Explained | A new series from Netflix + Vox

K-pop’s worldwide takeover. Designer babies. Designer babies. The racial wealth gap has grown so large, it would take something truly radical to close it. 1 in 5 Americans have been in a non-monogamous relationship at some point. What will happen 20, 30, 40 years from now? That’s going to be really interesting to watch.

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  1. Ugh. Someone explain why Ezra Klein, editor-at-large of Vox, thinks that liberalism benefits when he assassinates the characters of well-intentioned centrists like Sam Harris. People like Ezra push people to the right. Counter-productive activism 101.

  2. Explained – A new series by Netflix + Vox which deals with an array of subjects but somehow entangles modern politics into each and every one, a show where the data is right but the conclusions are totally wrong.

  3. So it's a series where every episode some social/political/notable event is discussed and explained.
    It looks like 8 episodes a season with the 8 for this season being:

    1. crytpocurrency
    2. monogamy
    3. racial wealth gap
    4. k-pop
    5. diets
    6. stock market
    7. gene editing
    8. gender wage gap

    I'm guessing this is Netflix's alternative for something like HBO's Vice news partnership, or John Oliver's show.

  4. Please don't explain biology last video on crispr was horrible and TOO MANY MISTAKES! Rather you not say anything than make mistakes and have people believe fallacies.

  5. Been in Kpop Fandom since roughly 2008 or 2009, almost 10 years im in this huge fandom society, recognition isnt that big of a problem, every year US recognition is there ! It didnt start from BTS, It didnt start from EXO, heck i don't even think its from Sechskies or H.O.T. Roora was already in LA performing back then ! But to see its finally booming, its not just 1 groups's and fan's effort. It's every group, every fandom's effort that we are here !
    Wonder girls' Nobody was the first kpop song to air on US Radios, and they have since disband and we are still sad about that, so we must keep their legacy shine ! ??


  6. so vox is making a documentary series on netflix, but this is presented as if it'll be a new idea or concept.
    Hm, what are they planning

  7. Now, if only the world OUTSIDE of the US could also see it…

  8. Hopefully this Netflix series will have less of a leftist agenda and present things in a less biased manner than it does on Youtube. Really love the content coming out of Vox but there is usually an ulterior motive in many of their videos unfortunately.

  9. Can you make a video explaining why sunscreen creams are soexoensive? And a SPF24 is half the price of SPF 30.Please

  10. Oh joy, more lefty propaganda, can't wait for my favorite right-wing channels to rip this apart like a boar at the abattoir.

  11. Why would I ever trust Vox to “explain” anything to me? Lol. What a joke.

    The channel that’s in with NBC for 300 million and egregiously alters or omits facts to support their ideology is bringing you a new series to explain everything!

    Hahaha. Laughable while still being deplorable. Why don’t you explain why you’re so corrupt while your hosts think they’re saving the world because they’re either too naive or too stupid to spot agenda fueled propaganda?

  12. Seriously? the narrator sound like hes 15 years old and im gonna learn something from this little kid? weak …

  13. This is full blown regressive,feminist SJW AIDS poorly disguised as an “Educational” Science Channel type show.
    Propaganda & insulting.

  14. Oh yeah, they explained it all right. They take on topics and make them selves the expert and then solve the issue. They must all be millennial snowflakes.

  15. Does anyone know what the beat is behind the commentary at the intro/outro of each episode? It sounds like a deep, electric kind of hum?

  16. [Music] Main theme of Explained is written by Jackson Greenberg. You can find it on soundlcoud website. Thank god I have finally found it!

  17. What’s the song to the into of the TV show? I’ve tried looking for it and Shazam’d it and nothing 🙁 HELP

  18. I watched the first 3, wall street, diet and cryptocurrencies. I came to the conclusion that they did not do enough research, specially on cryptocurrencies.
    1). You only mention Bitcoin: BTC is the by far the slowest CC out there, we all know that, but there are many good currencies which are NOT anonymous & provide very secure and fast transactions. Only old bought BTC are anonymous, this anonymous age is ending.
    2). You say Visa has 24K transactions/s, when Ripple (XRP) has 50k in its old framework (Xcurrent), they are releasing Xrapid soon and Visa & Mastercard are already experimenting with this blockchain technology provided by Ripple. It will be 2-3 faster.
    3). Banks are adopting cryptos, because its the future of money, transaction & security. From gold & silver -> paper money -> banks -> credit cards -> digital currencies -> ?
    4). Mt. Gox retured all its investors lost money & hacked websites are obliged to return the money if they get hacked in countries like S. Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, USA etc.., you did not mention this anywhere. The lastest hacks in the World NOT Crypto related.
    5). About the electricity usage: "Google said that 100 searches are equal to a 60-watt light bulb burning for 28 minutes." The world will always need more energy, its up to governments and citizens to ensure green energy production, you cant stop progress, but you can make it green.

    1. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/608716/bitcoin-transactions-arent-as-anonymous-as-everyone-hoped/
    2. https://globalcoinreport.com/how-ripple-xrp-outdid-the-transaction-speed-of-visa/
    2. https://www.livebitcoinnews.com/mastercard-experiments-ripple-technology-cross-border-b2b-payments/
    3. https://techcrunch.com/2018/01/28/bank-based-blockchain-projects-are-going-to-transform-the-financial-services-industry/?guccounter=1
    4. http://fortune.com/2018/06/22/bitcoin-price-mt-gox-trustee/
    5. https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2392654,00.asp

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