Extended Ripple Drop Interview: Ethan Beard Talks Xpring

Ethan, it’s been just over
a year since Xpring launched. What’s the initiative
accomplished during this time? Over the past year we’ve
been focusing a lot on building out an ecosystem
of companies around XRP. So a lot of that has been in investing and putting in place
strategic partnerships with a number of companies. We recently announced that
we’ve made over 20 investments and we’ve committed
over $500 million in XRP to various companies
throughout the ecosystem. What are some of the companies that Xpring is invested
in and working with? So Xpring’s working with a very wide variety of different companies and diverse companies all around XRP. We’ve spoken in the past
about a company called Forte in the gaming space. Forte announced earlier in the year their gaming platform. What Forte aims to do is
to make it really easy for a game company that’s looking
to build a game on blockchain to have great tools and to make it really seamless
and easy for them to do. And then all of it while
we have XRP and Interledger really baked in as the
plumbing inside of there. Another company we’ve
spent a lot of time with is a company called Coil. Coil is focused on, I
would say broadly, content. Really helping content creators
find a new business model and a new way to monetize their content. And they do that by making it very easy for consumers of content to be able to very easily
pay out small bits of XRP to various content providers as their consuming the content. So in year two, what’s
Xpring gonna be focused on? So as I mentioned, over the past year we’ve been spending a lot of time looking at putting in place various deals and partnerships and investments. And that’s something that
we’re gonna continue to do. But I would say one of the areas
that I’m most excited about it that we’re really starting to layer in developer tools inside of Xpring and really looking to make Xpring into much more of a developer platform. So the team is significantly grown. We’re probably 10 x what we were a year ago in terms of people. The vast, vast majority
of the team is engineers. And so what we’re putting in place is really the tooling
to make it really simple to build with XRP. We’re building out APIs, SDKs various libraries and services to make it so that anyone that wants to come along and build on XRP can do so very, very easily. And then we’ll also be
spending a lot of time bringing these products to market and reaching developers wherever
they are around the world. So keep your eyes open. You may see us popping up at
various developer conferences. Maybe and see one of a
Xpring developer conference somewhere along the line as well.

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