what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video from the tank cash house here today hope all of you are having a good one I know that I am because bitcoins price may be down slightly but it's still not out okay it might be down but it's not out and that is always a good thing to see I do think that we'll see a Bitcoin price bottom at around maybe sixty two hundred dollars to six thousand dollars I know a lot of people have been asking me that in the comments and so forth you know what do you think the bitcoins price will bottom at and that is my basic prediction six thousand two sixty three hundred dollars or so it could dip slightly below that but I'm not entirely sure that it will so for that reason and because bitcoins price is currently down a bit kind of on sale I'm going to be discussing in this video why bitcoin is still a definite buy and I'll be backing up my opinions with the opinions of some market experts and some big names in the cryptocurrency space who have a lot of experience and really know what they're talking about so anyway folks before I go ahead and kick this off I just want to say drop this video like if you liked it subscribe and share for more and let's go ahead and get right into it so even after Bitcoin 70% fall from its all-time high finance CEO Jiang Peng Zhao still believes that bitcoin is in a very good position so Cheng pings Aldi founder and CEO at the world's biggest crypto exchange Finance has said that bitcoin is still in a positive position after its seventy percent fall since early 2018 especially considering its strong rally throughout 2017 and Zhou kicks his argument off by saying that cryptocurrency markets are still better than standard financial markets in every possible way so from January to December of 2017 the price of Bitcoin increased from eight hundred and ninety dollars to twenty thousand dollars by more than two thousand one hundred and fifty percent in comparison to mid 2017 the volume of Bitcoin has increased by five fold signifying a significant change in demand and interest towards cryptocurrencies as an emerging asset from investors in the public market so in an interview with Bianca Chen a cryptocurrency researcher and reporter in Zug Switzerland Ching pings owl said that the cryptocurrency sector is in a better position than a year ago in terms of infrastructure price volume and mainstream interest and as I've discussed in the past those are very important aspects for cryptocurrencies on the whole and cryptocurrencies will continue to develop well into the future because these aspects are improving especially infrastructure and honestly we've seen the price stabilized quite a bit as of late and that is always good for future value and in mid 2017 the cryptocurrency sector did not have any proper infrastructure in place for both retail and institutional investors as of July the crypto market has an institutional platform called coin based custody established with which hedge funds academic institutions and pensions can purchase many millions of dollars worth of digital assets like Bitcoin and enter the native cryptocurrency of the etherium blockchain protocol major banks and financial institutions such as JP Morgan Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have publicly disclosed their intent to facilitate the growing demand from their clients in the traditional finance sector towards cryptocurrencies by operating digital asset trading desks and exchanges in the future once regulatory uncertainty around the crypto exchange market is cleared by the financial authorities of the United States more recently at the Economic Club of New York Conference Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein said that if government operated Fiat exchanges can dominate the financial system consensus currencies can also emerge as a dominant means of exchange and more to that blank line emphasize that it is arrogant to think cryptocurrencies simply cannot work because they're based on new fundamentals principles and philosophies and more importantly blank line went on to say quote if you could go through that fiat currency where they say this is worth what it's worth because I the government says it is why couldn't you have a consensus currency and so it's not for me I don't do it I own no Bitcoin goldman sachs as far as I know has no Bitcoin but if it does work out I could give the historical path why that could have happened I'm not in this school of saying because it's uncomfortable with me because it's unfamiliar this can't happen that's too arrogant so obviously quite a few famous wealthy and well-versed individuals and traditional and cryptocurrency markets are still highly supportive of Bitcoin and its future and I am of course in the same boat as all of them I'm pretty darn bullish myself and for good reasons but with that being said where exactly will Bitcoin go next so similar to the 2014 correction the drop in the price of Bitcoin in 2018 was caused by the bubble of retail investors the recognition of cryptocurrencies as an emerging asset class by banks leading economies and governments like the United States Japan and South Korea will enable the next a FOMO fear of missing out amongst large-scale investors and institutions and not only that but the fundamentals are improving day by day and fundamentals like I've said so many times such as infrastructure support by big banks etc are really critical to the future development of a currency of an asset or whatever acts as a store of value acts as a means of exchange it's all really critical and everything needs to interface properly for all of these things to really work and develop going into the future so with that being said that is my opinion of why bitcoin is still a definite buy it has a lot of future potential like I said that's my opinion okay so I want to hear all of your opinions down the comment section below as always let me know what exactly all of you are thinking I always appreciate it and anyway folks once again drop this video like subscribe and share and I'll see all of you and the next one have a good one adios


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