*Exposed!?* Oracle Team US Crypto Baller – XRPC – New Shocking Evidence

all right welcome into the show it's a way one here and this episode guys is gonna be some evidence exposing episode and it's also gonna be the last episode that I show about drama and exposing evidence and stuff am gonna have some new up new news about a new partnership I'm doing with one of my buddies actually made a channel it's gonna help me in that type of sector and I'll kind of show you guys why I'm doing that and kind of show you the evidence it's gonna be a pretty interesting episode um so make sure you stay tuned and watch the whole thing so let's get started here you can see it's all started here with the Oracle actually commenting on my parody video that's number one so basically said okay now I'm gunning for you you think I'm kidding leave this up bitch and watch what goes down so basically threatening me on my channel I'm gunning for me okay so I'm at and just read my response guys and I'm asking you all I'm asking here is for some support please smash the thumbs up on my comment back to him I basically said Oracle when are you going to apologize to your subscribers for leading them into Knox and loop X just brushing it under the rug come on bro I watch your channel when you had 800 subscribers you bashed and made fun of every youtuber under the Sun to get to where you are now you can't take a joke grow up man and you already made millions what do you care alright of course she hasn't responded so you know that's all we're looking for here guys that's kind of why I made these videos cuz he you know I gave him I gave him a one with with Knox I said okay you know they they fucked us you know fool fools you know I'll take one for the team there okay I didn't say a damn word about not loop X okay same thing and he doesn't doesn't apologize doesn't say you know sorry for leading you guys into this these programs I apologize I know everybody lost money um you know I even did that on my list and I don't even have that many subscribers I have a good amount but I don't have as many people on my teams and in my downline as he does so just a formal apology you know that people lost money it's just the right thing to do and the fact he doesn't do it kind of kind of says what I'm saying in these parody videos kind of makes it you know who knows and that's our thing I'm just gonna start off by saying in this episode this is my opinion I'm just gonna be presenting the evidence and the facts that I have right now and all of the opinions on this channel and all the words I say are opinions and not something you can take and try to use against other people so that's number one so she's gotta be careful these guys are always looking for stuff I don't know his motive here with this stuff um you know he could be just trying to get his competition removed from YouTube I don't know uh why he thinks I'm at such a threat to his channel he's got 20,000 subscribers I don't even have a thought so you know I'm not even close to being a threat it's just a funny parody video all right you know if the investments that you're doing or working and paying out people and making money this should help you people watch these parody video and then they laugh at it they go check out your channel if they see you making money they're gonna sign up with your links so I'm helping you out so you know there's no there's nothing there with that and it's it's on you um the programs have been going downhill and I think you're just taking it out on other youtubers I know you're doing that to other youtubers and it's time to just look in the mirror okay it's time to look in the mirror a lot of the ice shows that you've been pitching have them come to fruition okay you got lucky on regal coin and devorah coin and made some money on gold reward that's pretty much it and you can see just I mean the views have been going down and it's not because of youtubers like me and crypto neuf and stuff making parody videos it's because these programs aren't coming through for you man all right and it's quite honestly you've kind of lost your touch a little bit here on YouTube I think you need to relax and you need to take a chill pill and get back to how you used to be kind of making jokes and being funny that's what's kind of lost some people you're not funny anymore man like you're kind of losing it so let's get a grip let's let's get to get into the joke book go back to the drawing board go back to how you used to be just funny you know stop doing all the hate with bashing youtubers and stuff and go back to how you work cuz maybe that'll get you more views and more subscribers alright cuz I know you want to try to grow this 250 thousand a hundred thousand like Trayvon James and create and crypto Nick and those guys you know he's thinking he thinks he can do that stuff so you know there's probably a chance you can if these programs are working but if it's not working nobody's gonna be subscribing man it's not it's not based off of parody videos and people make it funny viewing stuff that's how we play this game it's risk versus reward if you want to go on your channel make a parody video about me and how about I failed on some programs go ahead I'm not gonna sit there and comment on your channel and threaten you and Sam gunning for you all right so you need to cut that shit out number one so please smash the like button on this one guys and please go on this video and and just give me some support with the comments adding to my comment here with the with his comment and sometimes it doesn't show his comment for some reason I don't know why does that sometimes you won't see it but if you can see it make sure you smash the thumbs down on his and the thumbs up on mine and add add your support here to to my life side here alright guys really appreciate that so that's first thing there and then second thing the evidence so and it leads me to this and it just kind of sums it up let's just watch real quick this is crypto neuf this is this is actually a video that the Oracle posted the other day that he has recently deleted and he didn't really say the reason for deleting it or the true reason for deleting it and the true reason for deleting it is right here and we're gonna be exposing him right now so crypto new if does a great job he makes parody videos as well pretty cool guy know I've been commenting on his videos he watches mine stuff he's a cool dude um so let me actually show you what he said here oh here we go from George said to Miley Coco yeah so what this is guys is this is an email that crypto baller Oracle posted on his video yesterday saying this was an email from Miley Coco to George about loop X when they exit scammed look I made it bigger here but this is was an email when loop X exits scammed I guess he's saying Miley KOCO sent this to George asking what happened and George sent this back crypto new point a really interesting thing that it's pretty funny so let's let's watch it okay she said hi George what happened to LP X okay are you gonna handle this stop right there stop right there Oracle man this is where I got to help you out with your class skills bro and maybe even your Photoshop or your PDF editing skills because if Molly Coco is gonna send an email to George on February 11th at 7:17 p.m. just a news flash for you George can't go back in time on February 11th at 7:21 a.m. and respond that's kind of impossible unless so so that was it on that guy's and he makes a funny joke about maybe George is an alien you can time-travel huh but I yeah so that's the big thing with that just I just can't get past that and I'm gonna show you I did a lot more digging than this this isn't exposing by any stretch this is just the start so make sure you stay tuned for the whole episode here and show what I was able to uncover on top of this which is pretty interesting so that's what's interesting he's these timestamps and what's also very strange is this is a protonmail that he's pulling up in his Gmail so this was maybe forward to him from this team us Oracle at protonmail but it just looks like a weird format because even if you forward it I use proton this doesn't look like a right format it's just very strange and you can clearly see the timestamps um here's the original message from my lococo this is how it looks on proton now it's just like this this is the one message xi 7:17 p.m. xi 721 a.m. responded so I don't know if he just messed up when he copied and pasted this there's a slim chance of that but it doesn't look like that um it looks like he really messed up when he was trying to just make this email so like I said I'm not making any accusations I don't want to have people construed my words um but all I'm doing is showing you guys the evidence and you decide for yourself so that's number one there um so let's just get back to this so that leads me into this guy's okay so what I did because I wanted to get into contact with George because of the threat that was made against me on my YouTube just in case anything went down if Oracle was just bluffing if just open up you know empty threats you know it's all good fun until something like someone actually does something so if he does I want to have something in my back pocket to go against the guy so I reached out to George this email George 2008 at protonmail calm and you guys gonna be interested interested to see what happens here so I basically said hey George and your prize some evidence against the crypto baller do you have any proof of emails transactions anything you have will work Oracle's made death threats against me for parody videos about him I need evidence I can get against him I won't be taking it anywhere but if he threatens me again or does anything against my channel I will expose please help me if you can and then this is where it gets pretty twisted and pretty insane guys okay I get replied here from mr. George let me see what I got for you Thanks my leak signed my Li Coco are you serious right now and then I set a minute later another one that says shit please delete that email uh not in a million years man not gonna delete this in a million years and then I said here this work it's good guys this is why you watch my channel to pick up this kind of information alright I said you're done bro I know you're either baller or Miley that's probably the same person okay baller is Miley let's just let's just call it what it is guys alright and then I'll say I said I will play nice okay I wasn't gonna expose him here if he actually did what I asked him but he didn't so I have no choice um so I said I will play nice okay I don't want any trouble I just want to make peace this is the truth I don't want any trouble I'm just making trying to put smile on people's faces and the time of scams and you know if you can't laugh for yourself man you know you're just you're you don't have a soul all right do you ever watch Dave Chappelle show all the comedy skits that he makes shit's funny as hell and they're making fun of everybody and everybody lasted themselves okay grow up man you can laugh at yourself alright that's number one so I basically said I will play nice as long as you do these two things for me and these are not very good crazy demands guys I like I'm threatening them not like I'm extorting him in any way I asked for number one no more no more threats pretty simple right pretty simple pretty simple to ask number two I want the formal apology on your channel for number one knocks coin leading your subscribers there number two loop X formal apology basically saying I'm making a video guys saying alright subscribers I just want to apologize for leading guys here I know you less money I really apologize if you guys have any concerns and want to reach out to me personally here's an email you can reach out and one of my assistants will help you and try to deal with the losses you may have occurred that's all we're looking for man you know you have a big channel with a lot of people that join your team you can be there for him okay like you said you're supposed to be there for your team okay and then number three apologize for bashing mine and crypto newschannel okay he basically got crypto newschannel off the air for like four days or five days and it came back and now all is that his subscribers are back so that's I mean guys I got your back here in space alright so Kryptonian I got your back here and I hope everybody has mine as well so I said if I see these made in the video I will delete this parody video for my youtube also delete your emails I said the balls in your court baller let's play and he continued to expose himself that this is really him because he just gets pissed off and says you know what fuck off I'll do whatever the fuck I want I decide the faith of this industry so just an egotistical or mark guys but keep in mind there is a chance I'm gonna get to it later in the video there's a chance that this is actually George just making this up to make crypto baller look bad that's why I'm leaving this up to you guys and I have a pole at the end of the video to help decide you guys helped me decide on but what I just cannot get past isn't me go back to the original crypto new is a timestamp that is the overwhelming evidence that and I'm going to show you even more evidence so just stay tuned okay and I said I'll decide the faith of this industry and I said the only fate you're deciding is getting your own pockets rich bawler what happened to Robin Hood and not robbing from the hood you've changed bro I guess absolute power does corrupt absolutely I thought you were different I thought you were the one youtuber who did things differently I guess only one who does that now is me and Mike Michael enjoy your millions and having to move places every month I wish you the best okay should I make peace with the gun and I'm not trying to fight I'm not trying to you know I'm just he says is that all you can do where are the court threats and bullshit you're a fucking joke buddy I can get your channel I can take down your channel if I want hi so it's like he just continues to just be a belittling and just doesn't doesn't admit when he's wrong or that just anything the guy just continues to deny deny deny and number one there's no court threats I don't sue youtubers man if you watch my channel I stick up for youtubers I tell you that it's on them that people sign up but that doesn't mean that you can't admit when you're wrong as a promoter and tell them I was wrong I apologize for leading leading you guys into these I SEOs just say that man people they want to hear that stuff alright and if you don't say that I have the right to fucking call you out all right the fucking free country after all is it not so I say in this one okay so then I said right here dude I would never sue a youtuber for anything that's not me but you got paid now see I should have put I meant to put an if because see you don't wanna this is where these guys try to get you because we live in the fucking sue USA and they try to get you for any little thing they can so I meant to say but if you got paid too if but if you got paid off to promote an ICO you need to disclose that to your audience which is true guys and just so you know anybody out there that lives in the United States promoting ice shows if you're getting paid and to promote it have to disclose that or that's a felony offense okay you can you have to if you're getting paid to promote an ice show have to disclose that okay and it says you think you wouldn't basically said you think they wouldn't buy as much meaning your subscribers if you told them you're getting paid wrong they would buy the same amount okay they are buying it because you are talking about it and you like it they don't care if you're getting paid which is the case guys you know some people they might not do it but most times people are gonna still buy it doesn't matter okay for example look at Krypto crow and check out Krypto crow cool dude so basically he promotes I see owes on his channel gets paid up front he discloses that to his audience he's open with his audience guys he discloses I'm getting paid to talk about this I see oh if you guys want to buy it go ahead but I'm just letting you know I've already been paid to promote this so why you gotta say okay that's so crypto crow does it right so check out his channel guys if you want to check out other real I see okay and I said the people want honesty it goes a long way stop with the threats man I know you watch and like my channel that's why you got so butthurt that I made the videos okay I'm sorry I made them alright but Knox and loop X and didn't even seem to care at all come on man your subscribers lost millions on those have some fucking compassion okay which is the case guys am I wrong there am I wrong in saying that please tell me if I am wrong in saying that right there okay I don't think I am okay another one okay I said maybe the AI has gotten to you that much and you are really AI with no hearts or feelings okay I don't know what else to think about the guy okay I was wrong about you then from the start how stupid I am okay cuz I thought the guy was in it for us I thought he was in it for the little guy but he was trying to help the little guy make it to the top but instead he just wants to step on the little guy and make him get to the top okay I said all I want is to have peace and make up let me know what your choice is okay that's all I want guys that's all I want and then he finally says ding ding ding bring it on okay I mean what what a childish you know just I sit here and have these intellectual responses trying to be open with the guy trying to expand the thought and show him my point of view and the guy is just so close-minded and so simple-minded it's just pathetic I so that's why I said you're horrible okay and then I finally said in this where he stopped replying I'm a fan of yours okay I admit it okay which I am I was a fan of his in the beginning until he just went down a really dark path and they said why do you think I care so much okay that's why I care because I actually like him and I think he's really fucking up his youtube channel alright it means I have a right to call you out when you're wrong and don't care which I do whatsoever which is all I did I said it's a free country after all my friend which it is okay freedom of speech okay I have people in high places just as you okay let's shake and be on our way alright so he thinks he can just go send an email to YouTube or try to pay off somebody at YouTube to take these channels down I have news flash for you man they don't give a shit about what you want okay YouTube is about getting views and getting people to watch stuff and stay on YouTube and you know what my channel does that and a lot of channels do that and they're gonna continue to let these channels be on the air but you know what mic it shut down your channel you know why because some of the things you're promoting are scams and scamming out and there's a chance that that you two might just be like Facebook in the future and decide you know what all these crypto promoting I SEOs and stuff that are promoting on their YouTube channels that's no longer allowed then what are you gonna do huh who's gonna turn to now who you gonna blame for that are you gonna call on YouTube for that nobody all right so you're damn lucky that number one we're allowed to promote crypto on YouTube okay be thankful for that and you can't just sit there and send an email about you know I put disclaimers I have full disclaimer in the video I'm not trying to mislead anybody with the video I put in the fucking disclaimers okay that it's a parody video nobody can say shit okay they know it's a joke that's all it is it's a joke to hell people smile okay if if if loop X never exists scammed or anything III would not have even made these videos alright and if you would have been more compassionate and didn't just brush it under the rug and not give a shit I would have definitely not been these videos but it is what it is man you make your own future alright so that's it there and then let me get into the even more guys I dug even deeper for you guys on this channel because I care to expose the truth and that's all I'm about guys all right and so you're gonna be very interested to see this now I didn't just leave it at this I didn't just take this for the answer okay so you know what I did I got I got on the XR PC telegram group at night and just so happened who was chatting in the group David Peterson the CEO of X RPC and you know what I wanted to confirm with him guys I want to confirm if this is really George his email because he knows George he hired George he knows the emails that George uses he can ask George George have you ever used this email yes or no ok but take that with a grain of salt because I have another theory and so let me just show you what I wrote here so I basically said right here X RPC official I said hey David is this George's email who works with the X RPC and he said honestly there's no way of telling we've never communicated he has never communicated me on that email and I said Oracle is claiming it is I have I have proof that is that it's not basically I have proof that it's not his email David I wanted to see if you confirm from I meant to say George that it's indeed his email he got confused he said I am David and he went over here and I said I mean George and he said oh and then he left out loud so yeah I basically said can you please get on and then and I said if not if that's not George's email then George is doing some real some weird things again so then that's when David went ahead and private message me on telegram here David Peterson okay said hey bro and I said hey thanks for trying to confirm that with George I have some really great information then he said right here I'll see what I can do for you but I can say one percent that he has never once email from that email he always used Gmail I said Wow amazing you should see what I have boy look for the Oracle which is true guys and you're seeing it right now um so but guys but and this is why you got to always keep on your toes guys in crypto and I'm gonna try to teach you guys how to think um I'm gonna teach you guys right now just because David's telling me this okay and this David if you're listening this isn't anything a personal attack against you not even is this a personal attack against the Oracle guys I'm not claiming this to be true against Oracle or anything I'm just providing the evidence okay and I want you guys to make your own decision and I want you guys to see what you think okay I don't know for sure I'm right now I'm 95 to 5% which at which side I'm on but there's always a 5% chance and David if you're listening like I said this isn't personal but you know like the like the saying goes we're a product of our environment and this environment in the crypto space has taught us to really open our eyes and realize well there's a lot of scams and we can't take anything people tell us for granted and we can't assume things just because they're telling us something or if they go and put their name on okay so here's a conspiracy there is a chance that this email that I got from George is actually George okay and they saw crypto ballers video about it and XRP see kind of got scared and they know that I'm a youtuber and they know that if they sent me an email back like this pretending to be baller signing it thanks Miley cocoa okay I just for me guys I just can't imagine that number one crypto baller would be so stupid to leave this on an email and send it back to me I don't know guys it's just it seems like a setup to me I just that's what's got me okay because number one I was sold went when David told me 100 percent George George never used that email it's not his and I looked at the timestamp from this email you know I see the timestamp and it's like okay it's adding up so this is a fake email here this isn't him sexy my the cocoa or somebody I just could you really be that stupid to send me there signed thanks Maile Coco I just it seems like a setup guys I don't know what do you think honestly guys I'm gonna and I'm gonna be having a poll here at the end of video like I said but just keep just use this take this all in guys take it all in and form your opinion I want to get your guys as a pin that's why I made this video okay am I trying to expose it you know even though it is being exposed but I just want to get your opinion on what you think is the case here because like I said this could really be George sending this retained to be Miley Coco because then he knows it's gonna make the Oracle look bad and then right after why would you sit just says shit please delete that email like just like I don't know man like it's just it seems fishy as fuck like and you know and then he's trying to talk like the Oracle you know says ding ding you know it sounds like him it sounds like him but it could be George it could be George still making this up and then David's vouching for him because he's in on the deal because let's face it guys they need to sell their God their fucking ico out okay and Oracle's got a lot of subscribers and you know when it comes out when stuff like that comes out it could it could put a damper on the nice show so could they really have stooped to that low of a level to sit here and and and defrauding that much and lying that much to sit here pretending to be the Oracle and signing it Miley cocoa knowing that I will probably make a video about it and then making him look bad in reality they're the ones pulling the strings I don't know guys it's just a fucking crazy I just uh the space is just is just really just changed and just I don't know but then I always then I always that always leaves me back to the damn timestamp I just can't get over how this how this is like this if this timestamp was not like this I would think that this was George actually fucking fucking with me but I just cannot get past the timestamp and the fact that David is confirming with George that it's not his email 100 cents and I had a long conversation with David after this guy's and I have to say I just impressed with how he speaks how honest he is and like I said it could be all facade the guy could be really just a fucking like Academy Award actor I just I don't know I but but I just I try I trust him right now in this situation guys I trust David more than I trust Oracle crypto baller I just really do guys I just I think that Oracle made this fake email because he had some heat on him and he wanted to try to get off and he he didn't he did not fully think this through and didn't check check all the details before he made the video and people exposed him and I even exposed me the more he exposed himself and he continued to expose himself by chatting with that's why I continued to chat guys because I wanted him to expose himself more and more if this was a real Oracle and let me know what you guys think does this sound like the Oracle it kind of does um but I just it seems like a setup but then I can't get past I just can't get by this is the timestamp so I'm at a loss for words guys so I made this um survey I'm gonna put in the video I basically I'm asking you guys what do you think okay who do you think is possibly lying slash defrauding okay um and I should put David slash you know I'm gonna edit that I'm gonna put David slash George make that one cuz they're basically one in the same I mean don't think I'm picking an answer there I just accidentally clicked okay so basically from watching the video and seeing the evidence who do you think is the one possibly lying slash defrauding okay Oracle David slash George both mean how could there's a chance both could be somewhat I don't know or other just let me know what you think okay so I'm not a lost words guys this drama has really really taken a toll on me and so I've made a decision to this is the last video I'll be talking about drama like this with Oracle and stuff and um so I'm actually going to turn all that over to my which I said in the beginning I'm turning all this over um to my buddy who we actually talked about this today you guys will like him he's a cool dude this is his channel here crypto connect okay I've known in my whole life pretty cool dude kind of sounds like me guys should you guys shouldn't think it sounds kind of similar people to say we have a similar voice but he's a cool dude so be sure you check out his channel subscribe to it you got no subscribers help them out there I'll be his first subscriber and then what I'm gonna do is I will be I'm gonna be sending him my videos my parody videos to put on his channel because I'm gonna be removing them from my channel not because I'm giving in to the oracles threats or that I'm scared I'm scared of the bully and I'm giving in nope that's not it that's not it in the slightest I'm doing it because I just don't want any issues with the subscribers that I built on this channel I don't want anything to happen to this channel because I actually care about my subscribers I'm not gonna let a serial a silly parody video sit there and just ruin everything I built over the last six seven months here on the channel so they're funny as hell I love these videos okay I love the views I got them I love the thumbs ups and all the comments I mean the meant the world to me guys um but I will be deleting them from this channel okay and so I'm gonna be doing I'm be sending my buddy Krypto connect I'm be sent sending him the actual video files to upload okay and then what I did was what I did was I copied all the current comments that are on these videos and I copied them into a word document and I'm gonna put the word I'm gonna give him the link to the word documents so he can put that in the description he can pin it in the comments okay so if you guys want to check out the old comments of these videos they'll be there so it's basically like the whole entire videos are still there it's just on a different place um it'll be off my channel obviously all these views and likes will be gone and everything but if you want to pull up the old comments it'll be there um so that's what I'm doing here guys I'm just kind of trying to wash my hands of this drama and and it's just it's just it's just not good for the crypto it makes it even more like people getting turned off by the space and just I don't I don't want to deal with it anymore so let's turn over my buddy crypto Connect he said he's fine with making it can't make that many video he's not gonna make that many but it's not just gonna be about work or ball or anything like that he's gonna making videos on scam videos and parodies and and stuff so he doesn't he's not gonna upload too often he told me but when I have ideas that I have for stuff that you know I don't want to put on my channel and stuff he'll put it on his so you say he's cool with it and so that's we're gonna do so make sure you check out his channel and subscribe to it I'll leave his link from in the description for my videos and I'll pin it I'll put it on the comments in case you guys come back to these videos and you wonder what the heck happened to them you know I miss some they'll still though they will still be here they'll just be on a different Channel okay so that's it guys I hope you enjoyed it on this one um let me know please please take the poll because I'm torn I don't know I don't know who to trust here if they trust anybody um but for my conversation with David from what I've seen one as far as David the CEO on YouTube and his videos and stuff I just I'm sold on the guy I think he's telling the truth I think he means well and he's and he wants to do exactly what he's saying and he's not lying um and judging by the evidence here I believe it's 95 like I said I'm not a hundred percent on either one side right now I'm about 95 percent to 5 percent okay and you guys know what percentage is on who all right so let me you see what you guys think and for some reason these polls doesn't let you see the results after you vote I don't know why it does that I tried to fix that so you guys can see it so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna let the results build up for about a couple days and then I'll take a screenshot of the results on my end and I'll post it in a like a shared image like file on the web so you guys can just click on the link and then we'll show the I'll show the photo of the results okay so don't get mad if you can't see the results right away I will try to post those as soon as possible alright guys so please share this video around I know it went long 35 minutes but it's got a lot of evidence and a lot of information in here and so share it around it's the last time I'll be making a video like this about the Oracle or sharing drama or no making parody videos at least on my channel leave that the crypto connects you can he can do it for hey guys the cool dude he's very funny you guys are like him ok so other than that that's really all I have for you guys make sure you subscribe a crypto connect and go from there alright guys so appreciate you and also before I go before I do that make sure you smash that comments here guys make sure you smash the comments on this add all the comments so that I can copy them all to upload alright guys so that's it just make sure you share this video around YouTube so everybody can get the information I'll hit that thumbs up on this video and subscribe for more in my channel and hopefully I can start sharing some money-making opportunities again if something comes to fruition with all of our platforms monetize is looking like there should be up any day I'm also in hedge Connect they're looking pretty good and I guess thorn coins doing all right but I don't really share thorne coin on the channel but other than that hopefully I can make some money soon and share some opportunities with you guys out there and that's it guys that's all I have for you in this one hoped you liked it even though it's kind of a drama video and there's a lot going around right now on this but I had to share it because it was very important with the evidence and information so in closing I'm not making accusations against anybody Oracle okay I'm opening opening up an olive branch okay that's why I'm deleting them because I want to make things right I'm not hating against your channel or anything okay I'm just putting out my opinion and what I think is my opinion and it's a parody video as a joke it's like Comedy Central Davis Dave Chappelle okay it's not real it's not true have a laugh for yourself man have a laugh myself I lost myself all the time okay that's this you have to laugh you'll live longer alright so I'd say guys I said for this one's gone too long so make sure you subscribe to a crypto connect and share that channel around and I'll let you know he has those videos uploaded and we'll go from there so that's all I have for you guys have a great rest of your day take care and take charge and until the next time it's a way one out

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  2. I used to be a wolf. And I know that it was my decision to invest in the platforms the oracle made videos about. However, one thing I noticed is that over time, he would eventually stop talking about them. I remember with P3D, he said he had invested 60k usd and had promoted it, but once it slowed down, he pulled out his money and said he wouldn't talk about it again. If he really cared about his subscribers, he would have told us he was taking out his money instead of just doing randomly one day and saying he was done with that platform. He also did the same with Etherlink. He got everyone to invest, and once we did, he pulled his money out and said he was done forever. All he does is pump and dump, and maybe more, but I am done with him. If you are new to Crypto, be careful of pump and dump Youtubers. They don't care about you.

  3. to think…..ppl really look to guys like you all as a voice for hopes to better their finances and they show just how foolish, petty and immature they reveal themselves to be…..smdh. bet they will say…."its not meant as financial advice"……even still……it comes off to many as such.

  4. He used to claim to be a psychic, why can't he pick winners all the time then? ROFLMFAO!!! A doughnut shop psychic, just what the crypto community needs!!! HA HA HA pft!

  5. TEAM US CRYPTO BALLER You scammed me bro, I am going to need my money before I have to go to your apartment and plug you bro

  6. We all know to take responsibility for our risky investments. You should not blame anyone except yourself for losses. I lost 10 BTC in MT Gox, and after 4 years I finally have a half a BTC – I am spreading my small investments over a wide range of risky Tokens for high risk-high reward ICOs. I lost in Loopx but I blame myself – so should you if you chose and lose. Don't blame those You tubers that are helping with this education. Nobody needs to apologise when a Lending site keels over, or exits. We know the risks,  If not then stay away. You should team up with that other Virtue Signaller Mini Meenie.  I learnt about the ICOs from Oracle. Most of the other Youtubers have nothing worth teaching to newbies like me. You just bitch at eachother. Your slander to other Youtubers is damaging the Crypto space. Wise up and contribute or &^%*$ off.

  7. None of us will ever know who this cyrpto baller dude is nor should we care except for the fact that he has led people to crypto's that have lost millions.Just because you-tubers say this is not for financial advice you will be held responsible.Without a license to tell what's good to buy your breaking the law.

  8. Bitsaway1, Am disappointed in you. You are spending a lot of time exposing Oracle. Am pretty sure you yourself aren't clean. Please provide us with worth while information like how to make money. For heavens sake cant you ignore the guy. All investors in these lending platforms are advised to invest what they are willing to lose. Bro, take sometime to listen to what you are posting.

  9. This young generation sucks so bad. They whine and whine and always want someone to be responsible for anything that goes wrong. They rarely take responsibility and suck it up. Is it single mother syndrome? Where are the men to teach these boys what a man is? It is tragic.

  10. so·ci·o·path
    noun: sociopath; plural noun: sociopaths

    a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

  11. You guys are really making yourselves look like idiots about the timestamps. People do live in other time zones. The minutes are important tho. Miley at 17 after Goerge at 21 after. There are people on the planet right now that are 12 hours behind you. Lol

  12. Wow, 2% battery life on that phone of yours while showing the telegram screenshots. You sir live dangerously. By the way, "oracle" aka POS Human Being definitely a scam artist. A good scam artist makes the world believe he is not a scam artist.

  13. The George Proton mail was obviously Oracle. 100%. No doubt about that. Come on man, it's as clear as day. Not only a Miley Coco signature, but you are attacking Oracle and he responds as if he were Oracle. If he was George he'd say "Sorry, man, I'm not the Oracle. Go talk to him", but he doesn't. The response is 100% from Oracle. Not one doubt in my mind.
    Really great work man, but this guy is doing a real good job of burying himself right now. More and more evidence stacks up, and your video blows it out the water. So does the proof that some of the pictures of "the lovely Miley Coco" is actually a model called Kyndra McGaw. Go do a Google image search for her and you see the one where she's standing on a boat in a blue bikini that Oracle used as a picture of Miley in his videos.

    The guy used to be cool and funny as you say, but he got power crazy at some point and became a bit of a YouTube tyrant. That's when I turned off. If he had kept going down the same road he'd still be good, but they guy went power hungry too quickly and it's all going to unravel on him very soon.

  14. dude…..leave it all alone! Its over and done with…nobody cares..we just need the space to get back to as normal as it can and all this drama isn't helping…. I couldn't give 2 shits about FRANK, DAVID OR GEORGE….let it die already

  15. Obviously this scumbag Frank/Antonio is behind many of these scams. From the beginning i knew he made up Miley Coco and was sending emails to himself.

    I'm pretty sure when he pretended to send some teen subscriber btc on video he was really sending to himself. All this punk does is lie. He needs to be tracked down and beaten. Badly.

  16. I think the timestamp is a non-issue. I just received an email my wife forwarded and it shows it was sent in the past, but in fact, she's in China right now. When she received the email, it was 14 hrs ahead of my time, but when she forwarded it to me, it had my time zone on it which shows I received it 14 hrs earlier.

  17. The emails are already fake when we know that Miley Coco is fake. She is nothing but stolen photos from model Kyndra McGaw.

    I would not trust this "George" and Miley Coco are all Frank/Antonio.

  18. I always see Oracle make mistakes on the live channel and im not surprised he sent that email. He is a true liar and fooling everyone. I also notice when im in vpn always ask me first to change my time zone so dont believe it.

  19. It's Cur dog boy, look at the spelling of George. If it was really George, you would think he would know how to spell his own name. Lmao.

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