43 thoughts on “Facebook has a ‘trust deficit’: Ripple CEO”

  1. Congress needs to grow a spine and break them up. They are always putting people in Facebook jail and will NEVER give a reason. They won't even communicate with you. They are evil and don't give a crap about anyone.

  2. I was censured three times on facebook. Yet they posted killings, rapes on video and those people never got censured. Zuckerburg needs to clean up his BS and LIES.

  3. I love how the media didn’t really start attacking Facebook until Zuckerberg recently said he would censor political ads. I think we should do away with all the social media platforms. They’re the reason the psycho left can cause the damage they do.

  4. Facebook falls in platform of social media. Then how a social media goes into financial service's or any electronic currency transfer? How banks or third party service providers aligned with Facebook?

    How CFR_Org gives permission or approval for currency transfer/exchange to Facebook which is a platform whose function is social talk and video sharing?

    Facebook ain't a clean book. Facebook uses more toothpaste cream and applies pressure on the tubes of the user's to print on face's. 😂🤣😂🤣

  5. MZ I have built a social platform. Now, I am going to control what is allowed. 😡 so he ends up with a far-leftist audience of angry and criminal people. 😜

  6. I really hope to wake up, and the entire internet is just wiped clean. It's almost like how earth gets natural disasters when it becomes over-populated, in this case our internet desperately needs to just die and be reborn.

  7. I don't trust any fascist tech companies, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple or Microsoft. It's mind boggling how many scum bags have gotten control of companies these days.

  8. conservatives quit trusting facebook the minute they started censoring us on their platform .going out of their way to make us miserable to stay on their network with 30 days bans .even ban you 30 days for something you posted 2 years ago.and ban you for every word they dont like .no i dont trust them or any other liberal networks their to left leaning.

  9. I don't see why anyone interested in crypto would want to use Libra. The whole point of a crypto is to keep control out of the hands of a powerful entity such as a central bank, a gov't or a huge, monopolistic social media business.

  10. All these tech companies need to be taken down ! Twitter Microsoft Google facef–kbook and made into employee-owned companies or utilities !!! Weed through the employees the one's that are guilty and the higher ups and put them in jail for treason sedition crimes against humanity !!!

  11. Don't worry when cryto currency replaces the fiat your social score will limit how much you're allowed to get , earn or spend.

  12. its not a trust deficit, its a sucking void of censorship and partisanship. a drag on free speech. a propaganda tool.

  13. He refuses to be "sworn in".   He can and is getting away again. """Anybody here old enough to remember when AT&T was busted up"""??  I do and this is needed again for this. No matter what you see when you look at him he is "a man of color" and believes all other races to be inferior and useless unless for food


  15. The issue of Libra is that potentialy it can influence Monitary Policy becouse the assts that are going to back are Euro and USD. So they can manipulete in favor of Europe and against US. That also why they are going to be settled in Switzerland. Different it would be if their coin is backed with another crypto or even with only just USD or only Euro and they are sttled in USA….

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