Facebook $1b Cryptocurrency News?! Pewdiepie Going Crypto?! Bitcoin BTC Trading + Analysis

what's going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video to got another killer video if you guys full of information today when we talking about the biggest youtuber on the planet has gone crypto bras be talking about Facebook's 1 billion dollar cryptocurrency investment as well as tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys before we go start with that if you want to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin all you guys have to do is number one be subscribe the channel and have your notifications turn on number two give this video thumbs up and number three leave a comment down below saying something related to the video also you guys are interested in making money trading cryptocurrencies even while the market is down make sure you check out the first thing in the description or the first thing in the comments for the cryptocurrency trade alert group so far we have an over 90% success rate and I post every single one of the trades that brought me to six-figure portfolio in the group so if you're a complete beginner if you don't have time to do technical analysis or you don't know how to do technical analysis you can copy my exact trades it takes two to three minutes to set up and after that profits to take it automatically for you so it becomes very very passive we have people in there who have one to two jobs and they still find time to trade and overall the group is a place where I try to put you guys in the best position possible following exactly what I'm doing the best position possible both short term mid term and long term in order to make the most with cryptocurrency so if that sounds instant to you guys make sure you do go ahead and check out the link down below and now let's jump into some technical analysis as well not too much to talk about one thing I do want to highlight from what I've been talking about previously is I highlighted the zone as a potential region for a pullback however as as long as we continue going up here the longer we continue to do this the less likely I believe we could be seeing a drop here before we continue up so to me we're talking like right now at least this highlighted zone might be a range where we see a spike back down to in order to you know get more by orders in here before we do continue to break out although if you look at the daily candles this is on the daily timeframe one thing we do have right here you see we touched the top which is pretty much where we went back here right so it's an area where we expected to see met we did go up and touch that did not break this resistance we're gonna talk about that resistance in just a little bit bounce back down to the past support and now we are back up here testing this region again so a very common thing we've seen happen this is you know breaking down perfectly very common something we you happen a law where we have the high met here we then retest the high bounce off of bounce off of that down to a support and then back up to test the high again this is a pattern that happens a lot if you go back through the history of Bitcoin and even all coins in other markets this is something that happens quite a lot so to me right now the range I'm looking at to spike down to potential spike is this area right here if that does happen that would provide for a pretty good long opportunity for in my opinion that's something I'm going to be looking out to do not a hundred percent confirm yet also if you look at the stochastic again the RSI is very up it is up very high so we've been talking about how it's been floating around in this higher range very high range for a long time and the stochastic looking like we might have a bearish cross hasn't happened yet but it looks like we might have a bearish cross again last time we saw that didn't happen too much because that came pretty much right after this candle we had the bearish cross and then from there nothing really happened we crossed again bullish and saw a little bit more of a run so it's not definitive that we're gonna see a pullback just because of that but is something to watch out for it's like I said in summary this area to me continues to move up now I'm looking at this area for the spike down simply because of how strong the momentum has been this setup is looking very good and to me right now what I'm looking at is a break from this area if we can close a Daly can if we can break and close a daily candle above this area above the resistance then I see no reason for us not to continue climbing higher and start moving our way to roughly 5800 that's what I'm looking at in the immediate in the shorter of timeframe that's exactly what I'm looking at one thing I didn't know I did mention in the previous video feels we guys who have not checked it out I do recommend check it out because I do talk more about some other technicals I do want to say that if we do go up to this region which is between you know 5800 to 6400 if we get into this area I'm going to be looking to catch a short position as I do believe we will see a reversal if we hit this area that's just what I see happening right now once we get there of course I'm going to analyze the situation and I'm going to make a decision based on how things are looking when that time comes but for me right now in the mid term that's what I'm looking as a potential opportunity I saw people say I hope you get liquidated if you're short well in that case that means bitcoins going up and since I do apply the correct race risk management strategies you know what by all means I hope I get liquidated too and we do shoot up to $20,000 that would be absolutely insane I wouldn't mind getting liquidated on that position I probably have a stoploss I won't get liquidated the stocks will hit I don't mind getting stopped out if it means we're on our way to $20,000 but that's what I'm looking at right now again I do think we will see a test of this trendline the white line you guys see I do believe it would tie in pretty well eventually to see a pullback test from that even if it is from going up here and then from here having a reversal back down to test it we're gonna have to wait to see what happens but in the short term in the shorter term I do believe things are still looking relatively bullish and that comes into play with all the articles that are coming out the Bulls are continuing to roar as you know bitcoin remains bullish cryptocurrency does have some bullish action it topped at $5,300 and I showed you guys roughly around 5350 it was I believe is the resistance that I need to see broken not only broken but also a daily candle close because if we see that to me it would be a very bullish sign that we are going to continue moving our way up into a higher region so that's something that I'm looking at in the immediate you know in the very short term something I'm looking at to happen relatively soon now if we look at open market cap just over one hundred seventy six billion dollars in market cap pretty green over all the day not much change you guys saw in the daily timeframe ferried you know not too much movement happening we've seen you know we've been in this range now for some time for a few days of been trading within a very narrow range Bitcoin dominance is at fifty point nine percent again slowly climbing its way on up there if we refresh let's see if we get to 51 let's see note we're saw 50.9 but still slowly climbing its way back up there in small gains but gains nonetheless the likes of iOS is up we're gonna be talking about that in just a little bit why exactly that's happening the biggest gainers though there's always some opportunities we have lambda that's you know ranked 93 I have no idea what this is up 76 percent repos up 73 percent I don't know much about that but crypto comm chain is up 16% Bitcoin diamonds up card on o up just under six and a half sure a lot of people are happy looking at their portfolio with that call him a very good cryptocurrency also of just over 5% and several several majority of cryptocurrency that is are in the green with very few in the rest overall it is a great day biggest loser right now is a BBC coin after a huge pump that it had it is down twelve point three eight percent now I want to ask you guys a question because I saw this article that apparently 47% of traders hold more than 60% in all coins you guys can see the breakdown over 10,000 votes came in how much of your portfolio is in alt coins 23 percent of people said that they have zero to 20 percent all coins 13 percent of people said 20 to 40 percent all coins 17 percent of people said 40 to 60 percent all coins and 60 set of 47 percent of people said between 60 and 100 percent of their portfolio are in all coins so let me know right now in the comments down below are you guys majority in all coins or are you guys holding a majority Bitcoin maybe some of you guys are gonna be Bitcoin maximalist maybe a few got you guys are going to absolutely hate Bitcoin I've seen everything I've seen people who you know completely didn't don't hold any Bitcoin they dislike Bitcoin they don't think it's here to stay they don't think it is as good as other all coins I've seen people who you know are Bitcoin maximalist that only hold Bitcoin don't touch all coins so we got a huge range and I want to hear what a majority of you guys are so let me know in the comments down down the comments right now what range you think you would fall into the 0 to 20 the 20 to 40 the 4a to 60 or the 60 to 100 percent also good adoption news from brave a browser their monthly active users surged by four hundred and fifty percent since 2018 so if you haven't had a chance to check out the brave browser is a hundred percent free it blocks your ads and they're going to be paying you if you accept to see ads so it's a pretty much a win-win if you do want ads and if you don't want ads you don't want to get paid to watch ads well then you can just have pretty much zero ads I'm gonna leave a link to brave browser in the description right now like I said it's a hundred percent free for you guys to try out and I know a lot of people that have converted and have been using this now solely using brave browser as their default browser also coin based program is up one of the good reasons maybe coinbase Pro it's added us our EP and maker for most jurisdictions they've added this to coin based Pro well will we see it come into coin base you know the actual coin base comm later we might as of right now it's just been added to coin based Pro so some pretty good news before some project I think a lot of people most people should know EOS but not everyone knows not everyone knows maker or re P so if you guys haven't checked them out maybe now would be a time to do some research maybe if coin base as them means they think they're pretty good always but I'm not gonna comment on that I've traded these before I don't know much about the two projects specifically just throwing it out there coin based Pro has added them now the big piece of news Facebook allegedly is raising as much as 1 billion dollars for its cryptocurrency stable coin it is going to be a stable coin now what they did say that they were going to do with it they're going to it's going to be pegged to a basket of foreign currencies held in bank accounts and they're going to design it to create to it hold a stable value so this came in from Nathanael popper who said update on Facebook's cryptocurrency sources telling me that Facebook is now looking to get VC firms to invest in the cryptocurrency project we the the project we reported on earlier this year what you guys know the news has been circling around for some time now now he said that I hear they are targeting big sums as much as 1 billion dollars and a lot of people are actually asking why would why exactly Facebook would need to raise a billion dollars they definitely have more than a billion dollars in cash however you guys see in there in Facebook's financial statements the company has ten billion dollars in cash and cash equivalents alone so I don't really need 1 billion dollars to invest now one of the reasonings they came up for this one of the potential reasonings does make a little bit of sense I'm gonna ask you guys your thoughts getting just a little bit whoops let's let's go back to that so give it one of the biggest alerts of blockchain projects is the decentralization getting outside investors could help Facebook present the project as a more decentralized and less controlled by Facebook one person I spoke with said that Facebook is talking about using the money as collateral for its cryptocurrency Facebook has been designed has been designing the coin like I said to keep a stable value is going to be pegged to a basket of foreign currencies held in bank accounts so one ask you guys do you think they're doing this just for the purpose of decentralization to be able to present to people that it isn't solely used it's just not solely controlled by Facebook that it's less controlled by Facebook and so it ties in a little better with being decentralized let me know your guys thoughts on this in the comments down below it is interesting that one of the richest companies on earth is trying to raise a billion dollars for their cryptocurrency project we don't know for sure what's happening we don't have a lot of information on this has been a very secret project but for the most part again it looks like they are taking more and more steps to getting a project out there where we're gonna be hearing about it I'm assuming when it's done when it's finalized when everything's ready that's when it's going to be announcing we're gonna get all the information about it but for now all we are getting is a little sneak peeks here and there are a little bit of rumors here and there and I've seen this one circling around so a billion dollars they have 10 billion in cash 1 billion dollars they're trying to raise reasoning for it I don't know but they are you know strongly entering this space with lots of money involved they are taking a big leap if if that is true they are taking a big leap at entering this space now next up why do I have the YouTuber subscriber count open well PewDiePie is the biggest youtuber out there do he's just behind the music you know the music genre on YouTube which has 105 105 million subscribers he's got ninety three point seven million subscribers twenty-one billion infused this guy is the biggest and has been the biggest youtuber for a very long time he is looking to get into Krypton on what exactly does this mean I do wanna preface this by saying he had a sponsored partnership with a cryptocurrency platform with a blockchain platform now the article says PewDiePie ditches YouTube and twitch streaming for D lives blockchain platform he's not ditching YouTube he's not ditching twitch he might be ditching them in terms of live streaming we're currently his partnership his sponsorship is allowing him to stream on D live and so that's something we're seeing but again even if it is sponsored ninety-three million subscribers that is a huge reach that he has where he is again promoting and that's where he is live streaming so if any one of those 93 million one to watch Jim live and trust me a lot of them do they're going to head on over to this platform they're going to be exposed to a new area that maybe most of them I'm assuming most of them have not are not familiar with they have not learned much about it before and so it's bringing a lot more people into the space or potentially bringing a lot more people into the space but I do want to make sure you guys do understand that from my understanding this was a sponsored collaboration between D live and PewDiePie so it's not that he is dishing YouTube orts torte which he is he might be for the time being it's not streaming on those platforms so he is going live on D live but he's still on YouTube he's taunting us still the majority of his audience but he did come out and say good things about them which again is beautiful for the space they do you know they're all about the Creator they're talking about how YouTube in twitch take up 30 to 50 % of the revenue of the revenue generated by a content creator which is 100% true for those you guys obviously you guys are on YouTube you to take pretty much 50% of the revenue from the creator's and twitch I believe takes closer to 30 to 40% where somebody subscribes for $5 believe twitch takes two and then the person gets $3 so kind of the breakdown how it is they're making a lot of money off of the creators they're taking a large chunk from the creators and again you can debate if that's right or wrong as their platforms that whatever it is this is trying to cut that out and be all about the creators in giving you know giving back solely to the creators and that's why again PewDiePie signed with them I don't believe he would get sponsored or would accept a sponsorship with how many he how many offers he gets I wouldn't I wouldn't expect him to accept a partnership that he didn't actually like so this is pretty cool to see happening on the less get sponsored but this is a huge huge this is a huge reach and again I think it's going to expose a lot of eyes into this space but guys that's gonna be it for this video hope you guys did enjoy if you did don't forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below in order to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin and of course be subscribe and have your notifications turn on so you can check back in to see if you did win so you can go ahead and claim it but guys thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys tomorrow for another video

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