23 thoughts on “Facebook Cryptocurrency 'Globalcoin' Explained – Everything You Need To Know – Facebook Coin 2019”

  1. Go EOS for smartcontracts ❤️ GoBitcoinConfidential for 100% anonymity❤️ !! BTC is slow and cant scale its like using DOS but still Windows10 is state of the art. Blocks are already full at 8000$. No improvement since 2017 ATH. Make your due diligence.

  2. this global coin could become the new petro dollar – if so, the us gouverment will go contra cryptos

  3. You have a mild misunderstanding of what defines a cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is simply a digital asset which uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions and subsequently store the data in a form of public or private digital ledger. The most popular form of digital ledger technology used in the crypto space today is blockchain; however, there are several cryptocurrencies which do not use blockchain, i.e. IOTA, XRP, XLM, HOLO, Hashgraph, etc.

  4. Well Max this will be the number one SHIT coin LOL , what a hypocrite …..should be GlobalSHITcoin. After the number one Globalist, Thanks Max

  5. This guy I know is on facebook all the time and openly laughs at me when I talk about the blockchain technology. I hope this will open his eyes, "he who has the last laugh…."

  6. great content Boss, lol don't bash FBC, "FACEBOOK COIN", lol the RUMOR is that FACEBOOK AND or TELEGRAM are launching on EOS.IO

  7. couldnt get into eos , i like it and have alot of faith in it but just never bothered getting any yet, i dont really know what to do with it plus im getting into learning how to be a dev in block chain and i dont really want to learn C , i like solidity, kind of….actually no i hate it lets be real but im already in to deep, but i digress i like this video and i couldn't agree more, they're digging a grave in a few ways in my opinion, especially just backing it by fiat alone is mind blowing to think that it was a smart move, but thats just my opinion and im not an expert and also highly UNeducated and maybe i misunderstood, either way thanks and keep up the awesome vids

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