30 thoughts on “Facebook Launching Stablecoin!? BAKKT & Binance Bullishness – Today's Crypto News”

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  2. The market is already full of shit like usdc and gemini and fb decided to add more centralized shit there

  3. Too many agenda pushing kool-aid drinking mobs that would rather repost lies than have an honest conversation about facts on FB. Then they wanna sell my profile info to the highest bidder. Not a fan fb. At this point, even if they make an anonymous, decentralized service I don't know that I would trust Zuckerberg and co. It is so damn toxic. Don't want them to dirty the good things about crypto… But we shall see.

  4. Ain’t no way I want anything to do with a Facebook crypto. The way they treated crypto pages and ads and now they want in! ?‍♂️

  5. Facebook wouldn't pump and dump, would they? When I see a photo of Mark Z – I think "Here's the next honest Abe Lincoln!" He needs his own theme song… like Bonnie Tyler's "I need a hero" Nah, Facebook wouldn't ever pump and dump!!

  6. Sensor Conservatives out of existance. Cut there own throat bad business model. Undermine our constitutional rights. Attempt relevance in Crypto.

  7. You should use WhatsApp because it has peer to peer encryption and also sends large file sizes, so your pictures and videos don't compress when they send. Haha that's why I use it anyway

  8. Shakepay copy there logo more like a scam company be careful what you use to buy or hold crypto

  9. I'm a user of WhatsApp. however I don't trust Facebook with the whole privacy side. also last few weeks they are talking about trying to buy Coinbase what do you think?

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