what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we’re going to be talking about a
potential Facebook cryptocurrency where I talk about Tron having a big run-up
and of course at the end I’m gonna give you guys my prediction of where I see
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ready to go now this is something I actually saw roughly one or two months
ago I actually saw an article about this and I was interested in it but I didn’t
you know back then didn’t have this many subscribers that’s one thing but I
wasn’t necessarily covering news too much in the cryptocurrency space however
now I feel like it’s a good idea to go into it because it does have a lot of
potential and certainly something I think you guys would want to and would
be interested in knowing about so that is basically Mark Zuckerberg is
considering the this thing is says Mark Zuckerberg is officially considering
cryptocurrency for facebook this is a little bit of clickbait a little it’s a
little bit of clickbait because he is officially starting to look into the
technology that is you know blockchain and cryptocurrency to see what potential
it could have that’s basically how you would put the title if you were speaking
a hunch percent honestly and I saw the article before basically he’s you know
Mark Zuckerberg creator Facebook to give the kids like a kid genius right it’s
incredible but one thing you can tell us he always loves
that’s part of being an entrepreneur it’s part of him you can tell he’s
always interested in learning more about the technology space and what’s going on
and he mentions in the article that you know one of the most interesting
questions in technology right now is about the decentralization versus
centralization and because a lot of people including himself got into
technology simply because they saw potential for decentralization and
putting more power into the hands of people so of course what kind of what
happens when you come around and you have no cryptocurrency a blockchain that
is basically decentralize except for maybe ripple it’s decentralized it’s
going to spark his interest and so he’s now going to spend the year he learned
something new every year that’s what he was talking about he learned something
new every year and 2018 is going to be the year where he dives into this type
of this technology and see how it could integrate into Facebook so very excited
to see what happens here will we see a Facebook coin the FBC I don’t know
wouldn’t we see a Facebook coin that would be crazy exciting and it would
probably instantly be one of the top competitors to Bitcoin just because the
amount sheer amount of people on the Facebook platform the amount of people
around who know Mark Zuckerberg but not only that once he goes into it you know
other companies my joining butts going to give a whole new level of credibility
to cryptocurrency that a lot of people sitting on the sidelines are scared to
invest in because you know they’re they don’t know if it’s real maybe it’s a
scam there are a lot of people who are very you know have very negative
thoughts on the on cryptocurrency so this would definitely help ease people’s
thoughts and you know kind of kind of help grow the adoption try to you know
and another push for mass adoption so guys also I want to share you guys a
little bit with Tron you guys know a lot of you guys follow char on the channel
so it’s a quick update Tron their integration with the app is officially
finished so you get out deposit TRX and you can enjoy the show basically I was
the the tweet that they gave Charles Twitter definitely one of the best
places to get updated with Ultron’s info so I would 100% recommend going to check
them out they also I believe their founder Justin Sun would just want an
award or he was featured here you go he’s featured and the company chart
itself has been there has received an award to be recognized by you know China
and their government in the tech space so that’s pretty cool a lot of potential
coming in from Tron which has caused their price to rise if you look at in
just a little bit now another thing I want to talk to you guys about the
Winklevoss twins you guys know the first Bitcoin billionaire is the first public
Bitcoin billionaire the answer could have been more but we don’t know these
guys predict that Bitcoin could 30 X 240 AK so it was between I think they said
in the thing they said 20 to 30 X something like that in 10 to 20 years so
guys investing in Bitcoin is not a bad idea I believe Bitcoin is definitely you
know the safest cryptocurrency to invest in just cuz it’s the one that’s always
talked about in the news it’s the one that gets all the free publicity that is
Bitcoin so think about this you know I honestly no one can guarantee anything’s
gonna happen I personally agree I think 30 fold what 30 fold current at the
price right now it’s $10,000 growth at 30 fold just $300,000
definitely definitely you know potential and so earlier today they were talking
about the the site right the new site was so made an article about high could
reach 50,000 by the end of 2018 results resulting in a total cryptocurrency
market cap of one trillion dollar market cap is gonna be significantly bigger
guys first things first the market is gonna be significantly bigger if Bitcoin
hits $50,000 just say but I see what they are talking about and definitely in
10 to 20 years we don’t know what’s gonna happen to win 10 to 20 years you
know Bitcoin could be worth so much more than $300,000 but $3,000 is its bold but
it’s definitely not out of the question you see what they says Bitcoin has
potential to grow so no one’s guaranteeing anything it has potential
and of course Bitcoin does have potential right the coin has potential
to do a million dollars if it to become worth a million dollars if it takes over
you know if people stop using money and just use Bitcoin Bitcoin has potential
to become worth a whole lot of money right but you know it’s interesting to
see some of the biggest influencers when it comes to the Bitcoin space
saying this I told I told the agree now what you guys been waiting for let’s
talk about the crypto currency markets 417 billion dollar market capillar you
guys were all so excited to see that we hit the 400 billion and crossed that
mark and you know we’re gonna try and hold above that right now I am just by
looking just really quick of the charts you see a lot of red and a lot of green
so nothing seems too crazy except for populist is down 25% nanos down 90th 20%
as well there’s a few big movers ripples up 17% a few big movers and a few big
you know movers downwards a few big movers upwards but then for the most
part we see a lot of 0.4 1.01 so not much movement I do consider this sort of
a sideways day and you guys can see that from the you know we had one good day
here which was yesterday’s Green Day but other than that we have been moving
relatively sideways which does show give me confidence that we might be you know
preparing to enter a bull run especially the stock market down there’s no current
correlation between the two that we have found because no cryptocurrencies so new
and we haven’t been around for a stock market crash but I’m not calling the
stock market what happened to crash but it did have a correction because it was
up so much it did have a correction and with that it’s potentially that’s
possible that people were saying moving their coin their money into
cryptocurrency when they cashed out there so that’s something that might
have happened it’d be interesting to see in the coming days what happens but you
guys know work work work spec we’re waiting we’re waiting until the end of
February or early March to start seeing a bullish market to start seeing Bitcoin
star recovery and start moving upwards to those bigger numbers that’s what we
are expecting to see now I do want to mention as well I’m going to use the
Bitcoin chart as an example it’s because this is gonna go on with every coin this
is not going to be an easy run up right the reason I say this is because we had
such a you you guys know the story goes a great December early January you know
a great mid a great mid December end of December early January or early February
we’ve been on this you know this bearish market and we started to see a bounce
over here so hopefully we can hold this but the thing to look out for is it’s
not going to be as easy of growth as it was you know in this period in this
period right here simply because we’re going to trigger a lot of sell orders
right a lot of people you know maybe they got into Bitcoin when it was
thirteen thousand and it instantly crashed right maybe they got in right
here right now fourteen thousand just went up and then let’s get going down
and they don’t know what they invested in they have weekend’s what’s gonna
happen they’re gonna put a sell order at 14,000 right here they gonna put a sell
order on that on Bitcoin at 14,000 so as soon as that hits it’s going to trigger
everyone who has a $14,000 sell off and so we’re gonna have a little bit of a
dip again and then we have to climb past that level again again again and it’s
gonna trigger another level where people have a sell orders and boom and then
it’s gonna keep going with that and obviously they’re gonna be people with
you know people have buy orders in levels like these people you know could
set up a buy order could have set up a buy order 6500 and Bob Bitcoin but we’re
going to trigger a lot of sell orders along the way just something to look out
for just so you guys are aware that’s why I told you guys to share this video
so other people can see it but we are not going to have an easy run up but I
do think we’re going to enter a bullish market pretty soon but just keep in mind
even on bullish markets we’re gonna have Green Day’s and we’re going to have red
days the difference is the green days have to be you know better than the red
day so the green days have to be bigger than the red days and that’s going to
lead us to overall you know market growth but like I said it’s not going to
be an easy growth whatsoever definitely you know definitely still has a long way
to go but I’m excited to see where the markets head in the future now truck I
told you guys we’re gonna try talk a little bit about Tron Tron is up 13% it
actually was up significantly more before I think it hit the 5 cent um five
and a half cents maybe here we go five and a half cents why did it run up so
much honestly it could have been part of the news that that came out with um the
app integration working out now another thing is
obviously Tron I’m gonna play the second psychological game right so if you guys
look at the crypto currency markets 8800 1000 you know $1.39 up at 150 for
goodness if you guys look the only coin in the top who knows what that is very
very very very cheap he is Tron now we’ve talked about this
before it doesn’t mean absolutely anything the price right but if you’re a
new investor you think it does that’s the difference if you’re a new investor
and you’re a young investor you’ve never invested in stuff you don’t know market
cap so you don’t you’re just looking at price and you said well Tron’s ranked 15
it’s a four point seven cents you know big ones at ten thousand zoom Sean’s
gonna be at ten thousand not exactly how it works but a lot of new investors
think that way so that’s one of the things I think is going to propel Tron
upwards again that’s one of the reasons I think Tron you know they did Tron did
a lot of things right know for a company that we’re waiting till the end of March
to see you know a beta to see the coin burn to see a lot of things happen for
to start building you know trust in the community chart is a great community but
to build trust and to see you know an actual working project that we can back
that’s going to be that’s only down the road in March so right now it’s ranked
at 3.1 billion dollar 15 an overall market cap but it doesn’t really have
any of that in that is because of their marketing Tron is an awesome name right
it’s an awesome name and if you think that has nothing to do with it you are
absolutely crazy you are crazy I don’t I’m gonna I can’t already tell someone
in the comments is gonna be like oh the name doesn’t have anything to do with it
your stupid marketing has to do with it and the name takes a big part of
marketing and another brilliant idea they had is they made some so much a
hundred billion they made a hundred billion coins guys four point seven
cents I I know the price means absolutely nothing but as a new investor
I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve heard
and family talk to me about how they should get into ripple pits number three
it’s only $1 bitcoins at ten thousand ripples bound to be at 10,000 soon
that’s not how that works but there’s people who you know aren’t invested but
they and they think that is how the markets work so guys just something to
keep an eye on I see Tron moving forward hopefully we enter a bullish market I
said we’ll see Tron get back to the ten cent mark um and
kind of hold some resistance find some resistance and kind of hold over there
until we hit March at the end of March start of April where we’re going to see
the coin burn which is going to increase the price that’s just guaranteed well
I’m not gonna say anything’s guarantee but it’s going to it should be
increasing the price and the launches that are coming forward we can start
seeing you know a potential working product of prototype a beta whatever you
want to call it but all those things are coming in the future for Tron so guys
hopefully you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget give away leave your
comment addresses down below comment your addresses down below and something
related to the video make sure to smash tums up on and share this video
somewhere where you think people can get the most value from it so guys again
thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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  2. Bitcoin at 30× would be crazy, wouldn't need a lot more mainstream support though imo.

    BTC: 1Dra2kDL39BZZ5fMDrwhdEHB7MWooC1FCW

  3. Shared on twitter… was nice to see a run up yesterday, hopefully we can get more of those days moving forward. Do you think the reduced trading fees on binance will have any impact as people flip in and out more often? BTC 1Dsu8xd9qAZL6TyiumK8rcqn9yo3NU1paz

  4. I read up the road map for tron and apparently there might be two coin burns, one in the beginning of march and one at the end.
    BTC ADDRESS: 1Coqfx9794hTvSpwKavTpzBk6pF2vWhgSq

  5. Bitcoin is the Godfather! Whether you love it or hate it, in this early stage you must root for Bitcoin to succeed! When Bitcoin does well, all coins do well! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  6. I predicted myself that something big was going to come up with crypto currency considering they banned crypto currency ad’s. I think it’ll be a big year for cryptocurrency.

    Good video as always Patrick 🙂


  7. Hard to see bitcoin reach 250k in the near future…maybe in a decade or so. As far as tron goes hopefully the burn and other updates will bump up the price to maybe 2 or 3x then I'd be pretty happy. More realistically 1.5x though

  8. Bitcoin is going to last cause it's only the beginning. Everything has it's timeline in futures. I'm going to stay with the curve cause the curve never lies. 1F8NhnNPiNkct32TaY3xQhQFuCjRRjKAkj

  9. Most new investors wouldn’t of used Binance or any exchange site they would of used coinbase most likely so I doubt they’d use sell order

  10. Facebook caters largely to the millenials. Therefore it is only a matter of time once regulations are on place that it and other major corporations see crypto currencies as part of their business plan.

  11. Facebook Crypto could be a game changer for mainstream business adopting crypto currencies, even though Facebook was considered as an outsider a decade ago. As far as Tron, it is a wait and see game, if the coinburn does go through, we may see a bump on the price.


  12. Alot of info for new people, TRON is an awesome name for sure.
    I have invited multiple people to ur Facebook page and youtube channel and will keep doing it because everyone needs to hear the info and service ur providing for free.
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  14. I believe in Tron even if it started out shady…effort is seen and made to make it work so….👍

  15. Great Video Patrick. I'm excited about Tron's potential aswell, and am looking forward to post March. I feel if Facebook does enter the market soon, Google will quickly follow and we'll then see many major companies entering, possibly with a longer term view of only accepting their own cryptocurrency – although this will be challenging. Looking forward to the next video.

  16. Thanks for the video
    A Facebook coin could really bump up the entire market. Could be very interesting.

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