Facebook GlobalCoin potential Slingshot for XRP & Cryptocurrency, Ripple Kava & Stefan Thomas

everybody its Eddie from Tokyo this is your cryptocurrency update from Japan and I've got a lot of great stories about XRP and ripple as well as some stories coming out of Japan the first one here is the Tokyo governor eudeco Koike she gets coffee as she demonstrates her cashless payment mobile app this is the governor sitting here she has to her right the mayor of Shinagawa ku and they are paying with their cashless method this is a coffee shop that's very close to my house it's a couple that sources coffee beans from all over the world and when you walk by they have a roaster inside their tiny shop and it smells so good so the government is working very hard at achieving that 45% target for the population to go cashless by 2020 and then this is about the Facebook global coin I've had a lot of people that sent me questions through the comments and also on Twitter they wanted to know what I think well I'm gonna make a few comments and you know the rumors were flying for a couple of months and on May 3rd the Wall Street Journal actually broke the story about project Libre now this is what we know as a stable coin and it's going to be able to be transferred to one another and also you can spend it on Facebook and elsewhere also it is said that it could reward fractions of the coin to users who watch ads well that is not a new business model Japan actually launched that business model last November with the video platform by last roots who pays users crypto and it's called the token is called coban to watch ads SBI Holdings invested in last roots two different times and this is an example of one of the monetized ads so it's a company in which is in Tokyo and if you want to get some stress out you can smash through some Japanese roof tiles so it's interesting that SBI decided to exit out of last roots in February of 2019 but getting back to the Facebook coin and their global coin it's very impressive because they will be able to introduce this coin to 1.5 or up to 2 billion users it's going to be back with the dollar to start so we understand and it is centralized so we understand we still don't have all the details so this is just from a few insiders getting some here save we don't have any real deep knowledge yet but it is said that it could also in the future be back to the yen or the euro it will be working with the whatsapp to transfer money and that's why people in the XRP community are paying a lot of attention to this it will be launched in 2020 in the first quarter in several countries but they're going to focus a lot first on India the Barclays analyst Ross Sandler says that it could add 19 billion in additional revenue for Facebook and there are representatives from the Facebook camp that are visiting and holding talks with the Winklevoss twins who run Gemini that is super interesting I can't wait to see how that shapes up well this is why they're focusing on India the remittances in whole are about 7 trillion in terms of transfer volumes and this is India look at that 79 billion in 2018 and it was followed by China Mexico the Philippines Egypt the Arab nations Nigeria Pakistan Ukraine Bangladesh and Vietnam respectively but wow that is quite a target and the BBC reported that remittances in India could be very interesting for those without bank account's the population is a little over 2 billion and 20% of the population does not have a bank account so that gives the market size of about 200 million to Facebook that seems very interesting now I have a lot of feelings both positive and negative the negative side falls with the fact that Gaffa which stands for Google Apple Facebook and Amazon seem to be just getting more and more dominant and powerful so the strong global dominance by only for centralized powers I think really bothers me and in addition we know that Facebook has not been able to handle privacy well at all and a couple of days ago we learned that Facebook is removing 2.2 billion fake accounts fake accounts well I don't know if they can really handle the responsibility of cryptocurrency even though they say that in 2019 their budget for the safety systems is greater than the whole revenue in the year before they went public in 2012 I still really wonder because if they mess up they are going to ruin the reputation of cryptocurrency if they are successful then I think they're going to drive the adoption of cryptocurrency so that old narrative of these cryptocurrencies are used only for money laundering or it's a pyramid scam will quickly disappear and once people get comfortable with a stable coin and realize how easy it is to use and how convenient they might then just look at ways to invest in coins that have the capability of going up in value so I do think that is one of the positives when we look at the money transfer business for international remittance companies they are lean and they are hungry and so it is getting more and more competitive we just learned a couple of days ago that the largest bank in Japan is going to scrap 80 of their outlets and that is their branches they're standing brick and mortar shops to reduce costs and visa whole Bank which is in the top three in Japan they are also going to close 130 branches so the fact is is that should Facebook be successful this is going to drive more and more money movers to adopt XRP they have no choice it is a matter of survival because this space is getting so highly competitive and we can see that in an article that just showed up a couple of days ago on the ripple insights from a partner of ripple net and let me just tell you that this company is a UK foreign exchange service company that cherishes that's those of their words their partnership with ripple and they are starting to expand because they reduce the FX conversion rates and they are out there fetching new partners partners like banks and financial institutions across the world and I want to read a quote to you because this shows you that when ripple puts in the rails of ripple net it is absolutely imperative that they adopt XRP to remain competitive so it says here and I quote we're also seeing increase demand for instant payments and are looking forward to the day when using a digital assets such as XRP to source on-demand liquidity during transactions on ripple net will be as simple as using credit card nowadays so this is really showing you that the people who are using ripple net can now easily move over to stay competitive which is not a choice it is a must-do situation which is why I think that it will drive more and more adaptation to using those liquidity pools of XRP okay and when we take a look at this this is interesting there is a gentleman who founded the company block stack block stack has received 70 million in funding most recently 50 million in April also Harvard boy they invested in this token sale to the tune of 12 million so the founder Monique Ali and he also is a PhD out of Princeton he says that Asia is the most important region for crypto why because this area is open to newer technologies so he cites Japan China South Korea Taiwan they are the top destination destinations for crypto related startups and he believes that since the Second World War there has been a tech boom in this part of the world and he doesn't see crypto any different people are more tech savvy and Asians love their gadgets so the big companies in Asia they pour a lot of money into R&D so we can see that also translating into the Japan cryptocurrency Business Association this is as of May 24th a an association with a hundred and one companies and they exchange ideas on technology they exchange ideas on regulation and they aim for a sound development of the industry they are also putting together study groups and think tanks to provide the preparation for the g20 summit which occurs on June 28th and 29th so the 19 license exchanged exchanges in Japan are experiencing a tremendous rise right now in new registered users 200 percent rise and the financial action task force the F 80 F the International watchdog is actually going to do some extra thorough examinations this fall and they're looking for phishing transactions so the exchanges here in Japan are actually stepping up their game in regards to kyc and they are also going to change some of their rules for cold storage by rotating people in and out so that they can reduce the risk and when Japan is looking to sell these global regulations to the g20 they are hoping to get uniformed regulation worldwide so the inspections that are being carried out right now before the summit are going to bring a lot of insight to the g20 meeting and Stephane Thomas Wow he is going to have an AMA so get ready on Thursday mark your calendar on the 30th of May at 9:30 a.m. Pacific time you can ask him anything and it's really great you know he is the co-creator of the inter ledger and the spring initiative that supports cava labs also just came out with a new application called switch which you can then create a new wallet and swap between that wallet wallet with sarpy BTC and etherium that innovation moves tiny bits of value little by little till the transaction is complete so through switch users can credit their cards with funds anytime you like and it can be done in just seconds if you go to github you can then get that application and have some fun with it I did it and it's very very easy so it's kind of interesting the kava labs if you watched Brad coins they are also behind the XRP collateralized stable coin us DX which I think we're going to hear more and more about quite soon and in Japan there is a meet-up the first one and this is one of the XRP community members who's such a good illustrator he did this to celebrate that announcement and it was made public just what on the 24th I think on Friday here is the actual Twitter site XRP Meetup J a they are going to have an official meetup in November there's not a lot of details yet the details are still to follow but you can see in just a matter of what three days that the Twitter site has 1151 followers so I think if we look at this meetup page and keep checking it we'll really be able to get an idea how large the XRP community is in Japan okay everybody I think yeah I am I am jumping to the fluff so I first want to tell you that Trump President Trump arrived and yes he did hand out a trophy at the last day of the sumo tournament today and what I want to show you is that they actually brought in a special plywood step for him to get up onto the ring I was told that this plywood was actually imported from the United States why it came from the United States I'm not sure but that is what was told and here is the beautiful cup that was made custom for the winner is gonna be called the presidential Cup and it was given by President Trump today to the winner who is actually a se llaman and you can see him from the back here receiving the cup the cup from President Trump and it was quite large and President Trump I think was very happy it was funny to see him come in he looked in the beginning a little bit unsure of himself but he quickly got comfortable and was all smiles he was given a standing ovation they were in the fifth row and well some of the interesting things I learned that there were no PET bottles which are the plastic bottles allowed in the venue for the day only paper cups and the two of them a vase on the Prime Minister of Japan they played golf together today 25,000 police were actually patrolling Tokyo and that is a lot of police for his visit it has quite a police presence wherever you go in the city the other two presidents to actually watch sumo before was President Ford and President Carter but president Trump is the first president to actually present a trophy okay and then the two of them tonight are going to this restaurant which is quite special it's in Roppongi and it's a robot taiyaki restaurant which is a type of traditional restaurant where the chef's make the food in front of you and actually serve the food to you on this paddle you see this paddle here and if I show you another picture this is the view that you have when you're sitting at your table and look at that great selection of vegetables and seafood and when it's prepared it is handed over to you on this panel paddle this gal is actually getting a beer served to her on the paddle anyway the restaurant is called Anaka yah you can look it up I'll put it in the description so if you're curious to learn more about the restaurant and the style of food that they serve you can search Google on your own okay everybody that's all I have for you today I'm gonna be doing a live with Brad comes very soon so I will see some of you shortly all right sign an R for now bye bye

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  1. 273 DAY CYCLE FOR XRP TO MOON, Next cycle starts around 03June 2019. Cycle has been consistent, XRP MOOOOON withing 10 days Of NEW 273 CYCLE.  XRPBTC Daily chart on POLONIEX.

  2. Mr. Trump loved the 'cheez burger' his gracious hosts specialy prepared for him with American beef. He's too cool.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwXxXK2TdNw Trade war, Iranian sanctions, Venezuelan hyper inflation…all point to cryptos & XRP.

  4. Facebook is planning to launch the cryptocurrency-based payments system in “a dozen countries” by the first quarter of 2020 and is looking to start trialing it by the end of this year.

    News Source: https://taklimakan.network/news/20240

  5. its all intintional from facebook.they are globalist.nothing they do is by accident thats why facebook is being sued for billions.

  6. Wow Eri.. I know for certain that the very most interlectual, diplomatic, considerate and respected minority here as your audience hold a regard for you that can't be measured.. this information you present which your brain processed is just information.. but when you communicate it back to us with your instinct and awareness, it truly is a beautiful thing.. bless you girl.. love this channel so much!

  7. Wow, A trump visit. That leads me to think of the mysterious white house visit from the ripple team. Was it ever disclosed what that was about?

  8. Storm is a cryptocurrency with a huge and solid project. I have no doubt that it will be one of those that will explode upwards and make many millionaires.

  9. Crazy I remember that video when you brought up Cobon. That is my worry about the space getting so competitive and All this down time will wind up hurting us? They're coming up with so many new programs alot of companies are going to have time to be on the same level as Ripple making it that much harder to adopt new partners. IDK just getting a little nervous.

  10. Zuckerbergs coin is a deep state coin.
     Everything we are trying to get away from!
    I wouldn't trust anything that comes from this little creep!

  11. Hi C Eri, great job on Mr Kimes show!!! Grateful for your time and efforts putting your show together..valuable!!!?⚘❤ Hope your laundry is not piling up..?

  12. Lots of people are leaving facebook…the only good about is that lots will enter into crypto, then move to XRP .

  13. How is FB coin good… centralised backed by fiat! Usd or another… and they can get it out to 2 billion users that dont have a fiat paper note just now a digital version! #Bitcoin 21m so billions cant and wont have any.. also FB coin only for the institutions like bitfinex leo coin!!! #Dyor

  14. Interesting and surprising to see Ukraine and Moldova among top 2018 remittance receivers, only two European countries I believe from this list

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  16. Thanks for all the info from Japan. I watch all you videos to get more of a global view of this exciting space. Go crypto! Thanks again for your time and research. Moon the likes people. How is stellar adoption looking In japan? Is cardano still the closest match to Ethereum In Japan?

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