Extended Ripple Drop Interview: Raised in Space’s Zach Katz and Shara Senderoff

What’s the mission of Raised in Space? Raised in Space’s
mission is really to take the music industry and
to help it self-disrupt, to help it look at itself
very, very honestly, see where the inefficiencies are and ultimately marry that vision with the technology that’s
coming from the tech space and give birth, hopefully,
to this next generation of tech companies that the music industry for the very first time
is really a partner in. And also I need to
add one thing to that, to raise the value of music and that sort of brings us back to the name, Raised in Space which is, it’s named after the people who are held down by
the gravitational pull of old thinking, of old industry, and who wanna come as a
part of the new frontier to ultimately drive innovation and change in the music industry. For, you know, a digital
asset, technology like, say, XRP, how can that
benefit the music industry, and artists, and creators? You know, the music industry has been very, very
traditional in its view of the relationship between
an artist and a fan. Blockchain is a very, very powerful tool and powering, is every one
of those new relationships where artists can invite
fans to ultimately experience their art in a much more
interesting, expansive way where artists can
ultimately incentivize fans to do what they already love doing which is telling the world
about their favorite artists. So, you know, Blockchain and XRP expands from this very, very finite view of an artist-fan
relationship to ultimately being able to power this next generation of what fandom and monetizing
fandom will be for artists. With the rise of
technology allowing anyone in their bedroom to make a song, then distribute that
song, we’re ultimately in a place where there are 30,000 songs that are released every single day. When you look at that, there, it provides a greater need for absolute authenticity and with that authenticity comes a need for exclusivity and with that exclusivity comes the need for a
Blockchain type of solution that is able to track what
is ultimately exchanged. And that’s another area that
we’re closely looking at which is how do artists differentiate, what are their offerings to fans, and what is the validator to that fan to know that they have something that is absolutely exclusive.

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