42 thoughts on “Facebook GlobalCoin, Tether Buying Bitcoin, Strongest Bitcoin Futures & Crypto Interest Explosion”

  1. I thought the trend was gonna be:
    – CBDC issued
    – CBDC failure
    – global adoption for BTC and other decentralized projects
    Sounds like "GlobalCoin" is gonna speed this all up! 😀

  2. ALL "stable coins" are actually unstable and scam to sell your REAL cryptocurrency like Bitcoin & Litecoin to them for a worthless IOU IMHO.

  3. So is LTC…They are partnered with a couple entities with German bank called Weg bank.Charlie Lee 5 steps ahead.Get over he sold his coins. LTC will be one of the top coins for the distant future.See Beam collaboration.

  4. where do I not buy this coin. The problem I have is the amount of users they have will be all brain washed into using this stupid coin.

  5. A lot od idiots will buy FBcoin. How stupid can you be. It is what it is. BTC/LTC all the way. ETH is dope. There is other coins ad well. I rather buy other shit coins than FaceBitchCoin. I rather buy the twins stayblecoin than FaceBitchCoin. Twins are the real smart one zurkaBitch is the snake.

  6. Good video, TMI. FYI, ~ 14:05 … yes, the Japanese National Diet is the Japanese Parliament. Diet is the name of Japan's representative democratic government's Capitol. And at around 20:05 … yes, "treble" means "triple" in UK English 🙂 #AndNotYouKnow

  7. Bitcoin will be like the gold that wealthy people hoard, GlobalCoin will be stablecoin fiat for the slaves. Both will have value to purchase with, but if I was a king my vault would have gold not USD. My crypto holdings would be in Bitcoin not a stablecoin made by a lizard. Lizardcoin can be for the peasants

  8. GlobalCoin is a direct contender to Bitcoin. Yes, you can argue that GlobalCoin will not be decentralized, permissionless, censorship-resistant and all that good stuff, but the two coins have the same goal: To be a global internet-coin without borders. Most people are sheep and will not care about the differences in characteristics of the two coins. Facebook have the marketing-muscles, Bitcoin don't.

  9. CME Bitcoin Futures contracts are completely stupid in my opinion. You have a contract that's not backed up by the real thing it can't be claimed for the real thing it's just a cash settlement betting device that completely creates a derivative in the Bitcoin World which doesn't need to be there. It should be completely illegal to create a derivative off of something that you have no access to.

  10. I hope that peoples of the world, but esp. crypto currency "appreciators" are all aware enough about Facebook (and its negative influence in social media space) to vote FB down – vote with our non-support for it's AGENDA.

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