11 thoughts on “Facebook GlobalCoin Explained For Beginners (Facebook's Cryptocurrency Project)”

  1. Man to hell with them,they blocked all crypto ads now want to jump aboard,Now watch those paypal bastards do the same.

  2. Because Facebook is so big, will GlobalCoin have a negative effect (take away from) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum?
    And isn't Amazon thinking of doing the same thing? Then what??

  3. Besides being super centralized and all but permissionless you forgot to mention the even worse that it is entirely NOT CENSORSHIP RESISTANT, in fact due to fb being censorship trigger happy, it is entirely the opposite of that!

  4. Like you said, it is not much different than paypal or other fintech. Users might not even realize its a cryptocurrency and it being more tech on the background. It is either not gonna have effect on crypto or a negative effect. Plus i don't trust fb at all

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