle anno then you know
them what we have a cousin that
point now we go into an election
year is anyone get a jump on board
with it or is everybody can be
hyper focused on trying to get
reelected and Owen so tough to
me th , I see that window of
opportunity a closing because
everyone to be hyper focus on
elections and I think that’s
deftly you know and that’s the bad news on
colorful crypto we don’t need
token taxonomy activity of his
releasing global regulation and
two days to owe us long, anything that is
a pass through Congress, becomes
of us of law of his lungs it gets passed by
senate and signed by the
president to me that is my focus you know to me that’s what’s
most important, to advance men
in the United States, the SEC
isn’t necessarily going to and
up you’ at the Thea, if ATF isn’t going
to help us, with up without
taxes on and so what the token
taxonomy act is going to do is
really of 1933 and 19341 over last time
there’s a ton going on and then and top with a token taxonomy at
we have 10 but introducing HR
7361 working also on HR 37 away both
of them Pocus time tax so that’s
where becomes very very
important that you have token
taxonomy a little little delays Maxine
waters and already agreed on to
push it through the Financial
Services committee to put it on
the sitting in Washington and
educating them on the importance
in significance of the digital
asset space from an investment
perspec , eight building perspective on
the blocking technology side they have to understand it they
have to see it and they also
have to understand what their
delay the dragon of the fee what
that and the debate heating up the
positive is that we do have a candidate’s we do
have represented sitting in
Washington that are huge
proponents huge backers huge
supporters , not just token taxonomy act
but a vigil assets of crypto
currency and so right now with
all this negativity always try
to take so all of the debate that’s
going on right now over base but
overly brought the one thing
that and it is doing 100% is
bringing U.S. global whenever the whole
world is now hyper focused on
this libra of digital asset, and
that’s a good thing mainstream
ide the identification up the
opportunity on to educate more
and more people on what’s
actually happening within the
space the oppor more and more of their
representatives within Congress
as to the importance of digital asset as well to all
the mail me I take a look at
some of these, two guys are tiny
up some amazing comments I
really , icecap a new up the oak at
some some other good ones as they as the one on your Mac
31 for all I Care about is a
price of excerpt he and I like
that of those release are just a
fram it does a matter of the U.S. is
the head of the FA Tia U.S. and
U.S. still needs to fully
adopted and it has to be up and
I thin still be a little bit more, more
into it over here so II think
its Allies smoke and mirrors and that’s from a courtesy to
its eight , and I , and on a real story of the GC
the size of the major players
lining up to running no on base
book their Sears and big fish
that another fact that you have these
major players that are joining
the consortium major players just like if we go
back and made a video on not the
USC cloying, they also have
eight nice consortium of banks
tha effected anyone want to talk
about the pace book point is
being a direct on thread to
either of the rebel company the
rebel net all with what the wrong
expectations are and and really
young trying that amplify the
importance of what face book is
up is real a government to Congress is
really turning up you turning
this this approach from baseball
truly into a global domination
tell y , its ear, calmly see what we get over here , it would come on an annulment, Steven ship with 15
and 89 excerpt he, through the
excerpt the tip of an a long to oh and see here when we when I
missed when it’s and an Asian a mishap to show so
we’ll take it from the top it are talking about how great
Congress is so I’m highly
recommend a support in Congress in every
way on Congress is really
supportive of the up base book a
neighbor: the two were talking
about t , we went over that are a
onetime as it here and so this
utz all the good news market
news on in my opinion again
using end and all within a specific initiative
on developing in that space as
is also an opportunity for us to
support on the congressional of all regulatory clarity of laws,
through Congress so amazing
initiatives these guys are doing
an outstanding outstanding job
so , we see here to go see a plume
and take you very much for that
truly appreciate it and
appreciate you as well a glad
that glad , and and also I got in a little
bit into the good news so let’s
take up a complete, sidestep,
going to something in the in the , let me up to the guys haven’t
seen this yet I, I, stumbled on
it and I thought it was kinda
cool to this is a crowds
announces , of that a crowd soars, or king
capitol a supply chain financing
solution, based on black chain I
thought it’s important becaus , of you being able to to
balance out cash flow, when you
have to buy extra and mentor in
a specially named the flow a
supply ch , it’s it’s really important
have a capital excessive bull and out
to me this is another step on in
this direction one of the things
that that we’ve talked about and Anthony Jackson take you
very much for that really
appreciate it, , had some really good points
out actually say the best
comments, I think those yours
tight, Anthony if we go back and
I think y so, so sunny also selling is still
keeping all of this upcoming
minimize escape the study are
one and as a wanna see it twice,
we he , again and I got sidetracked
looking at that, and we’re starting to see a
blurring of lines between it’ll asset and banks, where
normally banks and and other
financial institutions and provide for us some sort of
revolving credit line if you if
you need to align working
capital you’re going to the
bank, now , adding a twist on to it and I
was thinking about this up right
before, and I was thinking about
how interesting it would be a and and creating a a comnet did
the introduce different
businesses that are in din and
anno that are are, and if they could work together,
and in connecting them and sell
so here you go so here you have
of eyesores to get the working Connors byproducts raw materials
that quotes to hear you aren’t
going to crowds or you’re
working capital are also putting
your are also a going to be able to
field it teaches that amazing I
think you know who knows of a
pulled off a nose of all be
success and I think that’s at the
duchess it’s very very cool and
a cha something so different,
and so beneficial again will see if it succeeds if
it works, but but I love the
concept someone to share that with the
guys on as a a kind of as a
parting gift to its call it that
of a so tiny Alice see if we
have an , Anthony Jackson, thanks for
the NSC tell us to see an awareness see as it will figure it out to crypto quit, quit at crypto
twins need to talk to crowds and the crypto twins are awesome of the than popping up on the
ways and Steven nine and was
forget is named Steven crowder,
he’s got a shell lauder was
allowed w , to a a no brainer parting the
waters card in the waters that’s
right and some point and the
rebels on the waters other
rebels so anyhow that IE I appreciate
everybody coming on tonight
louder with crowder there you go
mad love the guy and the crypto
twin , as guys EO would be great,
super chat of course to many a
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tomorrow night at 10:00 PM
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I’ll be back in ADM on Saturday

2 thoughts on “FACEBOOK LIBRA Kills Token Taxonomy Act”

  1. WU the next domino to fall , if you can you should start to make some short vidoes on the latest news , because its coming in fast now 😉

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