Facebook Cryptocurrency $1B VC Raise Proves Again Digital Currencies will WIN! – Build Today.

it's beautiful day it's a beautiful day guys it is a Tuesday April 9th 2019 its Plata with the centralized TV you guys what's up I hope you guys are having a wonderful Tuesday I had a wonderful Tuesday already I woke up early had a great conversation with let's just say a potential hire someone that is very smart indeed and he likes well so we are a fully distributed team this individual enjoys working in non distributed teams and so what was really interesting is having conversations with him about why that is and why being around other people helps energize him which is cool everyone works differently it's just it's just tough it's just tough guys I will admit it's just tough to talk to someone who's just so technically smart has a alright head on their shoulders is so effective at what they do in scaling technical projects and leading technical teams we are a fully distributed team guys and he needs people to be around all the time so it's like dang man we don't check that box but anyway but you know that I think that's part of it's part of why we're gonna be talking about what we're talking about today I'm chill right now guys I'm chill I've had lots of coffee I've had lots of coffee had a great conversation with my broseph about why we're going to win and if I may for a second if I may for a second I know I'm all over the place but that's just how these streams are gonna go these days it's just whatever so did you guys see did you guys see Facebook is raising a billion dollars Facebook is raising a billion dollars for blockchain engineers for cryptocurrency to create a cryptocurrency to dig deep into cryptocurrency architecture I mean a billion of cha-ching that's what I was waiting for cha-ching are you guys listening a billion dollars a billion dollars let me see if I can bring this up here let's just let's just look at it I know this is I know I know I know I know this is random I'm supposed to be talking about a certain thing but let's just let's just Shh show you what I'm looking at Facebook is raising venture capital for crypto Nathaniel popper thank you tweeters he says update on Facebook's cryptocurrency sources tell me that Facebook is now looking to get VC firms to invest in Facebook cryptocurrency project we reported on earlier this year I hear that they are targeting big sums as much as a billion dollars given that one of the big alerts of blockchain projects is decentralization getting outside investors Cadell Facebook present the project has more decentralized and less controlled by Facebook yes one person I spoke with said that Facebook is talking about using the money as collateral for its cryptocurrency Facebook has been designing a coin to keep a stable value pegged to a basket of foreign currencies held in bank accounts it's interesting to think that one of the richest companies on earth raising money when was the last time they did outside fund raising you know one of the things that John and I were just talking about is about how much money really is out there and I actually did a a DC TV news clip on this probably a couple weeks ago you know I think the context was just starting your own project starting your own site hustlers which is what many of our Yanis ins our pub members are doing with their lives is they're creating new projects they're doing new things they're looking for an extra income opportunity which is out there my friends 100% because we live in an online world now but anyway John and I were talking about just how much money is out there for investing and it's just sitting there it's just sitting there guys it's just sitting there getting moth balls and the reason is is because there's just not enough great projects to invest in I know this might sound this might sound antithetical to to what you've been hearing but guys please as someone who's in the venture capital world myself our company were vc-backed there's so much money for great ideas now we've had a lot of shitty ideas a lot of shitty ico projects but the traditional world of venture capital there's trillions of dollars trans and dollars you just got to look for it and it's not all in America it's not all in San Francisco guys okay you gotta look out so you gotta look out at East I help you guys know for two years plus I've been talking about looking out east look out east that's where we're that's where we're looking we're looking out east but anyway Facebook yeah I think sometimes it's hard for us to completely kind of get a hold of this idea of how large Facebook really is I mean yeah yeah billions of users right a third of the planet is on on Facebook right money how much money do they really have how much money do they really influence how much with their money how much can they influence other people who have more money that influence other thing I mean like we I think we fail to truly realize how large Facebook really really is and that the Borg is upon us Skynet is here Skynet is already here guys it's called Facebook all right we've already flipped the switch the the red eye the red eye on that you know on the button on where all the servers are is blinking you know I'm saying from like those movies it's alive guys is this what I'm saying guys it's alive okay so I want to set this context for you guys how large Facebook really is number one how influential they are I mean influencing countries influencing individuals behavior patterns shopping patterns my thinking patterns right maybe okay so let's set in the stage okay all right let me drop the hammer why the is Facebook raising money why is Facebook raising money Facebook don't need no money a billion dollars and want to raise a billion dollars Facebook don't need no money and I think Nathanael popper here has a great idea I think he has I think he has a great idea right he thinks given that the one of the big alerts of blockchain projects is decentralization getting outside investors could help Facebook present the project as more decentralized and less controlled by Facebook I think that's a great theory and I think that's a theory that has merit that yes getting outside investors could give off an aura or a presentation layer that Facebook and crypto is not a bad marriage it's one that supports decentralization and all the the the cool stuff about that to get the Millennials involved right but I I think I think he's wrong they're not and I'll tell you why I don't think Facebook is raising investment for their cryptocurrency project merely for perception I think Facebook is beyond caring about their public perception and won't you agree I mean I don't think there was any news report mainstream or alternative went about Mark Zuckerberg his time in front of the the Judiciary Committee or whatever I don't think there was any report that said that went well I think mainstream our alternative media everyone said Facebook looks like right now so I don't think Facebook really cares about outside optics in terms of the presentation layer of how they look and wanting to be part of the you know the alternative society of decentralization I think they're beyond that I think I think and this is just based on my experience I think Facebook is raising outside funding because it's a mechanism to get in to markets because money is a medium it's more than just it's more than just a value exchange it's a medium it's a medium of opportunity to medium once once I have money let's just say I get I raise venture capital from a man or woman in a country that I've never been to well now I have access to their network and I have access to all their influence and since they're giving me five hundred million dollars this person in this country that I've never been probably holds a lot of influence and now I can get in and so I think this is an opportunity for Facebook to get more mediums open up more channels for the imminent takeover of the world but there is a there's a gold there's a silver lining to all of this and this is my thinking and this is essentially worth what John and I my brother and I were talking about earlier this morning is the silver lining guys thanks Facebook thank you I appreciate you Facebook I appreciate you for everything that you're doing for the cryptocurrency world guys let's let's just let's lean in stay a while and listen let's lean in and understand the reality and that's why I say thank you Facebook thank you for everything that you're doing if Facebook is going to be getting into crypto currencies Facebook's going to get venture capital firms to invest in them building a cryptocurrency getting into blockchain maybe even up to a billion dollars worth of investment when a company clearly doesn't need money they clearly don't need optics they just want land they just want to grab land why this is so powerful to me as many of you guys remember my go back and decentralize TV search for it land grab what is this economy that we're in now it's land grab economy it is grab as much land as you possibly can in the crypto space because it's limited especially a beat coin it's limited it's gonna be scarce and it's gonna be really really really valuable but why this even excites me more is that if Facebook is doing this then crypto Kurt what why would Facebook do this if this was a scam it was a hack I it were beyond it my friends or beyond it now it's over we have JP Morgan Coyne we have we have we have Facebook coin I mean it was we have a WeChat corner we have a telegram court guys I mean I said this months ago I said this years ago it was applicable then but it's even more applicable now is that whenever you hear Fudd about crypto scam beat beat coin scam you know are they your are you gonna poopoo Facebook you get we are you gonna poopoo JPMorgan I mean as much as as much as there's many people that probably don't like JPMorgan I think that can be a relatively assured assumption you can't poopoo why are they spending money why why would you why would you spend money on employees education time infrastructure building process building organizational redesign new tech stacks cost cost cost cost money money money money why would you spend all this into a scam call blockchain Thank You Facebook thank you thank you because even though what you're gonna build is probably gonna take you a really long time which is good a rising tide rises all ships and guess what guys I'm in the crypto project world I build the crypto applications so I'm just gonna keep winning along with every other crypto project that doesn't quit and keeps iterating keeps pivoting keeps fixing mistakes keeps learning from mistakes keeps trying again and just hoping they don't run out of money and making sure that they get the right the right features and functions out it's a sort of a guys remember from two years ago I was saying survive build in the crypto space and survive because if you build in the crypto space and survive then you will be one of the top when mainstream finally catches up they're gonna be children that are being born today that will only know of a world where Facebook coin was already out you know they're there they're gonna they're they're gonna talk to us be like yo you lived in a world before Facebook coin what were you transacting in I was transacting my facebook coin against V box in in in in in in the video game not minecraft what does it called the shooter game I definitely never played it I never remember what it's called you know I traded my facebook coin for fur for Bitcoin and then I traded my my facebook coin for Amazon coin and then I traded for WeChat coin and then I traded it and then I transacted with with telegram coin and then I my telegram coin I transacted with Microsoft coin and then I would you were you what were you using I survived man

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  1. Just wanted to say thanx for advice you gave awhile back about E. Classic..especially after the 56% rise this past wknd

  2. I wouldn't underestimate Facebook's crypto project. I'm sorry to say but while the traditional crypto projects are moving like snails and no substantial developments are being completed , these guys will be moving at 100 mph. The only thing holding the current crypto market is hype and manipulation. Coins inflating 150% for no apparent reason. This is not the way ahead.

  3. lol facebook will bankrupt themselves and all of their customers with a cryptocurrency tied to international fiat currencies. That's hilarious. The bitcoin wealth transfer just gets better and better. Could end up being a good capital on ramp too. This world is getting so crazy.

  4. When you have money and you do outside fundraising, it means you do not have enough confidence in your own project.

  5. Wow Crazy Facebook doesn't need a billion dollars for that. Besides any funding they need to go get it from the government as from the beginning.
    Hahaha come on Facebook is a government entity.

  6. The greedy Bookface people don't want to spend their own money…also yes they can say…..look we got people from outside, we think decentralization is great…..hmmm

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