15 thoughts on “Facebook Earnings What You NEED to KNOW! (Q2 2019 Stock Earnings Report)”

  1. Great information!👍 I missed buying FB that time during the dip. I previously bought it when it IPOd before selling for a gain.

  2. Thanks for the update. Do you think Facebook will be broken up or do you feel that it's more media noise?

  3. Awesome breakdown on FB stock! The drop in June this year. Has really given an opportunity for a lot of investors to buy! 👍🏽.

  4. Great analysis on Facebook. I'm a Dividend growth investor so I focus on dividend stocks. I read your comment and I will do a video on a website that I use to summarize my fundamental analysis. Thanks and hope we stay in touch.

  5. Awesome breakdown! I feel like FB might dip now and again but they are too entrenched and too big to ever really be a loser.

  6. Facebook made smart decisions buying Instagram back in the day. Now they are getting in crypto which is awesome, only issue is the privacy fines and trust issues.

  7. I find it kinda ironic that FB destroys and dominated the market from 2012-2019 and when they get to the top, they call for regulation, essentially trying to make it harder for a new company to come up with a FB killer like they did to Myspace.

  8. This video is a hidden gem on YouTube. I'll never buy Facebook because I don't trust Facebook's ethics, censorship or privacy policies, but this is exactly the type of Rule #1 analysis I love to see to get inspiration for my own analyses. Thanks!

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