Facebook Launching Cryptocurrency This Year According to NY Times | Cryptocurrency News

guys we have big big news here Facebook yes Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and telegram as well are trying to succeed where Bitcoin failed first we had Samsung recently we had JP Morgan now now Facebook this is an article from the New York Times The New York Times by Nathaniel popper the guy who's famous for the book digital gold which is a book I highly recommend this is how I really learned about the space by just knowledge going on Amazon getting books in his face digital go with the Bitcoin standard I'm not I'm not read that yet hope to add since I had a chance to read it never finished it wasn't really a book for beginners per se or as it was too academic to to Wall street-type but anyway back to the article face book and this article eBay this author write for the New York Times in San Francisco says Facebook telegram it's signal our planning to roll out new cryptocurrencies over the next year in 2019 2019 Facebook is getting in on the game this will be just like venom or PayPal letting people transact across borders internationally right and they going to say that through conversations Facebook has been having with cryptic currency exchanges about selling the Facebook coin to consumers Facebook is already talking to crypto exchanges whether coinbase Gemini badass who knows right but they've been speaking off the record with employees who are right now anonymous but the New York Times is a very credible publication alright so for them to put the stop there like that they must have very very good sources okay anyway scrolling down here to my notes and Facebook the Facebook team working on this blockchain project the Facebook coin whatever it's going to be called they have over 50 engineers working on this and it's being run by the former president of PayPal David Marcus so this isn't just some small thing Facebook is just putting away as some weird experiment they have their heavy hitters their all-stars working on this this is basically this a top-secret project inside of Facebook they've I mean even to a point where if the team is in it is in an office with separate kicad access so no other face will complete can access this I mean that if you're at Facebook you have to yet it's on a need-to-know basis only people there who are up there right can I have access to this project it's a very secret project instead of Facebook because they saw telegram raised 1.7 billion dollars and they're coming for telegram I mean mark is a smart guy they don't want telegram to come after this space so they always try to innovate they're always trying to see what's next what's next hey and they see that blockchain is next and they're trying to get in on the action which is good for us cuz we're believers we're heartless we've been surviving this crypto winter this bear market and now we're starting to reap the rewards Facebook's Samsung JP Morgan who's next then they're going to say that they're looking to peg the value of the coin using a basket of different foreign currencies so not just the dollar you have the dollar the euro my effort is to truly be global you'll have multiple currencies and they plan on leveraging their platform over 2.7 billion people across Facebook whatsapp Instagram I mean this could really be that like that tipping point for cryptocurrency to go mainstream cuz how many people have Instagram Facebook whatsapp that they're all automatically get a cryptocurrency oh man we're going to the moon to the moon and beyond I mean this is what dreams are made of okay then they go on to say that a facebook employees have told the exchanges that they're hoping to get the product out and the first half of the year that's by June June 2019 Facebook plans to put something up whether that's an alpha of data or the full product who knows but they plan to put something out by June 2019 so I mean I think not financial advice I think the bottom is almost there I mean actually I think the bottom is probably already we've already began turning around cuz for Facebook for samsung for JP Morgan to all put out the same news within one month I mean these guys are not stupid okay so I think people would feel that we've bottomed out and now we're I mean we're gonna go straight to moon right probably gonna go sideways for a bit I think we're now starting to go get into that sideways action right and I think this is great news guys it's very good news very very good news I mean they go on to talk about signal but who cares about this right main thing is Facebook Facebook has the main players right sorry to all the privacy folks out there now to add on to this right if you go to trading you hear all right this is my my my want to be analysis here right not technical advice but just looking at the moving averages right we haven't really had a bull run alright last time the moving I used the 5 day + 20 day moving averages right the last time we basically had a bull run was January 2018 right then after that will were basically going down on the decline on the decline on the decline right but now looking at the charts right now right the the five-day quest a 20 day and we had this mini Bitcoin bull run and I'm expecting the way I'm playing this is I'm hoping this right hope dies last as my friend Miho says I'm hoping this bounces off the moving averages and this becomes the new support but I mean I think I mean as you can see right we're getting higher sorry guys sort of we're getting higher lows right so I went I think 3:30 103,000 was a nice support and now we're going up right we have some resistance over here I mean so I mean weren't fully going to the moon yet but it looks like the turnaround is happening I mean definitely follow other ta other people who are better than this right but I think everybody should just follow the charts just to have a basic understanding of where the market is going but to get news like this right news that Facebook it's coming outlook with the currency coin by the new times these are the ones we need right as my shirt says we have to huddle right this way Hado how did to the moon not financial advice hey guys threat video let me know what you guys think right do you think this is big for the space I'll put your thing it's big let me know down the comments below I think it's billing because I mean it's Facebook now is this good for the centralization and I mean not really right but for people like us who want wider adoption to go mainstream Facebook is automatic mainstream automatically automatic moon right hopefully I mean I doubt to have a private cell for this but if though it is oh man I would love to be part of that I could the moon and beyond guys I'll see you next time

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  1. Is this big news from Facebook? What do you think this will do for the cryptocurrency market? Let me know in the comments below.

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  5. this is a good news with big customers that facebook has it will encourage and educate more people in the need to embrace cryptocurency. Bitcoin price is going up i can feel it.

  6. Theres a pattern in bitcoin that no one is looking at(No TA) and thats what im using to tell that the bottom was already in. I could be wrong.

  7. I believe the FB play is huge towards awareness and adoption in the space. As I see them creating a utility token to act in conjunction with FBs peer to peer payment feature, but as far as the overall market I dont think the bottom is in yet. I see one more wave down for BTC, capitulation, some sideways action then a slow and I mean slow climb back upwards with lots of resistance before breaking through that big $6000 even. Of course, I could be wrong, but that's what my chart tells me right now.

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