Facebook a Ripple XRP Killer

to us as warm up and bring them
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what’s up Carl Lewis and word
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oh, nice NAZI we’ve got day and
am and USC that it was almost it was almost ship tonight so if
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got like this up his day of dela a Ford Ian ID and Indies live in
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he’s got me of first thing
Tuesday morning and is already
seen e on light got done excerpt he
been an odd as awesome to see
you in a Carl Lewis, a dully
what’s going on G excerpt eating
up on l it is quite all right to know of awesome we got we got
a good group here , let me a poll (to pull up, a
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a little easier sonata was
looking down and pop to sell the oh excerpt he would sell and give me a second year this is a power in a bear ago and are we go to I started to a so it’s a layer is I started the
test Alton on a awesome and also denied to
share all that and I was
listening for a little while I was working on a few things I
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Thais me crazy sometimes to oh I RI join on it puts up a
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nights to a Carl st of a tense and Evans at Siena when
M’s if you miss out a little bit
mean of young China and then
nine to a Tia lambasted in the stream so light let’s see what we got
here randy rebel its have some
good news hopefully and hopefully we got some good
news you know what an up and I
was gonna say something and in
my mind in us thinking back and
I w , from Sunday to Monday that the
whole market is gonna have this
a significant turnaround arena
see a lot agreeing in the market and sure enough you think about
you get people long day weekends
a peep or a hanging out of young
people or you now have a littl increased and all you know
during this period time but what was awesome of all was also
knows that he deftly see some
nice up some nice big gains are
you brought up by Charlie Lea at men like cloying is seen some
take big gains it’s it’s really
amazing the roll up like what
another 1010%8%10% of today
going up , by that that turn Ronnie got
bit cloying approaching about
9000 that of a tee up see that and
deny its arraignment of it’s all
good it’s all good it swing a between ship and I
did they get some that it’s all
right to so, but yes so I think that
the you know that’s that’s
really positive news you know in
my opinion does a lot of great
things up for the year on terms a gain
scene also that would bit
cloying up 125 to about 130% of
which is you know that that’s a
big bi odyssey there’s a lot of fun
odyssey the other night on was
eight BC 60 minutes whenever of
garbage show that was on they were we’re talking about
digital assets and an up line
view of the origination of with
original purpose and intent of a bit cloying was to find on
illicit activity with within
nine, drug trade eccentric
center is so still spreading a
bunch of tha , I think DN I really hit it,
reel nicely wild Starwood son of
deny a really nicely this
morning, with up with his day
was at th , losing complete rack, as a as
well but on that a great video
and then highlighting of that
segment from up from the media,
and on Sunday see media’s is you
import you know a part of the
manipulation of allowing for
these financial by institutions
to a sta all what’s up, excerpt the angel
Connie Tina hall in italy’s
George van Perot , to see everybody coming on and
in ski total of launch a jump in here , yes for sure on thumbs up on
the way and the be all some of
your new to the channel first
time in, make sure use of love
you w , and and that’s it for that
news so light so tonight what I
really their 22 specific things
I wanted to cover an I think we
can , I believe it’s it’s pretty
important of units important
topic to dig through on others
have uncovered oven sitting on
this now offer the past a numbered days I
plan on actually just doing a
video on the whole face book
global point thing or 1. where
they’ , although others of come up and
on videos on and put a different
spin to italy’s my opinion, on
the on the entire on intent of , face book and what they’re
doing in the payment space all
which I do believe is really a
trend of it were to see happening more
and more and in really before
before that just a just a
thought because I might add the
global , if they wanna maintain the
relevancy just like a social
media giant the need to and keep
on growing and expanding their
reach it was so here’s where the only
act and that so chip could put
up of an article the other day
which is Jp Morgan getting into
he is that yes Jp Morgan is
expanding their ventures,
getting into a healthcare a
payment space with the knowledge
that they all sa on taking Morgan in order to
maintain the relevancy it in the changing a financial
while the world of the in the
end the of with a new asset
class and just development and
black ch time so USC see this transition
Jp Morgan now getting into up
and buying a company of that is
responsible for healthcare
payment when we see again we see a
banking entity in a financial
space getting over a move we’re
moving into a payment space
that’s very all because and everything is and always
going to stay the same within
the banking space just is
everything didn’t stay the same
in the reta of that you know a lot of these
big box stores that you know
many grew up with liked was a
Ross and Sears and an even came
are o you let your people than
anticipate but they also can
leverage of their position on in
the economy to try to do things
and Efrai you know until their business
so, now to take about that than we’re in
a talk about face book were to
talk about the significance of
what they’re doing you know why
i it we talk a lot about on me
talk a lot about, and we talked
a lot about a government a clarity
government regulation in the
space to talk a lot about , what the SEC is doing more
with the SEC isn’t doing to help
provide some sort of clarity all we talk about all you know
that the SEC is still using old
antiquated of Tass like the other how we
test in order to identify
whether not a tangible asset is
a security are not but with all
of this and with the fact that we’re
still not getting direct clarity of through
Congress or from gov’t the SEC has to continue doing
their work real quick in an excerpt the
bananas put that out there
making blue has been doing some
amazing of work with of utilizing a fundraising efforts
for Saint Jude of you with done and raising a
significant amount of excerpt he
oh for the Saint Jude
organization on and really get a
lot of yo toe on tight so so with with within the
SEC a space again the other to
continue on investigating the death of a calms down thumbs up and that
means of deep or listening
whether they agree are not
always good to get a least one
thumbs down t then odyssey their little of
close minded and and on them
what a spot, but many also so
the SEC is going to continuously
focus o of meal based on whatever form
of greater regulation that we
currently have in terms of the
overall on and so we look at
right n and it was it’s actually
interesting because you have the
SEC going after, Nasir it was I
proved so I prove network and
this was which has been promoting a I get
a crypto currency called pro
currency which is part of my pro
network and the SEC in this
situa of innovative and actual
products by selling
instructional packages the
provided lessons on the commerce
so to see their son a part of a
product or alleging to sell a
product on and so there you on a
seasoned issues going on there tying themselves with a
out with a digital asset on the Ritz as a company raise
more than $26,000,000 to finance
the development of its black
chain based rack sales network of that was meant to pay a
rebate on purchases made to the
platform so they’re spending
money on to develop on that unit so
they’re still in development aid
and not necessarily a you know it’s not the proof of a
fund of functional law business,
but they’re trying to take money
that they’re raising whether when they recruit others to do
the same so they created almost
like a a form of a pure made
scheme you know by on getting in
bed the affiliates you who knows how
how deep you know down and other
their plan and doing payouts on
it actually a big issue with t so here the whole concept of
their pro currency has to do
with making money off of the
efforts of others which is in a
direct a other how we act so are the valley test so in this
situation it’s pretty clear of
it they were an infringing on
the securities law on in the SEC is going after
them to obviously and this was
this was, again they just went
after them so they just filed on
Thur you know where as you know we
still have on an open nine
discussion potentially all with
a with a rebel an excerpt he now
if the of the SEC would’ve already you
know broad case against them a
bigger then you and then really
the case that is still
outstandin on is the fact that there are a
couple individuals disgruntled
investors whenever it is that
made up some view no one they
made and you just kind of all
ridiculous case and these individuals investor
really small amount of money and urges better and sewing
rebel as a result of that and
really it doesn’t seem like it
has any legs and so for a back
case has it and this scenario you know you see the SEC
directly onto are going after companies
that are infringing on the
securities upon the securities
exchange act so I was very very
clear , in that scenario so I’ll me
let me just jump over your real
quick, or to the chat sorry, was all in
a single of thought process of
going through that knows I’m not
looking at the chat a little ra and is so a scroll appear see
the guys in any of a knee comments or feedback on
that if not then keep going so see here are a ton Ya Rio it going down tight cool to a real , and wears it OK to think they
are to be a real time payment
network developed in November 17
of the clearinghouse which is
inv against excerpt he taught that said that’s a good
of you know that that’s an
interesting question all I think
that that something like to do a
nice , and really you know I look at
I look at what’s going on with up with rebel and rebel net it’s
it’s a much bigger a solution so
take an oath take excerpt he
acts RPM its own isn’t
necessaril cop isn’t a a a settlement it’s
not providing settlement excerpt
in its own is really doing
anything on in less is used on so if you
go to an ever the payment network
might be and I look at all the
payment networks as as good
competition I think competition is healthy
again competition allows each of
the entities to strive to do
their best and and really bring
the , and so they’re they’re
clearing, if they are you know
us paying financial transactions
up the look and see it that you
know wh of bear the ones that are still
are utilizing on an older
mechanism of providing for the
the settlement, you know and so again excerpt he is and isn’t
the one that’s really going to
be a threat in that scenario of the real threat than would be
rebel net, and so does rebel net
that question in this scenario
in my opinion would be toes rebel net offer on
more of a solution 10 of our TV you know then of
there as a clearinghouse that
even if they are but you know
settling 50% of all the all
financial are are you is up is rebel net
again is rebel net offering a bigger better solution to my
opinion is yes you know so if
you look at the two, are tepee
is providing one aspect one
componen of rebel net is offering of ex
currency which is can be
considered sweat 0.0 according
to Brad darling owls, and it is
a very of it is a very you know critical
part of the communication
process , and still offers a lot of
other features and solutions of
the rebel they also the multi
hop which we talked about the
other da which allow smaller banks on two
also want like to move currency
easily off from from entity to entity
it without having to use their
current done mechanism of
transfer and into dollars first and seeing multiple exchanges
are along the way , and a second sub and get the
active the real, from Australia
open a real on and so now you
have cited the one component of
the E , that again in in this scenario
with a clearinghouse they’re not
necessarily providing liquidity
and they’re just providing tha on inso banks and really are
still going to have to all hold
other nosed robot’s truetype
accounts a globally where his ex
rapid toes and get a lot of a talker
traction yeah which is ex be a
witch is the API solution so you
tie those three together it’s by and out is are to be good the
role in handling 50% of the
transactions right now are the
ones it have something to lose
so but t a rebel picks up 10% of their
business and a then you’re
you’re starting to see of the
trend in the direction of so
again to me a solution and this really gets
back into other conversation of
you can you continue to do
things the old way you or all
will lo , I think that that’s really an
interesting dynamic , right, let’s see here , I missed an astute few things
here they’re ago when mature saw
that, rain I should be a sly th
I think so tough to why just up the check
my schedule and ensure a mama I’m here , let’s see here go down there
ago to Schatz of a of glen Roche
it still Australia and I can’t
believe it’s for real there’s no , tse here are you keep going
down, are to be as a messaging
service they realize another
stroke and boast recounts opener
ago com so it’s it’s basically just
of it as mosquito fine around my
head , your egos keep going down and
Kay to reveal like cool, let me
see that be awesome rain to be
fantastic so to owe the subs said again you
know we see that direction of
the SEC on I think that that
significant now I liked the fact
that so worked and ago I just I like
that women are all shades
villains here and strive to a , Tony of your ego Jeff room as a user
I don’t wanna care about that
point and make a payment or are
what have you I only care about
us on that all 100% anno people really it’s it’s not
relevant whether it’s excerpt he
or BT CRX El Amor ABC are you
know what ever and whenever it i , if their you know making a
payment, they’ll really care
what soon the back and they just
wanna make sure it’s exactly
what you the seller doesn’t wanted have
to pay you know 3%, in credit
card on the charges anno for
every time one of the rock
customers c you you might get it down alike
to 1/2%, but you can bet that deftly has a
big impact on on his bind so overall in this
scenario though yes you mainstream
adoption they want that easy
click of a button you know if
you go on the Amazon prime and
images says up and now, of all everyone’s
perspective that has to be the
same exact the process and we’ll
really need to know what’s going
o com surfer 301 are three testing
finishing on the 29th of the
July excerpt he so you that’s
that’s a right to know anything
that on is going to have a Andean
pact for sure , decentralize Internet to being
built around his roster of, well
it that we Internet a value on
my don’t done I don’t know enou , but if I guess I understood
that a little bit more common
and looking at what their there
are a tempting to do with the
decent , and let’s say the global
financial resets and is on the
UK and cracks it is on French
elections Swiss and Australians
are all central bank systems fail
there’s a ton of stuff going on
right now globally for sure, lot of that
is leading up to one tacky happening odyssey
economically on many these kind of countries
have all had deftly a felt the brunt of
it on and many of the the banks
all these big banks that have
been manipulating offer for too
lon on in disagreement for what
they’re doing to impact the
economy, and yet there are you
know they’re trying to do things
as up an some of the of ~ on the other
side you know anyone that’s
would be a considered and anno
one I’d never trump are wearing
only se of the politicians you know
trying to yell back the fed or
you know making statements that
wrong doesn’t know what he’s
doing wh and the U.S. to others it honest
of coming out so , and the French elections are
there so much as some things are
things are changing rapidly you
know deftly things are changing so I let’s let’s get into one
that’s getting the face book so I think that this is a no
deftly a question its deftly a
topic onto to look at you know
we look a year if you look at an
idea on the thumbnail you know is sun
is the face book point is and
isn’t another rebel excerpt he
kill arena because they are
gettin , and sure somebody and all might
have a little bit more on anno
insight on that you know someone
to throw some Masa note said the , tse hear a personal deck
corporate debt to taunt reside dead global
corporate data glow of a that’s
this is a lot to unite, it’s
it’s all it’s all coming to a
head its def it is really the AMA it could be
a bee that undoing and a
specially of all that the
central bank entity that’s not
to be them pr increasing at their rapid pace
in rate that it that it has been a there’s no there’s no bailout
money and are you can’t keep turning
to the of the coffers was not
there so and see a rack survey excerpt
the minute the propaganda
machine is running in full force and picking begin offset the
will the people III love that
statement you know because it’s
the will the people that has
been hol a most of the politicians out
there they they don’t anticipate
it will of the people you know
coming together they’ve done everything that
they could be spent eight years
trying to divide us racially on
didn’t work on because of the
will of your race of race tension
they put the view racial tension
where did and didn’t exist , odyssey there are there isn’t
there are in there will always
be you know people that will be
prejudiced , based on someone’s ethnicity
or race or what have you on what that is and you know the
commonplace and that the person
on the street of you know those
those that tension didn’t exist anno one talking points from
from another source on but that the media play their
part to spread the
misinformation as we continue
the week to see them in a spreading misinformation
whether it’s up now in the
economy , and you knock cetera so and I
think it’s it’s really crazy not
just it’s really amazing here we
are , I know they got enough
discounts accurate we had up to
50 listed as 44 people on right
now off from all parts of the
world you on and everybody is on the same
page on the line and a lot of
agreement here and again people
from all over the world coming
tog , in my opinion and in the
powers that be will continue on
212-1211 to divide us so tight so so let’s look at it
this article here because of the
article or Aydin really Gotta go
through not to read the article
j , and face book you know so taste booking a messenger I
stopped using messenger on face
book a while ago, you know face
book II tell use that often you
know , and especially not in on the
alert she can to bring it will
forget about all that that’s not
the point so have said a also
pay moving their focus of payments
on into a category category of
healthcare we see Jp Morgan
developing the jp employing all
with t , digital asset and in black
chain but they were coming up
with a full commitment to it and
you would think a face book came
out Ide purpose of of the exploring
technology on the black chain
with digital asset and I believe they really
targeted the exact space of it he has importance to them and that allows them to grow and
and differentiate themselves and that’s the fact of it they
would want to get into four
shots of men of good taste good
to see you on thanks for the
young an to oh again be also face book
folk scene in on all of the,
purpose so of of what’s going to
really allow them to continue their relevancy as we move
forward odyssey there’s a lot of
changes in the social media
space a face book just like to retail
just like banking just like
anything else is gonna shift
when it’s gonna move in a view
on shift and a still have a huge of a
customer pool, I don’t know what
percentage of their customer
poll is considered active , I know they lost of the
younger crowd, many of the
younger crowd are no longer and
face book and they’ve moved on what face book wants to tap into
by getting into the payment
space now they’re trying did you
know offer up I forgot what that
t it when it’s what it’s called
exactly but, but anyhow and what’s critical here is that
many of the company’s and were
to see more and more of them are going to start dipping their
toe into this shark infested
waters of that we call the
payment space all we obviously
see that on and that’s where face books
focus off for the payment space
doesn’t necessarily ought to be
in cross border payment all but
i a payment structure that allow
people regardless of where they live in the world
on to interact with one another
and do business with one another and do business with one another
with financial transaction so in
order to tap into that a face
book needs to adjust their busin onto really accommodate the
payment the solution without utilizing a third party
payment the solution like a visa
or MasterCard or pay power
whenever might be of it still
charge we do have a completely of
different discussion on whether
not this case · as global corner
world: whenever it’s gonna be to get a different discussion as
to whether not it’s going to be
a sensual eyes platform or
decentralize platform of but that isn’t really what’s
relevant you know when we look
at it just on space is a face
book is moving in stepping into
the customer base of potential
customer base of 2.4 billion
people that’s the significance
and so that when we look at it
is akin to up draw attention to digital
assets on in a in a big way yes I do
they have by the potential of
going mainstream and very very fast all when they
when they go live in 2020 and I
yes they do have the potential
2.4 billion customers that they on is of a right to have lain
exactly but the purposes of its
different rights so it’s it’s
not an excerpt the killer it’s
knock of face book with their with
their cloying and then their
entry to the payment space isn’t
going to at this stage it’s not
their is what they have in hand which
is 2.4 of 1,000,000,000 people so that is significant 2.4
billion customers that they can
immediately I utilize for a for payment on a
transaction and out when whether
not all of these individuals
actually use it, and so we can really look and in
two different directions as to
whether not this could be super
highly successful or I could fail out of the gate
and they can just be dead on
arrival and that’s possible to a
global Z these amazing projects
th on Amazon is is come out with
different projects to fall flat
taste book has had projects the
kind of fell flat they all have
pr and it’s not gonna go anywhere
on Jeff Ross I did not hear of
making the talk about it, II
know that they were they were of
the and this goes back to the
conversation where having
earlier that competition in the
space and you as a related to a
party pee of taste book is getting into a the
payment space that’s why so that
was relevant and those important
or the conversation and ‘caus is so critical for mainstream
recognition and mainstream
adoption to again whether not,
this pace · Pfaelzer succeeds on which again there to tap and
a 2.4 billion people and they have good the utility
is their purposes their intent
is there need of that is gonna
have to be a determined as to whether not
these 2.4 billion people how
many of them are active how many
of them are now many people in
thes on with although the privacy and
another issues at hand within face book ill people
might the decide that they don’t
want to all but been that face
book is getting into that they
could because the earning potential
from a payment platform will be unbelievable so they go to a platform to
simplify on in the beginning, transaction
between on individual audio customers of
face book then you spin off the
platform it could be could be you know it
can be big ticket being tested
to be another one that was
either didn’t atone to a shark
infest in a jumping into this payment
space and right now face book
isn’t a payment of provider in
any shape of the word so on us and it’s gonna be a little
bit more difficult for them and
then also the same time you’ve got a face book stating
that they’re gonna roll out and
2020 Italy now at 2020 all day we have more than a year
and 1/2 because the young cousin
in the role of January 1 as
means and a rollout in 2020 to lead a year and 1/2
development in this space and we
know that days are weeks and
weeks or months and months or
years in the when elsewhere were to be tell
who knows where you rebels and
entity at the speed at which
they’re adding the partners on
stella as quayle gonna make some huge
of progress it you know is the
of excerpt excerpt the tip of a
solution you going to want going to
exceed an excel on in this space
because excerpt the tip bob is
really the one it’s that kind of
a solution that could potentially see a
threat from eight a face book a
payment solution that could be you know the
potential for the competition
there it’s gonna be that the
more direct the consumer base,
and in so t tasteful proles on 2020 and
again the two year and 1/2 from
now sorry to see a lot of
different things and all
happening between but when it comes down to it and
going back to a only that point
was that Jeff Ross of a knee
that point that done Brad was
talk again it’s highlighting it wants
highlighting direct focus on
this space to oats knocking a
directly impact excerpt he but
it’s a impact the entire space which
is going to benefit indirectly
benefit excerpt he a because
excerpt he is also used on in a
in i in the payment environment so
that that’s where it becomes
very very important now what’s
interesting , social media perspective , is that were really making
this big transition, and this is
where like right now I look at
you what goes on with twitter
its d I think we’ve the hood kinda
move them were moving anno
beyond all of the idea that
people really care about what
you a free din is is also changing because as
people grow up people are really
a you know craving other things
you know so what what people cra you know through social media
and that’s you know this
engagement you know so I think
that you know what we’re looking
at now is an investment perspective on and I think you’re gonna see
education of go cross border all
where you can sit at home in wherever in a in may and what a
duffer was a set should smell
Australia for you to sit over
there and you can study from a
profe , but you know there’s there’s
multiple channels and through a
you two of engagement like this , we could we can sit here in
and have you know a lesson on
what ever on and be engaged and
in this and so this is the
direction was meant for all which is
really again learning and
growing on is is really the most
important part and at the at the end of the day
you know the interaction
enabling people to connect regardless of borders
are cultures and to connect from
a a personal perspective like
this but the connect to open up
opportunities to do business
with one another that’s the power this is the
true power and I believe that a
face book is seen the direction
of love in the significance of
the so the other night we talked
about you know somebody sitting
in Africa, making baskets and they do only in fiat
currency and they are able to
one you know they they are unable to
transact as somebody in the
United States not even able to
transact to someone outside
their vi what this is doing and and face
book is identifying these needs
at this level as well through
this up to the solution II have
to individuals to connect with each
other with an opportunity of
doing business to buy and sell
from anywhere in the world on so that significant now again
forget about what are pinning a
face book is forget about
whether they’re gonna succeed or
fail is very same idea concept that
is already being implemented up
and and developed by , by rebel love to one and a
larger scale all the utilizing
excerpt he threw a smaller of
you know smaller of providing a
smalle you know micro payment a
structure like to coil a lot of
things happening in that space
at: Il is gonna develop be on
the web si in two and create the inner
inner connectivity just having a
wall it’s not enough so now if you have the social
platform so in order for me to
find somebody and shoots the
list really all I need do a bit
engage if if there if you’re making and
no one in which you can make
over and you know miss at one
snakeskin boots or alligator
skin bo and I want them from from Schutz
cost really a, the Ohio mike and
it no to a Homa define the person on
the street to make some when you
know he doesn’t have all of bank
account he doesn’t have credit , and he can be engaged through
a social media platform and Al
watcher engage in that social
media platform it all now all the sudden it
changes the dynamics and then and that is pretty
amazing you know so , when you when you can buy are
sell you want the chip a chip to say no to the chip which chip are we talking about com site, Vaughn and I’ve done
this a trend in IE I’d miss down
a lot of the conversation,
auguring face book as a chord of
the , how long as everyone and hold
excerpt E, into a law to the everybody has their of
their owl plan I believe on to see a very old Anna lee’s
George and is where the whole
story and don’t mind being
shipped on my wrist if it needed
being no telling exactly that, to hold
the Medical Health records but I
believe they have a much greater
purpose offer tracking individua a enough there to have there to
force you to do it and you have
no choice I’m sure this to be a
enough people out there than a f , the OS and your phone, when he
needed shipping your body and emblem one out where
bracelet anno or a or necklace or
whenever idiotic your coat on
and you can scan that your code , think that would be a a lot
better so a potato chips of a and
others thought about Stephen
Shipp , light so you have that Brahms Ackley
tight so so to think about you
know what what this all means in
and I believe you know if it’s
prett of developing and in a similar
space is there enough room for
multiple players are deftly is
on a TR again of the Gambia on
in other their purposes differ
on right n on the terms of overall utility
and terms of advancement of
excerpt he’s been around since
2012 on rebel is a company’s
been aro , but you know the point being
is that there’s all of a much
bigger gap in terms of
technology developments on and
face booked u a write the banks will have to
work to I think so mad, they
deftly at some point someone’s gonna
have to work with a mother to
bank on there to have to face
book is going to go out and probably by a a a of
a payment provider digital asset
I know what they’re doing is on
the day they must be doing some and what they then have the
structure the payment structure
in place to notes can be interesting is
to see odyssey of echoes anno on
artsy be thank you very much for
the AMA are that it bought, and and june , I just got that does look at
the notifications on my phone so
appreciate that , it looks like we’re were
coming upon the upon the hour,
to summarize into some of my
ideas here so , again you face book launch and
2020 , were talked about the of the
odd involvement of of jp employing in any of the
baseball world cloying on an a
at the end of the day again in a
distant and kind of a put the
cap these companies moving into the
space which are our huge you
know of dish on in this sea, you
know it in terms of recognition Jp Morgan everybody
knows Jp Morgan everybody knows and face book
the fact that are moving in that
space to raws attention to
mainstream adoption and with mainstream adoption increase in utility is also
going to drive consumers whether
corporation or individual 20 solutions that are going to
give them the best value up and you know the best product
so although one company might
draw attention to people are still gonna move
where they get again they’re
getting best value in bass
product and so from a corporate
perspective and most of them are gonna go
and work with Jp Morgan if there
and competition on their deftly
I can work with face book on but on in terms of what happens with
face book I think times gonna
tell you 2020 is a long way off for
them to release on and yacht II was thinking about this
annoying thing general you know
where we gonna be as as we see
mainstream adoption and I kept you know thinking
about this quote from carbon and
sell for got stuck my head for
the past couple days and in Hanoi notes to me hell of
cool solace from paying a one a
south park episodes again
everything was helical and and
so you combat sale only look back on
the chat see what the what some
of the comments are here in the
Moulin will start wrapping up
and you everybody spending their of
Monday evening or Monday morning
wherever you might work Tuesday
morning , where you might be they also be awesome, let’s see
here at the bit of a year ago,
open rebel makes a lot of
relation before these books
launch I be the top tier the top 10 the top
20 digital assets many of them
have a purpose a bit cloying as first in all
really has a competitive
advantage on because they were
first in on the market on and
did their fi of allows it to maintain a certain status on is it is it
done the right solution four of
four payments probably not I th
I believe that the right, the ri on an really shores up of you
longer term of longer term ER
Investments that you know that
you not, you know you’re not
moving a UUNet using it for payment of
inches long term will hold a
value like you’re going to
invest in your huge of funds or
a stock or it doesn’t have that that same
now as they develop a night to
be completely offer you know as
a continues to develop a guy
thing , it’s eerily go down I saw some
other stuff , and nine are eight, tse Mako flea other
countries don’t allow face book
to give financial transfers and yeah I know who knows what’s
gonna happen I think that’s
deftly a hurdle that they’re
going half to overcome, but want
to go , and they have the wrap up the
burgundy were using to move
their face book global point and also interested me is when
it’s gonna be and yachts again
it’s gonna come down to whether
not people in general that are
utilizing and I see it as an
added value to their life and oh
so again look and look how many
solutio entities that are getting you’re
trying to get into that space
and some are really big and also
a Miata to me and I really I’m n I owe peer any idea and yet I
like the day and I think a lot
of these entities are going to
have to be I hope you ready
because , see face book party and
looking at other markets for
black chain amid whom play or
already working on clutching
there’s a ton you know from for many different
reasons , but obviously I think we’re
also were we having seen all the
impact of of black chain you
forget about the financial
aspect of but think about what block
chains can mean for government
from a from a transparency
perspective on to see up my guess, money
perspective of transparent to
see where money is being spent
on tax dollars imagine holding
governm they comes in through taxes and
understand you know where they
went, rector men take you very
much the mall deftly appreciate
th and see other day as I see a
rate there that’s awesome and
appreciate that it’s awesome so a lot of phone future
projects currency commodities
will run on rebel net for sure
face book is just it’s just
another player , because everybody seen this
potential and again face books
initial intent is 2.4 billion people and being able to utilize it
through its own platform ID and
I don’t see other to retract
other people from outside their
platfo to use that’s all that slowing
fruits and from a business
perspective and a spokesman wanna go up to
their lowing and fruit which is
2.4 billion people and again we know there’s a big
attrition there’s people you
noticed because you have a
subscriber user whenever does it
mean th so awesome tide is a great guys
in all really appreciated on
tomorrow, which tomorrow’s
Tuesday all we’ve got the idea
night is , chip to join a thrown it than
a parody and I if you still on
the one I throw new thing else
up there on and then we’ve got to tomorrow’s Tuesday, Wednesday
lobby on Monday Wednesday’s
atomic clock chip is Tuesday’s
Thursday’s a 10:00 and we got a
we’v and if my schedule works out all looks like I’ll be on with
the fog and rain on Friday at
10:00 so looking for to seeing
all you guys on the next rains
look of the net out here so again
thank you very much for
everything and we’ll check you
out on the next one of visual
schedule the t and Danny yet all fully soon awfully soon as a lot going on
in the aloha with them to a flea
of Wilson Newsom and a toss and
guys thank you very much appreci and I will see 19 and then extreme to that time and is known to do keep hotaling
your crypto

5 thoughts on “Facebook a Ripple XRP Killer”

  1. Facebook population and usage is mostly women, and the nature of acceptable behaviour on facist book is dominated by women. If a person makes an offensive comment in a public space, they can be suspended from using their account, without a two-way communication protocol, and no opportunity to know or confront the accuser.

    There are people that seem to shape an existence based on 'finding' things to be offended about, even when it doesn't involve or concern them. The epitome of narcissistic and ego obsessed nobodies are the trolls of fb.

    YouTube is dominated by men and it does well because of the lax nature of censorship. People can say whatever they want on here and no one gets scolded by the system. However it is quite tribal, and people become loyal to their content creators and protect their image and dignity online.

    A Facebook coin would likely be something internal, and any businesses on Facebook would be the ones to invest in holdings. But it wouldn't pose a threat to XRP since it is an intl payments based blockchain catering to specific clients.

    These independent blockchains projects, if anything, will hopefully be designed to be compatible with one another in the future. So when they need each other's services it is as seamless as the customers clicking on a few buttons on their app or dapp

    Thanks for your time and insights bud

  2. Think Duality? Mac Donald's — Burger King, Coke – Pepsi, Apple- Micro Soft, XRP-XML 🙂 HAHAHAHAHA as above so below

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