15 thoughts on “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Touts New Election Integrity Measures | NBC Nightly News”

  1. the problem with elections are the ELECTORS. people appointed to represent your vote. if every adult & non-criminal american is equal, then their vote should be counted equally against each other individual in the country. that is mathematically fair. if your just going to group up people by the state they live in and marginalize their vote, and gerrymander whenever it suits you, then you have grounds for a manipulated election. plain and simple.

  2. In a yoga session "quantum pondering" I call it when I have my wireless buds on… in dawned upon me.. Facebook actually contains and resolves much of the toxic activity and potential crimes of the web…. so take a step back and imagine hard political times without a Facebook. What im saying is imagine the election meddling and other things that would be done through much more aggressive measures if they didn't have a facebook. These people would have done these things in the age of the web regardless of facebook existing or not…. in a way it was like a world wide socio-firewall that made terrorist into trolls instead of international hackers and worst.. that would of snowballed turned into a war or civil war. even. I ultimately think it will be a force a good and is worth keeping and progressing. Warren should not try to decommission facebook.

  3. Mark is taking a preventive measurement in case of a fall out. Facebook has become so big that is about to bust.

  4. 2020 will become known as the hacker elections. Wisened by the previous elections, Democrats have recruited the help of FBI's and CIA's best hackers to their cause. On top of that, hackers from MS, Apple and Facebook are going to give their support to the democrats.
    Trump and his russian troll factory dont stand much chance!
    Zuckerberg is such a liar. He already openly supports democrats to the throne, so its clear he will be biased against all pro Trump output on those areas of internet he governs.

  5. And now Zuckerberg is advising Mayor "Neoliberal" Pete………Corrupt oligarch establishment clutching on to the last remnants of power….Even though "Pete" is being showered with millions in oligarch money…..he is still does not have a chance….He is that platitude bed….The people have had it with centrist Neoliberalism….Sanders 2020 or BUST.

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