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Welcome to this week’s digital news
roundup. Okay 60 seconds… but wait because it’s KEiBA day, so we fancy giving you an
extra 30 seconds of news on us. 90 seconds, let’s go. iIt would appear that
some clever researchers at a clever University have discovered that social
media produces the same addictive behavior as slot machines do. The issue
here is casinos aim to maximize time on device they want to keep people in front
of their screens spending more money admiring the pretty lights and receiving
those dopamine hits. Keep hitting that like button to win the big prize. This
week Facebook finally released news of its latest venture, cryptocurrency. A
brave move considering Cambridge Analytica. Although they have addressed
certain privacy issues which you can read about in our blog.
For all you SEOs out there keep an eye on your rankings within search results
pages as google search console confirms it’s losing a feature that impacts their
canonical URL. That’s right I said canonical. Spotify has extended its
advertising capabilities so you can now reach podcast listeners and target
certain genres this has so much more potential but I mean who isn’t paying for
Spotify anymore. You may remember how healthy you were during
the summer of Pokemon Go. Well, in a complete turnaround a new Pokemon app is
going to reward you for sleeping well. Time to embrace that inner Snorlax. You
know how you can tag your location in your tweets? No? Well it’s a thing. But not
for much longer since hardly anyone knew about it or used it Twitter is taking
the feature away, bye. And that’s the news so since we have been more time left
over just for you and I tell me how you doing? And finally breaking news and good
news the Giants returned from the KEiBAs last
night laden with glass. Champagne all around guys! Did you enjoy the extra bit
of time we gave you this morning? let us know. You can read the stories and
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news I’ve been Sean Staunton back for digital news roundup
a giant towers I just wanna thank everyone that supports me to do this
incredible time my mum my dad my sister my brother the dog we had like ten years
ago she’s passed away now r.i.p the rock Dwayne Johnson he’s been a huge
inspiration to us more specifically to me jason statham equally god this moment
is so incredible right now I just wanna thank all you guys out there as well for
you know obviously for voting for me this is the achievement of a lifetime
and you guys have made that dream a reality and I just can’t thank you
enough really

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