F is for Focus in – Katherine Ledger

Hello again, I’m Katherine Ledger. I’m a Content Marketer
and Brand Storyteller, and I’m bringing you some
A to Z techniques to help make your content sizzle and
attract the right clients. So today’s letter is
the letter F, for focus. So, with content marketing it’s very easy to try and be all things to
all men, and post regularly, but not necessarily
attract the right clients. So I always recommend that clients have a marketing plan and a
content marketing plan which will focus on the people
they’re trying to reach, and will inform, educate,
influence and persuade that audience to respond
in a specific way. So, example of that is a
customer I have at the moment whose number one priority
is to drive up sales. So everything they create in terms of content marketing has
to be towards that aim. So, web content, social
media content, case studies, videos, whatever they’re
doing is all designed to get the people listening
to want to engage with them, and to connect with and
want to talk to them. So, my suggestion is, when you’re doing your content marketing don’t
deviate from that plan, but really focus on what
you’re trying to do, whether it’s driving engagement and sales or diversifying, or expanding, then make sure that
every content marketing activity focuses on and
contributes to that aim.

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